Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas shopp'n....

There ain't nuttin better than to wake up to a beautiful day. Well there might be, but this is best I can do this morn'n.

Yesterday I jump in that old "that jeep" an' head 'em up to Corpus Christi with two things on my mind. Get new glasses and go Christmas shopp'n. Got 'em both done as you can see. Ok, where the hell did the big Walmart on SPID go? It's gone.....either that or I needed glasses worse than I thought.

I don't know where everybody else gets their glasses but I get mine from LenCrafters. Been do'n it for 15 years now without a hitch. Total cost was just $35 to the examination place right next door to the glasses place. Ain't insurance great?  Ain't being able to see great?

Now I got to figger out what I gonna do today with all this beautiful sunshine. It's free so I rekon I better take advantage of it. Now if'n I could figger out where the fishes are hiding at, maybe I could eat fish for supper tonight. If I catch any, they will probably be too big to keep, but shoot, fish'n is fun anyhows....even if ya don't catch none. All excitis bout try'n out that brand spank'n new fish'n reel.

Guess I'll load up this damn dog an' go somewheres. I know there's a fish out there just wait'n for me to show up. So' I'm off to adventure on the gulf coast. Ain't ya excitis for me? I am.

Check back laters and see all the pics of oversize fish I catched.


  1. Got my glasses from there too, sometimes. Not one near here, is why not all the time. Like your Christmas present. and,,,haha,,on too big to eat!

  2. I have always liked Walmart Optical for my glasses, although I rarely ever shop in a Walmart store. In the past I have gotten glasses at the stores in Sacramento CA, Fishkill NY, and some podunk town in Arizona I can't remember the name of. All were good.

    You must have really good insurance, BB. I get the frames free every year, and new lenses once a year, but have to pay extra for some of the things like no-line bifocals, extra scratch proof protection,etc.

  3. Gypsy, you must have the same insurance I have. Free frames up to $140, lenses, copay on examination...all the other stuff extra. I've found Lenscrafters don't scratch as bad as some others I have tried.

  4. Well, I am back later and I don't see any fish pictures. . .

  5. You said in yesterdays post that you were going to share another decision with us...what is it?

    I get my glasses at Walmart Optical like Gypsy. They are the only ones that will take Mexican opthomologists prescriptions.