Friday, December 30, 2011

Toad hunt'n part #2

Boy howdy, it's all foggy outside this morning. And I mean foggy......

Had some good comments on my hunt for a "toad". I think River hit it right when he asked what I gonna use a toad for. Since "Sally da house" is also my home, I carry a lot of stuff with me. Some of this "stuff" is transported in the toad. You know what I'm talk'n bout....a storage shed on wheels. So, I need something big enough to hold it all. I can do without 4 wheel drive since I gave up gold prospecting and am no longer located in the desert and mountains. Most importantly, I need a motor big enough to get the full effects of a "cherry bomb" exhaust system. Billy Bob likes it loud ya know. Anything less than a V-6 is out of the question. Then there is the weight equation. It's not that "Sally da house" doesn't have enough horsepower to pull a toad full of "stuff" down the road do'n a hunnert mile a hour, but the fact of being overloaded and the possibility of damaging the motor and transmission....what I probably am tow'n "that jeep". From past experience, I will be "toad" hunt'n for a small size V-6 pick'em up (Ranger, S-10 or Dakota or equivalent ) with a topper or a medium size SUV.

Speak'n of toads.......years ago my daughter Angela had a sleep over party for her birthday or something like that. Well, I was the coordinator for all the games and such. We lived right next to the local cemetery, so midnight we all headed off frog hunt'n. The biggest toad won the prize....what ever it was I don't remember. Now if'n ya ain't never been in a cemetery at midnight with a bunch of 10 an' 12 year old girls, ya don't know what ya miss'n. And to talk a little girl into pick'n up a frog.....Oh my God. It was fun fun hilariously funny for a solid hour. Naturally a ghost story was told before going to bed at somewheres bout 2am. Wonder if any them girls still remember "toad" hunt'n in the cemetery?  

Had a wonderful visit from Barney the OFM yesterday afternoon. We went up the the Mexican food eat'n place and overindulged. With full bellies, we cruised around to a few of my old secret fish'n holes. Well hell no we didn't catch no fish. We was jist fish'n, not catch'n. 

One of the most dreaded chores of a full time RV'er is laundry. Well, old Billy Bob is down to a couple pair of socks and cream of the crop holey underdrawers. That should last another couple weeks, but I need to get'er done in the next 3 days before I head off to "el Rancho Abraham" in Sinton, Texas. Maybe today, but don't bet your last dollar on it.



  1. Got your mouth watering too?,,Mexican food. I got the 4.95 lunch and brought 1/2 home with me for supper Wed. Was still good. I see people fishing out at the park, but never see anyone catch anything either. Went with my Dad all his life, and it really didn't matter if we caught anything or not. When he would call up and say, let's go fishing, i got my gear,,,lolol.

  2. You are A-OK, Billy Bob. I can just see you marching a bunch of girls to a cemetery to go frog giggin". How could any of them ever forget.

  3. That cemetery story is a HOOT! I bet those girls retell that story again and again to their own kids now!

    Karen and Steve
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