Saturday, December 17, 2011

Final update....

Well at least I hope this is a final update. I'm sick of wak'n up every morning to nuttin but clouds and cold. Time to head 'em up. Maybe tomorrow.......
Well crap.....here I am steal'n WIFI and I forgot the card thingy with the fish pic. Shoot!!!

Thursday Dec 15th

I were sit'n here, think'n ya know. We got 4 campers in the park now, plus old Grizz, the camp host. Watch'n each of the other campers is what got me to think'n bout how good I got it. The one up there in a travel trailer, he got hisself a wood'n leg or something like that. He walk funny...carry a big ol' walk'n stick. Then there one in another travel trailer what is all bend over when he walk. Hurts me to watch. The latest is an old feller what cain't hardly walk at all. Heavey set....take a whole minute or more to get in his "toad" (towed vehicle). Now out of us 4 campers, plus Grizz, there ain't but two of us what can walk a straight line.....me and Grizz. And I bitch????

Went off yesterday to do a little fish'n off'n the bank. Drove over to Rough Canyon and walks down there where Barney was catch'n fish back in bout Sept. Flung a few lures an' worms at them fish but they didn't do nuttin. So's I put on a little crank bait lure an' toss it out there. Whammm....it were a fish. That were the only one. Until I puts on a "little spook". Whammmm, it were another fish.....but he got away fore I could land him. Bout the same size the first one....maybe 3 pounder or so. That was it, no more fish. But I had me a good time....that what counts.

Me and Minnisota Mike was gonna go fish'n this morn'n, but he never show his face. No phone call...no nuttin. Probably cause of all the clouds and such. Still a mite chilly too. Maybe tomorrow.

Now I'm get'n road fever again. Time to move. Sure would like to go straight to Lake Falcon, but I got business to tend to in Port Aransas and Corpus Christi. Yeah, it don't matter if'n ya retired or not, there's still business to tend to. No, not monkey business. Although I have been hanker'n for a beer at one them beer joints down that way. Play a few games of pool. Dance with the ladies. You know what I'm talk'n bout. Boot scoot'n Texas two step. But hell, I ain't got no boots no more. Gave 'em away to a little barefoot Mexican kid a while back.

Saturday Dec 17th

Now listen here feller, I jist come in off the range round'n up a hunnert head of cattle what I gonna drive up to Wichytaw. Been hunkered down out there in that chaperal for the last 2 weeks eat'n jerkey an' hardtack....wash'n it down with steam'n hot Arbuckle. Ain't had no time to take a bath, so don't be mak'n no snide remarks that I smell like a goat herder. Them's are fight'n words feller, so go fer your hog any time ya feel lucky.

Boy howdy, this weather is got to the old Billy Bob. Been read'n them old Louis L'amour westerns till I was think'n I was turn back time. It's too derned uncomfortable to go outside and sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup, so's I been sit'n inside go'n insane. Work on that old piece of dead wood I was tell'n ya bout a while back what I picked up somewheres and it's look'n pretty good. Although, it still looks like an old piece of wood. I wrote a poem bout an old piece of wood one time. Good'ern too. Maybe I can find it in my collection of poems, drawings and writings. Wrote one bout a fish'n spot I knowed, called "My Secret Hole". It were magazine quality but I never send it off to be published. Maybe one day I'll post 'em on here. That is if I can find them.

Guess I'll be pull'n out of here tomorrow since I finally catched me up a fish big enough for a photo. Done give up on my batteries since there ain't been no sunshine in a couple weeks. I'll resume my investigation when I find a place to plant myself where the sun shines down on me. But I just know I gonna be buy'n new batteries before it's all over.


  1. wow...a fish,,,and,,,on the road again!! How can life get better? Sure be glad when u can post again, too many bloggers gone now. lol, look at my list, need to update. Any hows,,,i'm waiting,,,tall tales,,facts, and all.

  2. I can just see you doing a Texas Two Step there Billy Bob, you are spry as a spring chicken!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. I can't believe your leaving already. All of Texas has bad weather...well except for Houston it was a beautiful sunny but cool day.

    You better come back and make good on your promise to take me to Taco Bell. Newspaper says it should be opened by early next year.

  4. Be careful out there. Will you be meeting up with Barney? I wanted to get down to see him before he leaves, but got this dang job that doesn’t seem to want to go away. Why oh why did I ever say I would do it, I am suppose to be retired and now I have a new toy that I haven’t had time to enjoy.