Thursday, December 29, 2011

Toad hunt'n

Boy howdy, it's gonna be another beautiful day.

Yesterday, me and Sadie Mae took off for Corpus Christi look'n at "toads" (a towed vehicle behind your motorhome). We started hit'n used car dealerships. I was surprised to find that most lots had nothing under the year of 2008 and what few they did have, were either way overpriced for the year model, or would not serve as a "toad". I have but three choices, a standard shift 2 wheel drive, a standard shift 4 wheel drive or automatic 4 wheel drive. That's it. Surprisingly, there are not many choices online either. But I did find 2 Ford Ranger pick ups in San Antonio that may be worth the travel distance to look at.

Photo removed 'cause it was an automatic 2WD

Chunked a few lures down at the "secret hole" and not a bite. There just ain't nobody catch'n fish out of the secret holes. Ya got to have a boat to get to where the fish live....and I ain't talk'n no little "bubba boat". Although, there are many places the "bubba boat" would be perfect.  Remember when I was tell'n ya bout them ships blow'n their horn at me to get out the way when I was out there in my little 22 foots sailboat? I was younger back then and I weren't skeered of nuttin, but let me tell ya, that day I was skeered. Well, I ain't gonna be out there in the "bubba boat" when a ship comes by.....that's for sure.

12 noon....
Well here I am back later. Got the dishes done, trash out and took me a shower. Now what I gonna do.

Did some research on "that jeep". Fount out that the "Billy Bob" don't know what the hell he's talk'n bout. The "that jeep" don't weigh almost 6000 pound like I said it do. It's right at 4000 pound curb weight and 5500 GVWD....duh. Then I check the curb weight of a 2002 Frord Ranger 4x4 pick'em up truck. Weight almost the same as do the "that jeep". So what do I do in a case like this??? I guess I could spend another $3000 on the Jeep, but what would I have if'n I took that route? That's an easy question. I would have a $8000 piece of junk Jeep. Man.....decisions never cease.

The OFM Barney is on his way over to visit and go eat 'em up some Mexican food. Maybe we'll get a chance to toss some lures in the water.

Ok....got things to do


  1. BB it's always a hard thing to do when it comes time to trade cars. I think one thing you need to look at is what you plan to do with the Toad, do you need 4x4 or will 2x work for you, do you need a pickup or will a suv type car work, and do you need a big ol V8 or will a 4 cyl work just fine.

    I started out with a 95 chev s10 Blazer that I had to put a driveline disconnect kit on, it worked ok for me but the wife could not get it to ingage if it sliped out on her. I changed cars to a Suzuki Samuria which can be pulled 4 down by putting the 4x selector in nutural, it works great but is low on power and no A/C it's like a Timex it just keep on ticking. I would look at the 4cyl line that can be towed 4 down.

  2. you got to have a dependable toad, for sure. Happy hunting. I would look for one with a manual transver case shefter.

  3. Wish I could offer you some suggestions but I am not knowledgeable about cars.

  4. Hey BB I have a 1989 Ford Ranger that got over 200000 mile on it and and it still doing great. I quite towing it a few years ago when i got my Jeep. I think then ranger are good little trucks. I will keep mind in the family as long as i live.

  5. Stopped by yesterday to visit my son, and he had a big hunk of something outa the dash on a Ford Ranger, 4x4, lol,,he said he thot it was sold tho. They don't last long around a car lot. Was an older model at that. Think he said a 94, not sure.