Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to feel'n normal

I don't know what it was what I ate the other day but it's all wore off today. For 2 days I was feel'n like a brand new hunnert dollar bill. Today I feel like I went through grandma's wringer wash machine.

On the farm, "mom's" got her hand stuck in the wringer of one them old wash machines. Sucked her in there all the way up to her elbow fore she was able to hit the release thingy. Her arm was black an' blue for a week. We didn't have electricity on the farm till 1948 I think it was. The wash machine had a motor on it....putt-putt-putt, the wash is done. I think it were a Sears an' Roebuck....but don't quote me on that. 

Bot howdy, let me tell ya....I were think'n last night...."what ya gonna eat for supper Billy Bob"? Well hell, I'll just go off to town and eat at one them fancy restaurants. Ok? Fancy restaurant in Deming??? Where would that be...McDonalds? Ended up at the chinese buffet. Mistake....BIG mistake. Now get this, they got 3 steam tables loaded with scrumptious look'n "stuff". Two of them steam table is shut slap off. Cold food. Where the hell is the beef an' broccoli??? Had to swipe some broccoli out one other pan, but it taste just like chicken. Yummmm yum, yum. Yeller fried rice???? Where the hell is the shrimps??? "Oh, there one....yup, one". Then I tells the cute little china girl...."I'm very displeased an' won't be com'n back". She says...."Oh thank you berrly much....ten dollar fifty seven cent please.....you have two penny"?

Ok, my garden lady is due in a few minutes, so I got to go sit on "da porch". Gonna move "Sally da house so's she can dig up all them weeds where I park. Then I got to think'n...."I wonder if she cleans house". Boy howdy, old Billy Bob wouldn't have to do nuttin but supervise. I bet ya a quarter I gonna like that job. The way I figger it, I get paid a sack full of money every month for "do'n nuttin", so's to help the economy, I'll spread it around a little.


Ok, hired me one them Pinkerton investigators to investigate my solar system. Uh huh, just what I were think'n, one panel is charg'n 5.9 amps an' the other one 1.4 amps. Now that tell me something.....one ain't work'n. But that's only part of the problem. Why are my batteries go'n down so freak'n fast? But old Billy Bob know how to check that out too. Disconnect everything that run off the batteries. Then if'n them batteries go down, them batteries are shot.....maybe. I ain't done yet......

Boy howdy them 2 trips up to the roof like to kill me. I were winded, couldn't breath.....thought I were gonna die. And I gotta go up there again to uncover one solar panel. And then back up there with my chain saw, volt meter, a handfull of tools an' stuff to check out that panel what ain't work'n. Sheesh!!! Anybody know how to check out a 48 cell solar panel? All I know is "either it is or either it ain't".


  1. That sack of money I get every month is not too big, just the old Social Security, and that hardley pays for my groceries.

  2. My MOM had a Magtag wringer washer, and yep, we all got hung in that thing. It was out in one of the store rooms, good as new, B has it now, uses it for a drink cooler, being kool, u know.
    Great idea there, getting a cleaning lady. I get my sis sometimes, the clean freak one, the one that washes walls regularly. We hung out laundry all year long, sometimes freezing dry.

  3. After being on the coast with the warm salt air, my first thought is some connection corrosion trouble. Panels nearly never die. It is very nice here in Rockport. Lots of chores getting done this weekend.

  4. I really got a kick outta that chinese restaurant story BB. Don't know why it is, but everyone I ever went to ask that same question bout the penny's.

  5. If you need help spending your sack full of money I will send you my bank account number :)

    Yard work is probably the least favorite thing I like to do right next to cooking and cleaning. To me hiring someone to do it is money well spent.

    Guess I wont be buying sacks of salt anytime soon. BTW burning does not help either, weeds came right back up after a couple of months.