Monday, October 3, 2011

Pack'n up....

Although 86 to 88 degrees may seem somewhat warm to some, I don't think I gonna be need'n no air conditioning. If worse comes to worster, I can always crank up the generator. Yep, boondock'n is rough. Ain't many can survive the extreme elements that those temps, but old Billy Bob is used to these extremes. When I were 13 year old, I lived in the desert, place call Twentynine Palms....California if'n ya didn't know. We didn't have no air condition back then....in fact we didn't have no electricity neither. But back then, we didn't think much bout how hot it were......115 was the norm.  Burlap was hung over the winders at night with a gallon jug drip system. Gentle breezes would bring in soothing cooled air in the heat of the evening. It were part of grow'n up in the desert.

Boy howdy is Billy Bob got lots to do today or what? Ya see, I always wait till the last minute to do things that might be considered work. Pack'n up for a road trip is work, so I waited till the last minute. Got to make a trip to town for a couple weeks supply of eat'em ups.....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Pick up a few items at the hardware store. Get me one more them cherry hot fudge sundae thingys. Then back to "da house" and pack it up for a long 310 mile drive to Del Rio, Texas. May spend tomorrow night camped out at the Walmart RV Resort in Uvalde, Tx. before mak'n that last hunnert mile journey on to Del Rio. 

It ain't too often when old Billy Bob carelessly flips his lips and says the wrong thing. Well I did that yesterday when I says "no one" instead of "not many". "That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump.

Ok....gonna head 'em off to town. Excitement awaits Billy Bob in the old fishing village of Port Aransas.


  1. Darn it, BB, took me an hour to find what u meant when u said, NO ONE,, then corrected to NOT MANY., lmaooo.
    No Inks, then, but GL at Del Rio. and i still wanna see some fish. That lake down there has water? U can launch ur Bubba Boat? Ok then.

  2. Someone has to keep you honest (grin). You have a good trip and pick out a nice spot for you and Barney.

  3. Hey, I forgot. How did you get that dinosar to sit still for two pictures?

  4. Trouble, that "bubba boat" is light enough to throw off'n a cliff if the water is too low. Then I makes a fly'n dive an' land in the driver seat.....what ya think bout that???
    Fish pics??? What fish???

    Dizzy, that thing floaed up on da beach. Can ya imagine what it look like float'n in the water....skeer hell out someone.

  5. Have a good trip and make sure you fill up in a big city. Gas is high in Del Rio still at $3.41.

    I need to make an emergency trip to the post office and will let you know if it has gone down any later this afternoon.

  6. Did that burlap cooling system help? Sounds like it might of been the origination of the modern day swamp cooler.

  7. MsB, I seldom search out cheap gas prices. Just pay the go''n rate an' keep truck'n.

    Hobo, that's why in the 1880's, produce and such was packed in burlap bags.....free a/c for the purchaser.
    This same method was used by my grandpappy way back in 1915 on the ranch in Columbus, NM.....even
    though the house was built of adobe.

  8. Billy Bob you have deeper pockets than I. I have been known to drive across town (lucky for me its only two miles) to save a couple of cents :D

    For what its worth both HEB and Stripes had their gas at $3.39.

    Make sure you have plenty of mosquito repellent even in the middle of a drought it rained 5 inches in August and about 2.5 in September.

    We also have a problem with flies...they are everywhere.

  9. Giantaceous motorhomes with a toad like BB drives have to buy fuel wherever they can get to a pump. Thanks MsB for the heads up on the insects.