Saturday, October 1, 2011

New gadgets

I'm gonna start this morn'n with a little story bout "grudges". You know what I'm talk'n bout....somebody says something to ya what ya ain't expect'n them to say, so's ya throws the old grudge trick on 'em. I have a cousin. Lives in California, not that that would make any difference. One time as a teenager, I says to her..."Margaret, you're cute but you're fat" Oh my God, should'a never say that. When my Uncle died in 2004 I think it was, she still would not talk to me. Over 40 years she carries that grudge. And to this day, she still fat. Don't do it folks. Ain't worth it. Watch what ya say an' don't be toss'n "grudges" round like they was nurf balls.

Ok here the deal. I were gonna make a comment on this Boze sound system I bought yesterday. It were gonna be something like this..."OH YEAH....OH YEAH.....KNOCK YER SOCKS OFF"!!!!! Now ya got to know old Billy Bob and understand him and his ways. I ain't say'n this system ain't good, 'cause it is. It's fantastic. Clear and crisp. LOUD. All the good stuff you would expect from a 'spensive Boze sound system. But ya got to understand, old Billy Bob had his eye on a different system...one what has the power to rattle the winders and doors off the neighbors house a block away. That's what I'm talk'n bout. Hmmmmm, how can I modify this system to do what I want it to do???

Now bout that wireless printer I bought. Well hell, ya gotta have a wifi router for it to work without wires. Well I got me one them router thingys an' I got a 100 page booklet of instructions. Sheesh.....what the hell did I buy? I don't even use a printer. But it got one them flat top "sit on take a picture yer butt" thingys....what ever it called.

Ok....I'm out of here for a bit......back laters with excit'n news and nonsense.


  1. If'n you have a good sense of humor, you don't do grudges. As for the sound system, get head phones and knoch your own ears off and then it will not bother anyone else. . .

  2. Oh Billy Bob.. now what you wanting a window rattling, ear blasting, neighbor complaining, dog howling sound system for? You gonna get kicked out of any campground you go to with that, and at the Slabs someone will just stone you till you turn it off!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. But, but, but....that's what I want to do.....bother the neighbors and knock the hinges loose. Yeah baby!!!

    Karen, the kind of music I listen to, I have NEVER been asked to turn it off....turn it down, yeah.

  4. I might have to go buy myself something too. Apparently, do'n that snaps you out of a humor slump with a vengeance. Thanks BB.

  5. When your buying a printer keep in mind the Polarid experence, camera cheap but you paid an arm an a leg for the film.

  6. Now I think your a funny guy, but if you every parked near me and turned that thing up that loud I would have to whip you good. I know thats what you want to do but nobody wants you too. :O
    And I guess your cousin wasn't affected by your comment to her. She is what my grand kids call a hater.