Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's freak'n cold....

I don't like nuttin this morn'n. I'm grouchier than what's his name. Reason is, I'm cold. Holy cows, it were 49 degs out there this morn'n before the sun come up. No....I didn't get up before the sun....sheesh, what you think'n? But I laid there shiver'n with one little tiny blanket wrap all around me.

In answer to a question a couple or 5 days ago, Inks Lake is way more further out the way of my route to Deming than Del Rio by bout 200 hunnert mile....or something like that. Plus, me and the OFM had arranged to meet up there. Lake Amastad is not a lake to be crossed off your travels list. The water is crystal clear as far as you can see. The camp grounds (6 of 'em I think it is) are perfectly arranged to access most any part of the lake. Choice matters.

Did I mention I have a battery problem? Boy howdy, yeah I do. Ya see here's the deal. When ya live in a motor home, 5th wheel or one them little tow behind house trailers, ya gotta check the water in the batteries. Well yeah I check mine....was just too long ago. They were low....way low. Now you know old Billy Bob fix stuff, but batteries require expertise beyond my control. Now don't go jump'n up an' down say'n Billy Bob can't fix everything, 'cause I done fix stuff before. The last time I let the water get low I fix 'em right up with my battery charger. It's called equalize, and all good battery chargers have that feature. That what I gonna do when I get to Deming. Otherwise.....$450 for new batteries.

Bout time to head off down the road a piece and my mind is all fog up so I'll post this before the fog clears.
Updates later...

1:30pm.....well here I are in New Mexico. Pull into the New Mexico Visitor Rest area so Sadie Mae could go take a poop. Boy howdy, she drop a big ol' log. Only bout a hunnert mile to go for destination Deming. I camped last night further than I thought from Deming.....right at 300 plus mile. Damn I'm gonna be tired.

6pm....laid back in Deming. Took a whole 10 minutes to unhook "that jeep" and set up camp. Damn I'm get'n good.

This is what I came back to.

You would think a couple hunnert pounds of salt would have kill the ground deader an' a door knob, but hell no it didn't. My weeds is grow'n just as good as everyone elses. What now....fire???

I think this is all I have to say for one day. Will start catch'n up tomorrow......boy howdy that gonna be a chore.


  1. DD was just talking about how he filled his batteries. lol.
    Keep safe, and,,,stay WARM. lolol

  2. Well Billy Bob, you might be grouchier than what's his name, but at least your fogged up mind has a chance of clearin' sometime in the foreseeable future. No sir, aint no clearin' up go'n on round here. Course hearin' bout big ol' logs an' such helps a little. Light one up for me BB would ya. Not one a' them logs... oh hell, you know what I mean.

  3. Well BB, we all get grouchy occasionally, but some unnamed old farts seem to be that way all the time. They just can not be happy unless they moaning and groaning about the way things are not to their standards. They could not see the other side of the situation if it came up and bit them on the butt.

  4. Glad you made it back home. How long will it be before Wayne comes home?