Friday, October 21, 2011

Day of reckoning...or something like that

 YEEE HAAA!!! Wild Man
This is what happen when ya take a shower and don't brush your hair before it dries......

When I roll out of bed at 9am this morning, I says "what the hell". I ain't never sleep this long in years. So what could be on my mind to sleep that long?

I'll tell ya what it is. Ya see, I'm mak'n all these pepairs to "da house" and don't know how much money I want to spend on them. With everything what is broke, I think I'm look'n close to $4000 or more. That would include some new shoes ya know.....$2400 for the set. These ones are over 7 year old, so they gonna blow up one these days....send "Sally" out in the weeds an' be break'n all kinds of stuff. Damn, just the thought make my cringe all over. BaBOOM....out in the weeds somewheres.

Anyhows where was I? Solar panel. Ok, just order a new one, mount and hook that sucker up an' be done with it. I check that thing out fortyhunnert time and it still don't work....drive'n me plumb nuts. Fount one online, Kyrocera KD135SX-UPU, to replace it with for $330 plus shipping. I'm think'n $330 plus shipping is a wonderful way to stay out of the State Institution for the mentally challenged.....ie.. nutso ward.

Look all over online for a replacement sleeper sofa to replace ol' wored out one I got. Dogs ya know. Guess what....$1000+, plus shipping. That gonna have to wait till I check out a upholstery shop. Damn!!!

And then we got that backup monitor to consider. Do I spend $700 for a new one, or just take my chances? Actually, a backup monitor is just a luxury item for ya to be distracted from "safe" driv'n every time ya look at that little tv screen to see if'n "that jeep" is still back there. What good would it do for me to watch "that jeep" come unhook and take off across the weeds do'n a hunnert mile a hour? It's either back there or it ain't. 

Now we comes to the slide out. Yeah I know, I been talk'n bout it a long time. Remember.....it don't slide in an' out like it suppose to do.....over works the motor. Well I go looks at it again and maybe I fount the problem. The two strong like bull metal actuator arms what is attached to to the wall is sit'n on an' sliding on the frame part under the slide out. That ain't right. The bottom of the slide out sits on rollers in case ya wanted to know. I know, I can't 'splain it no better than that. So how I gonna fix it?

Dad burn flies just won't let my alone. Follow me everywheres I go. But I'm gonna fix them. Gonna take my monthly shower a week early. Put me on some clean duds an' I be good to go. Take that you damn pesky flies.


  1. Dang BB, I don't think I'll ever be able to buy one of them RV's. I was thinking about getting an older one, but 400 bucks a tire. Slide outs go'n bad. Those maintenance costs would kill me. I think I might have to just get a nice tent instead.

  2. It's always prioritys,,,don't ya know? Mine was smokes, for 50 years. lolol. Now it's blog links,,,

  3. There I was on my own blog mindin' my own business, when my blog list updated. Damn, wild man scared the hell outta me! Course that wasn't there when I left my first comment. If it had been, rv maintenance woulda been the last thing on my mind :)

  4. Hey BB, you are starting to look like me. We could be twins. The first part of this year I replaced the tires on the MH and the Jeep. Three grand poorer, but felt a lot safer.

  5. Darn Billy Bob that picture scared me for a minute there :(

    Maintenance cost on your RV are high. Like HoboJoe would rather have a nice tent.

  6. Well, BB, you are one smart dude doing all your fixin stuff. Steveio had to get up outta his chair to see the pics of what you are up to. I think he's wishing we were parked next to you and he could give you a hand!

    You University Maintenance guys are all the same-------

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard