Friday, October 14, 2011

Think'n back...

3pm Update:
Morning edition will be found below
Before and after......

Now that's what I'm talk'n bout. I got me one hard work'n garden lady that for sure. By this time tomorrow, old Billy Bob should be weedless.

I been a busy old cuss all day long fix'n stuff. Was get'n some tools out the shop and the damn tool drawer wouldn't close.....hang'n up on something. So's I empty the drawer, take it out and walla, there a screw stick'n out. Rescrewed that sucker and all is good as new. Then I got to think'n, how bout check'n for a leak on that dash air? What I did. Replaced a shrader valve.....that one them things like what holds the air in the tires on your car. This is the tool I fabricated to remove the shrader valve. A regular valve removal tool was too short to reach the valve, so's I make one reach way down in there. You good Billy Bob.

Then I put some pressure with a brand new can of R-134a. Tomorrow I will know if all is well and can charge 'er back up. Damn I like fix'n stuff. But I sure ain't gonna be break'n stuff on purpose so I can fix it. That would be dumb.

Got either battery or solar panel problems what need to be diagnosed. Ya see, the batteries are only charg'n half what they supposed to be do'n by the solar panels. That makes me suspect one solar panel is not charging. Old blanket trick will solve that suspicion (cover one solar panel, climb down off'n the roof and see how much amps there are). Ya gotta do that two times ya know. By the way, I equalized them batteries all night long. In a week I'll do it again. But don't forget, I let the battery water get low.

Morning edition....
Ya know there may come a time when ya get to think'n...."I ain't hav'n fun". But then when it's all over and ya think back, ya had a blast. I were sit'n back on the couch last night thumb'n through a book, TV on, Bose system try'n to shake the neighbors winders, listening to the neighbors new dogs bark'n and got to think'n....."you had a wonderful trip Billy Bob". 2600 miles of stomp'n through Texas heat, fires, empty lakes, high humidity and endless roads. It don't get no better than that.

One of the pleasures of traveling and blog'n is that you sometimes get to meet up with some of these people what been hiding behind a computer screen. Ya get to wonder'n what these people are like in "real life". Well let me tell ya, I met up with two followers what "made my day". Up at Ink's Lake, TroubleinTexas showed up at my campsite for a visit with the Billy Bob. Just so happen, the OldFatMan was camped right across the street from me, so we both got to meet Trouble. Was a wonderful visit sit'n round the picnic table tell'n sea stories, laugh'n an' hav'n a good ol' time. Ok Billy Bob, where the hell are the pics of Trouble? "No Billy Bob, ya didn't forget to take pics did ya"? Damn I wish someone would remind me that I own 3 digital cameras. All loaded up with film ready to shoot.Thanks sooooo much for the visit Trouble.

(pic of Trouble goes here)

Then.....while camped at San Perdro campground at Del Rio, Texas, I had the great pleasure to meet MsBelinda, better knowed as simply MsB. Ya see.....I were sit'n outside enjoy'n an afternoon on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n. I hears a big ol' diesel truck come rip'n through the park with no muffler. I looks around and it were MsB driv'n "dad's" car.....dust, dirt and rocks fly'n. She thinked I didn't recognize her but I did right off the bat 'cause of the car. What another wonderful visit from a long time follower.

Just in case ya think I forget to take pics, here's Barney the OFM try'n to catch him some dinner. After meet'n up with Barney at 2 of Texas' lake, I would definitely do it again. Thanks for a great time Barney.
Ok....my "bag lady" gardener just showed up to dig weeds out my yard. You didn't think old Billy Bob was gonna do all that dig'n again did ya? I could hire a couple local illegals to do the job, but I ain't tak'n a chance on go'n to jail. Who says Americans won't pick onions and dig weeds. Sheesh....this is America and Americans want to work. No I ain't pay'n Union wages. I may be nuts, but not that nuts.

Updates later in the day.....if I do something worth writ'n bout.


  1. Gosh, what a compliment!! TYTYTY BB. I love to meet my fellow bloggers too, and the visit with you and Barney was just great. Tall tales n all.
    Loved Sadie Mae. No matter there wasn't any fish. hehehehe,,,

  2. Sounds like you're keepin yourself busy BB. Nice to see ya back in action on the new look blog. Don't know bout anybody else, but it's easier for these old eyes to read now. I like it.

  3. Thank ya Hobo. The reason I changed the post background color was 'caus I couldn't read it neither. Maybe I can figger out a way to make them letter a tad bit bigger too. Well, I know's how, I just have to make the title banner a little bigger first. But then again I could........

  4. Hey dad you get what you pay for and arnt nothing wrong with union.

  5. well i was a lookin at them pictures u posted. I thought MsB was mom. looks just like mom. wow. im glad u made it back ok.

    your son

  6. Oh Billy Bob how I laughed at this post, was wondering how you were going to write it up and as usual you did not dissapoint :)

    BTW it was you who nicknamed me MsB because you were too lazy ro spell out the whole name and then everyone else took your lead.

    I enjoyed meeting you and Barney wish we had had more time to chew the fat.