Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Undecided??? Who me?

Boy howdy, decisions on top of decisions. You would think mak'n decisions for an old retired fart would be easy, but it ain't.

Ya see, it's like this......some of the decisions I need to make revolve around what I am able to do as I get older. You know, like do I go out and buy a snorkl'n outfit, (wet suit, flippers an' one then mask thingys) when all I gonna do is get my feet wet in some puddle somewhere. Well, the decisions I gotta make ain't that extreme, but they are important. Do I buy something just 'cause I want it or 'cause I gonna use it? Most stuff I go out and buy end up sit'n on a shelf or out in the dumpster. That ain't too thrift wise.

Remember that great big ol' airplane I was tell'n ya bout what I built 6 year ago?
 Well, it ain't see it's first crash in all that time. What the hell I gonna do with a airplane what ain't never fly? Just sits there do'n nuttin. But......them was the bestest 3 months I spend in a long time....glue'n little pieces of wood together an' all that stuff. But it's got to go. Need the room for a helicopter.....decisions decisions.

And then.....there's this Boze sound system what I bought. Since it don't rattle stuff, I got to decide if that great big ol' 500 watt system needs to be ordered. But I don't listen to much music anymores like I used to. And if i hook it to the TV, I gotta turn the "boom'n" bass almost completely off just to understand what the hell they say'n. Decisions decisions.

And then.....where I gonna spend the winter. This is the most important of them all. Do I go to the "slabs" or do I go to south Texas. Again, age makes a difference in what I can do an' what I can't do. I know damn well I can't ride a freak'n horse no more. I can't dig for gold no more. Be do'n good if'n I could catch a fish.

Let's take a look see what I can do at the slabs. There bout 20 people talk'n their lips plumb off'n their face for me to go to the slabs. At the slabs I have beautiful spring time temps all winter long....40's at night and lower 70's most every day. Play Texas Hold'em 2 or 3 times a week. Campfire almost every night. Free food at least onest a week. Always someone to talk to.....BS mostly. Live entertainment every saturday night at the Range. You know, old fart stuff. Nuttin real excit'n.

Now if'n I was to go to south Texas, I gonna have all the fish'n I could handle for the rest of my life. But then.....I ain't gonna go out on a lake in a freak'n boat if'n it's cold (under 70 degs). I would be in my favorite State out of all 57 of 'em......although, there ain't nuttin wrong with New Mexico. Well yeah there is. It's flat ass cold in the winter and hotter an' hell in the summer. I were really talk'n bout the scenery, not the weather. All the Mexican food my belly will hold....ain't got that at the slabs. Ordered tacos one time....they was 3 inch long.....with fish on 'em. That ain't no taco. Decision decision.

Ok, run the clean'n lady off. She start cut'n corners. By that I mean, she weren't wash'n the corners....and there lot's on corners in "da house".

Mak'n me up a half pot of "Billy Bob" chile since it's get'n cool in Deming. Gonna leave if thick so's I can eat me up a couple chili samiches. Then, I'll thin it out a bit for chili spaghetti. Damn I like that stuff. Bestest chili this side the Mississippi. Think I'll have me one right now.......UMMM....yum yum.

Oh my God Billy Bob....you have did it again.

Ain't did hardly nuttin today. Seperated the battery bank into two banks so's I can check out each battery. That was a time consum'n endeavor if I do say so myself. Cleaned each an' every one them cable terminals and battery post, even though they didn't need it. Got the solar panel charg'n one set at 6 amps and the big charger equaliz'n the other set.

And then I hear this click'n noise. I says "what the hell is that"?  All the 12 volt was disconnected, so's it can't be that. So it got to be something 120 volts.....right??? Well, I goes over there to turn off the breaker when I sees my water connection hose dripping water in one compartment.....click, click, click as it hit the plastic bottom. Or as Barney would call if, poly something or another. Plastic to me.

Ok, back to wash'n corners.....


  1. Just take that grounded fly plane and hang it frm the ceiling some where like over the table, up high, then it don't take any room and its flying all the time.

  2. You learn something new everyday. I love chili but never thought about a chili sandwich. That photo of your sandwich looks good enough to eat!

  3. Bob, the only place to hang it is over the bed. Did that one time....not a good place for it.

    Gypsy....you bet it was good enough to eat. Gonna have the same thing for supper.

  4. ok don't know nothing about ur storage space, but don't see why u can't take those wings, wheels, propeller off that plane, and have just a long kinda easy thing to store. My blinds came in the perfect box!
    As far as winter, do the easy thing.
    I'm having pork ribs from Coopers. yummmm right now. But ur chili burger does look good.

  5. OOps forgot. The way i judge speakers is,, turn em down, if u don't hear the high notes at low volume NOT good. I mean clear.

  6. So far Rockport is winning out for me for the winter again.

  7. BBob, ...... Think about the slabs! :-) I 'think' I'm going to go out there for about 2 weeks in early November, and I'd love to meet you! That's selfish of me, and I can understand why you wouldn't want to go that far! ....but just thought I would let you know! Problem is that I will only stay a few days or so, so I can't even offer much more than a few days socialization! LOL But if you go south, you'd be gone from Deming by the time I headed back to Texas via the southern route! I'm hoping you go to the Slabs so that I'll get to meet you and spend some time with you!! Hugs!!

  8. Seems you got a lot of decisions to make. I trust you will come up with the right ones for your particular situation.

    Billy Bob real chili does not have beans in it. Your sandwich looks good none the less.

  9. MsB....them ain't beans, they cock roaches.....

  10. We really enjoyed our stop at the Slabs last year and meeting up with you. Hope to get there again soon, but the budget may not allow it this year. Who knows, we may win the lottery or something? But then again, I guess we have to buy tickets first, huh?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard