Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Count down....

Oh boy, I get to see the sun come up this morn'n. What a thrill to look out the winder and see this look'n back at ya. Not a spectacular view of a sunrise if ya ask me. But like they always say...."ya get what ya pay for".

Speak'n of gas prices, what some pretty little girl mentioned......it don't matter. Ya got to understand, that when you retire, buy a big ol' motorhome (Sally da house) and tow a big "that jeep" behind it, it's almost 60 feet long. Now you try to pull this rig up to a pump at the local convenience store. It won't fit and you can not back up. If I drive 8 miles to save a couple cents on a gallon, I'm gonna burn a gallon of fuel or more. So I save nothing. But I have on occasion HAD to drive 4 and 5 miles off my route just to find a station I can fit this rig into. I dread refueling. A trip such as this Texas trip, I'll burn over 350 gallons of fuel. Gotta dig deep in the pockets for that.

Remember all that stuff I were gonna do yesterday so I wouldn't have to do it this morning? Well, guess what. No, never mind, you already know the answer.....didn't do a damn thing. Not only did old Billy Bob feel terrible yesterday, he feel worse this morning. "What the hell did ya eat this time Billy Bob"?

Ok, 10am and all is well.

Well all except for the damn dash air. Where the hell did my freon go? Will have to suffer my way to Del Rio with out it, but ya knows how tuff Billy Bob can be. Ain't skeered no stink'n heat.

Went dumpster div' a while ago. Fount me a great big ol' American flag. I'm talk'n BIG. Now what the hell I gonna do with it....blanket for the bed??? Or a couch cover??? Front winder screen thingy??? I'm talk'n BIG. Maybe put it on my awning like one them screen thingys for shade.....yeah, another project.
Ok folks, see ya down the road a piece.

1pm update:

That ain't so bad. Got the winder open and the fans run'n. Finally got out of the high humidity of the gulf coast and a few miles behind me. But......ya know what a back up monitor is??? It a little tv what hangs up thewre on the dash so's you can see what behind ya when ya back up. Mine stays on all the time so's I can see when "that jeep" come loose an' hits the shoulder....off into the corn fields. Well, that sucker done quit work'n. Now we talk'n anywheres from $400 to $600 just for a new unit. Then it gots to be installed. Is this another project for the Billy Bob?

Ok, just let'n ya know I'm still truck'n down the road a piece. Laters from somewheres.


  1. Good luck doing yesterday's stuff and if you wait till tomorrow today's stuff will have been done yesterday so you will be all caught up and on track.
    The part I don't like about fueling up is not the tight access but the starving wallet.

  2. Where are you? Staying put today?
    Just "wondering",,,

  3. Billy Bob, HEB has access for big motorhomes and tows like yours, it is bigger than the bays Walmart has in the Del Rio store.

    Stripes, not so much expect for the new one in Uvalde.

    Have a safe trip to Uvalde.

  4. Yup, pulling up to the pumps REALLY hurts us too. OUCH!

    Lately we go camping just as often, but only half as far. So we are doing okay that way.

    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Anyone throwing an American flag in a dumpster should be shot!!!

  6. If that jeep ever comes off that hitch and goes rollin' into a corn field BB, it might be better not to see that anyway.

    I'm with Dizzy on the flag, but at least you rescued it.

  7. My back up monitor quit also. Since I have a back window and a tall antenna with a mag-mount on the middle of the Jeep's roof, I can watch the antenna to make sure it stays pretty much in the center of the window.

  8. Wonder if electrical issues are causing both the backup monitor and the a/c to quit at the same(ish) time? You know enough to check the simple stuff before heading off to spend money on a new unit, unless it's just a good excuse to replace something you want to replace anyway. So, I'd be looking at fuses and grounds and loose wires and such. Or, something moving around under the dash/hood that shouldn't be.

  9. BB is safely in San Pedro Campground on Lake Amistad north of Del Rio. His Verizon internet is not working properly. We are having an interesting time of it. I imagine the way he will tell about it all will be very funny.

  10. BB is doing quite well doing nothing. He still is without internet. But he says he has nothing to write since he has done nothing. Do not believe him. He can talk forever about nothing and keep you laughing the whole time.