Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bust'n my butt....

Just a short update of what I were do'n yesterday. No, I'm not talk'n bout "do'n nuttin". I been bust'n it today.

But before I get into all the work I been do'n, I got to comment on a comment I received bout my Billy Bob chili. Yes real chili do have beans. I could leave it at that but let me tell ya how chili come to be. Ya see, my great grandaddy was a cowpoke back in 1860's on a cattle drive to Kansas. Every day the old cook would serve up a big ol' pot of pintos for breakfast, lunch and supper with sour dough pan bread. Well my great GD got tired them beans so's he went out an' fount a old cow what died the night before. He cut that sucker up and sneaked some it in that pot od beans along with some hot peppers what he fount grow'n wild. That how chili come to be. Later, eastern folk come south and west what didn't like pintos. So they took 'em out an' call their beanless chili "chili con carne", what was later in the 50's changed to simply "chili". Now that's a fact.

Ok......my rotted piece of wood project on the slide out.
First off if'n ya look real close ya can see sunshine com'n in under that seal. That where the water com'n in I betcha. That ain't right. Gonna have to fix that.....but not today. It ain't rain'n.

Now here's a look see at that piece of rotted wood.....see down there on the end.....yeah that's it. Now this will be a simple fix, but it ain't gonna look the same when I get done. That crap is made out of cheap particle board with fake oak tape on it. Old Billy Bob gonna go for the real thing.....strong like bull solid oak.  That is if'n the freak'n lumber yard has any oak in stock. If not, I'll stain some pine or something like that. Put a good coat of polyurathane on it no one know the difference. I did that one time so I knows what I'm talk'n bout.

Ok....remember I tole ya bout my backup monitor not work'n? Well, I tore that sucker plumb apart. Why didn't someone tell my them little TV's will knock ya on your butt.....damn. Anyhows, the monitor is done bite the dust.
If ya get real close to it, you can smell the burn something, but I can't see what is burn up. Replacement time.

Ok.....chili.....with beans is all heat up for old Billy Bob. Today is chili an' crackers day. I think I made enough to last bout 3 more days. Tomorrow is chili (with beans) spaghetti. If'n ya ain't never have chili spaghetti, ya ain't got no idea what ya miss'n. Hot damn......YUM YUM eat' em up.


  1. Ok now you did it. You made me laugh.
    Now the big question is what is this "the word verification was kistapot.... " not sure what you talkin about. well I am glad to see you done fount that rotted wood, while you in there check them rollers real good and earl them right up. well i will be going for now.
    Love ya
    Little Bill Piep

  2. Welll,,, lemme tell you FOR SHORE, when i bought my wolf brand chili today, it darn sure didn't have BEANS! and when i make my deer chili, NO BEANS! Believe it or not, that was on my list before u ever brought it up. Chili weather=chili time. right?,,,hahahah,,,

  3. If you need more chili recipes here's some good ones from the
    World Championship Chili Cook off.


  4. Wow, how old is that crt? I assumed it was a digital lcd thing. Yeah, replace it. And, you weren't born yesterday, so you knew those crt's are just like old TV's and are basically BA capacitors. Anyway, the electrical stuff doesn't work if the smoke got let out, so if you smelled it then it's out and gone.

  5. Gosh Billy Bob, your great grandaddy may well have made something like chili however over on the International Chili Society web site they say....The mixture of meat, beans, peppers, and herbs was known to the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayan Indians long before Columbus and the conquistadors.
    Take a look see at
    Maybe it was your great great great great great great grandaddy.

    Be Sure to read the part that says "about the ICS" , Then history of ics Where it tells about the first chili championship cook off held in TERLINGA.

  6. Cant put the smoke back in it, sheesh...
    Watch out for those capacitors next time, hehe

  7. I think Bob from Athens said it best...