Sunday, October 30, 2011

Work work work....that's all I ever do...

First off is "a good morn'n to all ya". All Ya???? Now what the hell is "all ya"? That would probably fit in the category of "y'all", "youse" and "you all". What ever your preference...."Good Morning".

If "all ya" ain't notice, there seems to be a remodel craze go'n on. I just got back from Barney's place (OFM) an' he done went and tore out half his kitchen dinette. Bought him up one them office chairs like old Billy Bob done. Now we can both sit back in comfort while we write our blogs and watch TV.

One thing what is hard to do is to answer questions. In some cases, a simple yes or no is just not enough. Ya got to splain stuff....or in my case, I gotta write another story. I'm referr'n to a question I got a couple days ago about living on a boat. Now how the hell can I write a seven year long story bout liv'n on a boat? But....to appease my audience, the old Billy Bob will attempt to scratch the surface of being a "sailboat captain".

It was in late 1995 when I packed my last box of belong'ns aboard Coyote tied up out there on the end of dock #1. She weren't the same boat I fell in love with a few years before, but I had a dream and she could once more be a beautiful "pirate ship". I met a few neighbors, had a couple rum coolers, ate some dock fix'ns and settled in to a new life on the water.
JoJo was a couple months old by now and took to boat life right off. Run'n rould check'n stuff out....mark'n his territory. Drizzle here, drizzle there....."this is mine". JoJo made his first dive into the water one dark night while we was sit'n in the cockpit enjoy'n a soothing "rum cooler" and admiring our new home. KERSPLUSH....dog in da water. "Quick, gimme a flashlight". How the hell ya gonna see a black dog in black water in the black of night? All I hear is his little feet slpash'n in an attempt to find some safe haven. When the light finally found him, he was sitting on the rudder stick'n out the water by a couple inches. He was shivering cold.....glad to be back on board.
Tools was broke out to remove all the teak decks that had seen their better days. Thousands of dollars worth of useless deteriated teak was toted to the dumpster. Coyote now had teakless fiberglass decks. Brightwork was sanded and refinished with 7 to 8 coats of varnish. Coyote was look'n good. In the mean time "Barnacle Bill" had been gifted with a "captains" cap what he wore proudly as he strutted up and down the docks. Yes, I strutted. I was a Captain ya know.

My first winter on board Coyote was spent try'n to keep warm. It's cold on the water ya know. Blankets was bought, a sleep'n bag, a couple electric heaters and another bottle of Pussers rum. I were set. Winter passed quickly into spring. Life was good. Well, it wasn't really THAT good. We had storms....bad storms. Pelting rains, blow'n hurricane force winds an' cold northers make yer bones shiver all over. But work continued come rain or shine. Coyote was look'n good and Barnacle Bill is get'n seasoned into an "old salt". Learn all kind of nautical terms, like head, galley, salon, berth......and a few what I won't mention here. Life was good.

I'll leave it at that for this morning. Just the beginning of an adventure never to be forgotten.

Boy howdy let me tell ya, liv'n in an RV is just like liv'n on a boat.....work, work, work. The biggest part of yesterday was spent throw'n out junk and clean'n. Another bag to the dumpster an' a vacuum cleaner bag full to the brim. Where all that sand, dirt an' grime come from? I only do this onest a year. Other times it's just touch and go. Some peole don't realize how much work is involved in clean'n an RV. There ain't that many places to pack stuff away, so the old catch all system is used.
This will be my main project for the day. Where I gonna put all that stuff? That printer? Makes perfect prints of stuff, does photos great.....dumpster. That is unless I can find a place to put it and use it for photos only. But that would mean I would have to move my other laptop so's I could hook it up. Gotta think on that.

Ok, it's time for Billy Bob to get busy....work, work, work.....


  1. I like the picture of your "first mate". He is a cute one. He does look a little on the damp side.

  2. Great ! The Captain posted "Installment #1" of his life on his boat.

    I am looking forward very much to future stories.....(ps I especially love scary storm stories on the water)

    Thank you !
    Poor JoJo.....he must have been so afraid.

  3. I found living in an RV to be as you described - always a mess and no where to stow everything. I'm in a mobile home now, and it's beginning to look suspiciously like an RV. Or a boat.

  4. Dizzy, wish that was a pic of JoJo when he come out the water, but he was much smaller and much younger. JoJo did not like water....

    Andrea, there is no way I can post my entire 7 years on board, but I'll try to give ya a little taste.

    LOL Gypsy, don't take long do it? Today I been toss'n stuff to the dumpster. Stuff I ain't seen in years. So far, 3 trash bags plumb full to the top. What the hell was I do'n tot'n an antique plug in da wall telephone around for???

  5. Andrea....boy howdy do I have some scary storm stories to tell.

  6. I need a scary storm story....I am pulled off the road because of wind heading South to Texas...