Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stuck in the desert with no internet...

Well howdy do to you....where the hell ya been? Been miss'n see'n all your happy faces and sit'n on "da porch sip'n a cup an'n jaw'n with ya.

Pull in right across the street from OFM Barney the other day. Tuesday I beleive it was. Well it weren't exactly just pull'n in, old Billy Bob went right on by the entrance to the campground do'n a hunnert mile a hour. DEAD END. "Oh Oh Billy Bob, I don't think you oughter be on this road".

And then...."that jeep" done screw up again. Won't shift out of park. After a full night of think'n an' worry'n "I'm gonna be stranded in this God forsaken place", I finally come to the conclusion...."that jeep" is a piece of junk. Next morn'n I breaks out all kinds of tools an' start tak'n stuff apart. Hammer in one hand and a big screwdriver in the other.....something gonna give. Wiggles wires, pulls on cables, swak this with the hammer, twist that thingy....all kind of "back yard" mechanical stuff. Then I cranks up the engine, grabs holt that shifter thingy an' push the button......WALLA, it works. "You good Billy Bob". 

Today is my 4th day at San Pedro campground in Del Rio, Texas....with no internet, what really make old Billy Bob feel somewhat angry with Verizon. The only place in the whole freak'n world where Verizon won't work and that's right where I plant myself.

Me and old Barney been everywhere. High dollar eat'm up places eat'n up shrimps an' stuff like that. He been mak'n me climb down cliffs, over brush an' weeds, great big ol' rocks, just to get to a fish'n hole.....where there ain't no fish. Not even a little bitty one, 2 inch long or nuttin like that. Sheesh, how I gonna catch me up a fish if'n there ain't none.

Until next time, this is old Billy Bob sign'n off. See ya down the road a piece.


  1. Good to hear from you !

  2. How does OFM get internet? maybe you should get what he has.

  3. Sure glad to hear we'll be seein' ya down the road a piece. Just how big a piece we talkin' bout here?

  4. Yeap, if you miss the entrance to San Pedro you are headed straight for the water. Would love to have a video of you trying to back up.

    I would have thought Verizon would work in Del Rio as they are the only providers of all the regular land phones in the area.

    Sorry to hear about "that jeep" :(

  5. Just wanna know, hth did u decide on that horrible place, over Inks? wow, And wasn't it way outa the way to go that far S? Just asking. BUT, GET OUTA THERE, WE MISS YOU!!!

  6. I got Verizon and it works most places, some are slower and some are faster. Have an extenion antenna with sucktion cups that I can use to get a better signal, but have never used it.
    Good hearing from you and glad you got the Jeep fixed. At the dead end, did you have room to turn around or did you have to drop the jeep?

  7. Hey... tell OFM Barney "HI" from us!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. BB is moving out Wednesday and should get internet in the next day or two.