Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wored slap out...

Old Billy Bob ain't miss'n. He just been soooo busy he ain't had no time for blogg'n an' stuff like that. Had to take a break.

Couple day ago, yesterday morn'n me an' Sadie Mae jumps in "that jeep" for a trip to town. Turn the key an' it do nuttin. Now what the hell? Brand spank'n new battery slap dead'er an' a door knob. Charge that sucker up an' away we go. Stop by and visit my financial adviser. His advice was to quit spend'n money what ya ain't got. So's I borrow some change from one account and put it in another.....just like Obama do. Then I went on a spend'n spree, shell'n out twenty dollar bills to everybody. Upholstery guy gonna fix my couch just like in a plush Prevost couch. Went by the lumber yard and bought me up some boards an' stuff to replace the rotted out board an' stuff. Pick up some refrigerant for the dash air conditioner. Back to "da house" fix'n stuff.

Did I tell ya i done blow up another meter what I was check'n them solar panels with? Holy cows, that sucker says....poooof. But anyhows, the solar panels are headed for the dumpster soon as the brand spank'n new ones get here.

Took care of all the business of the couch. Changed color tough. I can do that ya know. In about a week the Carmal leather will be here and 3 days after that I will have a brand spank'n new couch in "da house".

Solar panels have been ordered. Ain't nuttin more to say bout that.

Installed the new wood on the slide out what was rotted on the end......mark that off the list.

I'm gonna sleep on it, but since I've spent this much $$$$, I may as well spend another $400. What ya think, HUH????


  1. Hey, I was standing in line when you were passing out all those twenty dollar bills. How come you missed me? That is the story of my life. . . How was the ball swaking the other day?

  2. I've been talking to my financial advisor (my dog, Lady) and she says SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! Ya can't take it with you.

  3. Why don't you list your solar panels on Craigs List for free so maybe someone can try to fix them and they don't end up in the dumpster?

    Hey I'm with DD, I was standing in line and did not get my twenty. That will at least buy me a case of beer :)

    What do you plan on spending the $400 on? Without knowing that I can not give an opinion.

  4. How old are the panels? Be hell to get brand new ones and still have the same problems. Also, thanks for the 20 dollar bill, I wasn't inline but appreciate it anyway.
    If I can gather enough 20 dollar bills I will be heading SOUTH before the snow flies catch me.

  5. My Dad always said we were behind the door when the money was given out, all we got were the looks. lololol.
    Good for YOU! Being able to fix all that stuff. WTG (Way to go). I was the same way, til i got to this age,,,damit.
    Just don't go missing any more, u hear!!! Thot u mighta kicked the bucket. Post one that says,,,NO POST. lol