Sunday, October 23, 2011

Word usage

Well shoot, I think I got some splain'n to do this morn'n. After read'n yesterdays comments, it seem some of ya think Wayne is all well. Well that ain't so. When I said he drove up in a big ol' pick'em up truck, he weren't do'n the driving....he were just riding. If ya look around you at some folks that have had a stroke, you will see that their capabilities are much degraded. Parts of their body will not function as it did before.

Wayne is lucky.  He has the ability to walk, but he ain't gonna be break'n no speed records for a long time. With the help of a walker he is able to move about and do his necessary stuff. He has regained use of his right hand and arm, but not his left. Maybe 25% usage in the left. After 3 strokes, I would say he is in very good condition....considering what he went through. I hope I never have to go through such an ordeal he has.

So what did Billy Bob do yesterday? I were sit'n on the couch think'n bout mak'n a trip up on the roof when I spyed a bag of Cheetos an' a bag of Ruffles look'n at me from inside a cabinet. Well hell, "eat'em up"....what I did. Then I got sick. Holy cows....puke and everything. Took me a nap, miss supper an' go to bed feel'n terrible. But I feel good to go this morning.

I were read'n Barneys blog (OFM) an' look at them cast iron legg'ins thingys he got on for wade fish'n. That remind me the time I were wade fish'n on the beach in Port Aransas try'n to catch me up some spotted sea trout. Yeah I were barefooted. Little critters was crawl'n all over my feet get'n out my way when I step on something what don't run away. The water thrashed under my bare feet an' I were "out of there" in a flash. A dark shadow was go'n the other way. Yup, it were a sting ray.

Look'n like I only got bout 5 weeks to make a final decision what I'm gonna do for the winter. At this point, it look like I'm gonna be headed west to the "slabs" again this year. But that decision ain't written on a rock. I don't know bout the rest of ya, but a decision such as this bugs the hell out me. I lose sleep over it. I have to drink more coffee to calm my nerves. Decisions are an important part of my life. "Well DUH Billy Bob". Maybe I better go outside, sit on "da porch", sip a cup an' think this thing over.

"My God Billy Bob, now look what ya went an' did. Ya slap blowed up that volt meter". Well it weren't my fault. Ya see, when I was on my Texas trip, I left it lay'n outside....an' it rain on it. It would still work, but after what I done to it today, it dead....poooof, just like that.  And then, I was gonna go to Walmart, get me a new one. Freak'n battery dead in "that jeep". What the hell? Maybe I better take the rest of the day off.

Battery charge up....head'n off to Walmart.


  1. Hmmm,, hate to be in your,,,uh ,,mmm, waders,,lol.
    I thot Pesky was doing GREAT! In my work, home health care, was with lots worse. Anyways,,tell him hi from me. And i would love to share my Ramen, with some hunks of chicken, with him today.

  2. I went back and read yesterday's comments after you thought you had too explain his condition. I believe everybody commented on his accomplishments to the point he is now, no, he isn't back totally recovered and that was taken in consideration. His ability to be home with friends and get around using a walker by comparison to somebody that's wheel chair bound and in a nursing home since his first stroke in 1999 is great accomplishment. I believe at this age everybody that commented took that in consideration along with feeling of, how would I react if his position?
    Little as it may seem, his view of the situation is the important part.
    Being able to go have coffee on your porch , I'm sure meant a lot to him.
    having a caring friend such as you also means a lot to him.
    A good, caring friend you are.

  3. Make that coffee triple extra strong and you can make your decision for you in one third the time.

  4. For having had three strokes old Blue Eyes is doing great. Wish my dad had been in even half the shape that Wayne is now.

    I am worried that everytime that you somehow manage to over eat you end up getting sick. Maybe you should have that checked out.

  5. Check the fuse on that meter.

  6. I see you are replacing one of your solar panels. Take a look at www.sunelect.com they have 185 watt panel for $247 and if you go thru Phonix on your way to the slabs you can pick one up and save the shipping cost.

  7. Two Uncles, four Aunts, 75 to 91, five strokes between them. Had a lot of experience dealing with strokes among other things and while they all recovered, none of them were as good after as they were before. Things that other people take for granted, like setting on the porch, just being able to walk out there with help is considered a major accomplishment by them. After a stroke the more things you do like walking and talking, the more you will be able to do, at least that is the way it has been in my experience. Wayne has come a long way back and as long as he keeps trying, he will keep improving. I went from walking to not being able to walk and back to walking over about two years, most will never realize what it is to lose one of the abilities you have like walking until it happens to them.

    Say howdy to Wayne for me and tell him to keep on chugging along.