Sunday, September 29, 2013

A trip to Silver City.....Bayard, New Mexico

Oh boy, now what??? Tooth ache, I got a freak'n tooth ache. I'm figger'n I got a infection, so I break out some 3 year old antibiotics.....amoxicillin 500 mg. I ain't gonna go see no dad gum dentist 'cause every time I do, they take a big ol' pair of pliers an' yank out another tooth. What's with dentists? It's either a root canal or yank a tooth. Don't they know how to fix stuff?

There was a dentist down in south Texas....a old feller. They call him "jerk 'em Kerkum". $25 a pop. Take bout 15 minutes an' you out of there....lower lip hang'n on your chin. Remember Bill Cosby an' his dentist routine? Bout like that.

Yesterdays trip north was an experience. Oh, we made it to the Mexican eat 'em up place, but I was in shambles by the time we got there. Ya see, Jim is a old feller. An' he don't pay too much attention to the road....or oncoming traffic. Scare the live'n shit out me more than onest when we roll'n over them rumble strips on the side the road. But I rekon he must be a good driver 'cause he's still alive.

We pulls into a little mall place. Grocery store, a hair fix'n place an' a Mexican restaurant. If'n ya can call it that.

I ain't say'n I would ever go back to this eat 'em up place, but the enchilada sauce was bout the best I ever taste. The nice little lady brung out my plate of choice, a combination plate.
 I says....."damn, ain't no way I can eat all that". It was heaped up with enough food for me, Jim an' them nice ladies sit'n over there. I didn't leave hungry.

I think I was propositioned. Ya see, I was stand'n outside puff'n a little cigar. This hot look'n chic a baby walk up to me an' says "hello....is there anything you would like"? Now why would a nice look'n lady like that walk up to a handsome brute like me an' say something like that if'n she didn't have some stuff to sell or give away? I watch her as she walk away.....not bad, not bad at all.  

I been a bit depressed bout all the go'ns on. Ain't talk'n bout the drama in the RV park, I like that shit, but just my life in general. I'm get'n to the point where's I don't give a fly'n flip bout nuttin no more. I bet ya bout a dollar I done waste a good 8 or 20 hours read'n maps, research'n excit'n places to go....try'n to figger where I gonna go sit on my ass next. An I still don't know. Damn, the RV'n life is hard.

Whoa boy howdy.....it were 41 degs outside this morn'n when I waked up. You know what that means don't ya? Time to roll to warmer climes. But where? An' then, what am I gonna do when I get there?



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  2. Wow BB, looks like you enjoyed yourself at that " eat-m-up" place. Your buddy looked like he was having a good time, too. Good food and good company is hard to beat. A lot better than going to the dentist.

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  4. Head out to Terlingua for the Shelby Mustangs this coming weekend.
    I know what you mean about not caring about doing anything anymore. I've been working myself out of that funk for awhile. Ive been trying to talk myself out of going to Terlingua in a few days but will force myself to go. Funny thing is I have a ball when I get out there and don't want to leave but getting off my butt and doing it is the hard part. Hope you get out of the depressed mood soon it dang sure ain't healthy.

  5. I can appreciate the restlessness and wanderlust! Also, I dread the toothaches and the cures equally , I think.

    Sure looks like a lot of food. Hope it was as good as it looks!

  6. Now that combination plate looks pretty tasty there.
    I am sure you will find a place to go.

  7. If you get back to Silver City I recommend the Kountry Kitchen for for Mexican eat 'em up place. I have only had breakfast there but it was the best Mexican breakfast that I could find in the town.

  8. Howdy # 1 BB,
    BB, don't feel so bad, AT LEAST YOU STILL GOT A TOOTH FOR'EM TO PULL... If you gotta bum a ride, a guy named Jim is a good'un to ride with, even if he drives on the shoulders... He kinda resembles that other feller he went to the Silver City with... Jim is a good name for him; I done ruint it in my territory... If the enchilada sauce was GOOD then everything else was too, also... The sauce is what counts, # 1 BB, was it made with HATCH GREEN CHILES?? UUUMMM
    You have done it again, like Greg White & Nick Russell, put a GREAT-LOOKIN' plate of food before my eyeballs, before I've had a decent breakfast/lunch or BRUNCH, as the dudes call it...

    Hope your dang old tooth quits buggin' ya, so MAYBE you can feel like a HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ADDENDUM #2

    # 1 BB,
    Do you read the MYSTIC MUD blog, on your side-bar?? That gal's got a lotta spunk & KIDS... This last one is havin' a hard time and drainin' the whole bunch down... But he'll come out of it, I feel... Sure do hope so... Maybe you could go up to Tennessee and help David buildin' his office; you're good at things like that....

  10. Go to the CASI Chili Cook-off in Terlingua...lost of action and topless chick a babies to take your mind off your toothache, and get you all perked up. Who knows you might get propositioned there too :D

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