Monday, September 2, 2013

Hands throwed in the air

This is not a good start for a new day. I may say something I'll soon regret....."so make it short Billy Bob".

So what went wrong yesterday for such a long face this morn'n?

Well, the first thing, I put my awning out. "Sally da house" is too close to "da porch" so it's just hang'n out there in the air flap'n in the breeze. A good gust of wind could rip it slap off the side of "da house". Oh Oh, what as that bang'n an' slam'n? It's the awning silly boy. The wind done pick up one end an' slam it against the wall. I spend 10 minutes get'n that thing untangle an' roll back up.

Neighbor Mark was all excitis bout work'n on my brake problem. He climb up under there an' look see stuff. Take some pics too. Wanna see one???
This is the "bell crank" what I suspect is causing the brake pedal to not return to the up position after apply'n a hunnert pound of brake pressure to come to a stop. 
 This is the "hydroboost" brake booster. Seems easy enough to replace if necessary. But.....Mark walked away, says...."I'll see ya in a couple days". Ok, so I don't need no brakes for bout a month or so. That ain't the way I look at it, I need brakes NOW! If'n ya say ya gonna fix something, fix it. Don't say "I'll see ya in a couple days". I git impatient ya know!!!

Then I set up my Weber grill. Bend' down under the back slide out to get it out of the compartment...I get pissed off an' start throw'n stuff. That sucker is heavy. Needs to be stowed in a easier place to get to. Then I go to "that jeep" an' drag that heavy propane bottle to "da porch". "It weigh too much Billy Bob, ya gonna hurt your back". I did. Hurted the rest of the evening an' them damn leg cramps most the night.

So there ya see why the old Billy Bob is feel'n like crap this morn'n. Oh....did I mention the TV? Where are all the "good" stations what was here last year? They gone, replaced with "crap" nobody gonna watch. Sheesh, I don't even have PBS or Create. Ended up watch'n a Mexican/Italian movie last night. Boy howdy was I ever excitis.....not.

So here what I need to do today. Move "da house" over two feet so I can put the awning out....all the way, an' tie that sucker down. Hook up a light on "da porch" so's I can sit out there sip'n up a cup after dark. Damn I love my "da porch".

Then, I'm gonna go outside an' trim that "devil plant" (bird of paradise). Even though it ain't mine no more an' I'll only be here bout a month or so, it needs trimmed. Maybe pull that big ol' over growed bush out the other end of the cactus garden. Therapy ya know.

Ok, I'm on with my day. Hope it's a good'un. 


  1. I just had a thought of minor dimensions. Is it possible that your known back trouble is pinching something to cause the leg cramps? Hmmmm.

    1. That's what I been say'n for the last two years. How did you miss it?

    2. I apologize Bill. I do not remember reading it in your blog or hearing it from you directly. It must be my senile old head proving its age.

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  3. butterbean carpenterSeptember 2, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    Howdy #! BB,

    Sure do hope you have a HAPPY DAY,; looks like you need one!!!!!

  4. Doggone, Billy Bob! If it ain't something all the time to aggravate a body to death. Hoping everything works out well for you without too much more aggravation.

  5. Things have to start getting better. I'd be aggravated about the brake thing too - you want to know they will be fixed when you need them.

  6. Good luck with the brake problem hope you get er done soon.
    Hope you fired up that Weber and got cooking.
    You have a Q 100 I don't think its that heavy, bugger ones yes.