Friday, September 6, 2013

Sit'n still, I got brakes

Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne look'n good. 

After a tiring an' long day, I think I got brakes. Not road tested mind ya, but they feel soooo much better than a few days ago when they didn't work worth a crap. Could'a kill myself ya know....maybe somebody else too.

In case ya wanna know, I was patient. I waited for Mark.

Ya see, it's like this....after I finish my first mug of coffee an' get both eyes wide open, I climbs up under "Sally da house"....just to take a look see. Need a part number. My gosh, they install all that brake stuff way up there in a tiny little space bout 4 inches wide. I cain't see the hydroboost to get a part number off'n it. It's hid behind this chunk of metal with a hunnert bolts through it. But I can see the bell crank what Mark is gonna work on today.

Speak'n of Mark, here he come with a big ol' tool box an' a piece of carpet for lay'n on the ground. We got them goat head stickers ya know. We sit on "da porch" an' discuss the brake pedal what is no longer binding up an' stuff like that. We run a hydroboost brake booster test an' pass with fly'n colors. Or we think we passed anyhows. The decision was made to proceed with our original plan, disassemble the bell crank and related brake operator levers what could be binding. Mark goes to work. Nut's an' bolts fly'n all direction. The bell crank is removed. "It's rather tight don't ya think Mark"? (Hard to turn). Took it apart, cleaned and greased 'er up....slick as owl poop, ready to reinstall. Mark finds a machined bolt thingy what is froze stifffer an' a board. Won't turn, an' it supposed to...pivot point for the hydroboost lever.
That's the hydroboost lever there an' that bolt thingy is supposed to turn inside the lever.
Ain't no way we gonna ever get it out. I'm bout a hunnert percent....or so, sure this is where the problem lies with the brake pedal binding up. We make a modification.....that gonna work just fine.

Mark has everthing put back together....test time. Holy cows, that feel just like brand spank'n new. I fire up the 8.1 Chevy Vortec, the hydroboost kicks in, I push the pedal, it go down bout 4 inch or so an' come right back up when I take my big foot off the pedal. (Workhorse says 6 inch brake travel normal. So I beat normal by a couple inches. Yeee har!!!


  1. Good think you Mark there to get that done, sure is great to have brakes when drivin "the house" down the road.

  2. That's great Billy Bob that the problem is now No Problem. Now you can relax and enjoy yourself on your time in Deming, eh? Just don't go backing into any of those stickery plants...ouch! yowl! scream! damn! My fascination with cactus was very short-lived...then there was the long spell I had a thorny lemon tree, three inch weapons it had, me fighting for control of it. Thank God for the smart man who took the devil down. The lemons were inedible anyway.

    I like your porch...could stretch out the legs and have a cuppa real easy. My autumn maple suffices over this way...only for a season though.

    Uh, Wayne don't look like too pesky. Him's smiling.

    Hello, Wayne. Pleased to meet you. Heard a lot about you.

  3. I am SO glad you and Mark worked this thing out and now ya got brakes! You ought to be feeling good enough about it now to enjoy your time in Deming.

  4. NOW you can get out there and beat ol Pesky in golf,,,right?

  5. butterbean carpenterSeptember 7, 2013 at 9:01 AM

    Howdy #1 BB,
    Howdy, Pesky, sure glad to see you're still able to drive the golf cart and 'bug' the hell outa BB !!! He does a little bit of worrying about you, whenever he thinks about it!!!

    BB, I'm sure glad Mark did come back and help you fix the brake problem, but HOW did y'all 'modify' that 'frozen' bolt; that sucker has been rusted for a WHILE !!! Will it hold or BREAK-OFF, while you're going DOWNHILL AT 100MPH !!! Sure do hope it HOLDS !!!

    Well now, you and Pesky go out and swak some golf balls, but DON'T TELL NO LIES !!!

    Hope the day suits you and you have a HAPPY DAY !!!

  6. Nothing like good friends unless maybe it is good friends who know how and are willing to fix things. Ole Pesky looks like he added a few pounds. Oh, I know, maybe the picture was taken at a bad angle.

  7. Maybe some salt air at work on those pivot points.

  8. I was just pondering the source of the corrosion that caused the pivot bolt to freeze up. Seems to me there shouldn't be a direct impingement of dripping liquid corrosion, so maybe Barney has the answer, after all. Glad it's fixed. Now don't be working out all that angst on the golf course else you find yourself over to Golfers'r'Nuts buying new swacking sticks like Barney did.

  9. Hey, Billy Bob, I think I would replace that bolt, it looks like it has lost some of the thread from the corrosion. I know I'm a worry wart. Good luck.

    Max from Illinois.

  10. I for one am glad you were patient and waited for Mark.

    I can't see Wayne's beautiful blue eyes with those glasses...please tell him MsBelinda sends her regards :)