Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh well, this is all I got

Another fair night of sleep.

Got a bit cold last night...53 degs. out there on "da porch".

Oh Boy, just what I needed this morn'n, dad gum Yahoo done screw up my "My Yahoo" page. It took me two years to get it just the ways I wanted it an' what does Yahoo do.....it's gone, poooof, just like that. No way to go back. Kind of reminds me of the same thing what's go'n on in Washington.....like it or lump it. No respect, that's what it is.

Ravens are cool. They park anywhere's they want to an' don't get no tickets. Boy howdy, that one fine look'n bird. They taste like chicken I betcha.

"Yee Har, watch this.....I think we gonna fly". Dad gun rednecks!!!!

"Hi, my name is Mikey....you got sumpin' ta say"?
Let me tell ya bout Mikey. I stoled him from San Antonio. Ya see, he come in "Alice" with his little Walmart bag full of "personals" an' says....."I want to go with you Billy Bob, this is a cool house. But that damn dog Beaudreaux is got to go". Mikey an' Beaudreaux became brothers an' travel right bout 20,000 mile together. If there's a cat heaven, Mikey has a special place. Damn I liked that cat.

Beauty among the thorns....or something like that. Prickly pear cactus flower.

Speak'n of batteries.....I been run'n a capacity test on the 4 house batteries I tried to murder not long ago. Run slap out of water ya know. I rekon I cain't do nuttin right. The damn things are work'n just like brand spank'n new ones. Or I suppose they are. Every night before I turn off all the lights an' stuff, right bout mid-night or so, I check the battery voltage. 12.60 volts is pretty dad gum good for a set of "murdered" batteries don't ya think? Only time will tell "the rest of the story".  


  1. Dawg gonna it, Billy Bog, you just grow on a person. Been readin' you for a long time... don't think I've ever commented.... but I guess today's the day I 'fess up. You worry me at times... about not taking care of your health... but I guess you got that right. Okay... 'nuff said. Love the photo of your kitty...

  2. I love those cooler temperatures you are experiencing.

    Could not help but get a chuckle about Mikey bringing his belongings in a Walmart bag...jajajajajaja and wanting to go traveling with you :D

    His eyes make him look a bit possessed though!

  3. 53 degrees sounds pretty nice. Was 30 degrees here this morning.
    12.60 volts sounds pretty good for those house batteries, must still be good.

  4. It is all going to be alright.
    I changed over to the New MY Yahoo! last week and it took me maybe 30 minutes to get it back like I wanted it. NOT back to how it was before but I have everything that I had before and it just as easy to find. I like the Email notice better and I like the Weather box. The Bookmarks are still as bad as they were before; why can't they fix it so they can be sorted them into some kind of order?

  5. Howdy # 1 Billy Bog, hee hee hee
    Swamp creature, Sharon !!! BB, what happened to Beaudreaux & Mikey?? Ravens eat a lot of 'dead' skunks; don't think they'd taste like chicken !!! The 'idjit' in the red boat's agonna kill somebody and hisself...
    Hope you get out in the sunshine and warm-up some, BB !!! GO SWAK SOME GOLF-BALLS AND HAVE A HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was thinking about your battery situation, what voltage is your controller set a? Mine is set at 14.5 volts and I haven't had to add water in over a year. I run them down pretty low on a daily basis or did till I purchased a propane cofee pot and quit using the inverter to brew coffee but that has been less then a month so I need to keep tabs on batteries.
    Unlike car batteries , house batteries don't seem to last as long, the battery in my '95 explore lasted 12 years(replaced in '07) and I can't remember ever adding water.
    Is your controller adjustable by you?