Thursday, September 19, 2013

His last golf game

Yesterday was a sad day as I watched old "pesky" Wayne wind up an' swak his last golf ball. It will be a day both of us remember.

"Photos Billy Bob, show the photos". I'm not one to forget important stuff, like taking pics of a memorable day, but...."where the hell is my camera"? Uhh, it's lay'n on the table back at "da house". I hang my head in shame. This was a important day. Not only for Wayne's sake, but for me also, that I was the last person to see old "pesky" swak a 100 yard drive straight down the middle of the fairway.

After a talk with Wayne, another attempt will be made to record "Wayne's last golf game" in photos. As soon as we both heal from yesterday's ordeal. My god, thought I was gonna die. Wayne completed 5 holes, while I went on to play 17. Pick up my ball on the 18th.....cain't breath, back hurt'n like hell. I'm gonna pay tonight I betcha. And I did. Boy howdy let me tell ya....did I ever.

One day the old Billy Bob is gonna be swak'n his last round of golf. A day I fear isn't too far off. Then what am I gonna do? Fish'n in the "bubba boat"? Blow'n up that "bubba boat" takes a lot of air, so that be com'n to a close also. Damn, I get frustrated when I cain't do nuttin no more. Grrrrrr......

Me an' old Wayne play many rounds of golf since our first game together in 2005 up to yesterday. Come winter or summer time, we was on a golf course in Deming, Silver City or Las Cruces....rain, shine, wind blow'n a hunnert mile a hour or snow, we was there. We had our own golf carts....old three wheeler antique EZ Go.
Billy Bob's modified chop top (1973) EZ Go Golf'n cart. Yup, Billy Bob & Company did all that beautiful work. Many heads were bonked on that chop top. Failure to duck cause goose egg bumps on the noggin.

Wayne's old 1976 ugly white golf'n cart after Billy Bob & Company put a nice metallic paint job on it.
Heads turned when we showed up at the #1 tee box.


  1. Sounds like a few 9 hole rounds of golf is in the future, like in Del Rio or Zapata. I am usually worn out after 15 and ready to quit.

  2. Which way did the heads turn, toward or away from the golf carts? (grin) OK, I will admit you did a really good job on those carts. Like always, you got it done and you got it done well.

  3. Why is it going to be his last game if he likes the sport so much?

  4. Getting old may be hell but the alternative ain't so great either. Thanks for coming back. I don't read your blog for your travel tips. I enjoy it for you thoughts on daily life, good and bad!

  5. Sounds like the day was worth the pain! That's often the case, isn't it?

  6. Howdy # 1 BB,

    THAT'S LIFE, BB, swakin' your last golf-ball ain't the end!!! If you bought Ol' Peskey's golf clubs, what'd he play with, hah?? Did you loan'em back or make him rent'em for the round... If he only played 5 holes and you played 17 and a half how do you score it to see who won??? If he didn't have that dang tubin' stranglin' him he'd hit it 150 yards STRAIGHT DOWN THE FAIRWAY; bet Barney's new OLD FOLKS clubs can't beat him...
    Y'all know that Barney's headin' for Deming just to play golf in the desert, without WATER HAZARDS and Deming's about the only part of Mew Nexico that ain't FLOODED !!! Sit on da porch and sip a cuppa, maybe your back'll ease-off a little before Barney gets there !! Then you can go twist it again playin' that
    'cow-pasture pool' !!!