Monday, September 30, 2013

Libby, Montana....hunt'n bears

Well crap.....better late than never I rekon. Ya see, I got neighbors what come sit on "da porch" at all hours of the day. They expect me to go outside an' BS with them any time they show up.....no matter what I'm do'n. Since I'm such a nice guy, I appease them.

I went to bed way too early last night think'n I would get up early this morn'n an' get some stuff done. Ha....that worked out great. I got up at 8:30 after 10 hours of blissful sleep.....NOT!!! There ain't nobody sleep 10 hours, or in last nights case, stay in bed that long. It ain't American I tell ya.....ain't American. But anyhows, last night was terrible. Got sick....had to puke. Had a dozen or so leg cramps. One my blankies fell on the floor an' I were cold. Sadie Mae bark'n at some damn cat out on "da porch". Nope, never gonna go to bed again at 10:30 oclock.

Took my road atlas out on "da porch" yesterday try'n to figger where I'm gonna go next. Holy crap, I end up in Libby, Montana. That's bear country ya know. Back in 1957, me an' a buddy Mike went on a hitchhiking tour from southern Ca. to the Pacific Northwest. In 1957 you could do that an' not get all beat up, robbed, or go to jail....stuff like that. Mike had a aunt in Libby what we decided to go see since we didn't strike it rich pick'n blueberrys in Seattle. An' we was slap broke. Maybe we could be lumberjacks. Cut down trees, stuff like that. Mike's aunt put us up on the front porch on a couple army cots for the night. Waked up bout the crack of dawn to the sound of something dig'n in the garden. It were two big ol' bears.....probly weigh somewheres bout a thousand pound. That what I was think'n anyhows....they was big. Mike's aunt shoot a shotgun....bears run like hell. We don't sleep on the porch no more.
Anyhows, I ain't go'n to Libby Montana. Or anywheres else where bears might be dig'n in the garden. I don't do bears.....end of story.

Since #1 moved out of the RV park a few days ago, there ain't been no more drama to entertain me. "You cain't park no freak'n tractor in a RV spot". I'm serious, he was gonna bring a old broke down John Deere tractor in the park an' restore it. Although it couldn't be no worst than the old '60's model motor homes, tip out trailers an' broke down cars. It's a freak'n junk yard out here. But it's cheap ($125 plus electric).

Be off to see the doctor tomorrow. They say to bring a list of my medications. I says....."they all on your computer". She says "bring 'em anyhows to make sure they are the same". What the hell, the doctor prescribed them last year off the computer. Hope they ain't got it in their mind to change things. These work just fine.
I'll collect all my records this year an' hope to find a doctor in Corpus Christi that don't lecture me on the sins of smoking. Or tell me I got to get a stress test. I ain't do'n no blamed stress test. Last one I thought I was gonna die. My heart already has enough stress....don't need no more. Sides that, doctors say stress kills.

 Ok, nuttin to talk bout.....got a few things I can still get down before it gets dark. By the way, 7:30 last night it was pitch black outside. Laters!!!   


  1. Yeah I know ya won't want to hear it but... talking from experience with the DW, tell Doc about your bad tooth. That can effect yer heart ya know.

    A couple or three glasses of water a day will stop the leg cramps.


  2. Sounds like a red-neck RV park. The best kind. Doctors are a necessary evil at out age. I don't like going to them and I don't think they like to see me coming. I talk back to them, you know.

  3. I get so tired of being asked to bring a list of medications when I see the doctor. Like you say, they have them on their computer - or maybe they just play solitaire on their computers.

    Nothing will stop leg cramps for good. I can use tonic water and get relief for about 2 weeks. Then I change to Hyland's pills, but they only work for about 2 weeks. I guess I should go back to the tonic water and just keep switching off.

    1. Well Gypsy and BB you need to just put on your phone and anytime your at the doc or hosp just pull out the phone and read them off. You talk about leg cramps I had one last night while watching TV and reading in bed with DG and dog when it hit so bad no matter which way I moved I was dying lasted about 15 min with me falling off the screaming like a little rolling around now half way under the bed my girl friend being a nurse for over 30 yrs thought I was having a seizure and started to put a rag in my mouth and my little 4lb Yorkie running around me under the bed thinking I wanted to play. Put all this together. She pops 2 Vicodin and muscle relaxer...Dam you shouldn't been there..

  4. Sounds like you had a rough night! Hope the cramps end soon!

  5. Not that you want to hear it....BUT....all doctors are going to lecture you on the evils of smoking and rightly so.

  6. Gotta straighten those doctors out they are supposed to look after you, not the other way around.
    Good luck.