Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Inside chores...2 down an' 20 to go

So it was cold. And it rained all day. But that's OK, it's been cold an' rainy before. I break out a heavy long sleeve shirt...old Billy Bob ain't gonna be cold. Then last night I break out a 'lectric heater....old Billy Bob ain't gonna be cold.

When I waked up yesterday morn'n I was think'n,...."I got lots to do today". Just little piddle stuff ya know, but something to keep me busy. Well, I sure as hell weren't gonna be do'n nuttin outside....that for sure. It all started off as a little shower, and it lasted for the rest of the day, never shut'n down for lunch or nuttin. There was little ponds all over the park. Could'a go fish'n.

Inside I look at my "to do list". I grabs holt to some heavy duty hand tools...screwdrivers, hand saw, portable drill an' a bunch of screws. An' a big ol' hammer an' some duct tape. A new propane monitor has been installed.

A new light has been installed over the stove so's I can see what the hell I'm cook'n.
This would usually be a 1 hour job, consider'n all the freak'n tools I brung in "da house".  I had everthing except the table saw. Bout 3 hours later, I'm finished...and a pile of tools lay'n on the floor yet to be put in their proper place.

Scratch 2 items off'n the "to do" list....yee haw!!!

Then old "pesky Wayne shows up on "da porch". He needs help find'n a part for the lawn tractor. I scoured that tractor from top to bottom look'n for numbers....any numbers, but mostly the model number. It ain't there. So  I spent the next 4 hours search'n the internet. Walla, I find the part number, but still no model number.

Have ya ever weed a garden? With a hoe? If'n ya have, ya know it's kind of like a little hand held bulldozer move'n dirt all over the garden. Well, some feller come up with a neat device called a "hula hoe".

It cuts through the dirt like owl poop, chop them weed slap off underground an' leave the dirt in place. I know 'cause I use one. That answers the question from Joey..."what the hell is a hula hoe"?


  1. I wondered what a hula hoe was and I'm glad Joey asked. You got two jobs done - not little piddly jobs like washing the dishes - but what I would consider big jobs. You're on a roll, man!

  2. I need a new gas monitor but have been putting it off..Till it goes off just as I am about asleep..Do you really need to cut new holes and stuff or will a new one fit right where a 24yr old one was?

    1. David, when I purchased the new monitor, I never made the first thought that it wouldn't fit the old hole.
      If your old monitor is 24 years old, do you really trust it to wake you in case of a propane leak. Most recommend replacing every 5 years....Well, mine does anyhows.

  3. I knew what a "hula hoe" was because you recommended it for mother's yard about three or four years ago...back when you decided you would use salt in your Deming yard.

    From your header picture I surmise...it did not work!

  4. BTW - good job on both installs, which to me would be major chores!

  5. You gettin things done, one day at a time.

  6. butterbean carpenterSeptember 12, 2013 at 3:06 PM

    Howdy # 1 BB,

    I GOT A HULA-HOE, but Joyce don't like to use it !!! This year I've been FIGHTIN' GOATHEADS, with a superior tool, better than a hula-hoe, it has 2 circular blades, that over-lap a little, adjusts the pitch, and even 'pulls' the root out, if'n the dirt's not tooo tight !!! I do it from my M91 electric wheel-chair... It'll work both ways, like a hula-hoe; that's a funny name for a weed-choppin' tool, sounds like it oughta have some- thing to do with gals from the islands !!! hee hee
    Even if it sprankled an little, doin' stuff inside and using parts, what's been laying around for a while, before losin'em, was a good days doin's !!!!!

    Maybe the sprankles'll let up so you can go whak some golf-balls !!!

    Hope you can still whak'em and have a very HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Billy-Bob..I have several other detectors in my rig. The old LP one shuts off the propane...It goes off when I take my boots off and it smells my socks....I think I will just buy a new one and deal with cutting or not..Maybe I'll get lucky??