Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Wayne....

I were sit'n there think'n....."damn, life can be boring".
"Well yeah Billy Bob, if'n all ya do is sit there think'n, it's gonna be boring".
It ain't like all I do is sit all day think'n an' drink'n a couple pots of coffee every day.....I do stuff. My "to do" list is down to only 6 chores out of 21. Erasers are outstanding tools.

Fixed a couple lights yesterday what have been either broke, fall'n off the ceiling or just flat out don't work. One need a new light bub.....I blow a freak'n fuse. Now where the hell did I put the spare fuses. *Look'n everwhere for fuses*.....Oh there they are, right where they ain't supposed to be. Put in a new fuse, the dad gum light bub blows. Big flash, skeer hell out me. Well anyhows, enough bout a dad gum light bubs an' fuses....it works....I can see the light.

One light was fall'n slap off the ceiling, just hang'n there. The wood is stripped out where the screws hold it to the ceiling. In case ya didn't know, when God invented toothpicks, he was think'n bout light fixtures fall'n off the ceiling. Ya stick a toothpick in the stripped out hole and the screw hold better than any duck tape, super glue or wire ties. Actually, this trick dates back to the earlier Egyptian and Viking eras. Some them had loose screws too. 

When I sat down in that Mexican restaurant the other day, the place was empty. I was all by myself. As I sat there eat'n chips an' salsa, my mind wandered off to travel destinations. Make'n plans an' stuff. Stuff I was gonna do in a strange place. It was quiet, no body to talk to. That's when I realized I was all alone.....all by myself, an' nobody to share my thoughts, dreams an' adventures with.

Being alone has it's advantages. Just cain't think of any right at this moment. I rekon if'n you was a hermit live'n in a cave or something like that, be'n along would be an advantage. But I don't live in a freak'n cave. I live in "Sally da house"....an' I like to talk ever once in a while. I like to have people around me. Eat'n alone sucks. Did ya know that your mind works over time when ya ain't got nobody to talk to? You wouldn't believe some the thoughts go through my mind.....sheesh, somebody call 911.

 I 'memer back when I took that New Yorker "first mate" Dee Dee on a trip to California with me. Her gums was flap'n a hunnert mile a hour the whole trip....jabber jabber jabber. Damn, don't this girl ever get tired of flap'n her jaws??? One time I would have desired to be alone, if for only one day. I need some relief here ya know. The only thing my mind could think of at the time was how I was gonna shut her up. That girl done turn my brain slap off like she done flip a switch. She beat me at cribbage too. I think she cheats. Ain't nobody can win every game....sheesh!!!

It's been cold an' dreary in Deming for the last week. Low 60's at night....high 60's day time. Rain like hell. Flooding all over the state. But I have wonderful thoughts of Lake Amistad and Falcon Lake full to the brim when I get back into Texas. Big bass fish all over the place.

What do ya buy a guy for his birthday when there ain't nuttin he can do no more? Poor old "pesky neighbor Wayne" is in worser shape than the old Billy Bob. He cain't do nuttin but ride around on a golf cart visit'n an' pesker'n the neighbors. I always buy Wayne a birthday present every year. For his birthday this year, I bought his golf clubs. He can't use them no more and he surely can use the money. Happy Birthday pesky neighbor Wayne.

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  1. butterbean carpenterSeptember 13, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    Howdy # 1 BB,

    Whenever you put a 12v blub in a 120 v circuit it BLOWS OUT REALLY QUICK-LIKE and when you put a 10amp fuse and hit it with 120 volts it'll POP RIGHT NOW!! And you a high-bred electrical engineer!!! huh??

    Now, you can sit there and talk to Sadie Mae and she'll listen, all day long, but she don't converse as much as my Charley Laws(red-heeler), but I'll bet she looks like she could !!!

    As far as I'm concerned you can gripe about DeeDee's flappin her jaws everyday, as long as you put her pic in the blog!!! WOOWOO!!

    You BOUGHT Pesky's golf clubs FOR HIS BIRTHDAY, HUH??? That
    don't make sense; what'd you GET HIM for a present?? Sure, he can use the $$$ to pay bills etc., but that don't say , 'I thought of you on YOUR BIRTHDAY..' !!! SHEESH, BB !!!!

    Well, it may be floodin' in Carlsbad but I'll bet the dust is blowin' in Deming !!! They closed the Caverns, because they're afraid the bats can't swim !!!

    Hope the sunshines on you and you have a HAPPY DAY !!!!!

    1. Well shoot bean, I don't know where ya figger I got me any 120 volt light fixtures in "Sally da house". Everthing is 12 volts an' you should know that by now. Now my A/C's are 120 volts, but when I turn one of 'em on, I still can't see no better.

    2. butterbean carpenterSeptember 14, 2013 at 1:02 PM