Sunday, September 8, 2013

Deming New Mexico update....grrrrrr

Whoa boy howdy.....

I had me one night of good sleep only to be replaced with a terrible one the next night. The good night was after the brakes on "Sally da house" was fixed. But they still in question until I do a road test. Down the road an' back ya know.

Then I got to think'n bout that bolt thingy. Got all stress out again an' don't sleep worth a crap. Stay up till 2:30am watch'n some stupit stuff on the TV an' get all work up over a freak'n bolt.....drink'n coffee an' smok'n little cigars.

I done made the decision I ain't gonna do nuttin with my back in Deming. There ain't NO back doctors in Deming. If'n there was, I wouldn't trust 'em anyhows. I don't even trust my cardiologist. All he do is whine bout my "little cigars" an' bitch an' moan 'cause I refuse to subject my body to a freak'n stress test. That's just me, that's the way I am an' I ain't gonna change.

The first day I arrived in Deming, I started me a little "to do" list. I do that all the time ya know, so's I don't forget stuff what needs done. Now I have a list 14 items long of yet to do stuff. Little stuff. No projects....just fix stuff.

I'm already think'n bout where I'm gonna go after it gets cold in Deming. I ain't got no idea. But I can assure ya one thing, it ain't gonna be anywhere's I got to fire up the Mr Heater. I'm think'n golf course an' a lake near by since that's all I can do anymore. Bike ride'n is probly out of the question. Jump on that thing the other day.....damn, my legs hurt like hell. "Think electric Billy Bob....a 'lectric bike". I purty much give up on that idea too. Before anybody says "gasoline" power, I ain't tote'n no damn gas can around with me. Catch fire an' burn down "da house".

I was think'n maybe somewheres 'round Comfort Texas for the golf courses, but it's still hot in Deming. Del Rio is definitely on  my travel list. Maybe catch me up a big ol' bass out of Lake Amistad.

Oh, did I mention the Rio Grande river? Don't remember if'n I did or not. When I cross it in Las Cruces, the damn thing ain't got no water in it. The widest point I could see was bout 30 feet wide an' the flow was at a standstill. This is the mighty Rio Grande....where the hell all the water?

Gonna have us some nice weather next week. In the low to mid 80's day time an' low 60's night. Actually, it been in the 60's at night for the last week.

An update on my memory foam topper I tole ya I was gonna do. I should'a have me one these things years ago. I'm sold. I climbs in bed, my body sinks down in that thing an' I ain't got no pain. Sleep good...unless I'm think'n bout bolts an' stuff.   

Build me a pizza bread last night. French bread, actually Italian bread, sausage, pepperoni, maters, bell pepper, mushrooms an' a bunch of cheese.  Fire up the Weber to 400 degrees an' throw that thing in there. On my cast iron griller skillet thingy of course. Damn, that tastes pretty dad gum good for a rookie. Didn't catch a fire or nuttin like that.
 Forgot the onions an' jalepenos.....shoot!!!

Got me a clean'n lady I been think'n bout hire'n for a deep clean on "da house". But she "purty". Don't know if'n the two of us could be in the same room at the same time. I ain't dead yet ya know. Dang, I like "purty" wimmins.

Ok.....got  things to do. Laters....


  1. If you're in Deming, you've got weather coming.
    I know because I have to drive past there next week to AZ.
    Enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Couple of good BubbaBoat lakes near Comfort. One west of Kerrville and one near Boerne. Good golf courses at Kerrville, Bandera, Fredericksburg and Comfort.

  3. Yep, you got to add at least the onions. Then it will be fit to eat. Hey, you could cook for me anytime.

  4. Go for that cleaning lady. You got too many other things to think about than to worry about cleaning, and maybe the lady could give you a few more things to think about!

  5. Ooh I like that Gyspy , I can see it now Billy Bob dang ran off with the cleaning women....ok got to get to bed earl big bass to catch tomorrow.....

  6. Maybe you should hook up with the cleaning lady...that would be a REAL stress test...jajajajaja :D

  7. Now that Pizza bread look purty good.
    Now that cleaning lady sounds like a great idea, maybe end up stayin for a while to get everything all cleaned up!

  8. That cleaning lady just might cure that back,,hahahahah.
    Best spine doc, is David Roberts, in San Antonio. And they do that laser surgery now. You could just park your home at the hospital,,,til you got well enough to drive to comfort, about 40 miles.
    Love that little town of Comfort, g/dotter lived there for a few years. You can sit out in main street late in the day and play moon, or whatever.

  9. butterbean carpenterSeptember 9, 2013 at 12:22 PM

    Howdy #1 BB,

    That's how Joyce makes THE BEST PIZZAS IN TEXAS; French bread, split down the long middle, lots of good vegetables, 2-3 kinds of meat, a few kinds of cheeses, marinara sauce POP it in the oven, long enuff to melt the cheese AND OOOOOOHHHH SOOOOO GOOOOODD !!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE LEFT-OVERS... THEY BE GOOOD TOOO, ALSO !!!!!!!

    When are you agonna do the ROAD TEST ??

    Hope the cleaning lady does a good job, you relax and have a HAPPY DAY !!!!


    pms: Sorry to get you worrying about 'that' bolt !!!!