Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sit'n here do'n nuttin an' think'n

Yup.....it's winter in Deming. I waked up last night wonder'n why my feet was so cold. Well first off, they was stick'n out from under the covers. But the other reason was, it was cold in "da house". I check the thermometer this morn'n....yikes, it 48 degs out there. Gonna be break'n out the Mr Heater here pretty soon I betcha a dollar.

Me an' Sadie May loaded up in "that jeep" and head to town. We on a mission. Renew registration  on the "bubba boat" for another three years. In a way I figger I'm get'n riped off. Ain't never been stopped for speed'n. Never had a wreck. No sobriety check points. I ain't been checked for nuttin. So why even register the damn thing? Anyways, it's a done deal. They gonna mail me all the stuff sometime in the next 45 days. But they ain't gonna mail the stuff to me where ever I'm at, they gonna mail it to my NM address an' old "pesky" will mail it to my Texas address. Then my mail service in Texas will mail it to me....where ever I'm at. RV'n is a hard life.

To my surprise, yesterdays Walmart experience went without a flaw. I don't recall reverting to "crusted sailor" mode....the use of obscenities an' occasional finger jesters. I don't really do that, but it sounds good on paper. Seasoning ya might say. But anyhows, I got out of Walmart with every item on my list checked off and best of all, under a hunnert dollars. My kids know what I'm talk'n bout.....hunnert dollar every time I go to Walmart.

Since it was my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a wonderful Mexican dinner. I pulls into Taco Bell, steps out the car, an' my right leg give slap out. What the hell, it was good not 30 minutes ago traisp'n the aisles in Walmart. I orders up 2 tacos with tomatoes an' a great big combo burrito. I'm in hog heaven. I would rather eat 2 or 3 tacos an' a great big combo burrito than a medium rare T-bone steak any day. Ain't say'n I don't like T-bone steak or nuttin like that, but there are special days ya just have to splurge an' go to Taco Bell.

Everbody keep ask'n me where I gonna go when I leave Deming next week....or so. I ask the same question ever time I'm out there sit'n on "da porch" sip'n up a cup an' think'n. I cain't go south 'cause I ain't got no passport. That leaves only two choices....east or west. I got the rest of my life to decide.

In the mean time, think I'll go sit on "da porch" for a few....do some think'n. 



  1. I always look forward to reading your blog when I get up in the morning. You just seem to have something funny to talk about. You need to start planing for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I think a big Turkey bird on the BBQ would be just fine and think of all of the great sandwichs you are going to have later.

    we were gone for 3 weeks, traveled the 49er highway from Oakhurst west to Angels Camp where we headed south on HW 4 to a lake north of Stockton to attend a boat race our son Keith was racing in. He finished 5th out of 9 boats. He would have done better but one of the coils on the motor went bad and he could not get more than 6k rpm. Next race in Parker,Az at the end of Oct.

    I wish you were near here because I have a big Johnson 235 v6 that needs to be rebuilt, and I know you could give me some pointers.

    1. River, comments such as yours is what keeps me go'n. Thanks.
      Bout that turkey on the grill, I don't like turkey. I begin'n to wonder if I like chicken any more.

  2. Renew "registration" - just another name for taxes. Don't you look relaxed in that boat. Spend all the time with Wayne you can this time around; there might not be another chance. Life goes swiftly.

  3. Belated happy birthday, Billy Bob. Are you as old as I am now (until I flip over to the next year in about 6 wks.) I think maybe you are a couple years younger, dang it. The trouble with getting older is that you have fewer people your own age!

    You sure look relaxed in that boat!

  4. Yes, that is great picture of you a Sadie May in the Bubba Boat. When you head out, think water. Then you can fish and float your boat. Where ever you go, be safe and have a great time and keep us informed, like you always do.

  5. Hmmmm the Bubba Boat at Inks Lake. Not many fish but a lot of fun. Next time we need to wander over to nearby Delaware Springs and swack some golf balls.

  6. Happy belated birthday Billy Bob :)

  7. Happy Birthday whatever date is was????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look happy in the boat with Sadie Mae..Hope you kept nice and warm with a blanky that fit your feet and toes..hah!