Thursday, September 12, 2013

A trip to town.....

Well, I read bout a hunnert blogs this morn'n, got my "drama" kick from Facebook and read all the news from around the world. Now I suppose I should spend a few minutes and write something on my own blog. Pass on some "drama" to all my friends and update ya on news at home..."Sally da house".

Me an' Sadie Mae loaded up in "that jeep" an' headed to town. We was on a mission. To make a doctors appointment an' get a prescription refill for my blood pressure meds. Been run'n high for the last few days. Appointment was set for October 2. Holy cows, that's still a long ways off. I had planned to be "out of Dodge" by that time. Nice receptionist at the doctors office was kind enough to call in my prescriptions to Walmart for 30 days.

We went right on past the propane sell'n place bout a hunnert mile a hour on the way to town. I were gonna stop an' look see if'n they have a 2 1/2 gallon aluminum propane tank for the Weber grill. But if'n I would'a push the brakes go'n that fast, I would'a put skid marks all over the brand new highway.
This used to be a two lane full of pot holes an' "natures" speed bumps. Now it are brand spank'n new 4 lane smooth as owl poop.

We pass a couple or three used car places. Go out of the way to check out a couple more. Hmmmm, ain't no used Jeep Cherokee Sports in none of 'em. Yeah, I still look'n. Drive by the new car dealerships....they ain't got none neither.

On the way back to town, we whip into the Deming cemetery. That where the dead people hang out ya know. I got relatives in that cemetery....now where the hell are they at. I been here before, but it was 6 years ago. I ain't lost my mind as bad as I was think'n, drove right up to 'em in a round bout way.
These photos are from my Grandma's side of the family....Birchfield. They was popular well knowed ranchers in Deming an' the surrounding area. Everbody knowed William Perry Birchfield and the famous KIL ranch.The KIL consisted of the home ranch, 5 homesteaded branch ranches and 30'000 acres of leased BLM land. It were big.
The Birchfield plot...
My Grandma....rest her dear soul. Left this world during birth of Uncle Luke.
William Perry Sr., rancher/miner.
Many years ago, Pancho Villa says to my Grandpa Victor....."Piepmeier is a good man, Birchield is a sum beech". William Perry was a "hard"man. But ya had to be in Indian territory an' the Indians still kill'n people, steal'n cattle an' stuff, an' scar'n hell out little boys an' girls.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....was at the home ranch, the KIL. One the Indian chiefs (what the hell was his name) sneek down to the horse correl think'n he was gonna steal GreatGrandpa Perry's horse "Snorter". He climb up on Snorters back an' was bout to depart for higher ground. Well, Snorter was a trained horse. GreatGrandpa whistle a secret message to Snorter. Snorter rare up on his back feet an' that Indian chief hit the ground, feets go'n a hunnert mile a hour into the brush. Damn, what was that Indians name???

Then I hit Walmart. Gonna pick up a half gallon milk an' a loaf of bread. $62 dollar, an' a couple hours later we gonna go eat some Mexican food. Hot damn, that is bout the best salsa I eat in a hunnert years. I order a plate of sizzl'n fajitas. Hot damn, them are bout the best sizzl'n fajitas I eat in a hunnert years. But......the tortillas suck. Paper thin an' hard like a freak'n rock. An' I tell the nice lady too. Tell her they need to go to Walmart to buy tortillas. I'll not be go'n back. The ways I see it, if'n the food is perfect, the tortillas should be also.

Oh Oh....here come old "pesky neighbor Wayne". Be back in a few minutes or not.

He didn't stay long....rain was get'n on him an' it 68 degs out there....big sissy.

Well shoot, there was something I had on my mind to tell ya, but it's gone....poooof, just like that. Be damned to old age.



  1. Rio Membres golf course got an grass in the fairways?

    1. I suppose they do since they water year round. Wanted to go today, but.....rain ya know.

  2. If everything else was perfect I think I'd overlook the tortillas. You probably had flour tortillas for fajitas and I agree they should be soft, but I like the ones made with corn and toasted a bit on the electric range burner.

  3. I enjoy hearing stories of the days gone by. Do a part 2, OK?

  4. Sounds like a good way to spend the day!

  5. We just hook up our Weber Q to the coach propane tank, put the adapter on and no extra tank to carry.
    Sounds ike some good ole memories there.