Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is That Sunshine

Holy cows!!! Is that sunshine I see? It's unbelievable, but wouldn't ya know it.
This may be my last entry for about a week if I can't set up my satellite dish in the State park. Last year, the trees were right in the way of finding a signal.
In the mean time.....I'm out of here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prep Day

Can't think of a thing that happened today that I would consider exciting. In fact, it was just another boring day. The freak'n sun refused to shine for even a few minutes. The wind has been steady out of the south the entire afternoon. Then it started to rain. HUH??? Not nearly enough to wash all the salt and sand off my motorhome, but rain none the less.
Made a trip into town this morning to pick up some cigars, a little mad cash from the bank and pick up my mail from my mail people....what was closed on Saturday.
Now what am I gonna do???? Well let me tell ya.......

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wasted Days

As I come to the end of another day, I ask myself "what did you do today", to which, the only truthful answer would be none other than...."nothing". It's so much easier to do "nothing" than to over exert and do many things. Since I'm not one to over exert, I had a wonderful time doing "nothing".
Since I have been considering finding my "place", I did some drawings of my RV shelter and patio. The first drawing was done over a year ago, so there will be a few changes....I may extend to 40' instead of 36' as the drawing shows. What would another 4' cost???

Well, I didn't do that right, but at least I got them on here.
This will be a completely "off grid" home base and get away. Where??? you say, "out in the west Texas town of" Terlingua. Don't know where that's at???? Google is your friend.
The way I see it is, the land is cheap, it's in the desert (which I love) and that's what I wanna do. And if I don't want to milk the cows, that's my business. Not that I would be milking Texas Longhorns in the first place.
Only one more day to enjoy the "island paradise" of Port Aransas. Had it not been for playing golf, I would have been out of here 2 weeks ago. Even the dogs, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae, are ready to move on. Me thinks they don't like this humidity any more than I do.
Until tomorrow, I be signed off.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swack'n Golf Balls

Up at 5:30am after a restless nights sleep of about 4 hours. Some "high speed" dude/dudette smacked into a telephone pole right over there and all them flashing lights got me curious. After looking at the pretty lights for an hour, I went back to bed. Then I had to get back up and pee...sheesh, getting old sucks.

Met up with Ron at 6:45 and we headed off to Sinton for a windy (20 to 25mph) round of golf. Wonderful game, even hitting out from under the freak'n trees. Struck a nice 91 which is good for playing in a gale.

Got back to the island by 1:30pm and I was starved. Went to Subway for a $5 12" sub what I ate the whole thing. You talk bout bring'n on a nap....eat a 12" sub. Slept for 2 hours.

Checked the weather forecast for Sunday....yep, gonna be windy. But if it's blow'n from the south, I'll get 60 mpg all the way to Houston. You think I'm kidding don't ya?

Finally contacted my lost daughter in Houston....she's so sweet. Now my "other" daughter, I love her too....LOL. One of the best things in life is to have two daughters as beautiful and loving as mine. I'm such a fortunate and lucky man. Now the boys are a different story.
Signing off with a grin on my lips.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another day in paradise

Today was a nice day....ran the a/c for a few hours to knock down the high humidity. What is it with freak'n islands having humidity over 80% day and night? My poor motorhome is gonna rust away unless I get out of here fast.
Spent the day surfing....the web. I can just see this old fart on a surf board....lol. Tried a skateboard when I was younger.....lol....now that was funny.
The best part of the day was spent unwrapping my dog Lug Nut from around the picnic table. Why does he even go under there for???? Sheesh!!
Still undecided where I'm gonna go after I leave Port Aransas. My original plan was to go to Houston....Steven F. Austin State Park to visit my daughter and grandkids. She lives in Katy, only 20 or 30 miles away. But.....what is wrong with her phone????
Tomorrow is golf day in Sinton, Tx. with Ron and a couple others. This will be my last day to play for a while until I find another golf course down the road. Sure do like swack'n them golf balls.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A round of golf

This was the day I was waiting for yesterday. Got up early to get my 2 hours of "getting both eyes open" before heading over to Rons house for a 8:30 tee time at the Newport Dunes golf course. George, the local Postmaster showed up just about the time our clubs were loaded on our cart. Then here comes another old fart to complete a foursome....yeah!! Had I been thoughtful enough to take my camera, you could see the most beautiful golf course I have ever seen.
Now let me tell you bout a great golf game. On the front 9, I didn't do so hot with a 47....11 strokes over par. But old Billy Bob turned around on the back 9 and played like them pros you see on the PGA circuit. Struck a 40 what is 4 strokes over par....does that mean I had a score of 87??? Had 6 pars on the back 9.
Now you know the rest of the story.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another day waiting for tomorrow

I'm so excited I could squeeze a grape and make a gallon of wine. The sun has shined all day long, just a little breeze to keep cool and sea gulls pooped on my Bronco.
Took a drive in the MH over to the dump station. Sure was good to be behind the wheel crank'n out those 1/10th miles. Sure was tired when I got back.
There is absolutely nothing...nothing...to write about.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

60 MPG

Come Sunday morning, April 6th....09, Old Billy Bob hooked up the little Bronco II and skeedaddled south with a destination in mind...Port Aransas, Tx. a couple hundred miles to the south.
Weren't on the road very long and that little breeze turned into high powered kick ass winds from the north. And I were headed south. By the time I got a few miles south of San Antone, I figgered I better gas up since my last fill up was in Van Horn...over 500 miles. By the time I got back on the road (I-37) the wind was really kick'n.
Two hours later, I pulled into Port Aransas with a still full tank of gas. How bout that....60 miles per gallon....lol.
Made a bee line to the County Park where I paid for a week of beach front camping....water and electric and a dump station right over there.
Went to the new golf course on the island for a round of golf with Ron. My God, what a beautiful golf course. Everything in town is the same with the exception of a few more foreign owned tourist trap souvineer (lol...spell checker didn't even help)shops. Why do I ever come back to this place? The "little fishing village" charm was replaced with big city rules and regulations. They even make you wear a seat belt now.

Off to Texas

After spending countless hours "beat'n gums" on my Yahoo groups, it was decided I would participate in a GTG (get together) with other single, lonely, old folks in Fredericksburg, Texas.
Since there were others coming from the west, we decided to caravan from Deming to the GTG 600 miles to the east.
Well we caught the winds just outside of Van Horn, Tx. and all the way to Fredericksburg. Lucky for us, we didn't have a head wind.

We all arrived at the GTG 2 days before it was scheduled to start, but there were a few others that did the same thing, so we weren't alone. Another successful GTG by Carolyn and Terry....you don't know them, but I do.

After 4 days of eating too much, I was ready to head south and leave all these wonderful people on their own....most go'n danc'n in Bandera.

Back in Business

Holy cow, where have I been for the last 8 months. Well let me tell ya.
When I finally got back to Deming, NM. someares bout Sept. 08, I decided to take a trip to southern Ca. where the winters are warm. Decided to go to the "slabs", an old deserted military base, and boondock for a couple months.

Boondocking is nothing more than having no electricity, water or sewer. Well, since it has to be cheap, LOL...right, I bought a 2000 watt generator ($500) to recharge my four brand spank'n new 6volt golf cart batteries ($500) with my brand new 40 amp "smart" battery charger ($100) and a brand new Cobra 2500 watt inverter ($200). Well, since I was gonna spend a couple months, I needed some groceries to last my stay ($400). If that isn't cheap, what is?

After 2 months of preparation, Old Billy Bob was ready to hit the road (I-10) headed west. Arrived at the slabs just bout the last week of Nov.....08 that is. After an hour of look'n round, I picked out this really good looking spot and set up camp right next to a couple little trees. All was well with the temps in the mid to upper 80's....that is until here come a rain storm. Rain in the desert in Nov.?????

My camp site turned into a freak'n lake overnight....what I named Lake Billy Bob. Mud everywhere for 4 days. The good look'n site I had chosen to set up camp was a few feet lower than any of the other available camp sites and the water run off from those, filled my site. I was not a happy camper.

During the flood, one of my neighbors placed an old duck decoy in my 6 inch deep lake....what I named Fred. Then someone else deposited three little duck puppies right next to Fred. All the duck puppies ended up dying from exposure to the elements, but Fred survived after his surgery.

Spent 2 1/2 months at the slabs before heading south to Yuma, where I spent another month at "da pond" catch'n fish. After the second day, here come the rain....all night long. I was skeered my motorhome would end up in the pond as I had parked only 10 feet from the waters edge.

Arrived back in Deming on March 1st...09, only to find it was still winter there. I mean like in the 20's at night and 50's during the day. A few rounds of golf, a doctors appointment and fix'n broke stuff, I was ready to hit the road again. This time back to Texas, just like last year.