Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello Margaret

Well shoot, ain't nobody wanna play "find the change". One comment guessed the search light was new.  Anyhows, that not a change.....that's a "add". But, this commenter was within inches of the change. Now do you see it???

I rekon we won't be play'n this game no more.

Yesterday turned out to be a not so good day at Billy Bob's house ("da house"). I didn't feel like work'n on no stink'n tug boat. I didn't feel like work'n on nuttin in fackt. My right hip was hurt'n like a sum-a-gun. Advil didn't help. Aspirin didn't help. An' Tylenol III didn't help neither. That chair was tryed bout 4, 5, or 8 times. That didn't help neither. Sure hope we ain't relaps'n back to 2 months ago.

Then, it's 8pm, I eat me up a can of chicken noodle soup. I hit that chair an' wakes up 3 hour later. My god, I'm sick like a dog what ate a "road kill" rabbit. My heart rate drop to 45 bpm. Batteries are dead in the blood pressure thingy. I'm dizzy an' my legs feel really strange. "Is this it Margaret"????

I takes me a Alka Seltzer. Ha, in 15 minutes I'm feel'n soooo much better.

In fack, I'm feel'n so much better, I look at that tug boat sit'n over there. I polyurethane them "brown" masts. I just gave it away that change didn't I??? But you knew I would. Then I super glued a couple fingers together. Ya see, I was work'n on some tiny pieces what needed to be glued. No need to say no more bout that.

That's bout all I got to say for one day. Laters.....  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Yo mama" is back

So what's on the agenda for today? I'm think'n there is a need to clean up some this boat building crap that's lay'n all over the floor an' desktop.

Speak'n of boat building, I want you take a look at what I did yesterday. Can ya see it??? Look very closely. I made a change to the tug boat. Tell me what you find. I would give ya a hint Sissy, but others would pick up on it an' the excitement of find'n the change would come to a screech'n halt.

Hey, lookie there. You can see them doors now, plain as day. That's not a hint if'n you're look'n at them doors.

Ok, this cold weather, plus the leak'n propane regulator, has cause me a problem. I'm bout out of propane. The black water tank (poop tank) needs to be emptied. This means a trip up the road a piece on I-20 to Love's truck stop. I had planned to do that this week end, with the help of my wonderful son Robert. But Robert is at the hunt'n camp.....so I hear through the grapevine.

Now bout that chair. The only reason I mention that chair is 'cause I find it funny. It don't make no matter what time I sit in that sucker, I go to sleep. Last night, there was this program on TV I just had to watch. So I go over there an' sit in that chair sip'n up a cup an' watch'n that excit'n program. Well, there went one good program off to the zzzzzz's department. Damn that chair.

At 1am, I am NOT ready for any bed time. I loads up Google maps to reexamine my travel route back to Texas. I switch it to "earth" view. There's that black screen again. What the hell, this never happen before I got my computer fixed. I Google for a fix to this condition. Ah Ha....lookie here. Go to settings in your browser an' turn off  "hardware acceleration". Ha, fix that sucker right up. I see trees an' shit.
Anyhows, out of bout a dozen choices for a route, there is only a couple miles difference betwix 'em. Here is my latest route.
This route is subject to change........

"Yo mama" an' HIL Harry are back home. They tell me all bout their cruise to the Bahamas an' all the fun they had. Sure am glad I didn't tag along. I don't like big ass ships an' thousands of people. Now a 50 foot sail'n boat go'n to the Bahamas, that would be more to my like'n. In fact, I would git all excitis on a trip like that.

Ok, it's get'n late in the day....visitors ya know, this is all I'm gonna write for today. See ya all tomorrow, maybe even with a few new pictures of that dad gum tug boat.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Update: Doors, that chair an' I got hot water.....Sun shiny day....still a bit chilly out there

Ok....boy howdy, I like to freeze my buttocks off last night. Before I go to bed. At midnight,  while I was watch'n some excit'n movies, the temps fell to 30 degs. By 3am....the last movie ain't over yet, it was 27 degs out there. Mr Heater do'n it's thing. But guess what, start'n tomorrow, we will have a full week of nice weather. 40's at night.....60's day time.

I was need'n some hot water. Got a pile of dirty pile dishes ya know. The dad gum water heater don't come on. Ya don't warsh dishes in cold water. I goes out there, in the cold....wind blow'n, an' I check that water heater out. Hmmmmm....no flame....."Damn it's cold out here". I hear the gas valve kick in. Now just 'cause I hear it, that don't mean it valve is open'n up allowing propane to flow. It too freak'n cold to check it out. Wait for a warmer day. Heat water on the stove.
This should be enough information to get me a bunch of "easy fixes" from my followers. 

Procrastinate, one of MsB's favorite words. Now I don't know if'n she has the old Billy Bob beat or not when it comes to "I'll take care of that tomorrow". but I'm think'n it's a close race. For most outside stuff what needs done right now, I use weather as a excuse. Paperwork??? My god, don't even mention that stuff. Two days pass deadline, I might get it done. But, in the end run, it gets done.

Pizza....that's what I had for Thanksgiv'n dinner last night. My first bite I was think'n a bite out a big ol' turkey leg. Another bite, some mash taters an' gravy. Down to the last slice, it was pumpkin pie, with a dollop of whip cream. I had me a fine Thanksgiving dinner.  

I removed each of the super glued cabin doors. Man, what a job. Painted the edges black. Now maybe you can see them. Well yeah, but ya cain't see the hinges an' there ain't no door knobs on them doors. I'm not done yet. A test door will be fabricated, just to see what it look like. You'll be the first to know.

Compared to this....

I'm think'n I got the right idea. What you think???

You may have noticed, there is a railing added to the cabin roof. My god, that took a good two hours just to install, plus the two hours to fabricate. Lot's of tweezer, needle nose, some tooth pick work was involved. Then I had to paint them railings. Bout a hour or so.

Internet searches came up with just one photo of the real Tackawanna tug boat. I'm think'n my tug boat looks just like that. Cain't wait to put it in the water to see if'n it floats.

Bout them back pains. I've had me a little relapse in the last week. Still a long ways from where I was a couple months ago, but it hurts more than a week ago. But, for the last week, I've been sit'n on my ass more than a week ago too. Somewheres down the road a piece, I know I'm gonna have to do something. Arthritis don't get better, it only gets worse. I've lived with this shit since 2000, I can make it a few more years a while longer.

Still no firm decision of my departure date. Actually I'm in no great big hurry. I dread that long ass drive like the plague. I rekon that's part of "git'n older". I just cain't get into the travel mode.

Ok, I got a boat to work on. Oh wait, I got a water heater to fix. It's 49 degs out there....I can handle that.

Update: 2:30pm

Ok, while I was wait'n for it to get a bit warmer outside, I builded a door. Painted it red (not the same red as on the boat), painted the hinges black an' install 3 latch handles...knobs for city folk. Eight doors? I gonna be busy for a while.

Then, I worked on that chair. Played round with the swivel pivot point an' I'm gonna leave it right there. I'm think'n it's close enough.

Then....I went outside. The temp make it up to 56 degs, I can work on a water heater in that. First thing, I check the spark. Yup, it's fine. Then I loosen the propane supply line. Yup, I got propane. I pull the gas valve, something gotta be wrong with the gas valve. Well I want you take a lookie here, the orifice is plug up with something. Ain't no way in hell propane can go through that thing. *gotta go inside an' warm up*. I remove the orifice an' stick a needle through it. It's clear now. Put it all back together an' "walla", we got flame. I knowed I could do it...that's what I do ya know, fix stuff. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

What the hell...is today a holiday??? Well shoot, I rekon it is. Everbody been talk'n bout Thanksgiving for a couple weeks now. This must be the day.

I don't know all bout Thanksgiving an' how it came to be, but I do remember something bout some drunken sailors what got lost at sea. "Land Hooooooo" one sailor shouted....as he was upchuck'n over the side...."I think I see a pub".

The ship was anchored up in a little cove an' the entire crew rowed ashore. Across the beach, they see smoke......loud wild music can be heard. There's a party go'n on. Half neekid kids run'n round, danc'n wimmins ain't got no tops on.....bouncy bouncy....men sip'n up the nectars of the sun gods. The smell of BBQ'ed fresh cut meats fill the air. One little fat man is cook'n some kind of strange bird (wild turkey) on a spit while he bastes it with a golden liquid (duck fat). Feathers lay at his feet.

Everbody gathers round, the natives an' the drunken sailors, in one big group. A feller with feathers grow'n out his head an' down his back steps forward an' begins a chant....wave'n a stik in the air.....or some shit like that. "Hoooga boooga walla bang bang Sacajawea obunga galla howdy dooo y'all". That's translated to "today we give thanks for this food....an' the gifts these drunken sailors bring us". Everbody digs in an' they all have a great Thanksgiving dinner with all the trim'ns.

That might not be exactly how it happen, but I'm think'n it was something like that. Today we celebrate that day all over again as we have for many many years. The turkey industry is mak'n a kill'n.

But today, I am alone. I ain't got me no turkey. I ain't got no cranberry sauce. All I got is a package of cheap hot dogs an' a froze pizza in the freezer. But, I am very thankful that grilled turkey, basted with duck fat, was discovered bout 500 years ago.

Ok, that's out of the way. Hope everbody gets their fill of a huge dinner today an' give a ton of thanks for all the family that come to visit.

Gonna try to make boat building a short subject toady. I did spend some quality time work'n on that thing yesterday an' yesterday night. As you can plainly see, it ain't gonna be long fore this sucker is done. Life boats an' smokestack rigging installed.

Hmmmmm....I got to make them doors more visible.

   Looks like more cold weather headed this way.....mid 30's at night an' a chilly mid 50's day time. That's nice for all them people that live up north, but this is the south....we don't do freez'n cold weather. *in the south, any time the temp drops below 55 degs, water will instantly freeze into big ol' ice cubes*

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I screwed up......yup, again

Ok, I ain't the first blogger what ever did this, but I deleted 100 comments...by accident.

Ya see, I was check'n my Blogger "spam" folder. My god, I got 3600 plus spams in there.....let's delete 'em. I clicks some buttons an' Google goes to work....deleting 100 current comments, not spam. Man boy howdy was the old Billy Bob piss off. I look all over the place try'n to find a button to push to bring them comments back. There ain't no such button. Deleted comments are NOT recoverable.
 Ok, let's get on with our lives. Deleted comments are "water under the bridge"....or something like that.

I got to do something with this dad gum recliner chair. At 8pm last night, there was a program I wanted to watch, so I decided to go sit in the chair. Lay back, sip up a cup an' have me a relax'n even'n. That lasted right bout 20 minutes an' I was gone. Slap in dreamland in nuttin flat. I miss my program an' I sleep till 11pm....two hours before bedtime. Two more hours pass an' my eyeballs is big as dinner plates. I'm wide awake an' ain't no way I'm gonna go to bed to just lay there an' stare at the ceiling. You'll never guess in a hunnert years what I did.
But I did hit the sack at 3am. Sleeped till 9:30 this morn'n. "Man, I feels like a hunnet dollar bill" ready to go be spent. Freak'n hip hurts though. 

If you guessed "worked on that boat", you got it dead on right. Yesterday I worked on it too. Got the pilot house finished an' glued down to the cabin. The smoke stacks are finished an' glued in place. You DID notice they were repainted, right?  The front mast is properly aligned an' temporarily installed. Only 3 little mast lights an' that forward mast is done. Cabin hand railings has been started. Oh, careful examination will reveal doors glued in place on the cabin.

    Man boy howdy, this thing is look'n more like a tug boat ever day. That year I was talk'n bout to build this thing is gonna be a very short year. But that's one good thing bout be'n retired an' get'n up there an' on the "old" side. Years go by fast. Too fast.  This boat will be finished before ya know it.
Ha Ha...I'll keep ya informed as the project progresses.

I ain't even gonna mention Texas this morn'n. Although, I would like to be there instead of here. Here got down to 40 degs last night....an' it don't get that cold in south Texas.

Ok, I got things to do. Laters!!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ain't no sleep at Billy Bob's house

Ha...it's 5:30 am. "What the hell ya do'n up at this hour Billy Bob....don't ya ever sleep"?
Well yeah I sleep. When I go to bed.

Ya see, I decided to go sit in that chair for a bit. Pooof, just like that....I was sound asleep in nuttin flat. I sleeped a good 3 or 4 hours. Missed my program on the TV. Before I know it, after watch'n some worthless crap on TV, it's time to go to bed (1am). I ain't a bit sleepy....I'll work on that tug boat, that's what I'll do. Then it's 2am, then 3am, then 4am an' then 5am. I make me up a pot of coffee. I still ain't sleepy.  I'm think'n today is gonna be one messed up day.

This is all I got done.....my god, it takes hours to make stuff an' pain't 'em. By the way, all painting is done by spray can.

Ok, listen to this. It got up to a whopp'n 78 degs yesterday. During them wonderful warm temps, I went outside an' clean up the yard. Pick up stuff an' put it where it supposed to be. No, it ain't all done....there's still more. Did a hammer an' screwdriver fix on that leak'n regulator. Reinstalled it an' it don't leak no more. Got a great big leaf bag full of trash. Did a little housework, not that it needed it. Warsh up dishes, sweep an' mop the floor, take trash out, listen to some cajun music....you know what I'm talk'n bout...it was a good day.

Yawn yawn, cain't see straight....I think I'm get'n ready to pass slap out. Maybe I'll go over there an' lay back in that chair an' see what happen. I'll be back later to finish this.

Well shoot, that was a nice 4 hour nap. Got up grouchy an' stuff. Heat up that coffee an' now, a hour later, everthing is just fine. Ain't hardly any hip pain. That chair???

Now I got to tell ya something bout the old Billy Bob. He's been a loner all his life. Needs to be able to come an' go any time he wants. Been very careful who I become friends with. I can count 'em on one hand. Well, maybe two hands. To be tied down in one location don't fit my style. Like my son Robert say the other day...."when daddy get the wild hair, he's gone". Poooof....just like that.

Yes, I been very comfortable here in Georgia, camp'n in "yo mama's" yard. Kids an' grandkids show'n up all the time. Cheap rent an' free food once in a while. But, it's get'n close to that time to hit the road. "Ha ha Billy Bob, you're a month late". I'll not be spend'n the rest my life in Georgia. Advil has give me a new look on life. But I do know, I'll not be pain free.

Ok, I got a boat I got to work on. Laters..... 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ain't no way it's 73 degs outside.....or is there?

Ha....this didn't take very long.....

I sit in that chair last night (2am till 3:30am). Ya see, I was gonna check out what it was like to sleep in a recliner instead of a bed. A little over a hour was all it took. I reline that thing all the ways back an' shut my eyes. Ha, that don't work when you're watch'n a good program on the TV. I got to go to bed (4am). Ain't nobody in their right mind stay up till 4am.....sheesh.

I had me somewhat of a time with that right hip all day yesterday. An' that brings up the question....why don't you git it fixed? Well ya see, I'm done with these doctors here in Georgia. Not that I don't like 'em or nuttin like that, but I got to git out of Georgia before the first snow fall. Shoot, the first freeze was bad enough.  Another doctor appointment an' I'll be shovel'n snow in sub zero freez'n temps.

But....with family an' all, it's hard to just pack up an' hit the road. I like be'n round my kids an' grandkids. I like be'n waited on hand an' foot when I'm in need of assistance. "Yo mama" is a hell of a cook. HIL Harry talks my ears plumb off on a daily basis. *strange situation to be camped in your X's yard after 40 years* 

Yes dad gum it, I worked on that tug boat yesterday. Ya see, it was rain'n like hell an' I don't like rain. I can handle the sound of it beat'n down on the roof, but when it's all cloudy an' gloomy outside, I don't like it a bit. Rain is for ducks. But anyhows, them stacks had finger prints all over them, a few scratches...stuff like that. I repainted them. Added them little stick thingys, cussed a few cuss'n words an' walla.
But, guess what....I don't like it. Them red stripes round the stacks are too wide for my like'n. Betcha a dollar I can fix that. Break out the tape an' repaint 'em narrow again.

Ok, that rain storm (cold front) what hit yesterday. Well, it was supposed to bring colder temps to the old Billy Bob's house. It's 73 degs outside an' the door is wide open. What the hell??? Shoot, I could go outside an' finish clean up the yard. But will I...that's the question. I'm think'n, while the repaint job is dry'n, I could take that leak'n regulator an' throw it in the dumpster. Throw them two "sun eat up" camp'n chairs in there too. Fill up a garbage bag, or two, with all that trash lay'n on the ground (construction materials). *I just throw shit out the door when I'm done with it ya know*. Round up all my miss'n tools an' put 'em back where they belong. Dang, that could turn into a bunch of "work".

I got to turn "da house" around. I cain't back this big sucker into the street an' then back it back into the yard. Too much dad gum traffic, an' there's a freak'n mail box right in my way. The wide open yard next door was my plan. But....it rained. I would sink up to the axles in all that Georgia red clay mud.
But wait, the old Billy Bob has a plan........more on that later when I attempt do it.

Ok, I got stuff to do. See ya tomorrow......laters.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My god, life is good

Man boy howdy, that dad gum George an' Suzie has got me all fired up. Go head, click it, you'll be glad ya did.
Ya see, he's over there in Louisiana, one my favorite states, hav'n the time of his life, an' he's tell'n the whole world bout it. The old Billy Bob is sit'n here with spit run'n down his chin (drool). Some of ya may remember bout a year an' a half ago, I was mak'n me plans on a trip to Louisiana. Eat me up some cajun food an' listen to cajun music. Two of my favorite things to do. Spend a couple weeks at Betty's RV Resort. That's where George is at an' that what HE is do'n.

Yup, yesterday was another excellent day. Did me up a few little chores to finish the desktop an' put me a pivot point on that chair (recliner). That's so I can push it up to the wall for travel, or I can pull it out for a wonderful reclined nap. That's the best I can do to 'splain it.

Later in the day, I decided that dad gum tug boat need a little attention. Let's start mak'n a couple smoke stacks. My god, how long does it take to make a couple simple smoke stacks??? Measure, cut, sand, glue an' paint (paint scheme can easily be changed....in bout two hours or so).

Ya wanna see 'em on the boat? Ok, here ya go.

There is still a ton of stuff to be added to the stacks. This was the easy part. Due to outside weather conditions, rain an' chilly, there's a slight possibility I may be work'n on a tug boat today.

Oh poot. I was outside yesterday an' I smell propane. I start inspect'n all the connections at the 10 gallon external tank what is hooked to "da house". Well shoot, I want you lookie here, the 20# regulator is got a leak. I'm think'n moisture got in it while it was unhooked for bout 6 months. Then when we hook it up, an' the temps got below freez'n, that moisture freeze up an' break my regulator. Just a thought.
Now I got me a decision, do I replace the regulator, or throw that sucker in the dumpster? The hose is a medium pressure hose (reason for regulator), but I'm think'n it can handle the high tank pressure just fine. If not, THEN I got me a new hose AND a regulator to replace.

Now, let me tell ya bout the last three days. Comfort does make a difference. I ain't had not one negative thought. Not even this morn'n with some back pain an' rain'n like hell outside. As soon as I clean up all this mess, I'll take a picture so's you'll know why I feel so good. My god, life is good.....sometimes.

Think'n I'll leave it at that. See ya all tomorrow.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another good day....slow but good

Before we get into talk'n bout all the stuff I did yesterday....let me tell ya bout that chair (recliner).
Ya see, I was sit'n over here at the revamped desktop look'n at an' do'n stuff on the computer. I was comfortable sit'n in my office chair. That's when I says....."let's go sit in the recliner". I get it set just like I like it, an' in 10 minutes, I'm sound asleep. Sleep is NOT the reason I bought this thing.
Anyhows, I thought that was funny.

I was work'n with Google maps yesterday. Map'n out the south Texas trip....put'n markers at bout every 200 miles or so for overnight stays. As with all of Google products, Google maps is screwed up. I switch to the earth view, I get a black screen....with my route show'n. Ain't no trees, houses, grass....there ain't nuttin. Now, is it Google, or is it the Windows 8.1 I got on this computer???
Anyhows, after a couple hours, I have a 4 day route all the ways to Victoria, Texas with 4 overnight stops along the way.

Have ya ever modified a piece of wood?? Well I did. Ya see, I need something to keep them office trays up there on the desk shelf from fall'n off go'n a hunnert mile a hour round a corner. On a boat it's called a fiddle. A raised edge....kind of like a wooden fence to keep neighbor dogs from shit'n in your yard. Today there is a possibility I may pull the desktop, paint the piece of 1x4 on the back of the desktop flat black an' paint the fiddle gloss white to match the shelf. Put a good coat of poly on the two runner thingys an' I'll have me a completed desktop.

There's also a possibility, depend'n on how I feel after while, I may locate the pivot point for the swivel on the recliner. This is a engineering skill what most people know nuttin about. So I ain't gonna try to 'splain it. From yesterdays measurements, it looks like that pivit point will be exactly 42.5 degs off center. (I just said that to get the engineers all excitis)

Boy howdy, it's so freak'n hard to slow down after a lifetime of "go go go". I spent the entire day yesterday "do'n stuff" an' there ain't a damn thing done. Three little chores. But a ton of think'n, take'n breaks, sip'n up a cup an' puff'n a few smokes.

Just in case you're think'n there won't be no more tug boat talk, pictures an' stuff, git that out your mind right now. It's been three days since I work on that thing, but don't go think'n I'm gonna put it in a closet. I just don't have the extra time to indulge in one my favorite hobbies with all this other back break'n work I been do'n.

Speak'n of back break'n work....yes, my friggin back hurts. Ever morn'n I get up out of bed with some back pain. Enough to remind me to take a couple Advils. Other than that, I feel pretty darn good....consider'n all that ails me.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Project done, finished, complete...well, almost

In case you missed yesterdays update, the desktop is finished, the kitchen table has been modified an' placed in the corner. The electrical circuit has been installed. Actually, one them plug in thingys plugged into the microwave receptacle. Pieces of scrap wood toss out in the yard, tools picked up....an' sweeped the floor. Me an' my wonderful son Robert work on that shit for bout 5 hours just to get it *this* close to perfect as possible. A few choice words was spoke as things didn't line up.

These photos reposted just in case ya miss them yesterday.

There is still lots to do after this project. Where in the hell am I gonna put all them can goods what was stored under the couch? It looks like a trip to Walmart is on the agenda to buy up some plastic containers to fit on the shelves in the hall closet. That's why I built them shelves for, right?

Now, bout that chair. I'm think'n that thing ain't gonna work out as I planned. Ya see, I sit in it bout 4 times now, watch'n TV ya know, an' each time I sit in it, I fall slap to sleep. Yes, it's that comfortable. I still need to place a swivel point on the floor for the swivel chair base. This will allow me to grab holt to that chair an' slide it out from the wall, but still be in the same position when I push it back in. An' it won't be roam'n round the living room while go'n down the road. One lag screw placed in the correct position will take care of that.

Then....Robert grab holt to Sadie Mae an' give her a bath, toenail clip'n an' took to her with his dog hair clippers.

 Surprisingly, she only bited him one time. Well, it weren't really a bite. It were just a little "nip" to remind him to be very very careful. She's happy.
But......."Robert, that's not the way ya cut hair".

Ok, all the talk I done for the last couple years bout comfort in my latter years. I'm think'n that project is finished. I have a very comfortable bed to sleep in. I have a very comfortable recliner to kick back in. Got rid of all that carpet so's I can clean the entire floor in less than 10 minutes (sweep an' damp mop). I got me the best computer desk in the world.....an' a very comfortable office chair. That table over there in the corner can be used either to eat on or prepare home cook'n meals. Shoot, I got it made in the shade.

Say'n good bye ain't one my favorite past times. Everbody is on their way to Florida to git on the dad gum cruise ship. It's just me an' Sadie Mae. Yesterdays an' last nights good bye's was short an' sweet.....the Billy Bob way. Hugs, I love ya's an' hope to see you down the road a piece.   

Ok, one more photo of the finished project.

See ya tomorrow......

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Update....Continuation of comfot zone

This is just for you Max.
Yes I looked at the wall huggers, but wall huggers can not have the swivel attachment attached. Due to the location of my TV, I need to swivel as I recline into a "nap'n" situation.
Bout the Mr Heater. You will be soooo happy to purchase one. The savings from 100% efficiency versus 60% efficiency from a furnace will pay for it's self in nuttin flat.
When I purchased mine, I also bought the hook up hose with it, bout 8 feet long. Come with a regulator...what I throwed in the trash. Bought a few fit'ns at Home Depot an' hook that hose up after the house regulator.
I also have another hose installed to hook up an' external propane tank to "da house". If'n my house tank runs dry, I can hook up my BBQ tank.....5 gallon, last bout a week in cold weather.

Ok, due to the opinion of OFM Barney (thank ya Barney), I now have a wonderful comfort zone. I sit at that desk last night....did me a little cuss'n. The office chair don't get close enough to the desktop for "comfort". But guess what??? The old Billy Bob figger out a way to fix that too. A slide out desktop. That what I'm gonna do. But anyhows, I am satisfied with the new location. Kind of sorta.

Then I went an' sit in the recliner...watch'n TV an' sip'n up a cup an' burn'n some smokes. My god, I like this. Look'n at the floor plan, I have lost very little space. Ya wanna dance???

The old kichen chair has been delivered by HIL Harry. It looks, with a little modification, it will fit perfectly. The modification tools are still lay'n on the floor.

Ok, it's time to "do something". Later in the day I'll update.

Ok, I an't got much time for talk'n....I got stuff to clean up.

The desktop is complete. I did exactly what I said I was gonna do, the desktop slides out to 33 inches from the wall. But, it took more than the 30 minutes I was talk'n bout. Try bout 3 or 4 hours work by two conscientious desk builders. The electric thingy hang'n on the wall is supplied by way of the microwave receptacle in a cabinet. We good to go.

Oh, just  in case ya want to comment on that filthy carpet, it will be replaced at a later date.

Then when that project was completed, the table was modified for a perfect fit in the corner.

  Well shoot, we done. Now I can get back to "do'n nuttin".

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A workable plan for "that chair"

The old Billy Bob ain't a happy camper this morn'n. I like to freeze plumb to death last night. Had to throw another blanket on the bed. Got down in the neighborhood of bout 17 or 18 degs last night. That folks, is NOT camp'n weather. Ok, so I'm not camp'n. But, I'm in "da house" though, an' "da house" do get cold.

Now....bout that damn chair. Beautiful comfortable big ass "damn chair".
Start'n with the original idea to replace the uncomfortable couch, the chair was gonna sit on the slide out floor. I mean....like where else can you put a recliner in a motorhome. Slide out floor is 28 inches deep. The chair is 35 inches deep. In order for the chair to do anything it's designed to do, it needs to be pulled a foot from the wall. With modification (two office chair rollers), this can be done. But, it's plumb ass ugly sit'n up there. I say "up there" cause the slide out floor is 2 1/2 inch higher than the main floor. This is option #1. It's workable.

Now, we can move the desk to where the couch used to sit an' place that chair on that side of the room. This is a more workable option....an' it won't be near as ugly. The chair will be at the correct height an' everbody will be happy. With very little modification. But this has drawbacks too. A new electrical circuit installed. Modify the cabinet I builded (cut 3 inches off'n the top).
God I hate the thought of the desk on the other side the room. 

"What the hell, that's not even close to scale".

I'm think'n this would be the better option. What ya think????
Ok, that's all I have to say bout that.....(Gump).

I may be back later with a update. Right now I got a desk to tear apart. Photo in a little bit.

Just a quick update on acid reflux. I was prescribed Ranitidine, a acid blocker, back in 2007. It has worked wonders for me. $4 at Walmart for 65 tabs. One a day. Now, some the nasty stuff I eat, it don't matter how many tabs ya take, it's gonna come up. I don't eat like normal people ya know.

See, I tole you I would be back.

Ha, everthing fits like a glove. I been measure stuff, cut'n to fit.....I'm almost done. The desktop has a new location. But, I'm gonna lower the thing bout 2 inches or so. Take bout 30 minutes or so.

Now I got a ton of tools to pick up off the floor. Project is not finished yet, but it's gonna work out just fine.

The old oak kitchen table will be installed behind the chair (recliner). Mr. Heater will live somewhere's back there.

Speak'n of measure stuff to fit, you cain't do that in a motorhome. Motorhomes are builded out of square an' nuttin is plumb.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Comfort Update.....Wrong Billy Bob....it's too freak'n big

Today we will be talk'n bout "the mistakes we make" at an older age. I try very hard to NOT make mistakes, but in the last few years, the numbers have added up. I probly made a few in my younger years, but I don't dwell on them. Like the time I stick my hand in a fish's mouth to retrieve my hook. An' the fish has teeth. Have ya ever hear Billy Bob scream?

Ok, on with my terrible, not life threatening, mistake of the day. We went shop'n. Chair shop'n. For hours. Drive a gazillion miles. An' it was freez'n cold. We looked at a gob of chairs in bout 4 or 5 furniture sell'n places. Two of my favorite ones was at the Lazy Boy store, both very comfortable an' both good look'n mama's. We returned to "da house" to do some think'n. To this point, it's been a good day.

Long story short, I bought a Lazy Boy swivel, rocker, recliner with all the comfort you could ever dream possible.

It takes 20 minutes to remove, an' toss in the dumpster ( the back of Robert's pick 'em up), a couch from a motorhome. Plastic containers of can foods will be find'n a new home (storage area). I sit in that "chair" sit'n in the middle the room. Rock back a forth, swivel that sucker a 360 a couple time an' throws it in recline. Holy crap, I love this chair.

Then we throws it up on the slide out floor. It don't fit. No way in hell it will ever fit.

  Well shoot, I can modify that an' have me the most comfortable sit'n place in the world. Long story short.....no ya can't. Draw'ns are drawed, measurements made, swivel removed an' different positions tryed....it won't work. No way in hell it will ever work.

I call Robert this morn'n..."do you still have the couch in your truck"? Twenty minutes an' we can install that sucker in "da house". Now, who in my family would like a brand spank'n new swivel rocker recliner for Christmas?

Just for fun, I worked on that tug boat last night....while I'm beat'n my head against the walls.
The top pilot house railings have been installed an' that little ladder was constructed. Man boy howdy, you talk bout some time....bout 4 hours bend'n wire, solder'n, paint'n an' glue'n. This boat is gonna take years to finish.

Yes it was cold last night.....bout 24 degs. But I managed to get a good nights sleep. Except for another episode of acid reflex. Come slap out my nose....burn like hell.

I know it's late to make a update, but....I'm all excitis. I found a way to make the recliner work an' not lose much "dance floor" area. But, it's a major modification to my liv'n room. I'll tell ya all bout it in the morn'n. I still have to make a drawing to make sure my excitement ain't for nuttin. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pilot house look'n good

Oh boy, you talk bout some cold weather headed this way. Temps are supposed to fall into the 30's by 5pm today. An' expected to fall another 10 degs. to 24 degs, by tomorrow (Tuesday) morn'n. I'm think'n there will be no golf ball swak'n for at least the next 10 days.

Ok, so it's a little cold outside an' the old Billy Bob is sit'n on his ass in "da house". I can do that ya know....I'm a retired person. An' retired persons know how to (professionally) do that. It ain't like we got to go chop down some trees an' cut 'em in little pieces for firewood....or go mow the lawn. All we need is some warmth an' a comfortable place to sit down.

Now, bout this trip to south Texas. Does it really matter when I get on the road? Nope, it sure don't. Ya see, when I arrive in south Texas....I'm gonna sit on my ass. An occasional round of golf ball swak'n an' maybe catch me up a couple fish once in a while. In other words, I'm gonna be do'n the same thing I am here in Georgia. If'n it snows, no biggie....snow melts. Frozed up water lines....ice melts. But, I like south Texas an' a couple weeks of winter versus months of winter in Georgia. See ya down the road a piece, when ever that will be.

Ha, me an' Robert work on that tug boat yesterday. We was make'n steps an' railing for the pilot house. My god, 4 hours down the drain.

After Robert headed home, I builded the railings for the back of the pilot house. You talk bout some cuss'n....I knows how to cuss I betcha. Bet ya didn't notice I painted the mast flat black. May change that.

Robert show up this morn'n. He says...."daddy, let's go look at chairs (swivel rocker) at the Lazy Boy store. I can do that. *But my main concern is to go buy some more paint for the tug boat.* Need a can of sandable primer an' another can of white. More on the chair later.

Speak'n of hit'n the road...everbody wants me to remain at "yo mama's" until they return from the Caribbean. A family get together to see their daddy an' papaw off. Tons of home cooked food. Danc'n girls....stuff like that.

Ok, time to go look at chairs. See ya laters.  


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dang, it looks like a tug boat

Holy crap!!! I got out of bed this morn'n feel'n like I been kneeded in a glob of bread dough. I had dad gum leg cramps again. My lower back hurted like hell. An' that right hip feel like somebody get piss off an' stab me with a knife. Something must be wrong with my bed. Either that or this "trip" stress is get'n to me. Then again, it could be from tote'n all that heavy lumber to build this tug boat.
"Billy Bob, you sit too much". 

I was just sit'n there look'n cross the room at that tug boat. I had no intention to spend half a day work'n on no stink'n model boat. Well, guess what the old Billy Bob did yesterday afternoon? He sanded some of that "slight warp" out an' adjusted fit. He worked on the masts. Winders were installed in the pilot house. Now it looks like a tug boat.

The two masts have been completed....tapered, sanded, little tiny holes have been marked off an' drilled with a freak'n needle drill bit.  An' the top 2 inches has received two coats of white paint. But they ain't finished by a long shot. Since the Lackawana was constructed of steel (1901), the masts were probly made of steel pipe also....not wood. That means I'm probly gonna paint 'em black.

Now let me tell ya bout winders. My god, it took a good 3 hours to get them things sanded, painted an' installed. I'm happy with the results. Much more detail to be added to the pilot house.

Remember we was talk'n comfort for the old Billy Bob??? Well let me tell ya....that couch sucks. It's too dad gum stiff for this old man. I need comfort. Just down the road a piece, is this Lazy Boy sell'n place. Me an' Robert checked it out not long ago. That "one" chair I did not want to get out of crosses my mind. Not a recliner, but my god, that sucker feel sooo good. Just a thought.

The weather is the one factor deciding my departure date. Well, there's a couple other factors involved too. Leav'n family is one. Git'n excitis is another.

Speak'n of family....bout 12 or 15 of 'em, they go'n on a cruise ship vacation to the Caribbean. For a freak'n week. I was invited to tag along, but I don't do great big ol' 10 story two thousand people ships. Wait'n in line a hour for a hot dog an' fries. An' I don't spent a thousand dollars for a week ride on no freak'n boat. Start'n today, it will be two weeks before they return. Decisions decisions....will I still be here when they return?

Ok, it's a beautiful day outside, 57 degs. an' sunshine. I have stuff to pack up lay'n all over the yard. More cold weather headed this way....don't waste today.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Warmer today....by a couple degs

Now that weren't all that bad. Only got down to 28 degs last night an' 61 degs in "da house". Got me a yard full of sunshine this morn'n an' they talk'n a high in the mid 50's for the day.

 Chicken soup. Does anybody want a bowl of chicken noodle vegetable soup?
I don't know why I do it, but I do it every time....make way too much soup. This will last me for the next 4 days....an' who the hell wants to eat the same thing every day for the next 4 days?

Ok, the tug boat is look'n pretty sharp....if'n I do say so myself. *a couple taps on top the head* (like a dog)....."You're a good boy Billy Bob". But, there's something wrong. No, you cain't see it, but I can. An' there is no way to fix it. The hull has a slight warp....very slight. The main deck cabin has a slight warp....very slight. The pilot house.....it's got one too. We talk'n 1/32 to 1/16th inches here, so no, you will never see it. But when ya add three slight warps together, it's noticeable to a observant eye.

The tops of both mast call for a taper....smaller at the top than the bottom. Now how the hell I gonna do that? Ha, you talk'n to the old Billy Bob here. Break out my Dewalt drill thingy, chuck that mast up in it an' grabs holt to some files an' some heavy duty sand paper. A hour, or so later, I got me two perfectly tapered masts. Now I have a decision. Do I paint the masts black? Do I paint them tan or brown? Or, do I stain an' poly them?
 Ok, I see it. The mast on the left needs a little more attention to match the mast on the right. I can fix that.

Have ya ever went to Walmart, or any other drill bit sell'n place an' try to find a 1/32 inch drill bit? I did an' there ain't none. Ha, but you watch this, I'm gonna make one. Let's just call it "modify" a needle.

I could talk for the rest of the day, but what I talk bout, you ain't gonna find no interest. So I'm gonna just shut the hell up an' "do something". How do ya spell tug boat???

Friday, November 14, 2014

Oh yeah, it's cold.....dang!!!

I'm gonna make me a feeble attempt to write a blog post this morn'n. Ya see, the old Billy Bob ain't feel'n at all like "the old" Billy Bob. This will pass....but probly not today.

Let me start right off with the weather. One place up in Minnesota got 3 feets of snow. What's that got to do with the weather here in Georgia? Well, let me tell ya, it was cold like a sum-a-gun at "da house" last night. An' cold like that does things to me. I begin to ache all over. I get terrible headaches. My feet feel like ice sickles....they hurt. My brain goes all haywire. I don't give a damn bout nuttin.
24 degs last night. Waked up to 48 degs in "da house". Yes I have a freak'n heater. But I turn it down at night. Ya see, when ya got 20 pound of blankets on top ya, ya don't need no heat to sleep at night.

Speak'n of sleep'n....it was right at 3:30 am. Something I eat for supper come up my throat an' out my right nostril. My god, it burn like hell. Acid reflux I bet ya a dollar. "Yo mama" had send down a plate of home cooked something or another an' a great big ol' piece of home brewed cake she baked....covered with a ton of chocolate icing. Chocolate icing will do it every time. I take a acid blocker every night, but last night I should of took me 4. Alka seltzer this morn'n.....before coffee.

Boy howdy, I been kick'n myself in the buttocks. There ain't no way in hell I should still be cooped up in "da house" here in Georgia. I should be in south Texas where it's nice an' warm. Visit'n with the OFM Barney, swak'n up golf'n balls an' eat'n a numeral tres (#3) at the fine Mexican food eat'n establishment in Sinton, Texas. Dang I can hardly wait.

My route back to Texas, when ever that will be, will be via I-10 where the temps will be somewhat warmer than I-20 to the north. My only dread is the hunnert miles to go through Houston. Why the hell did they build Houston right in the middle of I-10??? You say there's a bypass around Houston? Ha, I've missed that bypass every time an' had to go through downtown. What is much shorter. I put it in that 3rd lane over,  "put 'er on a hunnert an' let 'er eat". There are also options out of Houston. Galveston is just down the road a piece. SR 35 is a coast line scenic drive. Or I can just shoot down Hwy 59 an' be home lickity split. Where ever home is. Like I always say, all roads lead to the same place.

Did ya know I been build'n a 33 inches long remote control tug boat? I worked on that sucker for a good 4 or 6 hours yesterday an' you cain't hardly see nuttin I did. File'n, sand'n, git'n stuff straight, stick'n fingers together, glue'n stuff to the hull. The hand rails are painted an' installed. Main deck is glued in place. An' that little (removable) deck on the back has been constructed an' completed. Look'n pretty good from my house.

As with any project, after a while I get a bit tired of work'n on it. This happened two days ago. I had to "beat my ass" yesterday just to pick up some hobby tools an' jump in there. I probly aughter "beat my ass" an' get all this mess clean up before I start on the tug boat today.

Man boy howdy, am I hav'n a rough time with blog'n. Writ'n down what I did the day before ain't so hard, but when it comes to the most important part, answer'n comments, I fall off the wall. Why is it so freak'n hard for me to answer comments? I know I lose a lot of readers because of it, but right now I'm at a loss as what to say. Didn't Forrest Gump say something to that nature??? Anyhows, don't "beat my ass" just 'cause I failed to answer your comment. You are a important part of my life.

Ok, let's do some hobby clean up.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Not much sleep at Billy Bob's house

2:30 am....I'm wide awake. How comes???
3:30 am.....I'm wide awake again. How comes???
4:45 am.....I git out of bed, turn the computer on, take a Advil....cough up a storm. Sit here think'n.
6:10 am....coffee is brew'n.

I can tell right now......today will NOT be a good day. Ain't a good start anyhows.

I got some paint'n to do today. Ya see, before I can install the hand rails, they have to be painted black. Two hours was spended last night sand'n them little pieces of plastic to rounded edges so's they look like real hand rails. The fantail deck has been covered with wood....not plastic like the instructions say so. It will match the main deck with stain an' polyurethane. If'n I don't like it, I got me a can of black paint.

The cabin an' pilot house have been completed (construction). Straight as a arrow. Roofs glued on...ready for details. Pic later when it ain't so dark in "da house". 

Went up the road to Villa Rica to Walmart. Was surprised there weren't a gazillion people shop'n. I never cuss one time. Got my meds refilled an' buy me up a buggy full of stuff. Got me some groceries too.

Oh crap. I fell slap to sleep right here in my chair. My neck is kill'n me. I got me a head ache from hell. My right hip feels like that bulldozer guy come by for a visit. "Don't sleep in a chair Billy Bob".

Ok, it's cold outside. Well, not near as cold as it gonna be tomorrow. But still, I ain't go'n out there for nuttin.

If I get to feel'n a bit better...."I'll be back"......

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We swak'n some golf'n balls....beautiful day

First thing this morn'n, my lower back hurts like a sum-a-gun. I was all fine an' dandy when I went to bed two hours early....yes, two hours (11:30pm). I sleeped too many hours, yup, that's what it is....sleeped too many hours.

Oh boy, I can hardly wait. That storm (cold front) is gonna hit here sometimes tonight....temps are gonna drop. That would be fine for me if'n it was gonna be for only a day or so, but this sucker is gonna last for a week or more. We talk'n lows in the upper to low 20's...a few low 30's. Day time mostly lower 50's with a few 40's. There will be no golf ball swak'n, fish'n or yard maintenance until this thing passes. Gonna be sit'n my ass in "da house" where it's nice an' warm.
Don't take them numbers as gospel....all numbers are subject to change.

Me an' Robert jump in his truck. We headed to Douglasville to pick up my doctor reports. We did that. Robert is hungry. We pick up a couple breakfast biscuit thingys....mine with a slab of sausage on it. Don't need to say no more bout that. My entire round of golf was stomach misery....rumbles an' belch'n cheap sausage. Cain't wait to get back to "da house" an' eat me some Alka Seltzer.

Now, bout that golf'n game. First two holes I'm in the fairway. Way the hell down there by the sand trap. Got a 1 over par on the first hole (par 5). Parred the next hole. Shoot, I'm gonna have me a good game. It was downhill from that point on. Sand traps, my ball loves sand traps. I never hit so many sand traps in my entire life time.....Grrrrrrrr. But play'n a round of golf with your #1 son (first born) is worth more than any low score. By the way, I still beat him by 4 strokes.

Did I hurt??? Nope, I didn't hurt hardly none at all. Oh, I feeled a few little pains back there, but nuttin like I was expect'n. But I went prepared....a Tylenol III before the game an' a couple Advils in my pocket. Never needed the Advils. This morn'n is a new story.

Not much tug boat construction yesterday night. Ya see, I was sit'n here look'n at that boat.....something is crookit. The lower cabin is higher on one side. The pilot house leans to the left. This has got to be fixed before I do anything else. An' that's exactly what I did. Nobody will ever see it. It's all straight just like it should be. Oh Oh.....pilot house needs to be painted again. Dad gum super glue sure can rune (ruin) a paint job.

Ok, nuttin else excit'n happen yesterday....I'm done, finished.....see ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sometimes we forget things.....like "publish"

Yesterday was another wonderful day at the old Billy Bob's house. Plenty of beautiful sunshine, warm temps an' just a slight breeze. You cain't beat that with a stik. Low temp last night was 43 degs...yesterday's high was 75.

Boy howdy, did I ever get with it yesterday work'n on that tug boat. I put shit together, filed an' sanded up a storm an' hit the paint shop. Not a run, not a flaw can I find. Oh wait.....

I placed the hull in it's little holder (cradle) thingy. Paper had been placed in it so the hull wouldn't get "holder" (cradle) marks on it. Ha, like fresh paint gives a crap if'n ya try to protect it.....it has two marks. A close up photo would never show the marks, but Billy Bob is a Libra....he can see them.

This is close to what my Lackawana will look like when it's completed.

Of course, you know the old Billy Bob will make some modifications an' color changes.

Boy howdy, I got all excitis last night an' had me some golf'n dreams. I must'a been swing'n that club pretty darn hard 'cause my back hurted like hell this morn'n. More than what it usually does. Waked up to a dad gum leg cramp. It's Tylinol III time. What is just now begin'n to work. More thought has been tossed around bout "murder" of them nerves. You would think that in 2014, there would be a permanent fix for old folks like me.

Oh poop, just got back to "da house" from a wondeful game of golf ball swak'n an' see I forgot to publish my post this morn'n. Here it is.....what there is of it. See ya tomorrow.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Update...tug boat....Family visitation....I love it

I got me a early start of a new day. Only by a hour though. Ya see, I had to go bad....gonna wet the bed if'n I don't get up right now. Brew me up a pot, switch on the computer an' here I are....do'n nuttin.

Now let me tell ya....I had me some company yesterday. Robert showed up before I start mess'n with the tug boat an' we drink coffee, eat donuts an' talk up a storm. There's a knock on the door. My son Ronny has appeared for a visit. A while later, here come "yo mama" an' HIL Harry. Then....here come grandson Nick for a visit. Man boy howdy, where everbody gonna sit?

While I got all this company an' the conversations slow down to a crawl, we break out some tools an' move the passenger seat forward to make extra room for the tug boat. Saw dust an' spider webs is sweeped up, tools put away, it's time for a little more visitation.....coffee, donuts an' a 5 gallon bucket full of BS. Dang, yesterday was a good day at the old Billy Bob's house. Photos?? Well hell no, I done got so involved I plumb forget.

That red paint I was gonna spray on the tug boat yesterday. Well forget that....didn't happen. But....after all the company went their own way, I piddled around with the lower cabin. Sand that sucker smooth as a baby's butt an' I spray some red paint on it. Perfect color for a tug boat.
As you can see, I made a good choice of red paint. Bottom yet to be painted the same color red. And that pilot house....it gonna be red too. Once that is done, I can begin with the task of install'n "details". Winders, doors, winches, hand rails....all kinds of little tiny stuff. Stacks, masts, rigging....my god, it gonna take a year to do all that. I love hobbies.

Ok, I got me a back pain this morn'n. It weren't there till after I had me one them cough'n fits. It also ain't in the same place it usually is. Of course, the old hip is do'n it's thing as usual. But, it's all bearable.

Now, speak'n of swak'n golf balls. Robert will be here Tuesday morn'n wear'n his golf'n clothes an' a golf bag slung over his shoulder. If not Tuesday, Wednesday. Dang, I can hardly wait.

My Walmart shop'n list keeps get'n bigger. The page is slap full. I need to go to Walmart. Close to out of my meds too....2 more days an' they all gone......poooof, just like that.


Update....I want you lookie here. Billy Bob been work'n on a tug boat.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Productive days.....like 'em

Holy cows, it's gonna be a beautiful day here in Carrollton, Ga. The sunshine is bear'n down on "da house, it's up to a whoop'n 52 degs out side an' I feel like a hunnert dollar bill this morn'n. You cain't beat that with a stik. Well it would be nice if'n you was load'n up a set of golf clubs to make a tee time.

I ain't been say'n much bout my back pains an' stuff like that. After all I went through in the last 3 months, I don't even want to think bout it. It is what it is. My last an' only option left is to have some redneck doctor kill a couple nerves....or, go back to the first option of get'n them shots of steroids an' nerve deadener. Both options are temporary an both have consequences.....they may not work.

Now, bout pack'n up an' head'n back to Texas. Boy howdy, this is gonna be hard. I'm *this* close to the worst fear of RV'n....besides fire. It may be time to hang up the keys. Set "Sally da house" up on concrete blocks an' mow the dad gum grass. Not a excit'n thought.

Leav'n family an' go back to "liv'n alone" ain't all that excit'n neither. It nice to have the kids an' grandkids drop by to visit every few days. "Yo mama" an' HIL Harry check in on me every day to see if'n I'm still kick'n. Good cook'n an' a cheap place to stay. But I got to go on with my life...excit'n or not. No departure date has been set.

With the new rules in Texas bout vehicle registration an' state safety inspections, I'm up the creek. Along with all the other Texas RV'ers. In my case, I have two vehicles registered in Texas. One due in January an' the other in September. A safety inspection is required before you can register your vehicle....starting in March. This means, no matter where you are travel'n, you got to return to Texas for the inspection. Google research has offered no remedies to this situation. My god, what if I'm in Alaska when the come due????

Yesterday I tole ya bout pain't some white paint on the tug boat. Well, yesterday, I painted some black paint on the tug boat.
Pay no 'tension to that gray line, it, an' the entire bottom will receive a paint'n of red paint today. Maybe....
The cabin will also be painted red....but not today. From where I'm sit'n, that thing looks a bit like Noah's ark.....less family members an' a gazillion wild critters.

Did I make that trip to Walmart yesterday? Well hell no. Ya see, "yo mama" an' HIL Harry come down for coffee an' a visit. It weren't but 10 minutes an' here come a small container of coffee grinds. I'm good for another week.

Ok, I got to sweep the floor, make up my bed...do a little housework. Find that other tube of super glue. My god, I put it right there an' it's gone. Oh yeah, an' finish clean'n up the yard.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Well shoot.....it was cold

Holy cows, I waked up way early (6:30) this morn'n freez'n slap to death. It was cold in "da house"....an' I mean it was some kind of cold. I'm gonna betcha bout a dollar it was 48 degs in here....accord'n to my Walmart special temp thingy. Showed outside temp of 29 degs.....give or take. Crank up my Mr Heater, put that sucker on high (18,000 btu) an' put me some heat in here. I'm gonna survive.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time......my house catched on fire. Ya see, I lived in West Virginia at the time an' it gets super cold up there. I builded me a wood or coal burn'n stove to keep it nice a cozy in the house while the temps dropped to 0 or -10 degs outside....a ton of snow on the ground. I run out of coal, so's I had a friend bring me a cord of wood. Un-cured wood. That means creosote. Have ya ever hear a chimney fire? Sound like a choo choo train....flames shoot'n out the top. My roof catched on fire. Not a big fire, but enough that it had to be put out right now....call 911.

In my underdrawers, I runs down the hill to fetch a jug of R-22 refrigerant out my service truck. That will cool that fire down. Up to the roof I climb. Put that fire out in nuttin flat. All looks good.

Thirty minutes later, up the holler come a fire department truck. Red lights flash'n. Out jumps bout 4 or 6 firemen....stretch'n hoses an' shit. Two climb up in the attic. A foot comes through the sheetrock. Water is pour'n out. My god, don't never call the fire department. Triple wall stainless steel vent pipe was installed to replace the double wall pipe. All was warm an' cozy again.

So what do ya do when you ain't got nuttin to do? Well shoot, that easy....ya work on a tug boat. A color scheme has been decided. Old antique tug boats are black an' red ya know....with a bit of white added. A strip of white paint was applied to the top of the hull and to the insides. Now, if'n I don't like it, it can easily be changed to black. Black will be applied today just below the white strip.
*shak'n that can of black paint*

While that white paint was dry'n, construction of the lower cabin was started. My god, it fits.
Dang, ya cain't see the white paint. It come out good though. *still shak'n that can of black paint*
But there's still some prep that needs done first. Draw the water line an' tape it off. A little sand'n to smooth it out. Tape the white paint so's no black paint gets on it. Dang, I can hardly wait. 

Oh wait. I got to go to Walmart. I'm out of coffee an' a bunch of other stuff.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Yup, it's git'n cold

Yup, it's a bit on the chilly side this morn'n. But I knowed that was gonna happen. So, I stayed up till 3am last night an' roll out of bed at 9am. Missed the coldest part of the day.

I messed with that deck some more yesterday. Put some poly on it, waited for it to somewhat dry an' put some more. It ain't right. Got little tiny "fish eye" look'n stuff in the surface. But, you cain't see it from your house. The deck is finished.

After I open that "brown truck" package, I got to think'n. Before I mount the motor there need to be something to mount it to. A motor mount. In the instructions, there is a section on building the motor mount. Boy howdy did that ever turn into a cluster. Ya see, the motor I received has a different motor mount than the one in the instructions. Modifications are applied. The mount is Bondo'ed to the bottom of the tug boat an' the motor lines up *this* close to perfect.

Ok, I went outside....yesterday. Did half of what I said I was gonna do. All the tools an' important "might need this" stuff were stowed in their proper locations. That weren't no 5 minute job. Now all I need is a great big ol' trash bag for all the junk that's still lay'n on the ground. Dang I hate throw'n these lawn chairs in the dumpster..... Still pissed off at Academy for sell'n cheap shit that only lasts 2 years.

Ok, I was in hopes of hit'n the pavement next week, but by the looks of things, I ain't gonna make it. Ya see, I got to get them medical report things took care of, my MRI CD from the hunt'n camp an' a complete list, addresses an' phone numbers, of all the doctors I seen. This is important for in case I need to see a doctor in Texas.

Now, bout see'n a doctor in Texas. I'm not knowed to jump up an' down an' praise a pain medication (Advil), but this stuff is work'n. It's been weeks since I've been in severe pain (7, 8's an' 9's). I can deal with this (3, 4's an' a slight 5). Think'n Advil has more anti-inflammatory in it than my aspirins (Bayer Back an' Body). The real test will be a full round of golf ball swak'n.

I rekon that's bout it for today. Sure do wish I had something excit'n to write about, but you know how that goes when ya sit on yer ass all day long....work'n on tug boats. Dang I want to paint that hull. 


Thursday, November 6, 2014

New deck an' the "brown truck"

Pre cold front has arrived. It's 62 degs out there an' start'n to rain. One forecaster says it's gonna rain like a sum-a-gun, while another one says it will bypass the area with very little downfall. Then....for the next week, it's gonna be cold again. Dang I hate cold weather.

That handsome brute stand'n in that picture up there is the old Barnacle Bill. Now called Billy Bob. But everbody already knowed that....right? I stood in that salon every morn'n for 7 years.....look'n for my glasses before I went to work at The University of Texas in Port Aransas, Texas. The boat name was Coyote. She was a 41 foot Formosa Ketch built in Taiwan in 1972. Loved that boat, but sand'n an' varnish'n teak leaves little time for the finer things in life.

When Robert arrived yesterday, the bolts in the rear end were tightened an' 3 quarts of high dollar ($13 a quart) rear end oil stuff was added. Test runned in the yard. No noises. We also didn't do nuttin to correct any noises. Just inspected an' put back together.

Robert says...."my god daddy, you screwed up the deck". Off to town we went (in the "billy jeep") to pick up a can of spray paint. Joann's, of what ever to hell ya call it, came into view. Inside the store, back there in the crafts section, is this big selection of hobby bass wood. I buy 12 pieces of 1/16th by 1/4 inches. That should be plenty to re-deck the tug boat. The pieces were stained before I glue them in place. My god, that looks super beautiful. Shoot, I'm gonna make me another trip to Joanns an' buy me up a whole hand full of that bass wood for future projects.
Two coats of polyurethane will be applied today. Dang, I can hardly wait.

Camp chairs. We stop at Academy an' I buy me up two more camp chairs. They last 2 years. No more, no less....for $15 each. I like the chairs 'cause they are not only comfortable, they are light. Too bad China don't know how to make good webbing for 'em. Ya put 'em in the sunshine, the webbing come slap apart. Now I heard somewheres that you can buy a can of ultraviolet spray on protection. Gonna have to Google that. Suggestions welcomed.

Yeeee Haaaa.....parts just arrived by the "brown truck". Now the old Billy Bob don't mess around when he receives awaited parts. He installs them. Well just one. The stuffing box where the propeller shaft goes through the hull. Got it all Bondo'ed in an' super glued....water tite.

An', in case you're wonder'n, two thin coats of poly have been applied to the deck. Ready for some light sand'n before the last finish coat....after it dries. I'm think'n bout 3 hours.

On with my day, what started a dad gum hour early 'cause I forget to set my bedroom clock back a hour. Daylight sav'ns time sucks. I rekon since it's so beautiful outside....cold front ain't here yet, I could go pick up some stuff an' put it away.....or in the dumpster. "Sally da house" is *this* close to ready for that 1000 mile trip. But, is the old Billy Bob almost ready? Ha...cold front git here, he be ready in a minute I betcha.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Work continues on the "billy jeep"

Well, here it is the next day.....dad gum clouds all over the place....an' the last day of beautiful weather for the next week. You DID know all bout that other cold front headed this way didn't you? Brrrrrrrr.....go'n back into the low 60's an' 50's start'n tomorrow.

Ok, here we go....the "billy jeep". We jack the back end that thing way up in the air, take the cover off'n the differential an' take a close look at some perfect, not a scratch on 'em, spider gears and ring an' pinion gears. There was no metal flakes in the bottom. Nuttin wrong here that we can see. We crank it up, drop the tranny in gear, wheels a spin'n. Not a sound....nuttin but a normal, tiny little whine as the gears meshed together.

Everthing we tried, we could NEVER make that loud grind'n noise. I scratch my head an' says...."What the hell"??? Now when I'm talk'n "loud grind'n noise" I'm talk'n loud....but only when one wheel is turn'n. That indicates spider gears if'n ya didn't know. But it never make that loud grin'n noise.

Ok, we ain't done quite yet. There's a slight vibration. Oh wait, I can move the axle in an out by .10 to 15 thousandths of a inch. We pull the axle where that vibration come from. Inspect the brand spank'n new bearing. Ain't nuttin wrong with that bearing. Everthing looks perfect. Axle is reinstalled. That thousandth of a inch is gone an' so is that slight vibration. Everthing is put back together, to be tested today. Please dear lord, no noises. I suppose I could update later on, but probly gonna make ya wait till tomorrow.

That tug boat. Well let me tell ya bout that tug boat. The deck is screwed. Or I could just leave it like it is an' say "to hell with it". But that ain't the way I work.....I'm a Libra ya know, stuff like this has got to be perfect. There is no way to remove the base coat of mixed stain an' polyurethane....even with duck tape an' WD-40. It's penetrated into the wood. After much consideration, a trip to Walmart, a can of tan paint will be purchased an' sprayed on the "screwed up" deck. But then again, I could order me some more wood an' start all over. My god, it would take me a week to do that. Decisions decisions.

"Yo mama" is down to just one winder an' the door to complete her "detailed" clean'n job. She has done a wonderful job. Everbody aughter have them a "yo mama". "That's all I have to say bout that"....GUMP.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On no, you didn't......yes you did

"Oh my God Billy Bob, look what you done".

From your house, this may look pretty good. Well no it don't, it's plain as day....Billy Bob screwed up. The only options at this point is to either remove all that wood deck an' replace it. Or spray paint it a wood look'n color.

Ya see....what I did was go out there in the garage an' I find me some OLD wood stain an' some OLD polyurethane. Mixed the two for the base coat. An' this is what I ended up with....YUK!!! I will sit here an' cry for the rest of the day.

Ok, I'm gonna cut today's post short. Robert just showed up an' we got a "billy jeep" to fix.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Yesterday was a slow day....more like "lazy" day

Well shoot, I didn't get all that stuff done yesterday like I was figger'n on do'n. Dang, that's a lot of work.

Robert come by an' spend most the day with me. Just talk'n an' stuff like that. Was a very welcomed visit. Brung me a dozen Kryspy Kreem donuts......yum yum boy howdy.....he's a good boy.

Tug boat construction. Yup, I worked on that dad gum tug boat yesterday afternoon. Made a few adjustments (big ol' machinist file an' some sandpaper) to the deck so's it don't fit too tight when installed inside the hull. Then I said...."what the hell, let's prime the hull".
An' that's exactly what I did.

Boy howdy that paint gonna stick like glue when I decide on a color scheme.

Well shoot, I waked up all depressed again this morn'n. I've spent bout 4 or 5 months in Georgia to get my back fixed an' ain't done a thing....other than a ton of tests. Ain't MY fault though.....dad gum doctors. Now I got to round up all the doctor reports to take back to Texas with me. That probly gonna take a freak'n week. An' then, I asks Robert where my MRI CD is at. Ok, are ya ready for this??? He left it at the hunt'n camp....200 mile down the road. He has to take a day to go get it.

Then, to add to the depression, I'm gonna be all alone when I get back to south Texas. An' I'm gonna have to find me a "set of ears" to assist me with mumbl'n doctors (think'n of nephew Joseph) an' order'n food at the Mexican restaurants (think'n of OFM Barney). Hard of hear'n really sucks.

I've researched RV parks in the Aransas Pass area of south Texas an' have yet to decide where I want to stay. South Texas is a rather large area, so I could go further south. The possibility I may spend a couple weeks....or so at "El Rancho Abraham" has crossed my mind.  That would give me time to find a perfect location to spend my winter. Just a thought. Is there really a perfect place to go camp'n?

Ok, I got things to do. "What ya gonna do Billy Bob"????

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is Sunday a holiday???

Well that weren't too bad. Low temp last night got down to 33 degs. an' I was all snug an' cozy in my nice warm bed. When I finally roll out this morn'n, inside "da house" temp was right at 60 degs. Mr Heater fix that up in nuttin flat to a nice 72 deg. If ya ever buy yerself a motorhome an' go camp'n where it gets cold, do not remove the furnace. Keep it for emergencies.....such as temps below 40 degs.

Boy howdy them grankids sure did bring a grin to my face yesterday. One 21 year old an' the other 13 year old....Nick an' Mack. Macks friend Hunter, just sit there look'n at his cell device....ask'n questions of my past....fingers go'n wild thumb'n the hammer on my .357 pistol. NO, we ain't gonna shoot it. Was a very nice two or three hour visit. Then they was gone....pooof, just like that. I'm all alone with nuttin to do.

Speak'n of a .357 magnum old western style revolver, YES they do kick. Not near as bad as a .44 magnum, but when ya shoot it, you know it. When I bought this gun, I didn't buy it to shoot, I bought it to hang on the wall. Never did personal protection enter my mind. But, if the situation should ever arise, just the loudness of the explosion would scare hell out the attacker.....run a hunnert mile a hour.

Now that reminds me the time....I was in Spain. Me an' a feller shipmate decided we was gonna go fish'n in the Mediterranean Sea. We 'borried" a row boat. For a oar we used a old 2x4, what don't work too well. It was dark. We spyed a row boat tied to a pier. I betcha that boat has oars we can borry. We had just climb back into our row'n boat with a set of row'n oars, when out of the darkness here come bout 8 or 20 scream'n Spaniards....one tote'n a big ol' gun. Pointed right at me an' my fish'n buddy. Ha....we return to port right quick like. Shore Patrol was called. We go'n to the brig (jail) for sure....that what I was think'n anyhows.

After much discussion, the shore patrol released us....to return the row boat we had "borrowed" an' git back to the ship before midnight. Man boy howdy, I was skeered shitless.

Ok, so nobody likes tug boats....or the construction of one. Well I do. An' I'm gonna talk bout it. Ya see, when ya got yerself a hobby, that hobby consumes your mind, body an' soul. Like fish'n does to some folks....they gotta talk bout it. Yeah, I like fish'n too, but I ain't fish'n. I'm build'n a freak'n tug boat.
Until I get back on the road, headed back to Texas, you'll hear no stories bout travel. But you will hear bout build'n boats....an' "fix'n stuff".

Yes I worked on the boat yesterday. But not for very long. The rudder has been completed an' installed. The hull has been sanded in preparation of paint'n. Smooth as a babies butt. Now, what colors do I paint? I'm *this* close to a shiny black hull, flat black stacks an' off white cabin. Maybe, just maybe, a coat of primer will be applied to the hull today. Dang it's cold outside. Can ya paint in the cold? Now where the hell did I put that can of primer????

Ok, let's take a minute to talk bout how I feel this morn'n. I got up with a pretty sore back. A little bended over an' a pain shoot'n through my right hip. Instead of tak'n a couple Advils, I took me up a Tylenol III. That got codeine in it ya know. Have my aches an' pains been bearable? Yes they have......but!!!! I'm think'n some time in the near future I'm gonna have to do something. But not today.

Ya see, the only thoughts run'n in my mind is to get the hell out of Georgia. It gets cold in Georgia ya know. But what the hell am I gonna do in Texas? I got to go south that's for sure. But where? An' what am I gonna do when I get there. After be'n around family for the entire summer, I'm gonna miss 'em when I leave. In case ya didn't know it, I got MORE family in Texas. Son Daniel, daughter Angela an' 5 more grandkids. Austin area. Too cold in Austin for the old Billy Bob.

While I'm on the subject....NO Louie, I'm NOT go'n to the Mission, Texas area. I'm ain't got me no interest in find'n me no 73 year old "rich" widder woman. With that said Louie, no more talk bout widder wimmins....OK????   

Ok, I got things to do. Gotta clean the desktop if'n I'm gonna work on that boat. Floor could use a sweep'n again. Oh my god, dishes in the sink. I'm hungry. My feet are cold. Sheesh, a typical day at Billy Bob's house.

See ya laters....

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Company galore.....

Ok, gonna have to pass on a blog post this morn'n....oppps, afternoon. I got grandkids, grandkid friends, an' "yo mama" gonna be here right shortly.....maybe. Kids are ask'n my hunnerts of questions..."can I shoot your .357 magnum papaw"??? Ah, I think not. So they outside shoot'n air rifles. There goes my can of .177 pellets.

Rudder is finished on the tug boat.  Well, almost. A little sand'n needed where it was soldered together. I also know how to solder rudders.

It's cold like a sum-a-gun outside. 37 degs last night....but I was snug as a bug in 15 pound of nice warm blankets. Fleece keeps ya warm ya know.

Ok...till tomorrow....see ya laters.