Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a week in paradise

Well, it's been a whole week in Port Aransas, Texas and I have nothing to show for it. But, I didn't come here to buy stuff. I come here on "business". "How the hell can a trip to "da beach" be considered business....HUH Billy Bob"???? Got everything taken care of what needed be taken care of. Got me in two rounds of golf at the Newport Dunes golf ball swak'n place. Ate me up a great enchilada dinner at Old San Juan mexican restaurant. Made a few beach runs....bikinis on hold....too much rain. Boy howdy, is old Billy Bob hav'n a great time or what???

Since we had that afternoon rain and wind storm yesterday....the monkey was lay'n in the road after he got blowed off the flag pole....today will be a catch up day for all the exciting things I was gonna do yesterday. First on the agenda is a nice soothing shower to get all this damn salt off'n my stink'n body......Oh great, forgot to turn water heater on. Guess that puts the shower on hold. Sniff, sniff....hell I don't smell that bad. A few squirts of Fabreeze should take care of that. Good stuff!!!

Boy howdy was that a great shower or what. While I was brush'n the tangles out my hair, I noticed I still have a few original brown hairs up there.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....it were back in bout the mid 70's when I was still a young and handsome brute, I decided to bleach my hair. Went off to the local pharmaceutical place, or what ever they call it, and bought me some hair bleach. I had a me a head of long beautiful dirty blond hair at the time. Well, to make this story short and to the point, have ya ever seen peach hair??? All of it. I begged and pleaded with my ROTFLHAO...LOL'n roomie to go get me some black dye....anything, as long as I get rid of this terrible peach color hair. Almost lost a good friendship when he refused to go. More pleading and beg'n when he finally gave in. Brung back, not black, not brown, but some God awful color like the "ladies of the night" wear. A combination of black, brown, red and a touch of peach. His sense of humor really pissed me off. But no matter, anything is better than bright peach hair when you show up for work on a construction crew the next morning.

Ok, I got stuff to do...enough nonsense for now.

Oil platform com'n in for repair

Two dogs and a jeep

Would you believe them dogs refused to go in the water??? Sissy dogs!!!
But they did manage to tangle them selves around the tires on "that jeep" Baaaa....worthless dogs. Sheesh!!!
Eighteen miles of beautiful beach

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob????

hehehehe....you guessed it. Took me one them naps right over there on the couch.

Ok, I done got it figger out. If I eat 1000 calories a day and I burn up 2500, I'm gonna lose weight....right? With my high mo-blab-atism, and all this daily activity, it's no wonder I lost 15 pounds. Wheeeha, old Billy Bob gonna have to slow down, eat some Big Macs an' fries, double meat whoppers and some hi octane chocolate cake and ice cream. Boy howdy, can hardly wait.

In the mean time, I'll eat stuff like this.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

black cloud

Well I want you lookie there....a great big ole black cloud. Wind has shifted back out of the north. This doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be cooler weather. Being in the deep south of Texas, them "northers" get to San Antonio, make a turn and head off to Houston and points east. Did you know....that the winters in Port A only last two weeks and at most a whole month? Kind of like being in "paradise" don't ya think?

Speak'n of black clouds, old Billy Bob been hav'n one them hang'n over his head for years. I remember one year we planned a UTMSI fish'n trip up at Choke Canyon State Park. Boy howdy was that ever a fish'n trip. Was 85 degs the day we arrived....woke up to the mid 40's next morning. Wind blow'n twenty forty miles....if it weren't tied down, it were "gone". Me and old fish'n buddy Mike headed off cross the lake to our secret fish'n hole. We got there, sop'n wet, freez'n cold, hands so cold they was blue.....tears in our eyes. Bundled up in our south Texas winter garb, wind breaker and shorts, we was cast'n a mile in one direction and 10 ten feet in the other. Drank a lot of beer that day.

Seems like rain follows the old Billy Bob everywhere he goes. Last winter I was at the slabs. Weren't there but two days and here come a rain. Then a nuther....then a nuther. It don't rain at the slabs. Went to a GTG (get together) campout in Fredericksburg.....lololol....it rained. Went to Houston for a week....it rained. Went to north Ga. for a 10 day camp'n trip....it rained. Went to Terlingua for a week....too damn hot for rain.
All I gots to say is that I either pissed the rain gods off or I just destined as a "rain magnet".

Today.....if I feel like it, I need to go to Corpus Christi and get me some new glasses. Not that I can't see, but it's been over two years with these scratched up ones....plus one lens keeps fall'n out. Trying to find a fallen lens with one eye is like driv'n a 747 from Houston to LAX.....in the dark.
Did I ever tell ya bout the time...I had a great big grass yard right in the middle of town in Port A....right next door to City Hall. The garden club come by one day and suggested I water the grass. I says..."are you nuts??? That would make the grass grow and then need mow'n". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....brown dead grass is beautiful. Same deal with the "beautiful" oleander bushes they was want'n me to trim. Cut them suckers slap down to the ground the next day....all of them...pooof....gone....City dump. City officials and garden clubs don't like deal'n with the likes of old Billy Bob.

Boy howdys....was that a storm or was that a storm. Was sit'n here "do'n nuttin" when someone was "rock'n da house". I says, "who the hell is that"??? It were the rain and wind gods want'n in out the rain and wind. It were terrible....but it's beautiful outside now. Sunshine, a little 15 mph breeze and a comfortable 87 degs. I says comfortable 'cause I'm sit'n in the A/C.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunshine again

The sun had just come up and when old Billy Bob showed up at the Newport Dunes Golf Club for an outstanding round of golf ball swak'n. Temp was right at bout 76 degs with 95% humidity....holy cows, I was sweat'n already. Glasses fogged up and I were swak'n balls in every direction....'cept where they was intended. Ended up with a decent round of 94....what ain't bad for an old fart swak'n on a brand spank'n new course.

Yesterday was another outstanding day.
Done me some think'n while I was drink'n my morning coffee bout "how to enjoy life when ya don't think you're hav'n fun". It ain't all bout hav'n fun. It's about enjoying what circumstances you have put yourself into. Like..."da rain"... what weren't no fun. But to sit and listen to the rain drops pounding on the roof, the blinding flash of lightning and the ear drum bust'n clap of thunder, gives ya a sense of calmness and inner peace. After your hair gits back down and your heart stops pound'n. Hehehehe....ya didn't think I knew that kind of stuff, did ya? Learnt that in speech therapy when I used to stu stu stu stutter.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

lay'n back

Yesterday was a good day.

Got up way to early this morning think'n it were a golf day. I don't do golf swak'n on Sunday. But look out tomorrow morning.....tee time 8am.

Not a whole lot I want to do today other than my fav-o-rite past time...."do'n nuttin". Miss sit'n on "da porch" sip'n coffee with old pesky Wayne, but I got me a big ole covered picnic table sit'n right outside. Spent some time on that picnic table last night while I were do'n some think'n. Then I couldn't go to sleep from all the coffee I drunk. Ya gotta love coffee.
Did ya know that coffee is a good way to lose a few extra pounds. First swaller and ya ain't hungry no more. Hmmmmm....could that be the reason I lost 15 pounds and can't gain it back??? Or could it be for the fact that I don't eat? Oh....I eat, but what I eat may be a contributing factor.

Speak'n of eat'n.....did I ever tell ya bout the time...it were out in Deming, New Mexico when I built the.......................
"Dog House Bar and Grill".......
I put me some chicken to grill, got involved, forgot the chicken and had a fire you wouldn't believe. Flames was com'n out all them little holes and shoot'n up to the roof of "da porch". Smoke everywhere. Water hose was close by so it weren't no big deal to "moisturize" the chicken. Blackened (burnt) chicken is good eat'n.

If ya never been to Port Aransas, Texas before, let me tell ya a little bout it. Years ago, the only way to get here was by and old wooden road and a little ferry down by.........
Shorty's Bar.

That was later replaced with a dirt road and a bigger ferry as more tourist came to fish and gamble at the back room card tables through out town. At one time, Port Aransas was know as the tarpon fishing capitol of the world. Ask some of the older Presidents what stayed at the renowned Tarpon Inn. It still stands to this day.
Up until the late 60's, Port A was a wide open paradise for fishermen, gangsters, draft dodgers, hippies and open gambling addicts...and a few drunks. Then things began to change as the developers seen opportunities in the swamp lands. Port Aransas grew from a little fishing village of 600 to 2000 with-in a few years. Today I would expect it to be somewheres around 4000 to 5000. Not the same place I remember back in the 60's and 70's. Google Port Aransas for a more detailed analysis. Great reading.

Boy howdy, is the sun work'n today or what? Got the a/c kick'n out cold air....of course the door is wide open and the dogs are tak'n a nap.

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob?????

made a short trip to the City Marina to look see if Steve and Danni showed up. Nope, they liv'n in Houston now, or somewhere like that. Haven't been to the boat for ages except an occasional "check it out" overnighter.
Was gonna take some pics while at the marina, but guess what.....old Billy Bob forgot the media card for the camera......
as Ben would say...Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Got back to "da house" after "that jeep" stalling at every red light and stop sign.....
as Ben would say....Grrrrrr!!!!.
Open that hood an look at stuff. HUH???? What's this for??? Where the hell is the carburater and that little adjustment screw??? Ok, let's turn this "special" screw and see what happen. Holy cows, 2000 rpm on idle....back 'er down Billy Bob...back'er down. Piddle, piddle, piddle, turn screw, turn screw....800 rpm idle. Sounds good to me!!!!

Now what????

I know....how bout a big ole apple pie? Old Billy Bob needs something sweet. Measure this, measure that, chop this, chop that, mix'em up, roll this'a way, roll that'a way....walla....apple pie.

Pie is in "da oven".

Pie is out "da oven".

I want ya look at that pork chop I just dug out the freezer. Boy howdy!!! Bens "goo-losh" made me hungry.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

think'n back

Good morning all you wonderful people. Sure do look like I gonna get me some sunshine today. Wind is still com'n out of the north, but I got the door swung wide open, dogs lay'n out on the grass...if'n that's what ya wanna call it...an' I'm sit'n here naked as a jay bird, drink'n coffee and enjoy'n life.

Hey....did I ever tell ya bout the time....we had us one them old time "skinny dip'n" parties on the beach. There was...must'a been half the town...at least 30 of us...drink'n beer, hoot'n an holler'n...had a big ole bon fire shoot'n flames twenty feet in the air, couldn't see nuttin it were so dark....when here come the City Pole-lice...both of 'em. Lights flash'n, sireeeens scream'n and out jumps "shorty" with gun in hand say'n "what the hell are ya people do'n with no clothes on"? I says..."fish'n". Next day the old judge, with a grin on his face, says..."that were some party, Huh"?
Oh well....just thought ya should know that.

Do ya ever think back to the other part of your life and kind of wonder how ya made it this far? Old Billy Bob done some stuff most "normal" people wouldn't attempt if'n their life depended on it. On visiting my cousin out in Ca. for the first time in over thirty years, her first words were, "my God, are you still alive"? Jumped ship when I was in the Navy...back in 62 or 63. Boy howdy did I ever get in trouble for that. All I was gonna do was go for a swim....what I weren't the best swimmer in the world...or the Navy matter fact. Upon almost drown'n myself, I was safely back on board look'n like an old tom cat what fell in a bath tub.

Today is gonna be special. Think'n bout go'n out and do something. May run down to the harbor and see if'n my old buddy still lives on his boat there. Ain't seen Steve and Danni in years.

The old back feels a little better this morning. Did ya know....a bad back changes your lifestyle? Well, so does many other aches and pains. Sometime I get to think'n....yeah, I still do that....there ain't much I can do anymore. Then I get to think'n, just do what ya can and enjoy it. Well, since I don't do the "walk'n" thing and I don't do the "work'n" thing, I ain't got much else left to "adventurize" myself with. Speak'n of walk'n and work'n.....boy howdy....never mind that subject.

Ok...now what ya gonna do Billy Bob????

Friday, September 25, 2009

dismal weather

Got up this morning and it just like yesterday morning. What sucks. Clouds, wind, chilly and not a ray of sunshine. Is this a sign of winter or is this a sign of "wrong place wrong time"?

Don't know what I did but the old back is in bad shape this morning. Can't be from play'n golf 'cause I been do'n it for years. Now, if I got Arthur's-itis in that hip, maybe the humidity (95%) has something to do with it. What ever, it sure do feel like someone hammered a nail in there.

I did mention that I got my MH registration all took care of...right? Only took five minutes and I good to go for another year. Now I got to get my lost mail taken care of. I been using the same mail forwarding service for 6 years and this is the first time my mail disappeared. Poof....gone!!! All my insurance stuff, vehicle registrations, bank statements....all gone.

Yesterday was old Billy Bobs birthday. But I forgot. Was gonna go out and eat me up a pound of fried shrimp, but now I rekon I got to wait one more year. Even though I'm only a day older, I feel like a whole year older. Damn.....how time creeks up on ya.

Sit'n here sip'n a cup of coffee in the Nueces County Campground watch'n them big ships go by. I'm camped bout a driver and a pitching wedge from the ship channel and a driver and a 7 iron from the beach. Did ya know that Port Aransas is the fish'n capital of the Texas gulf coast. "Where they bite every day". And right over there is the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. That where I retired from in Jan. 2002 with my 20 years of back break'n work.

What I gonna do today?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

da bla bla blazzzzz

Holy crap Billy Bob, now what have ya done? Here it is the beginning of a beautiful overcast, sunless, drizzly, chilly, windy day and I got a golf game to go to. My freak'n back is killing me, up half the night worry'n bout that damn piece of junk "that jeep" and to top it all off, I forgot to change the time on the alarm clock to Texas time and only have 20 minutes to get to Rons house. With only one eye open and a half a cup down, I'm out of here.

Golf game was perfect. Although, I fell apart on the back nine. Why the "old fat man" Barney didn't play a round when he was in the area makes me wonder if he really loves golf like old Billy Bob do.
There ain't nuttin in the world like tak'n that bat and swak'n that ball so far it'll take a week to find it. Speak'n of tak'n a week to find it....I lost 4 freak'n balls today...what cost me a stroke for each one lost.

Now what I gonna do...........................

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

almost at "da beach"

Boy howdy.... is it good to be in Texas or what? Last night was perfect for if'n ya wanna sleep like a baby. Slept right through all them loud trucks pull'n in and out all night long. Yeah....this is Texas. The Lone Star State, Center of America, Cowboys and genuine Texas "rednecks". Ya know what I'm talk'n bout, right?

What time I usually get up is done went and gone. It weren't till 7:30 when I opened my eyes to this God awful sound parked right next to me. Bang'n and clang'n with hammers and wrenches and "little voices" of some sort. Look out the window and "holy cow", it were an ancient van type truck pull'n another ancient van type truck. Two little "china" guys were fix'n stuff. Then they started that thing up. Clouds of black smoke filled the air and both little "china" guys was grin'n from ear to ear. Spit'n an sputter'n, them little ancient van type trucks headed south in another cloud of white smoke. Will they make their destination????

Only bout 100 mile to "da beach" in Port Aransas. Most people would already been there, bait'n their hooks and catch'n fish. But old Billy Bob ain't got no hurry. Gots to stop and look at stuff, smell stuff and take it easy....lay back. That's the difference between being retired and being "fully" retired.

See ya in Port A.......

1:45pm...after a short nap.
See there, didn't I tell ya so? Old Billy Bob is in Port Aransas, Texas, all hook up and bask'n in clouds and rain. Ain't look'n too good for the next few days if'n ya believe what the weather guy has to say. The lady at the check in said they got a little over an inch last night and my golf'n buddy Ron says they expecting up to three inches tonight. But I gonna be optimistic and predict sunshine for the next week beginning tomorrow. Dry things out, bikinies on "da beach" and a wonderful golf game before the week is out. Well poop, here come the rain again. On and off, on and off, drizzle, drizzle. By the way, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae dropped two big ole logs soon as we got here.
Just thought you should know!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain???? Do I hear rain....

MsB asked me.....
How expired is your sticker? One month, two months? Most cops don't pay that much attention to motorhomes, they are looking for speeders in cars.
LOLOLOL....hahahaha....only 7 months. So, by your experience, I should have 5 more months before I have to worry. You know that old folks worry, right???

Saved with Word Pad....7am
Well shoot, ain't got wifi connection this morning. I'll tell ya why....damn Hughes Net satellite systems suck. I know 'cause that's what I got. But you would think the great State of Texas would offer a better system than "cheap junk". Your tax dollars at work. Oh, did I mention it's cloudy and like any other satellite dish, they don't work worth a poop.

Sure were hot last night. Had to hook up a fan on my inverter just to get to sleep. Or...I could have started the generator and turned on my super cold a/c, what sucks a gallon of gas an hour. But then here come the rain. Then it cooled off. Then it got down right chilly. Then it got windy. Then I went to sleep.

Woke up 14 times last night think'n I was still in Deming. Boy howdy, if'n it ain't not knowing what day it is, it's not knowing where the frick you are.

Ate me up a great big home built hamburger right out there under the "old oak" tree last night...what ain't really an oak tree. Don't know what it is, but it ain't an "old oak" tree. I tend to call all trees oak tree until someone sets me straight. My grandson once told me, "papaw, that ain't no oak tree, that's an apple tree". Smart ass kids!!!!

Looks like "down the road" again. If'n I drive a couple hunerd miles, I'll only be a couple hunerd miles from "da beach". But, after look'n at the weather, "da beach" is gonna be wet. Now how the hell I gonna play golf in the rain???

11:30am....down the road a piece between Comfort and Kerrville. This is "hill country" folks.
Weren't on the road more than 30 minutes when here come the rain....and wind....for miles and miles. But now that I'm parked, eat'n up a big ole egg sandwich, the rain quit. Go figger!!!

Gonna maybe stop in Boerne where I bought "da house" and see if'n they'll slap me a sticker on this thing. Also have to find out who the hell has the title....I don't. Must be somewhere in Calif. with a finance company.

Ok....that's all for now. Check back later for a full update.................

Full update in mini......the freak'n RV sell'n place wouldn't have nuttin to do with me. They don't do stickers, but sent me back from where I come from bout 5 miles where the guy says..."maybe in a couple hours". HUH??? Couple hours I will be sit'n in a beautiful Texas rest stop on I-37 50 miles south of San Antonio.
Maybe MsB is right....to hell with it.

Boy Howdy...ain't no trucks gonna be park'n right next to me. Pulled a old folks trick. Parked in two lanes.....hehehehe!!! Not intentionally, but since I can't back up, I'm stuck here...in two lanes. (a toad with all four on the ground can not be backed up...will break steering stuff)
Never mind...I pulled over there by the grass so the dogs can pee and poop. Think'n of the truckers ya know.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wind storm

What day is it Billy Bob??? "hell I don't know, what day should it be"?
If you left Deming on Sunday and arrived in Van Horn on Sunday and you spent the night in Van Horn on SUNDAY and you are leaving Van Horn Monday morning, how the hell can you get stuck in Van Horn in a wind storm that won't be here till TUESDAY???? HUH????
Weather prediction for MONDAY....sunny and warm....winds 5 to 6 mph.
Weather prediction for TUESDAY....windy as hell...25 to 30 mph.

With that said.....Ben, I won't be getting stuck in Van Horn.

Moe, the name of the restaurant is Sands Restaurant. Years ago it was a classy joint, or I suppose it was. Good enchiladas, but had to ask for extra napkins 'cause the salsa made me cry. It weren't no "sissy" stuff. I suppose they get their water from that hole out back....coffee was terrible.
I ate at Chuys Restaurant last trip though Van Horn and I thought it sucked. Over priced for a dinky little town and service was as bad as the food. But then, old Billy Bob likes to be catered to, so maybe the service was Ok. You know how "old folks" are...cantankerous and grumpy.

Ok, here's the deal. I'm done driv'n for the day even though theres lots of sunlight left.

I'm at a beautiful rest area only 8 miles from Sonora, Texas.....parked right in "da shade" of a big old oak tree, or what every they call it. Got a good wifi connection and the dogs are "dig'n" grass.

Bad luck on the inspection sticker back in Van Horn. Pulled in the auto fix it place right after they opened and the inspection guy didn't show up for work.....as Ben says....GRRRRRR. They suggested a place back up the street.....it were closed. So I just headed off to the east.....illegally. I guess I could just stop off in San Antonio an buy a new motorhome with an inspection sticker. Hmmmmm....may just do that.

"that jeep" pull'n just fine. Can't even tell it's back there other than when I see it in the back-up monitor. Successful trip....so far.
Still got bout 350 miles to "da beach".

Sunday, September 20, 2009

TEXAS!!!! yeah....

Well I want ya lookie here, Old Billy Bob is in Texas.

Took off this morning right at 10:15 oclock with "that jeep" in tow. Had me a little worried for the first few miles, but after a couple "safety" checks....shoot Billy Bob, ya did it again. That there tow bar base plate be "strong like bull". Even with the added 1500 pounds, it tows just like my little red Bronco II. Well almost just like. I'm think'n I used a little more fuel than pull'n the Bronco.

Yesterday, since I knowed it was gonna be a mite warm in Texas, I decided to put some refrigerant in the dash air....but first I says, "what's that oil do'n on that fitting"??? Well shoot, maybe it's leak'n. Tightened it down a full 1/4 turn....hope that fix my leak.....dumped a couple cans R-134a in there and....cool air. How long it lasts is another thing. Good thing I know what I'm do'n, otherwise I would'a dumped 4 cans in there.
Today....it worked just great....so far. Wouldn't it be something if that fitting is/was my leak???

Got me a 45 minute nap just west of El Paso at the Texas Information Center. Dogs pee'd and took dumps, what I had to clean up 'cause the guy was watch'n. Checked on "that jeep" and everything fine.

Gonna spend the rest of the day and tonight in Van Horn so's in the morning I can run down to the auto repair place and get a Texas safety inspection. Then gas up and head'em up to "da beach".....600 miles away. Dang, ain't Texas big???

Just finished eat'n enchaladas at some greasy spoon here in Van Horn. They was better 4 years ago, but well worth the greasy tea spoon.

"that's all I have to say bout that"...GUMP

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fired up to roll

Boy howdy, had anyone told me how much ya gotta do to "git ready", I would'a started last month.

Here it is 3:15 in the pm and I still have to make a trip to town to pick up my meds. Hate go'n to town just bout as much as I hate miss'n a 4 foot putt.

I got this motorhome look'n like a house. I can see out professionally cleaned windows, the floor is clean, dishes almost done, new fire fight'n device installed, can finally get to the other side of the bed, bathroom spic and span....boy howdy is old Billy Bob wore slap out. One good thing....I don't have to pack a freak'n suitcase.

Poor old pesky neighbor Wayne. He ain't one to show emotion, but I swear that was a little tear he was sport'n a while ago. Says he ain't gonna play no more golf till I get back. He took the dogs around the walk'n path for a "ride" in the golf cart. Came back 10 minutes later hug'n and kiss'n them nasty dogs. I suppose I gonna miss him too.

That's about it for now. Will have more to say later................

Ok, it's later....much later. Made my trip to town and of course I got hissed off....not angry...not mad. They charged me way too much for drugs. Has the price of drugs gone up??? My insurance company reformed themselves with-out the help of our leaders. My co-pay went up $5 on each prescription and my deductible looks like it went up $10.

Went back to "da house" and here come the rain....bucket fulls...rain drops big as a quarter knock ya out kind. Then it got cold. No snow, but cold.

Everything done. All I have to do in the morning is unhook services and hook up "that jeep" and go.

See ya down the road!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

almost "on da road again"

"Partners in crime"
Old school buddy Gerry
2004 Ridgecrest, Ca.

Hot damn!!! Is that my head I see shin'n through my hair? What go'n on?? Sure looks like it's get'n thinner up there. Speak'n of hair, did I ever tell ya bout the time.....it were back in 1958 (I think) and I were work'n at a speed boat building place at Lake Isabella, Ca. In the morning I was grind'n fiberglass and sop'n cloth with gooey resin. In the afternoon I took out a prototype on the lake giv'n rides to potential customers. Well....I had this long 50's "hippy hair" what was always in my eyes and didn't much impress my thrill riders. Bossman suggested I cut it off, what I did....all the way to the bone....I were completely bald. Bossman just shrugged his shoulders and says, "HUH??? What ever".

Sure is get'n close to departure day. If today is Friday, I only have tomorrow to finish stuff...what at the rate I'm go'n, it gonna be cut'n close.
Got to think'n bout Old Uncle Ben head'n to Alpine. If he is gonna take I-20, I gonna be way head of him when he hits I-10. Like a couple hun'erd miles. But, if he takes I-35 to SR290, we gonna pass each other right bout Junction or there abouts. I'll wave as I go through Junction just in case. Have a safe trip you old fart!!!

Boy howdy....this wimmin work sucks. I got to commend all you wimmins out there....this is hard work. Now if I was to trade off one the dogs for a good woman, I wouldn't be do'n this stuff. I could be outside sit'n in my easy chair drink'n coffee and enjoy'n life like I supposed to be do'n. But then, I would have to feed her and cater to her every need, take her shop'n, buy new clothes and probably have to watch my lip.

Took a long nap and got up feel'n all grumpy and didn't do much after that. Washed the great big windshields and dashboard. Vacuumed half the carpet. Went through all my old mail and tossed a whole bag full.

Put the old dead cow head on the dash and took the droopy dog down.
Now I think I'm gonna lay back, relax and "do nuttin".

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ok, we gonna do it different today. By wait'n till the wee hours at night to make my post, I forget all the good stuff and then I say, "did ya tell 'em bout the hole Sadie and Lug Nut dug"?

It's 9:15am, to some that would be something like 09:15, what most people have no freak'n idea what 09:15 is. The weather guy said it would be in the lower 50's this morning. Yeah right...try 61 with nuttin but clouds and some 18 mph winds. Good golf ball swak'n weather, but "I ain't go'n".

Put my old dirty laundry in the new washers.....lololol.....one don't work. Cleaned all the hair and stuff off everything in the bathroom...dang dogs. Have ya ever seen a dog that sheds year round? That's Lug Nut. You think my bathroom was bad, you should see my bed. Dog hair everywhere. But I love my dogs and my Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

12:45pm.....Ok here's the deal. I don't walk. Rode the jeep back up to the laundry room and....here we go again....someone mess'n with the Billy Bob. The freak'n dryer didn't dry my jeans.

Got almost everything loaded up that goes in the jeep. Put them useless brackets on that hold the front of the jeep from fall'n off, all tools are in their proper place....oh, did I tell ya I almost forgot the solar oven....
Oh Oh....nap time!!!

Nap's over, finished, done. Now I got important stuff to do....not that a nap ain't important. In fact, a nap is very important. It clears your mind of "junk" while at the same time refreshing your body to function in a manor it was designed. But then on the other hand, "abusing" nap time can lead to being grouchy and cantankerous, what fogs your mind worse than before tak'n a nap. Makes sense to me!!!

I rekon the rest of the day will be consumed in "wimmin" work. You know, dishes, trash, clean'n windows, dust'n, fold'n laundry, vacuum'n and cook'n. Wimmin got is so easy!!! How would they handle those little tasks if'n they had to mow the yard, wash the car, go fish'n, fix broke stuff and paint the house. And watch a football game.

Boy howdy did it ever get windy. Wind blow'n bout 30mph, sand com'n in every little crack, stuff blow'n off "da porch" and the dogs are hunkered down on the couch. LOLOLOL....wait till I fire up that Dust Devil...Lug Nut gonna be gone...out of here. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....Lug Nut was in a sound sleep when I fired up the Dust Devil and stuck that hose up to him. Ya would'a think a alligator bit him right on his ass. Out the door in a single bound.

Ok, enough nonsense. I got work to do.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

another loooooong day

Boy howdy Billy Bob, don't ya know what time it is??? "yeah I know what time it is....almost bedtime".

Started off a beautiful day (61 degs) by spank'n old pesky neighbor Wayne at a round of golf. Not that it was a big deal, but...hehehehe...that's 10 in a row. He will never beat this "golf ball swak'n guy" till his "the fat lady" dances. Not dances you dim wit....SINGS.....sheesh!!!

Did a run to the bestest store in America....Walmart of course and bought me up everything on my list and them some that weren't on the list. My God Billy Bob, no wonder Walmart makes so much money. Did ya see how much a jug/can of coffee costs??? Holy cows!!!

The jeep is ready to roll, magnet lights and all. Well....I still have two brackets to hook up that hold the entire front end on. Not really hold the front end on...actually, I don't even know why they're there. But I guess I'll hook them up anyhows.

Got my "cut" list down to only a few more things to do before departure day, but I keep adding to it. Almost forgot to put the security bolts (standard light duty 1/4-20) in the solar panels...boy howdy, sure would hate to see them solar panels fly'n off into someones front yard.
All the solar wiring under the motorhome is secured and crank'n some amp hours. Bout 14.6 of them.

What else did I do today.....hmmmmmm...did I mention that 30 minute nap...with flies land'n on my lip? Now that really makes me mad. Did ya know that only dogs get "mad"? Humans get "angry". Ok, so I got angry at a fly.....but it hisses my off so bad it makes me MAD. Foam'n at the mouth mad, say'n "git off me....you SOB fly". That's mad.

Some times my thoughts crack me up, but when I attempt to put those thoughts into words.......
Oh well, I think I need sleep!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"What you talk'n bout it's too late to make a blog post"? Well, maybe you're right, so I'll make this as short as possible.

This morning was spent torquing the bolts on the base plate....you know which one...the one I been building for the last three days...Sheesh!!! Then I put the tow lights in top "that jeep" and started run'n the wiring. Gonna finish that task tomorrow.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....it were back in 1958 when a "part time friend"...brother to the little girl I was see'n....and I took off on a hitchhiking tour from Ridgecrest, Ca. to anywhere north away from the sweltering heat of the high desert. We went straight to Spokane, Wa. and visited (mooched off of) one of his relatives. Then we went to Seattle....another relative, then back to Spokane. Did ya ever pick blueberrys for a living? At the rate I was pick'n them blueberrys, I could have made like maybe 50 cents a day.

Oh did I mention Libby, Montana where the bears woke us up on the porch....not the bears, us. Da bears was in the garden dig'n up stuff and eat'n it up right in front of everyone. Slept on the living room floor next night.
We went across the Rocky mountains and didn't even know where we were, only that it was cold. That was when the truck driver fell asleep and scared hell out all three of us....boy howdy.

Took a job in Idaho...well not really a job, but to unload them bales of hay from that trailer and toss them in the loft over the barn. Half way through the job, here come farmer man with a couple welcomed sandwiches.....right. One thin slice of bolony and some old stale bread. After we collected our wages ($7), old farmer man gave us directions to a cheap motel where we could shower. That cost $5 for a night and we was so hungry, we spent the $2 on something to eat. Something don't look right here.

On our return trip back "home", with $.32 cents in our pockets, we got throwed in jail in Eugene, Oregon for "stealing a ride" on a freight train. Had to stay long enough to get some money from "folks back home" to get out of state. I was fortunate that my family cared enough to send a bus fare all the way home.

Monday, September 14, 2009

golf sucks!!!

What a great morning. 61 degs and a beautiful sunrise, what I had to drive 65 miles look'n straight into it. Left Deming at 7am and arrived Las Cruces at exactly 8:04.

As we walked into the Pro Shop, I seen an ATM sit'n there. I could always use some extra change, so I stuck my card in it and punched them numbers. Ten minutes later and still no change. I say to the guy, "hey, this machine ain't work'n". So's he calls the ATM support line or something like that and the guy tells him to turn it off. Now....what if....they turn it back on and someone sees my extra change sit'n there wait'n for me to pick it up???? Do you think they will send it to me??? LOLOLOL...right!!! Why is everyone always pick'n on old Billy Bob?

Well, the golf game sucked. I don't know who planted all them trees, but I gonna take a chain saw next time. Never lost a ball, but let me tell ya, I was swak'n that ball over and around every tree on the course. Ain't right I tell ya, it just ain't right.

Come back to "da house" and finally got my mail (sent by a mail service in south Texas). Well shoot, where the rest of my mail?? Was wait'n for my mail in registration for "da house" so I would get it back before my current registration expires on the 30th. So now, I have to make a trip all the way to Port Aransas, Texas...that's where all the babes are on the beach...in little teensy weensy bikinis....bounc'n round say'n, "look at me". hehehehe....

But shoot, I was going to Texas anyhows. Just not next week. Will still go to all the same places, but in a different order. Actually, backwards. Original plan was Terlingua, Port Aransas, Houston and back to Deming. Got lots to do in the next 6 days.....boy howdy!!!

Got all the glue on the baseplate. No welding necessary.
Bolts are rated at 8000 to 10,000 pounds by the number and size I used.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

hooked up and ready for glue

Sheesh, it's been a long day.
Went off to the hardware store to get some new blades for the Skill saw and some bolts to bolt these brackets to the frame. Using 1/4" "strong like bull" angle iron, them blades don't last too long.
Started all over this morning after nightmares last night of using 3/16" angle, what I had already made the brackets yesterday.

If'n ya think I weren't work'n, this is my 2 car garage right off the front of "da porch". I bet'ya I climbed under "that jeep" at least a hunerd time. And I ain't done yet.

Well, would ya lookie here. This is what Billy Bob does for a liv'n.
Everything fit just like a glove...you do remember the glove, right?
But I ain't done yet. Now I got to take it all back out and glue everything together.....Loc Tite Blue. Make a couple "resiz'n" cuts to the radiator crossmember and WALLA!!!
Now old Billy Bob happy.

Come tomorrow, after a golf ball swak'n day, I will probably lay back on "da porch" and rest. This is too much like go'n to work every morning.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....I went off play'n darts at one the local pubs and got snockered so bad I had to call in sick the next morning. Actually, I weren't sick....I were still snockered to the gills. Sick came a few hours later as I lay on the couch DIE'N. What I learnt from that lesson was never take a shot of tequila after every bulls eye. Just drink yer beer and shut up.
Don't know why I wrote this, but for some reason work reminds me of get'n drunk....what I don't do no more.

"that's all I have to say bout that"...GUMP

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trying day

"drop'n a log"
Boudreaux, the 40,000 mile dog from Lafayette, La.

Old Billy Bob done wore his self slap out today. Don't none ya be call'n me "king of do'n nuttin" till I get all this stuff done. By then, I won't have nuttin left to do and will probably be found daily, "do nuttin".

Started way this morning on that base plate for "that jeep" Oh....speak'n of morning, it were freak'n cold last night and this morning. Ok...broke out that skill saw again and started shaping the angle iron to fit through that little opening below the grill. Wore a brand new blade slap out. Measured and drilled some mounting holes....all lined up perfectly. Then I had to make the other parts that attach to the "little red Bronco" tow baseplate. Was a day of "think'n", "trial and error" and a lot of "good luck". Only made one mistake through this whole ordeal, drill a hole where it weren't supposed to be. A little hole. Was hoping to get the welding done Monday, but guess what.......

Four us old fellers are going to Las Cruces for a round of golf on one of the better courses in New Mexico. University of New Mexico...tee time 8:57 Monday morning. Last time I played there I hit every tree on the course and lost at least 6 brand spank'n new golf balls. I were a "rookie" back then, but now I'm a "golf ball swak'n guy".

Cranked the solar oven round into the sun for to cook something. Well, by the time it got up to 275 degs., here come some clouds. There went a great opportunity to cook something for free.
For my dinner, I broke out a big ol' pork chop an burn it up good. Ain't nuttin like a blackened pork chop plumb full of juices. What ya do is....turn that burner way up high with some cook'n oil. As soon as it sets off the smoke alarm, it's time for the pork chop. As soon as the smoke alarms goes off again, ya turn that sucker over and smoke the other side. So simple, even a caveman could do it. I get royalties from Geico every time I mention a caveman.

Friday, September 11, 2009

tow bar base plate

Ok, here's the deal. Old Billy Bob put on his think'n cap and done some "serious" think'n. Plus, I clumb up under "that jeep" an' look the situation over. Well shoot, this gonna be easy. All I gots to do is build two frame mounts and use the base plate off'n the little red Bronco II.

Went and fount me some angle iron just bout the right size. Did some figger'n, broke out the skill saw and started cut'n. Boy howdy was that easy. When I get all the holes drilled and pieces cut to the right length, it's off to the "certified" welder shop for the finishing touches. The way I see it, from what I'm gonna save, I can travel right at 650 miles for free. Can't beat that with a stick!!!

Yesterdays storms did just like I said they was gonna do.....went off east to Dallas. See!!! Didn't I tell ya so?
Look'n off to the north, here come some more rain, but I bet ya a nickel they go to Dallas too. When old Uncle Ben checks in, we'll see if he got my rain. Shoot, some of it may have made it's way to The Field Lab.

Get'n close to dinner time and have no idea what I gonna eat. I gots three choices...chicken, pork chop or a big ol' hamburger. Hmmmmm....a big ol' hamburger cooked in red salsa sure do sound good. Yep...that what I gonna do. French fries??? Why not???

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clean'n day

Due to the overwhelming responses of yesterdays "trivia" question, old Billy Bob won't be mak'n that mistake again. For the tremendous interest in the photo, here is the answer.

#15 grandyoung'un...2003
Austin, Texas

Holy cows!!! Did you hear them winds last night? Right at bout 2am I was awakened by this roaring, bang'n, clang'n sound what skeered hell out me. Jumped up real quick like and went outside to see what was go'n on. Oh crap, my brand new awning is tak'n a beat'n. Untied the two tie down ropes, what had saved my awnings life, and rolled 'er up. "Where all this wind come from"??

Up late this morning, after last nights fiasco, to a beautiful cloudy sky and just a slight breeze. You may ask "what's so beautiful about a cloudy sky", well let me tell ya. Them clouds up there was put there for a reason. So's ya don't have to labor out in the sweltering heat with gazillions of cancer causing ultraviolet rays beat'n down on ya. That's my take of it!!!

Mostly clean'n up today. Sink full of dishes again, vacuum up all them little pieces of wire and stuff on the floor, put all them tools back in their proper places and probably take a nap come bout 1pm.

Will be ordering the tow bar base plate for the "that jeep" today. Thought about building one since I have all the drawings....and a heavy duty 200 amp welder.....but, trusting my welding to someones life, better be left up to the people that build these things for a living. Certified welders. Guaranteed. Simple bolt on installation. Sure would hate to look in the mirror and see "that jeep" headed off into someones freshly plowed corn field. Boy Howdy!!!

Grrrrrrrrr........ sheesh........ choice words..... dag nab it!!!! Been all afternoon try'n to order a freak'n base plate and all I can find is "HUH???" I got the numbers and I got the places to order from, but.......10 days to get to Deming? I got places to go ya know and very little time to get there. Maybe back to plan "A". I could pass the certified welders test if'n I didn't have to weld overhead....all them little red hot pieces of metal fall down my neck. My shirt catches fire, I get little red blisters and then I get a headache from look'n up. Have to "think" bout it.

Poor little Sadie Mae and Lug Nut come in a while ago covered with cactus spines stick'n out like a porkypine. They was hunt'n!!! Sadie is a solid black blue lip lizard hunt'n dawg...yeah, that's what her are. Lug Nut is just a dawg...100% ruff and tumble dawg.

I just know someone gonna ask if I leave my awning out all night. Well sure I do. I gots it tied to the porch and usually, the wind don't blow at night.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Golf ball swak'n guy

How bout trivia??
Where is this?

Boy Howdy, let me tell ya bout some golf ball swak'n. Old Billy Bob is on a roll. Today marks the 7th game in a row that I struck under 90 on 18 holes of one of the toughest courses in south west New Mexico.
Scores for the last 7 games...in order: 88, 87, 86, 85, 88, 89, and today a respectable 84. Now what ya got to say bout them apples???

Had to run down to the Indian casino to pick me up some smokes and then off to EJ's to put more $$$$ in my debit card account. I swear, someone is using my $$$$'s for nonsense and buy'n stuff they don't need.

Ok, I gots to get to work put'n stuff back together. Tired of fall'n over tools and junk that has to go back in the cabinets. Hmmmmm, could I lose some more weight??? We'll see.

Nope!!! Didn't lose any weight, but everything is back together....'cept'n fer them tools lay'n on da floor.

Did I tell ya bout my new neighbor? He's over there in #7 what is far enough away that I don't have to listen to him complain. "Dust, I can't stand dust". "I can't sleep with those cars and trucks on the highway". " I broke my toe trying to kick the cat". "It's too windy, I don't like wind". "There's bees over here, I don't like bees".
Sheesh, this guy is in dire need of a good woman......lololol, any takers???

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

electrical job

"my 40,000 mile dog...Boudreaux"
Gold prospecting in southern Ca. 2005

Up at the usual golf time this morning....'cause today is a golf day. Beautiful cool cloudy morning for a great game. Wore me a long sleeve shirt over my 'pull over' golf swak'n shirt for the first 4 holes. Yesterday I would have had to wear a winter jacket 'cause it were COLD.

Ok, here's the deal. Y'all know I went off to the hardware store yesterday and ya may think I never come back....but I did...with enough stuff to wire my inverter into the living room and kitchen in "da house".

Starting at the inverter end back there where I keep the batteries, I strung me out bout 20 feet of 14-2 w/g along with the remote on/off switch for the inverter. Drilled some holes and away we go, following right along with the wire I ran for the solar panels. Up through the floor into the water heater compartment, under some slide drawers...what I forgot how to take out, under the refrigerator where the furnace is at and through that double wall in the kitchen. Bingo, we half way home.

Went back out to the battery compartment to retrieve the rest of the wire. Cut 'er off and installed the plug for the inverter, plugged it in and went back in to pull more wire to the front of "da house". Of course, it was through 10 feet of cabinets with three more double walls. Put in the box and hooked'er up. Back to the kitchen to make the final connections. HOLY COWS someone done smak'd me with a monkey wrench. Good thing I was sit'n down 'cause that sucker were HOT. "Billy Bob, was the inverter turned on"???????? Went out to look and lookie here, it were ON. Took all afternoon for the professional installation, but old Billy Bob is using the coffee pot, computer and satellite system on the inverter. Ain't life just grand when a plan comes through???

Today, I had plans to put stuff back together what I had to take apart yesterday, but as usual, it may be a wait'n for tomorrow. Ain't life just grand when ya can put things off till tomorrow???

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ok, where was ya at yesterday Billy Bob??? "I were right here do'n stuff". Cleaned some extra weight out them basement compartments. My God, where did all this junk come from.? Got two finished and only six to go. See that 5 gallon bucket? It contains bout 30# of dumpster stuff. Look'n to lose 200# before I'm finished. Sure is hard to throw stuff away ya might need sometime next year. Last clean out was done 3 years ago....over 200#.

Holy cows, was it cold this morning or what? At 5:30am, I had me one them leg cramp things, so's I got up. It was 57 degs and I had little goose bumps all over my bod. Sheesh...is it winter already???

Well shoot, got to go to the hardware store and buy some stuff for an inverter circuit. Old Billy Bob gonna be an electrician today.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

dAWNING of new day

"son in law"

Last night right on time....7:30pm???....here come Mr UPS with my new awning material. Open that sucker up and took a look. Boy howdy, that purty. Since it were still some light outside, I slid that little ruffily thingy in it's groove. Then I went to bed....well not right now....but after I done some rest'n and think'n.

Didn't sleep worth a crap last night. Must'a worked too hard yesterday. Got out of bed somewhere around 6:30 all fired up to install that new awning material. But shoot, it were still dark out there.
So I sit on "da porch" watch'n the sun come up. Come on sun, I gots work to do.

Old pesky Wayne showed up at 7:30 mumbling something about plumbing pipes he gonna run. Plumbing pipes???? Did he forget we was gonna put an awning together? He took off to town and left me all by myself with no idea how I could do this job single handed. Now what I gonna do???

Hey....look out there!! See that piece of 4" pvc pipe? What if'n I rolled that awning material up on that pipe and lean it against the motorhome? Yeah...that sounds good to me. Just unroll it as ya feed the material into that little groove. Shoot...old Billy Bob knows some stuff. Would you believe 30 minutes to install the material at the roof and also install it on the roller tube. This is gonna be easy. Be done in no time.
Ha Ha!!! Have ya ever messed with install'n them springs that roll an awning up? Not gonna go into details, but I didn't finish till 3:30. Sheesh...took that sucker apart 10 times.

Now I'm dead tired and gonna go to bed like all old folks do at 9:30pm.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gist a rant'n

"Redneck'n in North Ga."
Memorial day 2003
Went off to Ga. to visit with kids and grandkids in Atlanta, just in time for the annual "redneck" camp'n trip. I say redneck, 'cause that's what it turned out to be. Plus, my kids are just like their daddy. We took off for the north Ga. mountains by way of Expressway. Four hours later we was on some old dirt roads go'n nowhere. One way in and one way out. By 4pm, we was all set up with a truck load of wood, a few cases of beer and enough food for an army. Out of 9 days at the camp, it rained a good five. Not little "sprinkley" rain, but "real" rain. Caught me up a passel of them rainbow trout out that creek right over there. After nine days, this old boy was ready to go home.

Think I'll do a little "rant'n". Now what could I rant on about? Well shoot, a few minutes ago I was all fired up to lay it on someone, but now I don't remember what I were gonna say. Another sign of old age.

Went off to the golf course this morning for five straight days a great golf. "Not days you silly goofus....games". Struck me a respectful 86.

Got back to "da house" and took look see what my solar system were do'n with sunshine. WHOA!!!! 14.6 amps, what is more than two 130 watt panels are supposed to put out. That tells me that either something is wrong, or I did something right. Old Billy Bob knows some stuff!!!

Layed around on the couch for a bit. Sat on "da porch" for a bit. Did some "think'n" for a bit. Boy howdy, where did the day go to? Got me some chicken grill'n on the grill along with some salmon for the dogs. If that's all I do for the rest of the day, I had a successful day. Oh, did the freak'n dishes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another solar day

Just north of Marietta, Ga. 2002
Oh yeah, I can build a campfire. My dear son asked me if I knew how to make a campfire.
I answered, "sure I know how, a gallon of gas and a match". That evening he was at my camp to help build my fire. With out gasoline. Sometimes I wonder bout that boy!!! Can I make a fire?

Since today has a busy work schedule, I decided to get up at "golf" time...5:30am. Now, ya ain't gonna believe this, but here come old pesky neighbor Wayne 15 minutes after I got up. He says, "we gonna go play golf"?? I says...."are you nuts"??? That was the end of that and he went back home. We usually don't play on thursdays unless there's a tournament on the week end....what there ain't.

Started cut'n and mount'n the charge controller before 8am...well actually, it was mounted by that time. Not the way it's supposed to be, but up on it's side. Only way it would fit. But, since it's electronics, it could be upside down and still work.

That reminds my of the time......I like to play practical jokes, so's I turned the TV upside down before the Xwife got home. Boy howdy was she pissed. She pushed the button on that remote and started mumbl'n some stuff...in Arabic, or something like that. I swear, she was foam'n at the mouth just like Sadie Mae does when she catches a frog.

Back to work....got that wire run down through "da floor" and into the battery compartment. Hooked that sucker up and went to look see what the charge controller had to say bout that.

It says...13.61 volts. Now, you may say that's too much voltage for a 12 volt battery bank, but it ain't. The "converter" is still hooked up and charging. Will pull fuses as soon as the solar panels are hooked up. Did you know, it costs $15 to $25 a month to operate a converter in a motorhome, if ya leave lights on all night long???

Did someone mention dishes??? Yeah, ol' Billy Bob gots a sink full again. Where they all come from?

I fount this solar web site called The Solar Panel Store in Colorado. This has been my first experience with an online site that will bend over backards to serve their customer. I got my stuff in two days with follow up emails thank'n me for the order. Then they turn right around and send me some more "free" stuff. You can bet ol' Billy Bob will be a repeat customer. Great experience and excellent service. Good prices too!!!

Thank ya MsB.....ain't that Billy Bob one cute little critter???

Mo.....if'n ya bought that 20 acres what I'm going to go look at.....half is mine!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

where my other shoe

Holy Moly, where this pic come from?
Taken 1953 at the "Pike" in Long Beach Ca.
Is that old Billy Bob what didn't win no stink'n gold fish?

What I remember most about the Pike was that I got sooooo sick, I had to puke in a bag. I done turn three shades of green. What happened was...I rode one them big round thingys that the bottom drops out and ya stick to the wall while that thing is turn'n 1000 revolutions per second. I attempted to climb out the top, so they shut it down with an emergency screech'n halt. Boy howdy, was them other riders ever pissed at me.

It's mind boggling how every morning something just has to go wrong. Since it was a mite chilly this morning (63degs), old Billy Bob decided to wear shoes to the golf course. "Now, where the hell is my other shoe???" "LUG NUT...where is my shoe?" Oh, there it is, out on "da porch". Sometimes I'll take a shoe off in one place and then take the other off in a different place. That's what happened. Another sign of "get'n old".

Speak'n of golf, old Billy Bob is on a roll. I struck an 85 today, beat'n poor old Wayne big time. But he had an excuse.....he was dead tired from all the work he did yesterday. Usually when I beat him, it was 'cause he has arthritis. Or he didn't sleep the night before. Or his sugar was low. He's a virgo, so go figure.

Had me a bunch of plans for the day, but I'm think'n I need to recoup from yesterday. Maybe if'n we get some cloud cover, I'll go work on the grass and weeds. Too freak'n hot right now.

UPS man should be here right shortly. Then I can figger out where all them wires go and start cut'n and drill'n. This will be one time I read the instructions before jump'n in with both feet. Either way, it will work.

Boy howdy!!!! That Mr. UPS guy got here right on time. Open everything up and, lookie here, new stuff. Broke out drills, hammers, screwdrivers, the table saw and an impact wrench. We gonna run some wire to them solar panels up there on "da roof". What ya mean the refrigerator has to come out? Yep, it sure did. (that's where the wires go to the roof) Found me a great location for the charge controller and started drill'n, pull'n that wire and say'n a few choice words. Old folks do that, ya know.

Heat'n up my dinner by propane. That means the refrigerator is back in place and secured, the wires are pulled and old Billy Bob is wore slap out. Gonna eat out on "da porch" and lay back.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

house on fire

Should I post a photo here???
Nope...ain't gonna do it...

Well shoot!!! Here it is another day again. Not only another day, but another month. Boy howdy, "what have you been do'n Billy Bob"?

When I read all the construction go'n on at the Field Lab I get to think'n, "Ya remember when ya was that young Billy Bob"? Get'n old sucks!!!
I don't really mind get'n older. It's all the aches and pains that come with it that erks me. I can't do things like I used to, but don't all old farts say that? So....here's what I do. I pick me out a little project for the day. If'n I get it done, then my day has been a success. If'n I don't get it done, I can do it tomorrow. Makes sense to me!!!

One the reasons I don't already own a "ranch" in Terlingua is my health issues. I could work like I do here in Deming, but how freak'n long would it take to build my RV shelter and patio???
Not that it really matters how long it takes.

Let me tell ya....old Billy Bob been on fire today. Took the awning apart and made it ready for the new fabric what is on UPS for delivery friday. Also on UPS is my solar charge controller and wiring...what is due to arrive tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have both installed this week end.
Not that it really matters how long it takes.

Been out in da cactus garden again....pull'n grass. Ya gots to watch out for that mean sucker right over there. Don't know what it is, but it has a Pit Bull bite. Itty bitty fish hooks all over the place. Oh yeah...that Datil Yucca (also called a Banana Yucca) sticked me right on da butt.