Monday, December 28, 2015

The holidays are almost over....Yeeee Haaa

This is my 14th attempt to write something. This one may end up in the dumpster too.
Ya know, it ain't easy to write a letter to your best friends when ya ain't got nuttin to write about. So here goes nuttin again.

Did I tell ya bout Windows 10? Well, let me tell ya. On the new Dell touchscreen computer, I spended bout 5 hours install'n that thing.....slow internet connection. Then....."what the hell"??? I don't like this shit. It's close to Win 8.1, but it does stuff you may not want done. I spended a good 2 days chang'n things to get it to do what I wanted it to do....but it still did what "it" wanted to do.
On top all that, my computer started lock'n up. Had to do a cold shutdown an' reboot. Some the things I had changed went back to default during the reboot. It was at that time that I went back to Win 8.1. An' guess what, the computer still locks up....an' there are no longer any restore points.

On the Toshiba laptop, I had installed Win 10 on it a while back. It works if'n you like not hav'n stuff like the way YOU want it. There is no options for upgrades an' stuff like that. It's all done automatically.....eated up my monthly allowance on my Verizon air card...an' guess who has to pay for that.

Christmas day was was a day of sit'n in "da house". I feeled so bad I couldn't even lay down. Had me plenty company though. Kids an' grandkids.....a couple dogs. Christmas ain't one my favorite holidays. Ain't like it used to be when it wasn't a political correctness day. Ha, I 'member a time when we stringed popcorn an' put on a real tree. Spend 14 hours try'n to figger out what light bub wasn't work'n. You know what I'm talk'n bout....when decorat'n a tree was family fun. An' all the Christmas dinner eat'em ups.....yum yum boy howdy. Anyhows, this year sucked.

Boy howdy, you should see the shine I got on the boat. It's a done deal....other than a coat of wacks. Ha ha, that took care of that * what don't work.....acks. Added me some chrome trim to the sides. Damn, look'n just like a 1949 Chris Craft rac'n boat. I cain't post pics from this computer 'cause the card reader don't work. POS computer.

I went to the frick'n doctor. He says he gonna send me for some tests on my lung functions. Appointment for Dec. 31st. Then I look at the appointment.....it's NOT for a lung test, it's for blood work. I don't need no stink'n blood work. Will cancel that appointment.

The weather has been pretty dad gum good for the last couple weeks.....well, maybe bout 8 or 10 days. We been in the mid to upper 60's at night an' mid 70's daytime. Close to that anyhows. BUT, there's storms headed this way. Temps are gonna drop a little bit. I'm gonna git cold I betcha a dollar.

Had a problem with the "billy jeep". Ya see, the battery went slap dead as a doornail an' had to recharge it. The hood was open for a couple days while I was test'n to see why the battery went dead.
Then after a couple more days, I go outside to start up the "billy jeep". All it do is go wrrrrrrr, wrrrrrr, wrrrrr.....don't start. I piddle round under the hood with connections....damn, it's damp in here. Finally I get it crank up....an' it die. A few times. "Fire up the a/c Billy Bob". Ha, the a/c don't work no more. Low pressure switch ain't got no continuity (contacks are open). This means there ain't no freeze stuff in the a/c system. Well it's winter, what the hell would I turn the a/c on for? It will wait for fairer weather before I jump in there an' fi* (repair) it.

Gonna brew me up a big pot of  Billy Bob beef vegetable stew soup here in a bit. After I do up these damn dishes. I hate warsh'n dishes. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just a short note.....Merry Christmas.....in 9 days

I ain't gonna be mak'n no e*cuses as I write this. With conditions such as they are, I find it easy to just sit back an' take a look see what other people are do'n....not write nuttin.

Went out the other day an' buyed some 2500 grit wet or dry an' a small bottle of polishing compound for the boat. I sanded the top deck to a baby butt smoothness....with no diaper rash bumps. It so smooth you would think it was a sheet of glass. That's smooth. A careful inspection was made an' any found freckles was sanded out. It's perfect.

Some the polishing coumpond was applied an' hand polished with a chunk of old tee shirt material....cotton. Not bad for "hand" polishing. The buff'n wheel was applied. Holy shit, hi gloss glass. Ha, then the battery run slap out of juice.....recharge. Break time. Put boat back on shelf.

Hip pains have come back with a vengeance. Feel like a 16 penny nail again. I'm think'n the injection is wear'n slap off an' the nerve is say'n....Hey, I'm alive again....do ya feel this"?  Well yeah I feel that....don't make me send a couple aspirin down there.

I got that cat Leonard trained to let me pet him anywheres I want. Most cats ya cain't do that. Note: When ya pet/rub a cats belly, he gonna bite an' scratch hell out ya. Leonard don't do that no more. He loves a good belly rub. Spends most his time outside from 7am until way the hell past sundown. I would rekon he is a outside cat. I break out the hair brush an' he in cat heaven.

Sadie Mae do'n bout as good as you would e*pect a old dog to be. Sleep all day long an' come night time, she sleep some more. I'm gonna rekon she is right at 12 or maybe 13 year old. She's had a wonderful life liv'n with the old Billy Bob for 10 3/4 years.....March 2005.

Well git ready for it....freez'n weather headed this way. But it's only for a couple days...Sat an' Sunday.....night time. Gavinland, north Alabama, will probly be a few degs colder. Wear a coat Barney.

"Yo Mama's" knee replacement is do'n just fine. She come down the ramp....like a hunnert mile a hour just to visit the old Billy Bob.......an' git out the house. She likes my coffee....an' when I ain't grouchy, I'm pretty good company too.      

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cold news....damn it's cold in Georgia

Only 'cause I care. I'm think'n', like everthing else, the blog is bout on it' last leg an' is gonna die a excruciating painful death. Same as did my golf ball swak'n days, "bubba" boat'n an' 14 inch bass fish'n. As I see it, my travel'n days is also dead. Damn, depression sucks to no end.

This is for you Rose, Texas Rose.

The two side, top deck an' the stern have been polyurethaned their last coat. The finish coat. Oh my God, there's dust all over the place. In hopes they will sand out an' buff to a super gloss finish.
BUT!!!!! I have done absolutely nuttin to the boat in close to a week. It just sits over there on that little table whin'n an' cry'n "Billy Bob, pet me".
With that said, I need to go buy me some "pet'n" compound....polishing compound to buff the finish. Wouldn't hurt none also to buy me up a buff'n doo-flotchy for my random orbital sander. Make quick work of a looooong job.

I been kind of on the sick side again for the last few days. Ain't got me no energy or "git go" to speak of. I know part is 'cause I don't eat near enough an' some the nasty stuff I call food, it don't help none neither. But then again, it could be 'cause I ain't been tak'n my stomach meds for a couple weeks. Ya see, they block me up an' then to undo the blockage I got this other med that causes severe stomach an' adoman (ha, spell checker wants to change that to "madwoman") pains.....abdominal pains. Anyhows, I am back on the stomach meds but only half as much......experimentation of drugs.

Don't know what to do bout the back an' hip issues. They still do'n fair, but the numbers are slowly grow'n. Up to bout 6 an' 7 lately. With an' occasional 14/16.

Now let me tell ya bout this "DAMN" Windows 10. It sucks to hog heaven. I click on something, an' some freak'n app what I ain't never see in my entire life opens it up an' I cain't do nuttin with it. It ain't narry a bit faster than Win 8.1. It takes forever to boot up. Then, the last couple days, it locks the computer slap up. Nuttin does anything. Have to do a pushbutton shutdown, what is highly frowned on by Bill Gates. Then a good 8 minutes to reboot. I'm think'n I'll be go'n back to the "DAMN" Windows 8.1. Either that or buy me a MAC. Frick, I don't like Mac neither. As much as I disliked Windows Vista, I would go back to it in a heartbeat second over this shit. Technology sucks.

Sadie Mae an' the "damn cat" Leonard are do'n just fine. Leonard in an' out the house a hunnert times a day. Eat up bout enough cat food for 14 cats a day. Sleeps in a cardboard box. Noses me while I'm at the computer. I'm talk'n....walks across the keyboard an' sticks his nose in my eyes, ears an' nose. I have to pet him or he will never leave me be. Then ZOOOOM, out the door he go.

Temps suck here in Georgia. I should be further south where it ain't so cold. Been in the low 40's to mid 30's at night....mid 50's to low 60's daytime. Been us'n Mr Heater a bit an' I done run slap out of propane from that little tank. I got 2 of 'em, so I'm good for another week. Tractor Supply, just down the street a bit, has the tank I want. Will hold right at 16 gallons I'm think'n. I need this tank.