Friday, November 30, 2012

Stop the car....

"My God Billy Bob....stop the car" It seems I may have been too quick to say that "that jeep" rode like a Cadillac. Ya see, yesterday I went to Academy in Corpus Christi so's I could bitch out the manager bout them camp'n chairs what the webbing fell apart.....butt hang'n to the ground. It was a good ride on the way over there, but on the way back to Sinton....not so good. We was cruis'n along, bout a hunnert mile a hour (65), when I hit a tiny little bump in the road. I ain't talk'n no 4x4 or nuttin like that....it were a tiny bump. We was on a overpass, traffic was heavy....."death wobble". Holy crap, "that jeep" is wobbl'n like a hoochie coochie girl....what ever that is...but you get the idea. I were scared. Got a death grip on the steer wheel an' push'n on the brakes. Sadie Mae says "what the hell"? Back to the drawing board.

Nephew Joseph came in from the oil fields yesterday night for a couple days off. Hot damn.....now we gonna both climb up under "that jeep". Replace every bushing under there. Are ya get'n tired of hear'n bout "that jeep" yet??? Well, if'n I ever get the damn thing fixed, you won't hear bout it no more. I'll find something else to entertain ya with.

Speak'n bout be'n too quick to brag, this damn computer done froze slap up this morn'n. Wouldn't do nuttin. I ain't quite ready to go out and spend another $$$$$ on a brand spank'n new one. Not yet anyhows.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout that last step I missed an' fall down? Well, it did more damage than what I was think'n. I hurt when I stand, when I sit down and last night, when I was try'n to sleep. If'n ya don't know what sciatica is, it's when ya hurt your lower back (slipped disc's) and the pain goes all the way down your leg to your toes. I'm think'n I would rather give birth to a rhinoceros than experience this pain day in an' day out. Although, some days are better than others. Today ain't one of 'em.

Speak'n of today, why would anybody want to live anywhere else when the weather is so beautiful in south Texas?

Ok, I got some things to do.....laters 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dumb luck...."that jeep"

By a stroke of dumb luck, "that jeep" went down the road a hunnert mile a hour like a brand spank'n new hi dollar SUV yesterday. I mean, I could have swore I seen a Cadillac hood ornament pop up on the hood ever once in a while. Ya see, I made a little trip yesterday, bout 35 mile down the road,  to the gulf coast little resort town of Rockport Texas. That where the OFM Barney live ya know. We had lunch at a great little Mexican food eatery....boy howdy, I ate too much. Make me sleepy wanna take a nap.

After I left Barney back at the "castle", I headed down to the harbor fish'n place. Ain't nobody catch the first fish. Then I got to think'n, water filter....go to Aransas Pass Lowes and buy a water filter. Ok, sounds simple huh? Well Lowes in Aransas Pass don't carry the water filters they advertise on their web site. They ain't even close. Whirlpool junk. That 'causes me to mumble some stuff, cuss a few words an' storm out the door talk'n to myself.

By the time I got back to Sinton where "da house" is parked, I done forgot I was supposed to go get some fresh water. Grrrrrrr....turn around. Ok, this is where things turn ugly. Ya see, my water jugs are 7 gallon gobberdoos. That's 56 some odd pounds what gots to be toted from the water dispenser to the "that jeep"....down a couple three steps. Or is it only one? Anyhows, I takes just one. And down I go, plop, right there in the park lot. "Watch that last step Billy Bob". Loaded up and back at "da house", I'm hurt'n. Times like this I wish I had listened to what my old girlfriend would say...."slow down big boy, take your time".

Seems that that damn goat went off to the neighbors house an' eat up a bag of chicken feed. That what the neighbor lady says anyhows. From where I'm sit'n, there ain't no way for that goat to escape an' eat chicken feed. The yard is fenced in. So now, the damn goat is imprisoned in a little cage.....have me some fun here....not big enough to turn around, no water, no food, no shade from the blaz'n sunshine....miserable conditions. Hee hee hee, just kid'n ya know....pull'n strings...piss off PETA. The goat is fine. That's his house....TV, queen size bed, microwave.....stuff like that.

Don't know what I gonna do today. It's still a bit chilly out there to be do'n outside stuff. Was think'n I might run over to the "secret hole" an' throw my fish'n pole in the water.....just for something to do ya know. Oh wait, I need to go to Academy an' try to get me some new camp chairs. Remember the ones what fell apart? Webbing died in less than 2 years. Academy should sell products what last more than 2 years....right? Well, I'm gonna go raise some hell. Maybe get me some new ones.....free. "Where's the manager, I want to see the manager". Do I have a receipt? Well hell no. Who keeps a receipt for something that should last a lifetime?

Ok....things to do ya know.....laters.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Damn it were cold last night

Don't see much reason to be mak'n a blog post this morn'n. There ain't a thing go'n on at Billy Bob's house that would interest ANYONE.

It was cold this morn'n. Not what would be considered cold up north somewheres, but in south Texas, 43 degs is freak'n cold. But that don't last very long way down here. Gonna be beautiful weather for the next week or so....back up in the 80's daytime. That's good fish'n an' golf'n weather ya know. In fact, I may just load up "that jeep" and head over to Rockport an' try to catch me up some supper fish.

After go'n for a ride in "that jeep" the other day, I have removed bout half the rattles by replac'n the sway bar grommets....or what ever the hell ya want to call them. I was really surprised. Next I'll be jack'n up the rear of that thing and try to figger out how to get rid of the rest. Damn.....71 year old man climb'n up under a Jeep. I'm get'n too old for this kind of stuff. From my last inspection of the rear suspension, I got some weld'n to do. Yes, I know how to weld. I weren't born yesterday ya know.

Went online yesterday look'n at fish'n reports. They ain't look'n too good. Lake Amistad is still chugg'n along with a few bass being caught here an' there. Falcon Lake ain't do'n too good at all. A few 4 an' 5 pounders in 3 to 10 feets of water. Salt water fish'n ain't much better. Maybe now that the fronts have passed, things will pick up. We can only hope.

Speak'n of online.....this computer what has been giv'n me so much trouble seems to have straightened it's self out. I ain't had no blue screens in a month or more. It don't lock up 3 or 4 times a day. Everthing seems to be work'n just like a brand spank'n new one. Well everthing but that button on the touch pad what don't work no more. Wonder what happen that it just up an' quit like that.

Ok, remember that little dog I were talk'n bout? Well you can forget that. I have enough problem get'n up every 10 minutes to let Sadie Mae outside....or inside. I'm think'n one dog is enough.

Got things to do ya know....laters.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rained a wash tub

Yesterdays golf game with OFM Barney took a bunch out of me. Since I'm prone to knock the hell out a golf ball, instead of a nice easy "girlie" swing, I ache all over this morn'n. Feel like I been run through a antique Westinghouse wringer warsher machine. Then to top it all off, Barney stomped me again. Did I keep the score card? Well hell no.....don't keep score cards that bad. Anyhows, it was a wonderful day of golf ball swak'n. Topped off with a great lunch/supper at the Greasy Churn.....no....Butter Churn. Thank ya for a great day Barney.

Speak'n of warsh machines....when I was a a tot on the farm, bout 5 or 6 year old, "moms" got her arm hung up in the wringer thingy. There weren't nobody there but me an' moms do'n laundry. Before we got electricity and a brand spank'n new washer machine, it was 2 big ol' tubs an' a scrub board. She was yell'n for me to hit the release so's she could get her squished arm out. "What the hell is a release?" I screamed jump'n up an' down. I don't know nuttin bout wash'n no clothes.....sheesh! I heared stories an' see cartoon sketches of women get'n their boobie thingys hung up in the wringer, but I ain't never see it really happen. Hemhaw'n round, moms finally hit the release thingy and got her arm out. Moms' arm was fine other than a few bruises.

I were sit'n there on the couch last night an' I see lightning right over there. What the hell? Where this come from? Before long here come the rain. Buckets full. Damn, the yard is float'n away....water everwhere. The rain quit after a couple hour, but the winds continued all night long. This morn'n the temp had dropped to 55 degs and stayed there (64degs at 11:30am). Not a good day for outside activities. Yup, still windy.

Nephew Joseph has got a little dog he wants to give to me. If'n I can get him to stay still long enough, I'll get a pic. Cute little bugger and Sadie Mae likes him. But.....I'm think'n he is just a cute little package of never end'n stress. Something I don't need at this time of my life. Lug Nut gave me a lot of stress but this little bundle of joy would run circles around Lug Nut. He never slows down.....zooom zoooom zoooom. Anyhows....we'll see. 

Ok....got things to do....laters

Monday, November 26, 2012

A productive day

For all ya what think the old Billy Bob don't do nuttin all day long, I'll have you know I had a productive day yesterday.

I had filled the sink with dish wash'n water the day before, so I washed up all them dishes....'cept'n for one pot. It's full of left over vittles what has to be taken out in the woods for the critters that roam the area. They eat anything.
After that, I grab up my broom an' sweet all the floors....shake out the rugs an' stuff. Just for the hell of it, I climbs up on the "billy bike" an' take me a ride up the street. Not very fast mind you, but a ride it was.
Then after that, I pulls "that jeep" up on a couple ramps so's I can get under the damn thing and do some inspections of the suspension components. Well lookie here, the sway bar bushings are wore slap out....shot all to hell. What I replaced.

Don't be say'n that I done fixed "that jeep", 'cause I'm think'n there ain't no fix for it. Why did I buy a Jeep with "long arm" suspension"? Ya see, if'n I was to put a lift kit back on it, I'm think'n half the rattles, bangs an' clangs would disappear. But I ain't gonna do that. Just gonna grease everthing up an' go. Not that I won't be keep'n my eyes open for a replacement. I'll find one eventually.

Me and OFM Barney are gonna meet up at the golf ball swak'n place here in a little bit for a exciting round of professional golf ball swak'n. I'm think'n Barney is more excited bout the "after round" dinner we gonna eat at the local greasy spoon buffet. There ain't many places in Sinton Texas to get good food, but the ButterChurn....or what ever they call it, is about the best we gonna do. I'm all excitis too. 

Boy howdy is it ever a beautiful day or what? No clouds, sunshine bear'n down, 70 degs and not the slightest puff of wind....would be a perfect day for fish'n in the "bubba boat". Ain't often ya gonna find a perfect day, but today may just be one of them. Life is good.

Ok, got things to do.....laters

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Morn'n rambles

I were sit'n there on the couch last night bout 8pm and says...."damn, it's get'n cold in here". Holy crap, it's 54 degs an' drop'n fast. Low last night was 48 degs. So....what's in store for the rest of winter? From over 25 years of experience with winters on the gulf coast, all the way from Galveston to Port Aransas, Texas, it don't get no better than this. With bout 4 weeks of uncomfortable weather from a few freak storms, the Texas gulf coast is an excellent place to frolic on the beach, wet a hook in the rolling surf or take a leisure sun filled drive through the countryside.

Today there ain't no sunshine, so I ain't go'n to the beach and I ain't go'n fish'n. "So what the hell ya gonna do all day Billy Bob"? Look'n out the window, I'm think'n I may go outside, jump on the "billy bike" an' take a ride up the street. Or I could go out there, jack up "that jeep" and see what's mak'n all them noises com'n out from under it. Rattle rattle bang clang clunk....stuff like that. "Dishes Billy Bob...ya got a sink full of dishes". Oh yeah, I forgot bout those.

Life gets hard when ya let it pass ya by. You know, like sit'n on the couch watch'n nuttin on tv, wast'n time on trivial things....like wash'n dishes, when you should be outside enjoy'n what little time ya got left. I done just bout everthing I ever wanted to do....and then some. Well, I ain't bungee jumped yet. Came close wait'n in a long line, but not yet. I figger I done used up all my dreams. I was once knowed to be a dreamer ya know, but I don't dream no more. Boy howdy, if'n I were only 20 years younger......damn, them were the days. Ya wait too long an' it's gone.....poooof, just like that.

The OFM Barney brung up a good subject yesterday. Wild critters. When I was much younger, critters were my #1 priority on any outing. You know, camp'n, fish'n, hike'n through the woods. I was always on the lookout for a critter. Didn't make no matter what it were. We was camped for the weekend at Robbers Roost in southern Calif. Mountain lions roamed the area. I'm gonna go get me a mountain lion. Back then, man eat'n critter hunt'n was a sport and the old Billy Bob was a sportsman. So's I head off around the mountain with a little single shot .22 rifle and a hand full of ammunition. It was dark....very dark. I'm all alone. My mind begins to work. "What was that noise"? Rabbit. I see things what ain't there. "What's that over there"? A bush. Now I'm get'n rattled. Do mountain lions eat 18 year old mountain lion hunters? You bet they do. But they KILL ya first. Bite the shit out ya. At a fast walk, bout a hunnert mile a hour, I quietly work myself back towards camp....stumbl'n through bushes an' stuff like that. Up there on a big ol' rock I see something. Eyes. Two of 'em....an' they look'n at me. I fires off a shot in that general direction an'....I'm out of here....gone....pooof, just like that. Of course, nobody in camp believed one word of my close encounter with a wild mountain lion.

I'm get'n all excited bout the trip to Falcon lake. Gonna catch me up a 14 pounds bass I betcha. I said that last year didn't I??? Well, this year I gonna do it. Well actually, I'm gonna attempt to catch me up one over 10 pounds. Do I eat bass? Well no I don't. Taste like water an' you know, I don't like water. But now if'n I was to hook me up a bunch of bluegill, we'll have bluegill an' fried eggs for breakfast. Pan fried up real crisp like...eat tail an' all. Hot damn....yum yum eat'em up.

Ok, got things to do. Laters....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Car shop'n an' golf ball swak'n

As predicted, the storm hit the area with torrential rainfall.....Bahahahaha, what a crock. Here I was expect'n the sky to fall and holy crap, it didn't rain enough to make a fresh pot of coffee. "that jeep" is still caked with Del Rio dirt an' grime. There ain't a wet spot or the first sign that it rained at all. And the cold that was supposed to come in with the rain....Bahahahahaha, that's a crock too.

I went to bed last night a little later than usual. Right bout 12:30am....or something like that. It was still 64 degs outside. That's not what I consider cold. Not that I'm complain'n or nuttin like that, but weathermen suck. It's a rip roar'n 59 degs this morn'n.

Went off to the golf ball swak'n place yesterday morning. I were expect'n the place to be crowded with golfers swak'n balls in all directions....a big line to the first tee box. I paid my ridiculously high priced green fee an' cart rental, load up my ball swak'n gear and head 'em up to the #1 tee box. To my surprise, I'm the 4th person wait'n to hit a line drive right down the middle. I pair up with a couple fellers bout 5 years short of my age, Juan an' Jose, an' we off to a great day of golf ball swak'n.

On the first hole I was on in 3 and sink a 15 foots putt for a nice par to start the game. By the time we was finish play the front 9, I had a very decent score of 7 over par. Hot damn, the old Billy Bob is hot today. But then all hell break loose. The next 3 holes I am 7 over par....2 doubles an' a triple bogie. Finished the round with a decent 92. Not professional, but close.

I pulls into the the yard at "El Abraham RV Resort & Goat Farm" an' here come nephew Joseph with his cell in his hands. "Look here Uncle Bill, I found you a Jeep". He shows me a couple pics an' I says, "that one good look'n jeep". So we go check it out. 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.7 V-8, 4x4....color dark blue. On the front is a Towmaster....or something like that, towbar (this is a $800 item). This Jeep was once a "toad". The leather seats are in very good condition except'n for the tear in the driver seat. Further inspection, we find the tires need replaced ($500), hood and lift gate shocks need replaced ($200), engine has a miss at idle....but go 60 mile a hour in 6 seconds flat. And it need brake pads all the way around ($200). I make a offer, $1,000 less than asking, what they flat out refused. Now I have a decision to make. 


Friday, November 23, 2012

Storm a brew'n

I were sit'n on the step eat'n up a couple pieces of chicken and a couple jalapenos. I had just finished shortening the chain on the "billy bike" and readjusting that derailer thingy on the back wheel. Took a short ride up the road a piece an' now I were hungry.

I finished eat'n up my chicken an' boy howdy, I sure do like cold chicken. Something bout the texture make ya wanna gnaw it to the bone. I don't like white meat so's I don't eat the breasts. But the rest that chicken ain't gonna be nuttin but a pile of bones when I get through. Well anyhows, I was lay'n on the couch and here come the nephews an' nieces tote'n plate loads of Thanksgiving dinner for the old Billy Bob. There was enough for bout 3 or 4 days worth of eat'n. And boy howdy was it ever some good eat'n I mean to tell ya.

I hear there's a big storm headed this way. 'Sposed to be a couple inches of rain mixed with cold. I ain't made me no plans for the next few days, so I don't rekon it will affect me any shape or form. Sure would like to go swak some golf balls, but if'n it gonna get cold, you can forget that idea. Maybe. I'm think'n if'n I get there bout 11am, I can finish before the storm gets here. What ya think???

Nephew Joseph is gonna jack up the front of "that jeep" an' check see what parts are wore slap out an' need replaced on the front end. I were want'n to find me a brand spank'n new one, but if'n Joseph can fix this one, I guess I could live with that. Ain't had a oil change in 3 years, so I rekon one them won't hurt nuttin. Cain't believe I been driv'n this thing for over 3 years.....damn!

Ok.....got things to do. Laters.....


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holidays....bah hum bug

Ain't no sense mak'n a big deal out of today eat'n turkey an' stuff like that. But it do make a guy kind of miss be'n with family around a big ol' table full of scrumptious food. I rekon this is the one day most families look forward to....other than Christmas. Sad to say, but the old Billy Bob ain't into the big holidays.....birthdays, Easter bunnies an' stuff like that. An' I sure don't want to be on a highway on a day like this.

Went off towards town yesterday. Walmart ya know. Got down to the intersection of the highway and decided to head off to Rockport where OFM Barney lives. Bout 35 mile ya know. Drop off my my empty medication bottle at Walmart and go visit with Barney for a spell. Yup, he home. We sit out in the yard, since it was a beautiful day, jaw'n for a bit. Then we head on down to the harbor to catch us up some nice eat'n size fish. Barney hook into a great big ol' Spanish mackerel before the old Billy Bob catched his first rock. That was it....one fish for the both us. Where are all the fish at???

On the way home, I stop off at the local Churches fried chicken place in Aransas Pass an' pick me up a box of chicken and some jalapenos. Now that's some good Thanksgiv'n day eat'n. I don't even like turkey, so Churches chicken is my first choice above all other holiday feasts. Although, a plate of enchiladas, refried pintos and rice sure do sound good.

Ok....got things to do. "billy bike" needs some attention.  


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hors'n around...burro that is

 See that burro with the rope on his neck. That's the little bastard what try to kick old Billy Bob.

Oh holy crap.....I done forgot to get all my meds while at Walmart the other day. So that means, today I have to go back to Walmart. I was gonna wait till "black friday" and get them on sale, but I ain't wait'n in no lines for a $4 prescription. Now that gets me to wondering how they can charge $4 for a months supply of blood pressure medication and charge $10 for a months supply of over the counter headache medication (Bayer 500 mg. aspirin). Somebody is mak'n some bucks on headaches.

I remember when I was in a VA hospital back in 1980. That when I injured my back. Sit in that damn hospital for almost 2 months while they was try'n to convince me that I only thought I injured my back. Anyhows, they had me medicated with some the strangest drug ya ever hear of. One make hair grow in my tongue. Well, it weren't really hair like on your head, but it sure felt like it. Little thingys grow'n on my tongue a 1/4 inches long. On top of all them drugs the doctors was giv'n me, I was tak'n any high potency pain reliever I could get my hands on.  Even contraband.....you know, illegal stuff. Most had no effect other than aspirin. Of which I was tak'n right at or over 10,000 mgs a day. They worked, but ate my stomach slap up. Now years later, I suffer from a simple pain reliever....aspirin. Belch, burp, gurgle, gag...acid reflex, burn like the dickens.

I were think'n bout go'n to the golf ball swak'n place today an' beat hell out the OFM Barney. But yesterday while test'n the "billy bike", I fell slap on my ass.....wrenched (or is it winched) my back. Took me up 2 of them 500 mg aspirins think'n I would be all well by this morn'n, but I ain't. So.....golf ball swak'n will have to wait for another day. But I may ride the "billy bike" again.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bicycle gears

Ok, I got to take me a break....whooooeee, I are tired work'n on bicycles.

Yee ha....I done fount me a old bicycle what I been look'n for. When I look at it, I says...."hey, that's just what I been look'n for". It has a single piece crank with 3 gears on it.....yes! One gear is flat useless 'cause it too big an' won't fit nohow. But the other two....gold mine!!! Billy Bob done struck it rich. See what patience will get ya if'n ya wait long enough??? So now I have some gears to work with and a spare 5 1/2 inches crank complete with brand spank'n new bearings. "WD-40...where's my WD-40"? 

The first thing I done was to take the 3 gears apart....chainsaw, chisel and drill bits. The first gear I tried on the "billy bike" was the 5 1/2 inches crank an' a 38 tooth gear sprocket. Well darn, "billy bike" is still too hard to pedal up a big ol' hill. So's I try the 7 inches crank with the same 38 tooth gear. Well, that's a little better....but still not easy enough for an old fart with skinny legs. Ok, let's try the 30 tooth gear an' see what happen. Holy crap, that exactly what I been say'n all along.....perfect. Just offhand, I would say the gearing on the "billy bike" is bout the same as OFM Barney's "barney bike", the trusty steed or what ever he calls it. I'm happy!!~! Now how the hell do ya shorten a bicycle chain???

So yesterday I went to my secret fish'n hole think'n I were gonna catch me up some trout or redfish. WRONG!!!! There weren't nobody even get'n a bite on live bait....shrimps an' stuff like that. Barney showed up with all his fish'n gear an' wades out in the middle of the shrimpboat channel, cast'n lures in every direction. I sit there an' watched him for bout a half a hour, but he don't know that....he was busy catch'n fish. An' then here pulls up this crazy lady....talk'n to herself and me at the same time. Boy howdy, what ever she was on, lit her up like a 230 volts Christmas tree or one them Olympics torch thingys. I jumps in "that jeep" an' I'm out of here. 

Damn goat done eat up my favorite fly swapper. He just come in "da house" like he live here or something like that. Pick up stuff an' head out the door with it. Sadie Mae don't say a word. She just lay there look'n at that goat an' shake her head. Speak'n of Sadie Mae, she done fount her a fresh deposit of burro poop to roll around in. My god Sadie, you stink like poop. Now I got to give her a bath and cut her hair. "Where my scissors"? But maybe not today.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Monday

 Here it is Monday already. The weekend was a total loss at Billy Bob's house. I should have went fish'n or something like that. But what did I do? Spent 2 freak'n days on the internet look'n for a Jeep. Fount some pretty nice ones too. But "My god, them are some high price automobiles". Then I loaded up the water jugs and went off to town for some reverse osmosis water out one them machines at the grocery store. Got me 21 gallons pumped into the fresh water tank on "da house". Two more trips and I'll have a full tank. Then I built me up a big ol' pot of homemade chicken noodle potato vegetable soup. Hot damn, that some good eat'n I betcha.

For some unknown reason, the old Billy Bob ain't been feel'n too good. So let's diagnose the situation like what a good mechanic would do on a car.

1. Does the engine start? Well yeah, but it misses and backfires out the tail pipe for the first couple hours until it warms up. Coughs an' sputters from the intake air system when ya give it some gas. Ain't got no git up an' go. Don't run the same since the hoses were replaced in 2008.

2. Does the suspension system have a smooth ride? Well no it don't. The shocks are all wore slap out. Drive shaft rattles and vibrates. Rubber grommets and ball joints are stiff. Alignment is all kattiwhompis. Tires are down to their last miles.

3. How is the steering? Well, ya see, it's like this. When I try to go straight, it goes off to the right or left, depending on the terrain. Sideswiping objects happen quite often.

4. Does the transmission work? Well, kind of. It's a four speed but only works in 1st gear and reverse. Slips when I take off too fast. The other 3 gears ain't been used in years.

Ok, I'm done with that. I weren't diagnosing "that jeep" in case that what you're think'n. I'm think'n "that jeep" is in better shape than I am when it comes to a diagnosis.

Sit'n here think'n maybe I aughter go fish'n. It ain't like I got better things to do. There's a little fish'n hole between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas I been want'n to put the "bubba boat in the water an' go catch me up some trout fish. There ain't no wind, the temp ain't too bad and there's a possibility the sun might come out.

Ok....I got to go do something. Sit'n on my ass is only caus'n blisters. Laters...


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jeep hunt'n

Boy howdy, what a day.

Yesterday morn'n I put my internet surf'n uniform on and went to the cyber beach. Look'n for a replacement for "that jeep" on Craigslist. Holy crap, there ain't no Jeeps left in the country. Not what I'm look'n for anyhows. And the ones I found are either all used up mechanically or over priced.

You might ask why I am look'n for a Jeep. Well it's like this. They can be towed behind "Sally da house" if'n they are 4x4. Don't want no "little" Jeep. It got to be a full size so's I have room for all the stuff what I carry. You know, the "bubba boat", fish'n gear, camp'n gear....stuff like that.

Then last night I got all depressed bout my search for the perfect toad. Is this really what I want to do? Will it save me some bucks in the long run....probly not? Will I be able to sleep at night know'n how much another Jeep will cost me? Can I fix "that jeep" and be happy? How long will I use it as a toad? Damn....what to do?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Clouds be gone with ya

Dag nab clouds. Everwhere I look, ain't nuttin but clouds. That gets depress'n ya know. Go to freak away. I got so much stuff pil'n up on me I ain't never gonna get everything done. Maybe I just ain't gonna do nuttin until the sun shines down on me.

Down to my last few gallons of drink'n water this morn'n. To some, this may not seem important, but when ya make coffee out of bar ditch water, something got to be done right away. Those of ya that ain't never been to Sinton, Texas, let me tell ya bout the city water system. It sucks. They get their water out of a well somewheres up the road a piece and by the time it gets to town, it's full of rust, bugs & critters, big ol' chunks of mud, grass clipp'ns.....and it tastes like all the above. The only worster water I ever tasted was in Chesapeake, Ohio. That shit was brown an' green (iron and algae), smell like rotton aggs....undrinkable.....nasty stuff.

So here what I got to do....Walmart. Not to buy water, but to buy a couple more 7 gallon water jugs. Since I'm out of meds again, I rekon I could pick some up along with my water jugs. Then haul water from the Corpus Christi water system back to "da house" and pump it into my fresh water tank. Sounds simple huh? Well it ain't. It's a pain in the ass. Two trips (28 gallons) is just enough water to last right bout 4 or 5 days.....if'n I decide to take a shower or two. What ain't likely.

Speak'n of water, I used to have a water filter on "da house" what would take all kind of stuff out the water. Make it taste good too. Was a wonderful water filter. But it broke a few years back an' I ain't never replaced it. I bought it in Rockport, so maybe a trip to Rockport in on the agenda for the day. Maybe they still handle the same brand. Yeah....that exactly what I gonna do. By chance I may hook up with the OFM Barney and have a nice lunch. I'm buy'n ya know. "Take your fish pole Billy Bob".

Does this look like a fox to you????

Ok...got things to do......laters.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Look'n for parts

Boy howdy, I'm tired.

I went look'n for bicycle parts yesterday. Along the side of the road. Throwed away bicycles ya know. All I need is one simple little sprocket. That's all....nuttin else. But do you think the old Billy Bob fount any old discarded bicycles? Well hell no, not one. An' I drived over a hunnert mile look'n.

So off to Corpus Cristi to buy a sprocket at one the bicycles shops over there. Well, you can forget that. After 'splain'n to the guy I don't care what kind of bicycle the sprocket comes off of, he still didn't understand, fumbl'n through some parts catalog, that I was willing to use a square one if'n he had it in stock. This is get'n ridiculous.

Ok, now let me tell ya bout "that jeep". That damn jeep. I were go'n down the road, hit a little tiny bump an' the cruise control turn slap off. Then I hit another little bump an' the motor turn slap off. But it come back on right quick like. I'm 'spect'n there a bad connection somewheres. What ya think???? Under the hood is a hunnert million wires go'n all over the place. Under the car is another hunnert million wires. So where do I start? I'll tell ya where I'll start. At the local used car dealers, that where I'll start. 

But that ain't the rest of the story. Have ya ever ride a 18 wheeler down a washboard dirt road? That what it like when I drive "that jeep" down a paved road. Every little imperfection on the pavement is transmitted up through the tires and wheels, through the suspension, up to the steer'n wheel, down my arms, an' up into my jaws what rattle hell out my teeth. This is not what I were look'n for when I bought this Jeep. Craigslist here I come.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just stuff

Holy crap, maybe I should have stayed in Del Rio. I like to froze to death last night. There was a little rain earlier in the day, the wind was blow'n, there weren't no sunshine an' I was cold. Today looks like a repeat of yesterday.

Well poop. Just got a phone call from my financial adviser.....I'm broke......pooof, all gone. How the hell that happen??? "Ya spend too much on toys Billy Bob....that how". (personal note....check expenditures) It don't seem possible that I could have spend THAT much money in such a short time. Now I got to run down town an' make a deposit into my vacation account.....or something like that.

Now the next thing I got to figger out is how I gonna modify the "billy bike" so's I don't wear myself slap out try'n to peddle the damn thing. On the agenda is to find a bicycle graveyard an' look for a chain crank gear with less teeth than what I got now. Kind of like add'n a granny gear to a transmission. Then I got to figger out a way to move the crank forward. I know how, just need the parts. And a chain saw, cut'n torch an' a welder. Closest bicycle shop is all the way over there in Corpus Christi. Unless somebody know of a place closer.....hint, hint. Or I could just put a motor on it. I gonna ride this bike one way or the tuther.

Did someone mention fish???

I got lots more fish pics, but this is enough.

I could ride this......

Ok...got things to do.....laters.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

South Texas in a day

El Rancho Abraham RV Resort & Goat Farm
Sinton, Texas

Holy Crap, what the hell is all that noise? I'm camped 1/2 mile from a major Texas hiway and all I heared is big trucks all night long. Trains go'n through town blow'n their horns. Dogs bark'n to all hours. Damn, this ain't nuttin like peace an' quiet.

Ok, I pull into the yard yesterday even'n an' here come that damn goat before I could unhook "that jeep" and park "Sally da house". He remembered me from bout 8 months ago and come up pok'n me with his head for a good scratch'n. Then he jump slap up the steps into "da house" to check out the brand spank'n new floor. Goats don't belong in a motorhome no matter how ya look at it.

And then, me and Sadie Mae, we was walk'n round the ranch, an' here come 4 freak'n burros out of nowheres to investigate the new arrivals. Sadie Mae ain't never see a burro before, so she take off lickity split for "da house". She don't want nuttin to do with no miniature mules.

Waked up this morn'n to "cold". This ain't right. I should be far enough south that cold should never reach this far. Although, 47 degs ain't really that cold. It could be worse ya know.

Don't know where to start on blog catch up. Bout all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Del Rio and Lake Amistad. I had all the comforts of home ya might say. Didn't take long to get used to no internet. But now that I got it again, I'll probly spend way too much time sit'n here "surf'n" an' stuff. Got lots of things I need to research. Post some pics of all the bass fish I done catched up. Critter cam pics....stuff like that. Don't have much ex'cit'n stuff to write about, but that's been a way of life lately. So in the mean time I'll just talk some nonsense to keep the ball roll'n.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

On the road again...Wilham Nelson I think

Short an' sweet......

Boy howdy, what a beautiful day this turn out to be. Roll out of bed this morn'n to 46 degs. What the hell??? It were warm yesterday. I was want'n to get a early start this morn'n so's I wouldn't have to sleep on the side the road somewheres tonight. Ya ain't usually gonna catch the old Billy Bob driv'n more than 200 mile a day, but in this case....I gonna do it. Still got me another 75 mile to go....or something like that.

Sadie Mae had to pee, I were hungry, needed some fresh brewed coffee, so we stopped at the rest area between Corpus Christi and San Antone. Gonna only be here for long enough to fix me up that fresh brew an' eat me up a sammich. This is good a place as any to make a short blog post. Should be more to come in the next few days. Try to catch up ya know.

See ya down the road a piece.

Friday, November 9, 2012

HEY.....Billy Bob is in Del Rio

Well, here I are. Still in Del Rio, Texas if'n ya didn't already know. I been catch'n up fish ya know. Bunches of 'em. Then I been hav'n problems with this an' that.

Speak'n of batteries, I were down to the WIFI place the other day think'n I was gonna make a blog post. Had the computer charger thingy plug into the inverter what gets it's power from the battery in "that jeep". Ya see, the computer battery ain't no good....go dead in 15 minutes. That when I hear this "warning buzzer"thingy go'n off. What the hell??? The "that jeep" battery is slap dead. Won't start the car. Won't turn on the lights. Won't do nuttin. Now I'm stuck along side the road with a dead battery an' Sadie Mae wants to go home. I says to myself...."ya think that "bubba boat" battery will crank up the engine"??? I hooks it up with jumper cables and WALLA...."that jeep" come to life. Made a straight shot to the local Autozone an' get the battery and alternator check out. The guy say they both OK. Ha, what does he know?

Billy Bob don't got much confidence in these parts sell'n people so back at "da house", he do some investigat'n on his own. Check'n voltages an' stuff like that. "Take it to Walmart Billy Bob. It's a Walmart battery and it's still in warranty". That what I did. They put a big ole machine on my battery and afore I knows it, I got a brand spank'n new $120 (parts and labor) battery sit'n in "that jeep". Had they finished their tests, I would have knowed 100% for sure if'n the battery was bad or not. But that didn't happen. They just give me a new battery to get rid of me....I betcha.

Ok, speak'n of WIFI and internet connections, I been do'n pretty good without both. Although I would have like to watch the news and see who the next presidet was. Didn't find out until 2 days later when I call old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Damn!!!!

I come this close >< to pull'n out of here yesterday morn'n. The wind was blow'n up a storm....bout 15/20 mile a hour, or something like that. Too windy to go fish'n, so me an' Sadie Mae took a ride. All over the place. Fount 2 more perfect fish'n places way up the road a piece, but ya gotta climb down the side a big ol' cliff to get there. Old Billy Bob is get'n to be quite the mountain goat here in Del Rio.

Sides all that, I been lay'n back enjoy'n all the quiet, keep'n a watchful eye out for wild critters, an' toss'n fish'n stuff in the water. Speak'n of critters, how bout I go buy me a critter cam?

In case anyone is wonder'n, I done catched me up so many fish they all know me by name.