Saturday, June 30, 2012

More frick'n floor fix

I really didn't want to mention my brand spank'n new floor this morn'n, but.......I gonna anyhows.

Ya see, it's like this. When ya get in a hurry, ya gonna mess something up. On a little project, it don't make much matter when ya mess something up. Ya just go out and buy another one. But a floor? No, ya gotta fix it.

Send Tim off to Walmart to buy me up 4 pacs of "greenies". Setting my random orbital on top one these greenies hold it in place pretty dern good.....spin like a sum-a-gum. And away I goes sanding all them dog hairs, sand and dirt out of the finish coat of polyurethane on my floors. Work pretty dern good too. Slick like glass.

When I make my final floor recap post, I'm leave this process out. That ways everbody gonna think the old Billy Bob don't screw up (actually it weren't me, but I allowed it to happen). Remember that supervisors eye I was tell'n ya bout? Well, it was closed during the final coat.

Did I mention how much I like my new TV? That sucker do anything. Play movies off'n one them memory card thingys. Play music off'n the same thing. Hook my computer up to it. It do anything. If'n ya ain't never had one these new fangle HD TV's, ya need to run down to the TV sell'n place store an' buy ya up one. And then when I hooks it up to my big ol' surround sound system.....BOY HOWDY. Shake winders an' stuff.

Look like we gonna have a couple more days of this miserable hot weather from Texas. Yesterday I had'a shut the door it were so hot (106). But I ain't one to be complain'n ya know. It's been super nice (low to mid 90's) here in Georgia up to a couple days ago.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Just think'n...road fever

I don't think much bout money, bank accounts an' stuff like that. I know how much I can spend in a month and that's what I do. Try'n to stay under my limit of course. When I talk to other RV'ers about what their monthly expenses are, I feel like "poor folk". But I live quite comfortably on what I spend.

Couple days ago I said I was tired. Today I am really tired. I need to go somewhere's. Ok, so I am somewhere.....what brings up the subject of "road fever". You folks what live in a house, in a subdivision, right next door to Mr. Jones, don't know what road fever is. These folks get excited to drive down the street and pick up a few items at Walmart....or their favorite store. But road fever is to get all excitis to drive 500 hunnert mile to another State to do their shop'n. Camp in some desolated little town for the night, then be on the road again before 10am the next morn'n. And all for no particular reason an' no particular place to go.

I been do'n some serious think'n bout the desert lately. Go see my old buddy "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Spend bout a month in Deming "do'n nuttin". Ain't got no wrote in stone plans, but sure am think'n bout another Texas lakes tour after leav'n NM. before head'n to south Texas Falcon Lake for the winter months. Catch me up that 14 pounds bass fish ya know.

My beer cousin in Missouri wants me to drop by on my way to New Mexico, but ain't sure I'll have the time. I got to be in Deming no later than the last of August for registration on "that jeep" and go visit with "Dr. Fronkenstein". Damn I don't like that guy. But he's the one what writes my prescriptions ya know.

Ok....I got things to do....laters.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Broken promises

Well, the old Billy Bob done did it again. I had promised I would create no more projects. Right!!!
Yesterday afternoon I pulled the compressor off "that jeep" to replace it with a brand spank'n new one. Sent Tim to the auto parts sell'n places to get some prices. Holy Crap...."Billy Bob you can fix this one". Well.....I didn't decide that till this morn'n.

So here I are out in the garage tear'n apart a "remanufactured" air conditioning compressor. Parts fly'n everways. The "O" ring leaks. So where ya gonna get a new "O" ring? I ain't. Gonne put me some silicone sealer on it and put it back together.....that what I gonna do. Now I don't really expect this repair to last any time once I get back into the hot deserts of Texas and New Mexico, but what the hell....what I got to lose??? Anyhows, that's my project for today.

The second coat of poly on the floor look like crap. But ya got to look really close to see what I'm talk'n bout....little bitty "Sadie Mae" hairs everywheres. Dull and bright spots where Robert got hisself in too much of a hurry to finish the project. Now I got to live with it, as is, since it can't sanded down an' start over. No.....I ain't a happy camper.

Gonna make this short today....got a few things I got to do ya know. Stay tuned for more "fix it" adventures.

See what I tole you....I'm back again. Being that I had removed the compressor off'n  "that jeep", why not go ahead and tackle one more little fix....the freak'n water leak. And that what I did.....just hope it's fixed. Then I put the compressor back together and reinstalled it. Tomorrow or this week end I'll evacuate the system and charge 'er back up with some Pag oil and super cold refrigerant. Then cross a couple fingers.

Damn I'm tired. Not from what I did today, but what been go'n on for the last month. Got to do some serious R&R think'n bout camp'n an' fish'n. Robert and Tim has a free week the middle of July, so we probably gonna go camp'n. Just us guys.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do'n what I said

Well shoot, I done sleeped half the day away (9am), but it don't matter nohows since I ain't gonna do diddly squat today. That why I have my son Robert and grandson Tim stand'n by to fulfill my every desire.

In fact, Robert come in this morn'n and says..."you gonna sleep all day"? Then he put me on a pot of coffee. Screwed that up...forgot to put the lid on the pot thingy, so all my fresh coffee was still up in the maker thingy an' none in the pot. Old Billy Bob fix that right up, but now the coffee sucks. Then he grabs brooms, mops, big ol' shop vac and commence to make all kinds of noise what I weren't ready for. Then he steers up the can of polyurethane, tells me to get the hell out, an' starts sling'n that stuff everways. I'm gone in a flash.

I heads out to "da porch" with my trusty companion Sadie Mae, sip'n up a cup an' a thought hit me just like that.....cut Sadie's hair. I grabs up a pair of old scissors, grab Sadie Mae by the nap and commence to chop hair. I butcher her up pretty good I betcha. But what the hell, she don't ever look in no mirror anyways to see what I did to her. Poor baby.....it gonna grow back!!!

Plan for the day is to finish this polyurethane process and move on to greener fields. Rekon I need to make me up another work list since I keep think'n of more stuff to do. One item of importance is to replace the air cond. compressor on "that jeep"......costs keep add'n up. The guaranteed leak repair stuff failed miserably. In fact, it made the leak worser than it was to start with. But that's OK, "that jeep" thinks I just go out and yank my hard earned money off a freak'n tree....or something like that. Still got some tires to buy up for "Sally da house", but that's OK too....."da house" thinks just like "that jeep" do.

When I decided I would make a trip to Georgia, it wasn't to go off to some lake and catch me up a bunch of oversize bass fishes. It was to make a few "fix's and modifications to "da house. I'm do'n exactly what I had intended to do and I'm enjoy'n every minute of it. You know Billy Bob and his projects....go, go, go.

Ok....that's it folks from your travel commentator Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae. Hope your day is good as mine....nice an' cool in the peach state Georgia. I used to live here one time ya know.....bout 36 year ago.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

70 year old grouchy old bastard

Boy howdy, when I waked up this morn'n I were hobb'n round on one foot 'cause the other one weren't work'n too good. I were all piss off bout los'n a whole bunch of my much needed beauty sleep...all over a "shiny" floor. My back hurted and my head was pound'n like a sledgehammer. What 'butterbean' says...."bellyachun"....or something like that.

Speak'n of bellyachun, I'm think'n the old Billy Bob has every right to bitch an' moan just like the next guy....and still be OK. At least that the ways I look at it. I'm old enough that I've earned that right, amungst other things. Have ya ever hear a old man fart in the "girlie" department at Walmart??? We have that right ya know.

Ok, enough nonsense.....back to work projects. Have ya ever hear me say "Google is your bestest friend"? Well, I was concerned that my brand spank'n new floors was gonna be too shiny. So's I googled. Well I'll be derned, ya gotta stir polyurethane for bout a hour to loosen all the dulling agent what is settled on the bottom of the can. That exactly what I done, but it weren't for no freak'n hour. Made a test run on a piece of scrap.....now that what I'm talk'n bout....perfect.

Early this morn'n, me and Robert start tak'n stuff out the house, sweeped, run the vacuum, wash an' mop the floor and start spread'n polyurethane all over the floor. Holy cows, the old Billy Bob is gonna like this stuff. Now, why am I putting polyurethane on a brand new floor? Well, I weren't satisfied with the durability of the stuff from the first scratch what happened. Then I got to think'n, I go to places what is 90% sand and 10% dirt. What gonna happen when I start track'n that stuff all over my new floor? It ain't gonna last long, that what.

You may have to look close to see the difference betwix yes and no. Yes on the left.

Sure have been feel'n good over here in Georgia. Had a couple days when I thought I was gonna die, but that was from some the stuff I been eat'n. Most people don't approve of my eats, but damn, they tastes good. Speak'n of eat'n, I'm think'n I done gain me a few pounds since I been here. Full course meal every night. Good stuff too. That probably why my grandson Tim is 6 foots 3 inches tall. Damn, he a big boy.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Too serious

If this blog post offends anyone, so be it.
Boy howdy. The old Billy Bob goes away for a few days and it like he never existed. Reason for that....I done got myself and my blog writ'n too damn serious an' too much talk bout work. Not enough nonsense has passed my way, ain't got  hurt, no fall'n down kind'a stuff to write about. I don't like to get serious unless everything else fails......so I took me a break.

Was a sad day to come back and find a fellow blogger has passed away.....no matter who it was.

One thing most people shy away from, is talk'n bout death.....'specially the younger generation what ain't never gonna die. As each year passes, I know my day is com'n. Don't know when or where it gonna happen, but it's gonna. If' ya got yourself one them bucket list thingys, get 'er done before it's too late. Me....I don't have one no more. Done did everything I ever wanted to do as a young whippersnapper. All my dreams are fulfilled. That is unless 5 acres, a 16x36 shelter for "Sally da house", a big ol' tractor, a bass fish'n boat, a pond full of fishes, a little vegetable garden, a goat an' burro to mow the lawn....and someone to share what days remain. That's not a dream, but a goal. Can it happen?  Do I still have time?

Ok, back to blog'n with Billy Bob and Friends. If ya remember, I replaced the carpet in "Sally da house" with some beautiful walnut flooring. Every time I look at it, I get that "a job well done" kind of feel'n. But.....before anyone else makes the same mistake I did, I got to tell ya something. It was a mistake from the git go. Not a mistake to throws a nasty carpet in the dumpster, but a mistake in choice of material and color. Yeah I know...."I told you so".

So here's the deal. If'n ya own a RV and decide to install a wood surface floor, do a little research first. Yes I did research, but not enough. I knowed I wanted a dark color what I was gonna have to sweep and mop every single day for the rest of my life. But what I didn't consider was the durability of wood. Although I have a lifetime guarantee on the flooring.....this crap scratches....and everybody know that scratches shows up more on a dark floor than on a light color floor. Now I have a decision to make.....what I did the other day. Polyurethane the whole damn thing. Yes polyurethane is durable. But I done make another mistake. Bought me up a $45 a gallon floor poly what is gonna shine more than I want. Or I think it is. "Should'a bought yourself up a gallon of satin finish Billy Bob". What I didn't. So I'm stuck with a floor what needs sweeped and moped every day, has a tendency to scratch and is gonna be too freak'n shiny. I'm gonna love it.....maybe. Research first before you do what old Billy Bob did. Think Pergo.

Ok....got a leak to fix before we reinstall the slide out awning. Ain't much of a leak, but it's a leak.

Oh boy, did the old Billy Bob mess up or what? Ya see, it's like this. I open up that gallon of semi gloss polyurethane and start slap'n it on the floor....in the bedroom as a trial run. Trial run is over....too shiny......look just like water lay'n on the floor.
"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? Well I rekons I'm gonna spend me up another $45 for a gallon of satin finish and hope it's not too shiny too. This could get expensive ya know. I can see it now....old Billy Bob in the carpet department look'n at new carpet. But ya know I ain't gonna be do'n that....right??? Grrrrrrrrr......!!!!!!
The only other option is to polyurethane the bedroom only and be satisfied with the rest as is. Nobody visits the bedroom anyhows.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Inside complete

Boy howdy, I feel a lot better this morn'n than I did for the last 3 days. The older ya get, the less "junk" ya can put in your body without hav'n to pay the price. There was a time I could eat anything. An' a bunch of it. Now I have to be watchful of most everything that might be considered food. Certain items cause disastrous results. Like peanut butter and potted meat sandwiches. Used to love 'em, but those days are long gone. As long as I got me some Alka Seltzer in "da house", I can pretty much survive eat'n what I want. The last 3 days kind of proved that theory wrong. Between the couch and the bathroom is right bout 15 feets. Bet ya a quarter I walked a hunnert mile them 3 days.

Me and Robert was sit'n here this morn'n admir'n our work and pretty much decided, the inside "da house" is complete....construction wise. Still got some stuff lay'n round what needs to be put somewhere's, but it's done. No more saw dust and stuff in "da house". Yee ha!!!!

Did some online research on tires for "Sally da house" and here what I come up with. My bankroll is gonna take a beat'n. There are RV tires and there are truck tires. RV tires contain some crap what makes them a little more "sun tolerant" than truck tires and can last a little longer. They are also a little softer for a nicer ride. But.....they cost a whole lot more. They have the same tread design, are exactly the same size and have the same safety guarantees. So....."now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? You guessed it, make a feeble attempt to save a few hunnert dollars. I'll take any input you may have on tires in the comment section.

Speak'n of comments, I sure have been enjoy'n all the comments on the repairs an' such. Got a kick out of Gypsy's comment yesterday on "hang'n out". I could just picture her daddy haul'n her out that local hangout place.

Ok, got things I gotta do. Laters!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You rode a what???

Hot damn, the old Billy Bob didn't sleep in this morn'n. Rolled out of bed before 7am. I were get'n worried that I was gonna become a night person and start sleep'n till noon the next day. I did that one time in my life way back when I was a teenager. Didn't have no job, so didn't have no money neither. Hanged out at the "Suzie Q" cross the street from the "carburetor boys" hamburger joint hangout.  Damn.....what was the name that place??? The Suzie Q was a hangout for out of work, uneducated, older teenagers what stayed up till the late hours listen'n to 5 for a quarter tunes on the jukebox, tell'n "stories" an' plan'n trouble for the next day.

We mostly drove old beat up second hand cars what we would pick up for bout $25 from some old folks that parked them in the back yard an' gave up on 'em years before. 1927 Buick....$12. 1946 Ford.....$5. 1949 Mercury.....$50. 1947 Nash.....free. 1946 Plymouth.....$15. 1950 (?) Ford full race flathead engine for the 46 Plymouth....$10. This was the late 50's....remember???

The first motorcycle I ever climbed on was an old Harley Davidson "hog".....saddle bags an' all. We was sit'n at the Suzie Q and here come Dick Loper down the street on this big ol' thing.....grin'n from ear to ear like a possum done fount his self a free meal. "Boy Howdy, I sure would like to ride that thang". I climbs on, gives her some gas, let loose the clutch an' I was rid'n me a big ol' Harley hog. I were go'n down the wrong side the street try'n to figger out how to change them gears, couldn't get the damn thing to go straight, wobbl'n one side the road to the other.....I'm get'n scared. Now let me tell ya a little secret. Ya don't ride a Harley 'xactly like ya do a bicycle. If'n I can't get 'er to go straight, I shouldn't have no problem turn'n this sucker round, go'n back to the Suzie Q and get'n off this death trap machine fore I get hurt or kilt or something like that. So how the hell do ya turn a motorcycle around? Ya gotta lean, ya gotta lean Billy Bob....and ya gotta be go'n faster than a slow walk. Yup.....that when I fall slap over.....right there in the middle the street. Then couldn't pick that heavy thing back up. Later in my life I've had numerous motorcycles ranging from little "putt putts" to a beautiful home brewed "basket"  Harley chopper.

Today will be spent put'n stuff back together what was tore apart yesterday. Sorry to have bored you with so many details of repairs and such, but I....me....have an accurate record of what, when, where and how. That's important to me ya know.  

More later if'n I make it back alive......

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chas'n wires with Tim

Ok.....yesterday the Billy Bob Construction & Repair crew took the day off. Aren't holidays special? While the crew was sit'n outside under a big ol' tree relax'n, Billy Bob was inside clean'n the construction site of saw dust, wood chips, dog hairs, desert sands, dust an' dirt and Georgia red clay. Boy howdy.

Oh boy, I'm stuck with two 19 year old grandsons this morn'n with nuttin to do. I put the smartest one changing a vacuum hose to the dash air system. Oh Oh, I done started cuss'n. Never mind, he got it all hook up and put back together.....under my supervision. Hmmmmm, since Tim did such a good job, should I give him another dash air job fix'n the motor speed control what don't work on hi speed. "Oh hell Billy Bob, turn the boy loose". That what I did. Crawl'n round under the dash and under the hood, the little resister control was finally located. But, how the hell do ya get it out? Stubby screwdriver.....anybody got a stubby screwdriver?

Me and Robert was sit'n out there under that tree and the subject of a round of golf ball swak'n was brung up. It's been 7 months since I swak'ed a ball.....me and OFM Barney in Sinton, Texas. If'n I remember correctly, he beat me a bad one that day.

Play by play action on the fan motor speed control repair. Tim fount a stubby and pull that resister control slap out. Tested out to be "nuttin wrong". What the hell...."Tim, pull the dashboard apart again". What he did, an' he say...."what the hell papaw, a burned wire". Billy Bob fix that right quick like. Now for a test run. "Tim, put that resister thingy back in".
Test run failed. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? Think I rekon. Holy Crap....wires go'n every direction.

Break time.....

I'm back with good news. While I were sit'n there think'n, I remembered "Google is your best friend".  After bout a dozen sites, I was able to determine that the hi speed don't work on the blower. Ha ha....just kidd'n with ya. I was able to locate a little fuse holder thingy way the hell down there on the frame what was all burn slap up....probably from driv'n in the rain. This folks is top quality engineering in the placement of a fuse holder by our highly trained college graduates of today. That's sarcasm if'n ya don't know. Anyhows I jumper that sucker to finish the test run. Hi speed fan go a hunnert mile a hour now. "Tim, put all this crap back together". New fuse holder and fuses on order.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Opps, ain't finished yet

I rekon I should have make myself more clear when I says I'm finished, complete, job well done. What I probably oughter said is that there ain't no more stuff to be repaired or constructed inside "da house". Put'n stuff back in it's proper place ain't gonna be no easy job. Did I hear somebody say "dumpster"??? 

I started yesterday off with put'n stuff back on the walls, from the top down, and look'n for "those items" what seems to just disappear...."Robert....where the damn screws what hold this doomaflotchy to the wall"???

Up to this point, repairs, changes, modifications an' such to "Sally da house" has been a adventure I ain't gonna soon forget. There been a whole bunch of 'back pat'n', 'blue ribbons' an' 'cuss'n an yell'n'....."I ain't work'n for you no more daddy".....an' stuff like that. But then there's been a lot of sit'n down together, sip'n a cup and talk'n bout what ever daddy's, sons and grandsons talk bout. It's been an experience, but most importantly, an adventure.

Boy howdy, what the hell go'n on??? I didn't get out of bed till 10:15 this morn'n. Think'n back, this ain't happen in a hunnert years. Don't want to make a habit of sleep'n half the day and then complain'n the day was too short.

Ok, got things to do. Ain't gonna be much, but I gonna do something.....and hope it's right. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Job well done...

"Ok Billy Bob, ya got all that repair and add on stuff done, an' from the looks of it, it's a job well done".

Now come the hardest of all construction and repair jobs....the clean up. Along the way, there will be a few touch up items to take care of, but "Sally da house" is finished. Well my part of it anyhows. There's no more jobs that need my supervision. It's all touch and go from here on out. Clean, clean, clean.....that the name of the game.

This was the final window valance covered with matching flooring material. Take notice that "Sally da house" no longer has "girlie" stuff in the living room. All the flower laden stuff is in the dumpster replaced with "man" stuff. Also take note that it took Billy Bob & Company 2 entire days to complete this final "cover up" job to the satisfaction of the critical eye of our supervisor. He's a hard man to please.

Still a little too early to be think'n bout go'n camp'n and catch'n up some fish. Gonna take a few days of much needed rest before my mind can switch into phase 2 of this Georgia trip. I'm tired to the bone, my back hurts and my mind is wored slap out. It's lay back time.

As a final reminder to any rv'er contemplating replacing carpet with wood floors , don't ever put "dark" flooring in a RV. That is unless you have someone on board what don't mind sweep'n and mop'n every freak'n day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Knit'n socks

Ya might be expect'n excit'n stories bout camp'n, fish'n an' explor'n the great outdoors, but old Billy Bob is still got work to do.

Ya see, it's like this, every time I sit down for a break, sip'n a cup, I get to think'n....."what if"? And that the reason I still got so much work to do. Scratch one thing off the list and add two. But boy howdy, let me tell ya, "Sally da house sure is look'n good. If'n ya would seen it before, you know what I'm talk'n bout.

Got most all the girlie flower stuff all covered up yesterday with man stuff. Ya see, all the winders and the door has valances, or what ever, covered with flowers, leaves an' tree branches. Ain't gonna see none that stuff no more.....covered with walnut flooring material. One winder to go for today for a job well done.

Have ya ever modified a "swiffer"? Well I did. Added a piece of 1/4 inches foam rubber to the bottom so that when I mop/shine/whatever my floor, I don't run slap out of water an' such. Gonna be giv'n it a test run here in a bit onest I pick up all the stuff what's lay'n on the floor and sweep with my modified broom. Get'n used to that ugly rug thingy I got lay'n in the living room. May just keep it.....after a modification.

Robert done got hisself another wild hair yesterday. He decided that his daddy needed satellite tv. He got cables, wires an' all kind of doodads run all over the place. The old Billy Bob was push'n buttons on the flip-it last night watch'n all kinds of cool programs. Alligator hunt'n in Louisiana.....them some crazy fools in Louisana. Alligator bite you one time, you gonna be knit'n socks at home.....with one arm, or a peg leg.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not finished yet....

Don't be think'n the old Billy Bob is gonna give up and call it a finished job. I get'n all kinds of new ideas float'n round in my head while I sit'n here on "da porch sip'n a cup an' think'n.

Yesterday was another stressful day mak'n changes to what was already changed from the day before. Mainly the new tv. You seen yesterdays photo before any changes and here is todays. See if you can find the difference....what took a bunch of hours to complete.

Ok, that was a hard question. If you notice, there ain't no old lumber hang'n down from the bottom of the tv.

 The original tv cabinet....or hole it fit in, was decreased in height by bout 4 inches. Then a piano hinge, Roberts idea, was installed for access the the back of the tv where all the wiring connections are located. Window locks were installed on each side to hold the tv and the homemade Billy Bob tv mount from fall'n down when I floor board "Sally da house". Another job well done by the renowned construction family of Billy Bob & Company. Kind of make ya think of Sanford & Son don't it?

Today starts out with pick'n up an' sort'n of tools. My God, there's tools everywheres. No wonder we couldn't find them.

Right now today, we sit'n on bout $1600 parts and materials and $500 in labor....not count'n mine. Dollar two give or take. This pretty much what I was expect'n. Next is the tires, brake pads and front wheel maintenance....GRRRRRRR.....damn, high dollar.

Weather has been beautiful here in Georgia. Day time temps in the mid to upper 80's. Ya cain't beat that wit a stik. Ain't rained in a few days and when it did, it poured, an' there weren't no leaks.....fingers crossed, knock'n on wood. Musta did something right.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where you was at Billy Bob

Holy cows, I done forgot to make a blog post yesterday. Somebody whip out a cooked noodle an' beat me a good'un.

It ain't like I have time for blog writ'n every day, but I do try. Ya see, yesterday I was all work up over buy'n a brand spank'n new tv. Weren't like I needed it or anything like that. My wonderful son Robert done planted the seed in my mind that I just had to have a bigger an' better tv. He denies his influence on my think'n, but truth be knowed, it's all Roberts fault. So off to the tv sell'n places we went. This was an experience....close to an adventure.

According to my son Robert, I had to have a special tv. Not one that just picks up a signal and broadcasts it for my watching pleasure, but one what would do "anything". So, the search was on.....for a tv what will do anything. My God, I'm get'n tired all this walk'n round in 3 different tv sell'n places. Must'a walk a hunnert mile look'n all them choices of tv's. Robert push'n buttons he don't know nuttin bout. "Leave the buttons alone Robert.....sheesh"!!! Stress level right on the verge of a major stroke.

Anyhows, we finally fount exactly what Robert was look'n for. Me....I was happy with what I had, a little 21 inches HDTV stuck in a little hole right over the dash. Three hunnert fifty dollar later, I now have a 32 inches HDTV, what will do anything, hang'n up there where the other one was at. Robert is happy.

Speak'n of hang'n a TV, have ya ever see how much one them wall hanger thingys cost? Over a hunnert dollars. The old Billy Bob ain't gonn go that route, he gonna "make" one his own design. And that exactly what I did. Did'nt cost nuttin neither. That is until Robert come up with a "new" idea. Some modification to my design will be necessary.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another trip to Walmart

Well shoot boy howdy, here we go again....spend'n dollars faster than Obama can print it.

Three items were on my shop'n list when we left "da house" with intentions of spend'n under half a hunnert dollars. Ha.....guess again. Old Billy Bob not only know how to fix stuff, but he know how to go over budget an' spend way over a hunnert dollar.

First thing on the list was a new cabinet in the living room for my 500 watt sound system. Fount one right off the bat....reduced price. Upon opening the box, it was quickly discovered why the price was reduced. The screw and hardware package was miss'n. But that ok with Billy Bob 'cause he gonna figger out a way to put it together "as is".

Then we went off to a garden center what has all kinds of neat stuff. Bought me up a indoor/outdoor carpet thingy for the liv'n room. Put it on the floor and instantly, I didn't like it. But I'll have to live with it till it wears out in bout 5 year or so. Or I may just decide to throw it in a dumpster in some little hick town somewheres.....but not today. 

Then we hit Best Buy. Just look'n ya know.....at new TV's. Boy howdy, these new fangle tv's will do anything but make a decent pot of coffee. Not say'n I'm gonna buy a bigger and newer tv, but.....it gonna take some serious think'n. Sure would be nice to have a big ol' 32 inches tv hang'n up there over the dash what I probably ain't gonna turn on but once or twice a week. What ya think....should I or shouldn't I????

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Better late than never....

Ya ever hear the old say'n..."it's better late than never"??? Well now that may be the case if'n you're expect'n a check in the mail. Or a lost order you been wait'n for for a week. But a blog post???? I don't think so.

I got up way early this morn'n to the sound of water run'n on the roof. Kind of like the sound of rain. Apparently it had rained all night long an' I didn't "no nuttin" bout it. Firstest thing I thought was the floor gonna be flooded (early morning pessimism). Well, I were half ways right. Ye see, yesterday we changed a roof vent cover over the kitchen. Robert reminded me to be sure I closed it before I went to bed. That's really all I need to say. The slide out did not leak.....yeee haaa!!!!

Somewheres I were talk'n bout how much Robert and his buff'n job was gonna cost me. I'm think'n I mentioned bout a hunnert dollar.  By the time we got out of the rv parts sell'n place I done spend me up a hunnert sixteen dollars. But not all on buff'n stuff. Replaced 2 roof vents for the black and gray holding tanks, one them crank up square roof vents an' the roof vent for the refrigerator. Also dug out all the old caulking on the bathroom skylite and recaulked. We good to go on the roof for another 8 years or so. Oh wait.....did I mention I need a new cover (bout $120) for the front ac unit on the roof???

Oh hell, I ain't never gonna get this post done...."hit publish Billy Bob".

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Punch list still fat

Well shoot, here it is another day already. I don't even remember sleep'n last night. That's probably good news. Went to bed at bout 10:30 or so, tossed an' turned for a while try'n to find a comfortable position and that's the last thing I remember. Sadie Mae has no problem. And she snores like a hog eat'n slop.

Had a very rough time yesterday get'n round from "da house", to "da porch, to the workshop. Not much was done to "da house" yesterday. Two more items were scratched off'n the cut (punch) list while two more were added. Ain't never gonna get done like that.

Son Robert went off to the "get'n" place an' brung back some fiberglass conditioner. Broke out his little buffer thingy and start buff'n that stuff all over "da house". I had done told him it was a useless task, but he think he knows better than his experienced daddy. Now he has bout 4 full days of backbreak'n work ahead of him. An' it gonna costs me bout a hunnert dollar for that stuff he put'n on there. Sheesh.....I ain't no damn money tree.
You may notice a bit of a shine on the bottom half and the old dull finish on the upper. This is a job I would never tackle on my own. Damn.....that look like work.
If ya look very very close, you will see a bit of a shine. Not much, but just a tad. Gonna look like a brand spank'n new motorhome right off'n the showroom floor.....when he get all finish......next week. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Was just think'n

Yesterday I just layed around an' didn't do a damn thing. No work....no nuttin. That is unless you consider sip'n coffee an' think'n as work. Did a lot of that, so by mid afternoon I was so pooped an' wored slap out, I had to take me up a nice long nap.

That when that damn dog start bark'n. What cause me to wake up all grouchy an' stuff. Ok....who let that dog out the house while I was tak'n a nap??? And why is someone beat'n on boards with a big ol' hammer. Some people have no respect for the older generation.....sheesh!!!

Ok, so here's the reason why I took yesterday off. First, there ain't nuttin to do....other than house clean'n chores what you know the old Billy Bob don't get all excited bout. But mainly, I were in a hurt. Ya see, I was bring'n a piece of wood I had just finished varnish'n out of the workshop. I were admiring my handiwork when the sunshine struck that fresh high gloss varnish....send a beam of bright ultraviolet light right in my eyeballs......what cause me to miss calculate that last step. An' down I goes....fell slap on my ass on that concrete floor. I layed there an' says "what the hell....somebody pick me up". Weren't no good for nuttin the rest the day. Nor the next day....what was yesterday. Today, I'm think'n I might take just a day off an do nuttin.

With both slide outs work'n like brand spank'n new, all that rotted wood what was under that old carpet replaced, a brand spank'n new wood floor installed in "da house", a whole passel of "make life easier" chores done, there ain't nuttin left to do.

Well, yes there is more to do. Got to jack up the front of "da house" and repack (or replace) the front wheel bearings. Since the wheels is gonna be lay'n on the ground, might as well put some brand spank'n new brake pads on. Then go off down the road to the tire sell'n place and buy me up some brand spank'n new tires. And maybe a front end alignment. What ya think???

In the mean time, I'm gonna grab me a cup of coffee, head out to "da porch" and do me some think'n.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Countdown to fininshed

Tools are being picked up and put in their proper places. Trash bags are awaiting pick up at the curb. Extra lumber and materials are being stacked. Construction is complete.

The last few pieces of flooring were layed with care yesterday afternoon before the campfire was lit. All tools were transferred from every conceivable location to one lonely table sit'n out in the yard for division and storing. "My God, there's a hunnert pound of tools out there". Preparations are being made inside "da house" for the final photos of a job well done. Hopefully today.

Get'n back to travel plans and such, I been follow'n OFM Barney's travels and that man don't sit still for a minute. He just go, go, go....like the battery rabbit. One other blogger, BuggerBean 'n Texas....or something like that, is pick'n up a little travel trailer tomorrow. His travels will primarily be in and around the Ft. Worth/Dallas area.  One other blogger just buy hisself one them great big ol' brand spank'n new school bus motorhomes to travel in. Wait'n patiently to hear of his travels. Then Ya got's RV Sue and her doggie crew travel'n all over the southwest in a little Casita travel trailer. Good read'n an' well written. She go places I wouldn't take "that jeep".

Billy Bob's travels has slowed down the last few years. I'm get'n tired. I stay in one place too long. Not too much to write about when ya don't go nowheres or ya change your travels from fast pace rabbit speed to turtle speed. Don't get me wrong now 'cause I been all over the place in the last 10 years of full time rv'n. Not the most excit'n travels for others, but I sure did have a good time....almost.

One last trip on my "bucket list" of places I want to go before I hang it up, is my "Montana" trip. Up through Colorado and anything between there and Montana, off to the west coast in Washington State, south to Reno, Nevada, jump on the "loneliest road in America" to Ely, Nevada an' from there to where ever I started from.  Damn.....that's a long trip.

Alaska has never entered my mind as a place I would want to see. I went to school ya know and learnt there is snow in Alaska. That's all I need to know. Ain't gonna go somewheres where I got to run a heater day an' night and freeze my "willie" off if'n I go outside to pee in the snow. God invented snow for Yankees and Eskimos.

Ha....this was gonna be a one liner post this morning. Enjoy!!!
Maybe photos later.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

About that leak

I done spend me the whole afternoon yesterday try'n to figger a way to 'esplain why I have a leak on the newly repaired slide out. I tried so hard I got tired n' had a take me one them big long naps.....what only made me all grumpy like when I waked up. Grandkids an' dogs kept their distance.

Well anyhows, here's the deal. The slide out repairs proved to be right nary almost perfect. Go in "da house" just like a brand spank'n new one when ya push that button up there on the wall, an' go outside "da house" just the same. So I'm happy bout all that. But.....when it rained, the damn thing leaked a little water on my brand spank'n new floor. Not much ya know, just enough to get my attention when I step in it with my socked feet.

Son Robert got all work up want'n to pull the slide back out the wall and replace all the gaskets and seals. There ain't nuttin wrong with all the gaskets and seals that they would need replaced. At the top of the slide out is a seal what ain't touch'n the roof. Probably been like that a hunnert years. Water can get under that seal, run down between another gasket and seal and finally make it's way to my brand spank'n new floor.....what it did. The seal in question is called a wiper seal. Looks kind of like your every day windshield wiper blade on your car (the rubber part). That where old Billy Bob is 'spect'n where that water is com'n from. What ya think???

Was want'n to take some more photos but now "da house" is full of tools, 2xsticks and all kinds of stuff. Big ol' drop cloth lay'n on the floor.....what should have been there a long time ago to keep from scratch'n the new flooring. Boy howdy it takes a long time to put stuff back together and fix the "little" items. In the construction trades that's called a "cut list". Spent over 2 hours cut'n, fitting and sanding a little stick to put on one the steps.....and it still lay'n on the workbench.

Today we plan to pull "da house" forward bout 15-20 feets to gain access to the bedroom slide out for repairs....or hopefully, just an adjustment. In the mean time, I'm gonna sit back, sip me up a cup and relax until my other son Ronny shows up in his work clothes.

Ha....son Ronny show up with his Sunday go meet'n clothes on this morn'n. He knowed what he was do'n when he said he was com'n over today to help. Stay bout a hour and he gone.....Pooof, just like that.

So's me and my other son Robert we pull "da house" forward and fix that bedroom slide out.....pooof, just like that. Was able to make a adjustment the the operator thingy bob or what ever. It work just fine now. Now I can finish lay'n the rest of the bedroom flooring. Yee ha, gonna be finish most my fix's an' repairs. Cut list is get'n smaller. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh Oh.....

Location: Roberto's RV Resort & RV Repair
Douglasville, Georgia

Boy howdy.....it rained and it leaked.
Explanation coming soon to a network near ya....... 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Releif at Camp Billy Bob

Boy howdy, the old Billy Bob gets a day off. It's rain'n.

Don't know how many of ya take pride in your accomplishments, but last night I were sit'n here look'n at my new floor. I couldn't be no happier if'n it had been done by a professional flooring company. But is was done by Billy Bob & Sons. That make it special.

Yesterday was a "part time job" of piddle here an' piddle there. Took a saw to my table, what I don't use for nuttin but a computer station and catch all.  OFM Barney knows how my table is set up....it's the same. Don't need no stink'n tabe to eat. I eat my meals on my lap...and a cut'n board so's I don't burn my legs with scalding hot pots an' pans. Slop some food on my shirt, I just turns it inside out.
Screwed the little Walmart oak look'n cabinet to the wall.....done deal, that where it gonna live till it dies. Cain't take no pics of the set up 'cause it still all clutter up with all kind of junk an' stuff.

Ok, here I were think'n the slide out repairs were all finished. We...me an' my son Robert, was sit'n out there under the portable "da porch" look'n at a crooked slide out and it seems the operators what make the slide go in an' out has done jumped a gear tooth on one end. "How the hell ya gonna fix that Billy Bob". Ya gotta have confidence, just like Trouble says.....I can fix it.

While check'n emails last night, Billy Bob's Travels got a email from the highly acclaimed RV'n website Hitchitch. It's an honor to be listed on Hitchitch an' boy howdy, the old Billy Bob is scratch'n corn with both feets this morn'n.

I been keep'n my mouth slap shut bout my back problems 'cause I been accused of "whinn'n" too much bout it. The only reason I mention it this morn'n is 'cause it feels a mite better. How long that will last I cain't tell ya. Ain't had no leg cramps in bout 3, 4 or 6 days.....hell I don't remember. But it sure is nice to not be leap'n out of bed in the middle of the night, jump'n up and down, holler'n obsenties an' scar'n hell out of Sadie Mae. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A shop'n I must go...

Walmart.......yes Walmart. The "super store". That's where I go'n here in a few minutes.

After almost two weeks of slaving my ass off at "da house", I deserve a little R&R (rest and recreation) at the local Walmart store. I can hardly wait for the high traffic in every aisle, carts crash'n into each other and the folks talk'n an' text'n on their cell phones instead of do'n their shop'n. "'Scuse me lady, but would get off the damn phone an' git out my way"????

Got lots more ideas run'n through my mind this morn'n to make my life a little easier and enjoyable. If I put these ideas to work, you'll be the first to know.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Slide out in...

Today's blog was intended to give a recap of the slide out and wood flooring repairs. But.....we gonna wait till some cleaning has been done.

The slide out is in place once again inside "da house". With the help of my "strong" son and my two "huge" grandsons, we had the slide out sit'n on the living room floor....right where it supposed to be. Gaskets were stapled back into place and trim work installed. The slide out is complete.....other than the final adjustments.

Installation of aluminum angle and deck plate straightened the wall to floor what had separated. We good to go for the next hunnert years.

Ready to push that big sucker back through the wall.

On the way in.....

Yeeee Haaaa, it's inside.....ready to be trimmed out and final connections made.

And Walla......

That was yesterday. What happens today will be posted tomorrow.

Friday, June 1, 2012


I were just sit'n here this morn'n try'n to get that other eye open an' got to think'n bout when I was "just a kid". I made an attempt to write down my childhood a few years back, and I'm gonna share one the stories with ya this morn'n.

If ya ever see a "old ugly dog", ya know's what I'm talk'n bout.
We had one them "old ugly dogs" on the farm what spend most the day sleep'n under that tree out in the front yard.

Don't remember what his name was, but I do know he was one ugly dog. 
Scars, patches of mange and one eye what always look'n the same place. 

Slobber run'n down out his lips when he sleep'n.

He was a big old thing, bout the size a new borned cow puppy. 
He bark one them "hound dog" barks when a car come down the road.
But mostly he just lay there under that tree.

Some times he would be a dead asleep'n under that tree and for no reason, jus jump straights up, lips rolled back, teeth bared and be snarl'n at absolutely nuttin. 
None the other boy would get no where's close to him, 'cause they was gonna get bit.

That "old ugly dog" would foller me everywheres I go, but he knowed I was gonna do something mean before the day was through.
But I guess dogs are like that.....sense tragedy an' stuff like that. 
Me and that dog went turtle hunt'n, fish'n, tree climb'n, blackberry pick'n, cow and pig chas'n and the funest of all, to me but not him, play'n cowboys and indians. He were the indian, what got tied up, shot, rastled to the ground, and almost burn at the stake.
One time we was sit'n under a tree, me and that dog, eat'n persimmons what was lay'n on the ground.
He bite into one them "green" ones what I had stuff in his mouth an' boy howdy, have ya ever seen a puckered upan' pissed off dog?

One bright sunshiny spring day, I spy'ed that "old ugly dog" sleep'n under that front yard tree.
Being the adventurous kind a feller I am, I sneeks up in that tree real quiet like, out on a limb right over the top that old ugly dog.
I were gonna be one them wild west rodeo stars and I jumps right slap in the middle that sleep'n dogs back. 
Just like that cat, what eat me up, all hell breaks loose. That old lazy ugly dog come slap alive, with lips a flapp'n, growl'n and bites hell out me. I'm scream'n "MOM'S" loud as I can.
Moms heard the commotion and come a runn'n with a broom stick in her hand, scream'n all kind of obscenities. That where I learn to "cuss" so good.
She done beat bumps an' lumps all over that poor "old ugly dog", plumb down to the cornfield she chase that old ugly dog.
After that day, me and that "old ugly dog" never went nowheres together again.
I was plumb skeered of him and he was plumb skeered of me.....an' that broom stick.