Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yup, It's me

I'm gona take a moment to see if'n I can think of something to say. May not be much, but then again, it may be a full page ad.

I rekon I better start with my health issues 'cause I'm sure everbody wants to know. It's been so long since I last posted that I don't 'member if'n I tole you bout the 3 shots in the F3 F4 an' F5 on the right side my lower back. Ya see, I was beginn'n to get me some lower back pains again. The radiofrequency ablation nerve killer last Aug. worked, but the nerves are regenerating. The doc says...."well hell, let's shoot them again". Those shots lasted a few days an' all a sudden I get me some lower back pains in the left side. Left side shots were ordered an' last Friday, he shoot me up. I'm do'n pretty dad gum good, but not pain free.

Went an' visit with my stomach doctor the other day. Damn I like that woman. She look in my eyes an' do some press'n on my belly an' says..."I see you in a year". She answered a couple questions I wanted to ask an' back to "da house". Oh wait, no we didn't. We went to Ace Hardware....just look'n round. Didn't buy a thing. Then we went to Dollar general so's I could get me some coffee. Then we go back to "da house".

For the last few days, I been feel pretty good. But a week ago I thought I was dead. That was till Leonard that damn cat jump up on my back an' dig his claws in. That's when I knowed I was alive.
I was hav'n dizzy spells for bout a week. Feet swelled up again, but went back down. Charlie, Robert's dog, jump up on me on the couch an' leave a big ol' bruise on my arm. Think I'll live thru that one. Damn dog.

'Member last year when I buy "yo mama" a big red wagon? Well, it was left out in the weather and begun to rust....the paint was com'n off. I figgered to spray some automotive undercoating on it. Well that didn't work out....ALL the paint was peel'n off. You ain't never gonna guess what the old Billy Bob did next. I yanked all the wheel stuff a' the steer handle off that thing an' throws the red bed in the dumpster. Builded her a wooden one and reinstall all the stuff I took off. Painted it with the undercoating. Now she got a big ol' black wooden wagon.

The leak stuff I put in the "billy jeep" is work'n. How long I don't know. And, the code in the computer, after I reset it, came back. Hope the hell I don't have to buy a new computer for the car. Shoot, that cost almost as much as the car is worth.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful....with a little rain now an' then. Today is a bit on the cool side at 71 degs. Oh yeah, got down to 46 last night. Damn, it's winter time again.....where my trusty Mr Heater?

Shoot, I ain't got no other news to talk bout. I ain't builded nuttin. Ain't did nuttin excit'n. Ain't got no plans to do nuttin excit'n neither. Oh wait, maybe I do. Theses a family camping trip planned by the kids an' grandkids for Memorial day weekend. Don't know for sure if'n I'm gonna go or not. Think'n not, but that could change. Ya see, I would be the only old person there an' I ain't got nobody to talk to. Just sit in a chair with a cup of coffee an' pout. That's no fun. I would rather sit at home with a fresh cup, watch some tv, slam some keys on the computer an' pout a bit.

Ok, I'm out of here. Hope to post more often under better circumstances. You know, like feel'n happy, big smiles an' run round the block a few times. Ha ha....next...