Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fount WIFI

Wednesday Nov. 29, 2011

Well yesterday was a nice day for put'n miles on "Sally da house", but I didn't have very far to go. Arrived at Pedro Springs campground right on the dot, 12:30pm. Well that ain't really the name of the place, but it's something like that. Pay up $10 for the next 5 days of camp'n. Park same site I had last trip....only 'cause of the tree.

Got camp all set up, a pot of coffee brew'n an' sit'n out under a tree. Here come a neighbor feller hobbl'n down the road twords my camp. "Howdy, my name's Mike from Michigan". We sit out there under the tree jaw'n bout fish'n an' camp'n, kids an' grankids for the next 30 or 45 minutes. He says "let's go fish'n". Ya see he gots a fish'n boat an' his wife don't like fish'n. Well old Billy Bob ain't go'n out in no boat today. I got things to do. Side that, I got to do some think'n bout this situation. Mike is 100% disabled retired Air Force, so that mean Billy Bob got to do all the back break'n work of get'n that boat in the water. I'm think'n, I'm think'n.

Come bout 3pm I says to myself..."let's go fish'n". Me and Sadie Mae load up "that jeep" an' head off to the fish'n grounds for some bank fish'n....and her pee'n on rocks an' bushes. First place we go, I ain't catch a fish yet. Damn ducks all over the place. Weeds in the water. Nuttin. So's we head up the road a piece where I was catch'n great big ol' fish the last trip. Nope, not a damn fish in there neither. Water is crystal clear...see all the ways to the bottom. Ok, where at is my fish? "Ya need a boat Billy Bob".

See a couple kayak fellers out there paddle round, but never see them catch no fish neither.

Well, it were off to Walmart for some camp'n supplies. Picks me up a few fish'n stuff thingys an's some groceries what I was out of. Gonna be mak'n a pot of chili today since it's chilly out. Was 37 degs outside an a nippy 54 inside this morn'n. Now that's get'n downright cold in my book.

Mike come by just bout time coffee was done. He say..."don't want no stink'n coffee, want to go fish'n". He went out yesterday afternoon while I was rock climb'n an' shopp'n. Caught him up another 5 pound'er right close to camp. Damn!!! Now tomorrow he talk'n him an' me go out an' do some fish'n in his big ol' bass boat. I cain't hardly pass up a deal like that can I? You knows how long it been since the old Billy Bob catch a bass that big?

Don't EVER leave a pot of chili simmer'n while ya take a nap. Runed it, but I gonna eat it anyhows.....black stuff an' all.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where I at????

Boy howdy, is it ever confusing when ya wake up and don't know where you at. Last night I wake up a bunch a times wonder'n why people was in my yard. But they weren't. I don't have a yard no more. It's back there bout 475 miles. I think anyone that travels have this same feeling when you're half asleep an' see a big ol' truck park next to ya what wasn't there when ya went to sleep. Or maybe it's just me.

Don't know how today is gonna turn out. Right now I ain't ready to hit the road quite yet, but then I ain't drunk up a whole pot of coffee yet.

Ya know what really gripes me? Old historical buildings. Here I are sit'n in Judge Roy Beans front yard and right across the street sits one of his rivals old grocery stores.

Last year it was in bad shape from lack of proper maintenance by historical organizations or locals in the community. This year, it is ready for the bulldozers to scrape it up and haul off to the dump.

Last year......

This year.....
It's gone, only two standing walls.....gone, Pooof, just like that.
Across the street is another very old building, board and batten bout to fall down. Has America lost all of it's historical pride? These old buildings is the history of bygone years. Fix the damn things before they are ALL gone.

Ok, here's the deal. My Verizon card don't work no more, so I have to depend on WIFI anywheres I can steal it. If there's no blog post, ya know old Billy Bob ain't got no internet. Next stop is Del Rio, Texas, and there ain't no internet there as you remember from a couple months back when me and Barney was camp'n out there. Why would the biggest internet provider not have towers in Del Rio? Maybe time to switch providers???

Look'n like I might get in some fish'n at Lake Amistad if'n the weather holds out. Supposed to be in the upper 60's to lower 70's for the next week or so. Catch me up some them big ol' bass fishes if'n I can remember where Barney took me. Don't know how long I'll be camped at the lake, but you can be certain I'm gonna have me some fun.  Might be a good time to brew up a pot of Billy Bob chili....huh?

Holy Crap, I'm out of eggs. Milk is sour. Where the grocery store??? Ain't got no donuts neither.....damn. MsB.....help!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

What??? 24 degs

Boy howdy....it's freak'n cold in Texas. I got up 6am MST an' says..."WHOA"!!! Cranks up the heater, starts the generator for a pot of coffee and finds me a coat.

I were sit'n there last night look'n at my Walmart Rand McNally GPS and says to myself..."hey, you can't get there if'n ya don't go through Sanderson". That's an inside joke that most of ya won't get. Ya see, Sanderson is on US-90 and I'm on I-10. In order to get to Del Rio from I-10 I got to go south to pick up US-90 . And since I posted yesterday that I weren't go'n through Sanderson because I was go'n on to Ft. Stockton before head'n south, well guess what? I'm go'n through Sanderson. DUH!!! Is that clear in everyones mind now?

Yesterday when that big ol' diesel pusher (that's a motorhome with the motor in the back) passed me do'n a hunnert mile a hour, I thought, "what's his hurry"? I ain't jok'n, he was over the speed limit of 80 mile a hour by at least 10. He were smok'n. And that put my mind to think'n. The guy owns a big expensive diesel powered motorhome. He's probably retired. He don't got to go to work tomorrow. What's his hurry? Then I notice there ain't no cars behind me. They all way up the road a piece....do'n a hunnert mile a hour. Speed limits were increased 'cause everybody was driv'n 10 mile a hour over the the old speed limit. Now they driv'n 10 mile a hour over the new speed limits. Does that make sense? What's the damn hurry???

Well it's about that time. Put some miles behind me. If'n my calculation is right, I should arrive in Langtry (Judge Roy Beans Place) at exactly 3:45 this afternoon. Hope to hell it ain't cold there too.

Well here I am down the road a piece, but had to pull over. Started feel'n a bit dizzy so looked for this wonderful rest area. Will sit here till I feel it's safe to get back on the road. Must'a been something I ate.

Been hav'n a wind for the last 2 hour, but it's been out of the southwest. That's good. Save a little gas and go a hunnert mile a hour with no problem. 60 mile a hour is my limit. Would rather go 55 but "Sally da house" don't like that. She rarin to go.  But 60 is a good safe and enjoyable speed for an old homeless sightseer like me.

Ya don't find a whole lot out here in west Texas to take pics of, unless ya get your nose down close to the ground. So don't expect many or any pics for a while.....I ain't stick'n my nose in no dirt where I might find a "doogie doodle" lay'n there. I learn a long time ago ya don't go barefooted where cats take a poop.  That some nasty stuff com'n up between your toes. You didn't want to hear that did ya??? But that's old Billy Bob.

3:45 MST

Well did I tole ya so or not. Pull into Judge Roy's front yard at exactly 3:40. He were sit'n on "da porch" an's says...."Welcome Billy Bob, been a long time. Pull up a chair an' lets BS a bit. Coffee's on the stove". That old Roy is sumptin else remember me after all this time an' remember my favorite drink. Well, it weren't exactly like that, but I'm here in Lantry, Texas....right on schedule. Hooked up to WIFI....don't know if I have a Verizon signal. Ain't tried it.

Damn it hot. Must be bout 80 something out there. Hit a bunch of wind headed south. Hit me right in the nose. For those what ain't never see a motorhome before, their nose look like one then peekanese dogs....flat face and go'n against the wind with a flat face is like swim'n against the flow of the Mississippi River. Or something like that. It's hard, that all I know.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

24 hour countdown

Boy howdy, here it is what looks like a beautiful day. Sunshine bear'n down, temp go'n up and no wind at all. This would be a great day for travel. But it ain't gonna happen today. What can be done tomorrow can be put off today.

Let  me tell ya bout cold. I were sit'n there on the couch last night an' I were cold all over. Was only down to 34 degs outside, but even with two heaters on full bore, it was cold inside. Or I thought it was. Then when I got up this morn'n to 24 degs outside, the inside was nice and cozy. Now how comes???

Did you see......they was expect'n a freeze in Del Rio this morn'n? What the hell? That where I go'n. Planned to stay there a few days. Play in the water. Catch me up some fish an' stuff. Take MsB to Taco Bell for a full course Mexican dinner. Gonna have to do some investigating bout this weather situation on my way to south Texas. Dang!!!

When I get into Texas bout 200 mile or so, I'm gonna be losing my internet connection. We already know it don't work in Del Rio and for a hunnert mile in every direction. So it look like old Billy Bob's Place is gonna be shut down for a few days. At Judge Roy Beans place (Langtry, Texas) I can get on WIFI, but after that, I'm screwed for internet until I get closer to San Antone. What the hell am I gonna do with no internet? Scary thought.

Ain't nuttin to do today other than lay back an' wait for tomorrow. Fill the fresh water tank with some this good water, drain the black water tank an' hook up "that jeep". That bout it. Gonna give my neighbors my Port Aransas address so's they can watch my mail to send to me. Pay the "old man" for this months electric. Then I'm out of here. Texas bound....Yee Ha....y'all.

Well old Billy Bob couldn't wait till tomorrow. May as well do today what ya was gonna do tomorrow. I'm out of here in just a few minutes. Well more like 30. Should arrive my sleep'n an' camp'n spot right bout 7 or 8pm....just other side of Van Horn at the Texas Rest and Rv Resort on Interstate 10.
See ya down the road a piece.

Boy howdy is Billy Bob mak'n time or what. I'm 50 miles into Texas an' ain't been slow down for nuttin. Shoot right through El Paso at 60 mile a hour. Bout 95 miles to the next destination....Van Horn. Hope I can sneak in and out there with out go'n to jail.
Here what I'm think'n. I'll sleep on the side the road tonight an' get up bright and early tomorrow and head down the road to Judge Roy Beans Place. Ain't go'n through Sanderson, so get that out your mind. I'll continue on I-10 to Ft. Stockton an' then head south to highway 90. Does that make sense? It do to me 'cause I'm look'n at the map.

WHAT???? No Taco Bell in Del Rio???  That be OK, I know a good little eat'em up right up the street from Walmart. Ask Barney, good food. Since there is no way to communicate when I lose my internet signal, I'll just say I'll be in Del Rio sometime tuesday and be hungry on wednesday. Cain't hardly miss that way.

Yeah, where the hell is Butterbean? He may be hang'n out with an old buddy mine name of "Cornbread". I know where Sue is at. She back there in New Mexico get'n a brand spank'n new solar panel.....and freez'n her tail off.

Ok....got things to do.....see ya down the road a piece.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love for Texas

Before I get to involved in some off the wall nonsense this morn'n, I want to thank everyone for yesterdays comments. Some gave me reason for thought and others gave me reason to "splain" myself better.

I'm not overly excited in no way about head'n south to Texas, what is actually east, and I'm not at all excited with stay'n in Deming neither. This move has been on the front burner for over two years now and what's cook'n is a combination of likes and dislikes. Granted, I love the desert and what it offers in beauty and seclusion from the masses (big cities). But I love Texas too. I may not be a native Texan, born an' raised there, but when almost half your life is spent in a glorious state like Texas, you is a Texan. Some may disagree, but ...."bite me"!!!

When ya live in a motorhome full time, or any rv far as that go,  that is your home. Where ever you park, you are home. Well maybe not a Walmart parking lot. But then ya get older an' traveled out. Ya get to think'n. Think'n can be a dangerous proposition ya know. My thoughts are "where do ya want to be when ya can't do this no more"? Texas comes to mind.

In 1987 when I crossed the border of Texas from that God awful West Va., I stopped my old VW bus, kissed the ground and vowed to never leave again. Yes damn it, I did a lip lock with Texas. That's when 'Norman' got loose an' hid in the bushes. Damn cat. I broke my vow in 2005 even though my mail, "da house" registration, voter registration, driver license, insurance and my "love of Texas" is still in Texas. Now I'm go'n back.

As far as boondocking with solar, I can do that in Texas as well as anywhere else. Granted, there is no BLM public lands in Texas to boondock on for free, but I had never intended to boondock year round when I first installed solar. Solar works anywhere there is sunshine. Free camping is anywhere you happen to find it.....not only desert. Solar just broadens your camping abilities.

I know somebody gonna ask me "Who's Norman". While I was in W.Va., I fount this big black cat lay'n upside down on his back, fight'n for his life, while another cat was steady whoop'n up on him good. Norman had no defense, some sorry cruel human had had him declawed. Rip his claws out with a pair of channel locks. So old Billy Bob pick him up an' take him home right now.....just like that. Doctor him up an' feed him pork chops an' stuff. Norman turned out to be one of the most loving cats I ever see. He would hug ya just like a little child would do. Wrap both arms round my neck an' lay his head on my shoulder. In Texas Norman took to his new home with gusto. He were a happy cat. In the mean time, I had leased a small apartment complex of 8 units. Rented apartment 'A' to a Chinese couple. Norman come up miss'n a month later, never to be seen again.....pooof, gone, just like that. Bastards ate my cat, but I couldn't prove it.

Talk to old "pesky" the other day. They had to work on him all night long for low blood pressure. He has come to the realization that he may not be coming home again. But on the brighter side, he challenged me to a round of golf next year when I come to visit.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Go'n Home....

In 1972 I left Texas during hard times for a better job and adventure in the big City of Atlanta. Ga. When I climbed off that Greyhound bus, tool boxes in tact, my clothes in a little brown paper bag, I says "WHOA!!!!" I had been to Houston on many occasions, but this is Atalanta....it's huge. Got a little apartment and went to work immediately.Think it was $8 a hour or something like that. Opened a small construction business (renovation, systems repair, painting, roofing and plumbing).

As time passed, things got tight....with the divorce and all. Loaded up my tools and headed north to West by God Virginia. Don't even ask why. Now you talk bout being stuck in some God forsaken far off corner of the world, this was it. Weren't nuttin but "hill billy's" everywheres ya look. One leg was shorter than the other. Even the wimmins had a chunk of "chew" in their cheeks. Opened a refrigeration business (Servico Refrigeration) due to the shortage of English speaking service people (these were hill billy's ya know). In 1980, I was hospitalized from an accident and spent the next 6 months living on the floor. This was the start of the back problems I have today. It was all down hill from there. This cost me a very productive and lucrative ($$$) business. 

In 1987 it was time to move on. Headed back to Texas....Port Aransas matter of fact. Started up another refrigeration business and within a years time I was hired by The University of Texas, where I worked for the next 15 years. Gave up the refrigeration business and was think'n retirement in my latter years.

With the sale of my boat and what little I had saved up in a old dirty sock, I bought my first motorhome..."Alice". Made a few runs around Texas before my retirement in Jan., 2002. Stay'n close to home ya know.

After retirement, longer trips were made between California, Missouri and Georgia with Port Aransas as homebase.. Right bout 6,000 mile a year or therebouts. In 2004 after the sale on my stick house in San Antone, I traded "Alice" for a brand spank'n new 35 foots mansion...or so I thought. Great big Chevylay 8.1 vortec engine, 4 speed Allison tranny, dual exhaust romp'n stomp'n hot rod. Go a hunnert mile a hour. Hit the roads to places unknown. Deming being one of my favorite stops, I planted my roots here in 2005. Don't ask why. Convenience and cheap is probably the only real honest answer. Although, I do love the desert.

Now I'm go'n back home.....TEXAS. Now don't be sit'n there think'n that I'm all excitis bout this move, 'cause I ain't. I ain't young no more. I think things out, unlike what I used to do. This is a stressful move for an old cogger like me, not know'n where the hell I'm gonna end up. I think "that's all I have to say bout that" (GUMP) right now.

Rain set in yesterday afternoon. I ain't talk'n a little rain, I'm talk'n rain all night long....an' still rain'n. Last I hear, 1 3/4 inches. Let'er rain, I ain't go'n no where today no hows. Holy crap, my batteries are low, ain't got no sunshine and I ain't go'n out there in the rain to hook up the battery charger. No....the converter is disconnected...for those what know what a converter is (a device that converts 115 volts to 12 volts for charging dead batteries and 12 volt supply to "da house"). Two fuses Billy Bob, that all ya got to do....two fuses.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgobblin

Boy howdy, seems just like yesterday I was sit'n at the "slabs" brew'n up a big ol' pan of brown sugared marshmellered sweet taters. Candied yams to some ya.....but they ain't yams, they sweet taters.
Some of ya probably have no idea what I'm talk'n when I mention "slabs". If'n ya wanna take a few minutes, just Google slab city one time. Boy howdy, then ya gonna know.
I were look'n round "da house" last night an' there ain't nuttin anywheres I look that matches my brand spank'n new couch. It's a sore thumb. But let's back up for a minute, it ain't a embarrassment like it used to be. I'm too old to worry bout simple things like what freak'n color it is. For Dizzy.....cameras don't always record what the eye sees. With the sunshine, yesterdays photo changed the color from a light tan/brown to a beautiful pumpkin color. I can live with that.

Everybody by now know old Billy Bob gonna change design of stuff. Where do you store all your can goods? If'n ya got a house, ya put them in a freak'n pantry/closet thingy. But if'n ya live in a RV, ya put them anywheres they will fit. Well, I change design of a perfectly good couch to alleviate the can goods problem. A couple cabinet magnets and slide lock thingys and there ya have it. A hunnert pound can goods under there.
NOTE: This is not a political post.
I were watch'n that special on PBS last night. All them singers at a Thanksgiving gathering at the White House or somewheres like that. I done fall head over hill in love with one them ladies what was sing'n to me. Had goose bumps an' all that stuff. Then when it was over, that damn Obama feller get up an' kiss her right on the cheek. What the hell wrong with that guy go'n round kiss on other wimmins? He got his own woman.

I were gonna go in to work this morn'n, but the damn alarm clock got dead batteries. So I just call in sick. No I ain't sick. Feel perty good matter fact. I'm think'n if the sun ever come out, I can get me in a couple hours of "do'n something". Get this rig ready to pull out. Texas bound. Catch me up some fish. Crank up some sounds an' lay on the beach. Vacation in south Texas. Yeah boy howdy, I'm ready....in my mind. I might just make it before the end of the month. What's that.....6 days???

Do ya ever talk to yourself? I ain't talk'n bout in your mind, I'm talk'n out loud to yourself....and then answer yourself. I do that ya know. Have some perty good conversations too. Damn Sadie Mae won't talk to me. All she do is sit there staring at me like "HUH, you talk'n to me"? Now I don't know if talk'n to yourself is normal or not, but it sure do help in mak'n important decisions....hav'n someone else to talk to ya know.

Ok, enough of this nonsense. Got things to do.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving y'all.

YEE HAA!!!! Old Billy Bob is got all his junk load up an ready to roll. I look out there all all the stuff I gonna leave behind an' only one thing breaks my heart...."da porch". That old porch has been a part of me for the last 6 years. Many BS sessions out there on that porch. Many hours of sit'n there in my old easy chair sip'n a cup an' do'n some mighty fine think'n. When ya build something with your own two hands, it becomes like a extra arm grow'n right out the middle your chest. Well, not really an arm. That would look silly as hell walk'n round with three arms. But ya know what I'm talk'n bout.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My couch.....is back

Well it's almost back. pholstery guy just call and it's on the way.....Yeee Ha!!! Damn, wisht I could remember what material I ordered. Probly gonna look like a sore thumb, but what the hell, I need my "nap couch" back.
Well, here it are. Could'a swore I ordered orange.

Member what is used to look like....

What does a retired RV'n feller eat on Thanksgiving? It ain't like I can eat a whole damn turkey or nuttin like that ya know. Well, let me tell ya what this old retired RV'n guy think bout holiday eats. He don't. It's just another day....you know balony samitch, a boiled egg an' some Doritos....or something like that. Also, when ya hit that 70 year old mark, food ain't inportant no more. Everything taste the same, so it don't matter if it's a scrumptious perfectly prepared 10 course dinner or just an old chunk of lunch meat and a couple slabs of bread.  Anything to fill an empty hole.....an' make a poopie pie.

Ok, got that couch all back together....had to put the hardware on the front bottom piece so's I can put all my can goods under there. The real test will come soon as I eat me up a samitch....nap time.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Late??? Who me?

Dang nab it an' all that stuff. So here we are. Another wasted day in the Billy Bob household.  I just ain't got no "git up an' go". Been drink up a gallon coffee try'n to get all jumpy, nerves on end....super charge....if'n ya know what I mean. Well, that ain't work'n neither. All I wanna do is sit on my butt look'n at stuff what needs to be done, scratch my head and say "tomorrow".  Ya ever have one them days??? Think I need more coffee to get me back on the right track?

How long does it take to upholster a freak'n couch? I need that thing really bad. Been tak'n naps on the bed and sleep for 3 hour at a time. That ain't a nap. That a full night sleep.....when ya add up how many naps I been tak'n. I think I done catch me some that 'sleep'n sickness' stuff, or something like that, what goes around every winter. How do ya tell a doctor you're sleepy? 

Ain't really got much more stuff to put back in "da house". Then what I gonna do with all the stuff I gonna leave behind? I hate to just let it lay in the yard. Neighbor Mark will take most the good stuff, but I'm talk'n bout lumber, pieces of pipe, concrete blocks, old batteries, jugs of used oil......good redneck stuff.

At any rate, I still have 8 days to get out of town before hav'n to pay for another months rent ( $125 ) on the homestead. I don't like rush'n into things that can be done tomorrow....as everyone knows, but end of month is get'n too close for comfort. "Damn Billy Bob, what ya been do'n all this time"???

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shrimps an' shrimp'n....

Oh boy, what I gonna write about today? Words are get'n purty scarce round ol' Billy Bob's Place. In the last two years, I done bout said it all.

Holy crap, I done did it now. Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day an' all I done was lay round "do'n nuttin", think'n I would jump out of bed tomorrow morn'n (today) brite an' early, grab me a cup, punch the clock and enter the salt mines. Ha, well guess what? There ain't no freak'n sunshine, it's cold outside (51 degs) and it's rain'n.

Had me a excit'n dream last night...I were fish'n. What I done was to wade out to the second bar on the beach down Port Aransas way wear'n me a pair of chest waders. Them the ones that if'n ya tip over, they gonna fill up with water....ya gonna sink to the bottom an' drown for sure. I were catch'n one fish right after the other. Big 'uns too. That when here come a great big wave, bout the size a tsunami what flop me round every way but loose. Next thing I knowed I were lay'n on the beach with some bikini clad young lady giv'n me French resuscitation with her tongue. It worked....believe it or not.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time??? I were a shrimp boat captain ya know. Own my own 40 foots boat an' all that stuff. Look kind of like this one.
 Like Forrest Gump say...."that's my boat". Well we had just brung in the net full of shrimps, fish, crabs and a conglomeration of tin cans, beer bottles an' a bunch other useless junk. "Let's go swim'n" I says. So I climbs up there on top the cabin an' make me a leap head first into unknown water. "Billy Bob, you are bay shrimp'n....the water is only 5 feets deep". I hit the bottom like a rock. Sinked my head right in that mud....thank God it were mud and not Sanfords junk yard. I come up out there spit'n mud....say'n all kind of cuss'n words. Almost break my fool neck. But that weren't the last time I do something stoopit. How I'm still alive to this day is astounding.

By the way, most every shrimp'n day we would bring in right at a hunnert pound of succulent shrimps along with a tub of live crabs an' some eat'n fish. But let me tell ya right now, shrimp'n ain't easy. Ya got to get up way before the sun does, hit the gas station for 55 gallon of fuel an' a hunnert pound of ice, transfer the fuel into the boat, stow the ice an' be underway at first crack of dawn. Then ya drag this big ol' net around all day long, bring it in, put it out, separate your catch, ice it down....pheeeewww....that work. And then ya finally make it back to dock, ya gotta sell all that stuff, clean the nets, wash down the boat....all before ya go home. What ya don't sell off the boat, ya gotta peddle to the restaurants round town at discount rates. In bed by 10pm if'n you're lucky.

I told this story one time before, but here it is one more time. What do ya eat on a shrimp boat? Well shrimps, what else? I got so sick of shrimp that I never wanted to see one again. I opens my lunch sack an' there they were....staring back at me....shrimps. Boiled shrimp. Fried shrimp. Shrimps prepared in every conceivable way. Yes, even shrimp hamburgers. I open that lunch sack one day an' HOLY COWS, it were a hamburger from the hamburger joint. My God, I done went to heaven.  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Different strokes.....

Boy howdy, this get'n up cold every morn'n is get'n old. Not that I would expect anything different since this is winter for this area ya know. Think maybe it time to break out the Mr. Buddy heater? I do use electric heaters at night...one set on off and the other in high gear. Am I cheap or just economically challenged?

Done haul off another hunnert pound of stuff to the dumpster. Start'n on another load. Pick up all my tools an' stuff lay'n in the yard. Oh hell no, I ain't no wheres close to get'n done. Got most the stuff cleared off "da porch" just in case someone comes by with a fist full of dollars and a big trailer.

Gonna brew me up a batch of beef stew soup today. Been a while since I made a batch. That stuff I made the other day (hamburger, taters and noodles soup)  is bout all gone and now I'm hungry for stew soup. Don't do 3 course meals no more....make what ever in a big ol' pot an' eat on it for 3 or 4 days. Gumbo or chili will be next I rekon.

Talk to a old buddy down in south Texas this morn'n. He lives down there in the island ya know. He says the weather is beautiful. Well, I been think'n bout that beautiful weather too sit'n here with a blanket wrap round me every morn'n. The old Billy Bob is gonna be in hog heaven when he get down there....lay'n out there on da beach in a speedo, sip'n a cup and catch'n me up some fish. Don't know where exactly I gonna end up for the winter, but it don't really make no matter....long's it don't snow.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rough days ahead

Boy howdy old Billy Bob is got some think'n to do. The other day when I said I'm "skeered", I was serious as a second hand on a clock. Don't know what I'm gonna do.

Ya see, it's like this.....onest ya get settled in one place as long as I been homestead'n in Deming, it ain't easy to just pack up and head off into rough seas in a little blow up "bubba boat", look'n for an island paradise. It takes a toll on the mind, what sometimes I wonder how much mind I got left. Now don't get me wrong, I know from past experience that everything gonna be all right. It just gonna take some time to get used to being homeless again. Sleep'n under bridges an' stuff like that.

I had planned to get "out of dodge" by the end of the month, but it look'n like it gonna take me longer than expected. Didn't know I had so much to do. Gonna have to go see my doc before I get out of here. Get my records and stuff like that. Still wait'n on my couch to come back to "da house". Try'n to sell "da porch". Got a ton of stuff I gotta haul off to the dumpster. Damn......

Well things ain't look'n good for old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Latest news is he gonna be transferred to Las Cruces almost for certain. He can't walk again, even with his walker. He told me the other day he just wanted to go home and die there....not some old folks home. Will get another update sometime today. Hopefully it will be good news instead of all bad.

Had a visit from a couple ladies from my Yahoo RV Singles group. Been talk to them a long time on the group, but had never met them in person. Kind of the same as meet'n a blogger. By now they should be in Banderra, Texas where they gonna meet up with a couple more group'ers before they head off to Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Ain't life just wonderful?

Ok....head'n off to town....pick up meds and a few eatables. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oops, miss a step...

After sit'n round all day feel'n sorry for myself an' stuff like that, I decided to attempt to find something funny to write about. Weren't a single thing funny bout yesterday to claim as an adventure or excitement...that for sure. Ya see, it were a beautiful sunshiny day, so's I climbs up there on the roof to caulk up some solar panel mount holes. Took that 'lectric  wire what was hang'n off the roof from that spare solar panel an' I throws it. Hard I could, all the ways over there in my neighbors yard. That was cool. Don't ask why I do stuff like that, 'cause I don't even know. "Oh hell Billy Bob, git to da point". Well, I were com'n back down off'n the roof an' I flat miss that last step....what is bout 3 feets from the ground. Down I come....one leg up there on a ladder rung way up there an' the other flap'n in da breezeway down here.....I'm gonna die. Land right there, in a neat little pile. Long with my bucket of tools. What the hell....did I break some my important stuff? Nope....fit as a fiddle. So I thought. I was hurt'n to the back side...land on my tail (would say ass but I'm try'n to change my image). Drag my ass back to "da pouch", sit there sip'n a cold cup an' think'n...."ya dumb ass". Well anyhows, the rest of the day was spend "do'n nuttin".

Look'n like old "pesky" Wayne will be go'n back to a rehab facility in Las Cruces. Ya see, his oxygen level is still well below safe and this hospital in Deming don't have the equipment (or know how) to deal with it. As long as he on a machine, he's fine. Take him off and he suck'n air like a fish out of water. Doubt he will be com'n back home soon.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Are ya skeered yet?

Boy howdy....I see sunshine peek'n in my winders. Been a while ya know. With the sunshine, I see work. Outside stuff. Sit on "da porch an' sip a cup....do some think'n. It's a beautiful day.

Yesterdays post turned out to be hours of fond memories of years gone by. And I had only touched the surface of my four plus years of sailing the seas. Touching the unbeknownst (not known), my mind wandered back to the torpedo incident during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Come on Google, do yer thang. Nowhere could be found that validated my story. But....to my surprise, I learned that in the same waters we were operating, were 4 Russian submarines that were carrying nuclear torpedoes. And.....with orders from Russian government officials...or what ever, the Captains were to arm and use these torpedoes at their own discretion if under attack. I didn't know that.
I caught myself up in a little lie in my post.... more research ya know. Our engineering efficiency evaluation earned us another 'red' hashmark on the stack, not a gold one. My jumping up and down was exaggerated ever so slightly. Even as a youngster of 21 years old, there was a little bit of "Billy Bob" in me.

Have ya ever been skeered? Oh, I ain't talk'n bout somebody com'n up behind ya an' scream'n at ya wheres ya jump slap out your shoes. I'm talk'n bout skeered of what the future holds for ya. Tomorrow, next week, next year....that kind of stuff. I been hang'n round Deming for so long that my feet have got roots grow'n out them. Dig'n up roots ain't easy ya know. Where am I gonna go? What am I gonna do? That what scares hell right out me. I'm gonna be alone again. Most the places I used to travel to, everybody is either dead, in old folks homes or just drifted away. I'm too old to be hang'n out in sleazy bars with little hoochie coochie girls. Although, little hoochie coockies can perk ya right up no matter how old ya are. Make ya feel young again, wanna dance, get slop ass drunk, fall down the steps an' brake a hip. "Damn Billy Bob, ya gonna do that"???

Time is get'n shorter every day. My nerves are on edge. Got so much to do. Pick them tools up. Where the hell is my couch? Dumpster run. Wash them dirty winders. Wheeeewww! Tired already...."da porch time. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A sailors life....

"Dog gone it Billy Bob, ya got to splain stuff better. You didn't go to Viet Nam, but your ship did". When ya leave half the story out, people will tend to get the wrong impression.

Ya see, old Billy Bob is pretty much a patriotic kind a guy when it come to the US of A, our military and our veterans. At times I can become downright fight'n mad when people refuse to recognize our service men and women. It was them what has kept America free for all these years.

 I had just arrived by way of a great big ol' Greyhoud bus from Ft. Worth, Texas to boot camp San Diego, Ca. in  October, 1961. We was stand'n at attention, as best we knowed how, facing old glory wav'n in the breeze. A mighty fine sight if do I say so myself. It was time for colors, the lowering of our flag at sundown, the stars and stripes. The National Anthem is played through the loud speakers, the flag slowly lowered and folded ever so neatly. I were stand'n there shak'n in my boots....tears come to my eyes....I could hardy contain myself. I were officially in the US Navy wear'n a pair of old raggedy jeans, tee shirt and long ass flow'n brown hair with highlights of the Texas sun.....what they cut slap off the next day.....right down to the skin....bald, that what I were. 

My first ship was a Forrest Sherman class destroyer out of Norfolk, Va., USS DuPont DD-941, commissioned 1957. Almost a brand spank'n new war machine.
There were some thrilling days aboard this ship. I was shipboard electrician, fix'n stuff ya know, in a crew of 318 crusty sailors. In 1962 we outfitted at Guantanamo Bay for Russian sub searching off Cuba's coast during the Cuban Crisis. It was a boring job, but someone had to do it. While tracking a submarine somewhere south of Cube we encountered a "fish" swimm'n a hunnert mile a hour right straight at us....missing our fantail within 50 feet. To this day I still believe it was a torpedo, but I think it's classified information....kept secret from public eye. All eye witnesses were questioned in the Captains quarters. It was determined at that time, this was no living ocean creature. We requested from higher authorities, the Admirals flagship, to "bring up" that sub by depth charge attack. Our request was denied by higher up in Washington DC. Go figger!!!

Steaming in single file through the Gibraltar Straights on a Mediterranean Cruise, we lost all steering control....the rudders ceased to work. Hand cranking was required and old Billy Bob was put to crank'n a manual steering device. How comes an electrician has to steer the damn ship? I check fuses an' stuff ya know.

During a yearly engineering efficiency evaluation test, I was assigned to the #1 switchboard. I knowed how to operate that switchboard like it were a part of me......knowed every switch an' breaker, parallel them generators without the blink of a light....I were good on that switchboard. But then....being I was a silly guy, I decided to be a little bit "redneck" and make a complete fool of myself. Make all them hi rank'n officers think ol' Billy Bob some kind of idiot. They says..."fire in #1 generator". That when I comes alive....jump'n up an' down, run'n round like a chicken with his head cut off...hit'n buttons, turn'n switches, hit that emergency stop steam valve....bring #1 switchboard back on line in less than 30 seconds. Allotted time was 1 minute....score 100% for Billy Bob. Never make a single mistake. Although I did get a good ass chew'n from the engineering officer for jeopardizing our chances of another gold hash mark on the stacks.

Then one time #2 switchboard catch fire. We had just tied up in some island port in the Caribbean. I were in anticipation for liberty call when it happen. Down the ladder I go....into the darkness of the aft engine room, hit'n switchs an' stuff....blinded by the smoke. Transfer all critical electrical load to #1 switchboard. By the time the fire was out, temps in the engine room had climbed to 140 degs, and all systems were go. Old Billy Bob was sop'n wet with sweat. That when I jump ship....take me a swim to cool off. "But Billy Bob....ya don't know how to swim". Almost drown flap'n round in that water like a cat fall in a mud hole.

Then I decides to transfer to another ship. Leave the easy life behind and check into the "Holiday USS Canberra".
Another story for a different time.

I'll leave you now to contemplate if this story is for real or fiction.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lost memories....

Have ya ever sit down and wonder what happen to all them old memories of yesteryear? Your childhood, adolescence, teens, young adult, loves of your life, the waning years. Holy cows, everyone should be able to write a book. But what do ya do when ya start lose'n them memories? Are they lost forever in a clouded mind?

It weren't but a few short years ago when old Billy Bob had a clear unclouded mind, membered everything from early childhood up the present day activities and unactivities (I jist make up that word). But where have they gone now that I no longer have that clear and unclouded mind? "Well holy crap Billy Bob, did ya ever think bout writ'n them memories down on a piece of paper"?

About 10 year ago I started a book. It were bout the wonderful memories of my life....good times, bad times, experiences, adventures and misadventures. I wrote stuff down as I remembered them. I laughed and I cried. Then I started blogg'n, tell'n my stories for the whole world to see. It's not a well written autobiography, but it's my story. It's my life. It's true accounts, not fiction as some may believe. Although, I do doctor up some my stories to bring humor and a few laughs along the way, what by no means, does this take away from the truth of the original thought.

 USS Canberra CAG-2...Viet Nam bound
One of four US warships I served to secure our freedoms. (Oct. 1961 - April 1966)

Yesterday I come across a blog what really piss me off. Our Veterans were likened to and berated below septic tank cleaners....a total disgraceful respect to those that lost their lives, were maimed, lost limbs...fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. What goes through the mind of such a person? Hope to hell he reads this.

Friday, November 11, 2011

4 hours later....

Boy howdy let me tell ya, this computer is gonna bite the dust yet. Ya see, I were writ'n a post.....well let me go back a little further than that. Been lock'n up almost every morn'n what I just start the damn thing right back up. Now this morn'n before I even read half the blogs, it lock up tighter an' a drum. The when all is well again, I gets a blue screen. Then after that all fix, it start reboot'n all by it self....I swear I never touch nuttin. Then I tries to boot up in safe mode.....it boot in regular lock up mode again. Finally I were able to do a "restore". Pheeewww....now it work'n again. It go'n a hunnert mile a hour in second gear. Burn'n rubber an' stuff.

Now what the hell were I say'n bout a blog post? Oh yeah...had me a good'un all write up....that when everything  lock up. All that good funny stuff is gone.....poooof, just like that.  Not only from the computer, but from my mind. "Well shoot Billy Bob, ain't no sense try'n to post nuttin funny.....that computer stuff is funny enough to last a week".

Oh yeah, I member one thing what I had posted...or write about. My romp'n stomp'n 500 watt winder shak'n sound system. It ain't like I gonna pester my neighbors on purpose ...shake their winders an' stuff, or nuttin like that. But I do like to share. Was listen to Baconhoven, Bratch an' Mooseheart yesterday, turn up purty loud an' here come the neighbors.....sit on "da porch" stomp'n feet to the beat. Had us a regular ol' longhair hoedown. Then when I crank on the cajun, they was say'n...."turn it up".

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter blues

I get them winter blues every year as soon as the temps drop below 55 degs, what in some parts of the country 55 degs. is a spring day. But one more degree under 55 degs, water gonna freeze. I ain't gonna go outside and  sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup when it get this cold. You gonna find old Billy Bob sit' inside where it warm. I ain't stupit ya know.

Deming has felt the first winter freezes for the last few days. It's been get'n into the upper 20's come bout daylight. And I still have 3 weeks till departure. Or something like that. Gonna take a week to ten days to get my couch back.....and then, I got a yard full of stuff to pick up what I throwed off the roof from the solar panel installation. Table saw, chain saw, 2x4's, sledge hammers....stuff like that. Still have some storage bins to go through......dumpster bout another hunnert pound of junk. Neighbor just wait'n for me to hit the "tool shed" (compartment). He know I gonna be toss'n stuff.

Oh Boy Howdy....let me tell ya......got that 500 watt sound system all hook up. YES!!!! That what I'm talk'n bout. Shake some winders. In order to shake the winders on my neighbors house I got to crank it up full bore. At half throttle it shake my winders just fine....vibrate stuff. Now I got to go out and buy me some them "rap" cd's......lol, that's funny, Billy Bob listen to rap....right!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not sure...

Nope, don't know if I wanna do it. Make a blog post is what I'm talk'n bout. I look over there on the right at the blogs I follow an' some ain't made a post in a hunnert year. Then I looks at my followers list an' I ain't see some of them in a hunnert year too. What I'm say'n is I miss these people. They are an inspiration to my ability to write a bunch of nonsense.

So, no nonsense today. I'm gonna be serious as a rock. Write something that can't be construed as fiction.
One hour later:
Well that didn't work, so I gonna dig up some more nonsense. Let me see....did I ever tell ya bout the time??? No, that ain't gonna work either....done tole that story a hunnert time.
Ya see, here what's happen'n, I'm runn'n slap out of stories. That what happen when ya live a bor'n life....sit'n on "da porch", sip'n a cup an' think'n....what I been do'n the last couple year. Maybe I better take a trip to town. Go to Walmart....something exciting always happen'n there....right!!!

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob is get'n pissed. All them flies ..... crawl up my nose an' stuff like that when I'm napp'n. Damn!!!

Ok....off to town. May or may not ever come back.

I'm back....ain't nuttin happen. Well ya there was. Went by the upholstery shop and look at the material for my couch. Damn....is that what I ordered?  Better take ma a before pic before I forget. 
See, I tole you it needed recovered. But where the hell the guy what gonna take the couch with him? Done past 1:30 an' that when he was supposed to be here with his helper an' a chain saw.

20 minutes later......all gone.
Now where the hell is old Billy Bob gonna take a nap??? I don't sleep on no stink'n floor ya know.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blow up.....boat

I hadn't been work'n for The University of Texas very long, so not many of the other employees knew bout Billy Bob. Just a "straight" guy do'n his job. Quiet, restrained and ordinary. That's what they thought.

The supers office was on the second floor with a little balcony walkway outside. Once a week we had an employee meeting in that little office....bout 10 of us. We was the maintenance crew ya know. Fix stuff what ain't broke.

In the boat crew was another Billy Bob "wannabe"....do crazy stuff, dangerous. He's the guy what was cleaning the insides of a enclosed boat with acetone.....a very highly flammable concoction of aircraft fuel, 180 grain pure alcohol, and TNT. He smoked. Lit him up one with a Bic and ....KA-BOOOM...smoke an' flames...he were lay'n on da ground. Hair all burn up, clothes smolder'n an' that smoke still clinched between his swoled up lips.

Well anyhows, this questionable boat feller an' old Billy Bob gets our heads together an' plan for a little innocent prank on supervisor. A 6 man co/2 inflate life boat was toted up to the second floor office in one neat little package. Rigging was attached to the "inflate" lever and tied to the doorknob. I think you get'n the picture here.....open door, little 6 man life raft blow up into a full size 5 foots by 12 foots boat in less than 5 seconds. Well, that exactly what happen....just like that. The supervisor opened his office door, only to find....to his surprise, a rapidly inflating, room filling, big ass boat. He start back peddling....two stepp'n...turn white like a sheet....no where to go. He backs into the handrail....he starts over....oh my God, he gonna die when he hit that pavement below. Now had he went all the way over that handrail, what saved his life, I wouldn't be writ'n this story.....I would probably still be in jail for premeditated 1st degree murder. No more pranks were performed on second story buildings. Ground level from now on.

Ok, one more harmless prank. Supervisor and da plumber was work'n on a electric steam generator. Ain't neither one of them knowed squat bout 230 volt electric stuff, so this is gonna be a pack of fun. Ya see, old Billy Bob had some his M-80 firecrackers in his pocket what he pick up in Tennessee last year. They was hook'n up wires, wipe'n sweat from their brows.....they was intense an' in deep thought. So intense that they failed to see the Billy Bob sneak up an' slip a big ol' M-80 up under that high voltage steam generator. Then I just stands there, real innocent like, fresh lit up smoke in hand, just wait'n for one them to turn on that switch. What they did. I touches my smoke to the fuse and quietly walk off.....KA-BOOOOM. Back peddle, two stepp'n...fall'n over each other. YEE HAAA....old Billy Bob strikes again. Yes, the maintenance shop at The University of Texas was a dangerous place to work. Remember the "jet powered bbq pit"??? Yes....dangerous.

Billy Bob been deep in thought way too much lately. It were just yesterday I were sit'n there on the couch sip'n a cup and got to think'n..."what if ya spend the winter in south Texas"? Yeah I know, I just got back from a Texas trip. But I didn't catch up no fish for the freezer. I breaks out my Rand McNalley GPS travel device (atlas) an' start a plan for a exciting adventure to south Texas. Two weeks here, two weeks there...before ya know it, it's spring time again. No snow. No freez'n to death. Only warm sunshiny days for lay'n back an' enjoy'n life. As Barney would say..."hav'n toooo much fun". Again....not set in stone ya know.

I've decided this is a good the time to "get out of dodge"....Deming that is. I've had it. Don't like it here no more. Too windy. Too cold. Too hot. Nuttin to do....bored. "But, but, but....what bout all yer stuff Billy Bob"? What stuff...."da porch" an' some junk?? It's paid for and no big loss. Maybe put a for sale sign on the highway...."da porch for sale" and dumpster the rest. Again....not set in stone ya know.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cold weather blues....

Wayne update.....
Last night Linda came by with an update on Wayne's condition. He is in intensive care....sedated to the hilt. Same as they did to him 6 months ago. Not a word on what happened to him. I have a bad feeling bout this.

Ain't no use sit'n here writ'n a big ol' long blog post this morn'n. I ain't did nuttin worth writ'n bout. But I don't feel alone as most the blogs I follow are in the same "shut down" mode......nuttin to write about. Now don't be get'n me wrong. I ain't say'n everybody is just sit'n round do'n nuttin 'cause I read some blogs wheres they make old Billy Bob feel like a bump on a log. I rekon we all have our days....don't wanna do nuttin, ain't got no silly stories to tell or feel they are spinn'n wheels. That where I'm at....spinn'n wheels....stuck...ain't no tow truck for miles. "Well damn Billy Bob, get off yer ass an' do something".

Speak'n of get'n off yer ass, I don't know what happen, but the last 3, 4 or 5 days, I ain't been feel'n so good. I rekon it's the weather since it's too cold to do anything outside (29 degs last night). And ya know what can happen when ya sit inside "da house" all day all cooped up like a chicken gonna lay a egg....ya get lazy, cantankerous, grumpy an' don't give a flip one way t'other. But as you know, those days pass....usually long bout spring time after the snow melts.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

"pesky neighbor" Wayne

As you may have notice in one my previous posts, Wayne's oxygen level had dropped to dangerous levels. This morning he is back in the hospital with breathing issues, low oxygen level and low blood pressure. Will update his condition as I receive further news. No visitation allowed at this time.

It was cold again this morning, but less the howling winds of yesterday. Now I ain't one to be caught complain'n bout nuttin, but....damn, winter sucks. I suppose that if there was no winter, the Mississippi river would eventually dry up, the Gulf of Mexico would become so saline all the delicious little shrimps would die, humanity would cease to exist due to dehydration an' starvation and this world would  revert back to the land of dinosaurs. That could happen ya know.

I done come to the conclusion that....people are different. No, not talk'n bout different from other species of living flesh, but different from one another humans. Our likes an' dislikes are different. Our ways of life are different. We don't see eye to eye on stuff. We are all unique in our own way and the things we do fits our personal uniqueness. Ya get'n the picture yet? My xxwife used to get all in a wad 'cause I didn't like the same things she did. Or I didn't do the things she suggested....or demanded. Then she wouldn't talk to me for a week....thank God. I've found that to be the case in my entire life, people try'n to impose their way of life on mine. I'll admit that I'm just a little bit "redneck" in many ways, but I like my life as it is, do'n what I like when I like, with out changing into someone I ain't gonna like. I done try that a few times an' weren't happy.

I were read'n a blog yesterday bout introverts and extroverts. Never know what they was till I read this guys blog. I rekon I must be a extrovert since I got to be around people to be happy. And I got to have a dawg for company and companionship. Now there was a time when I didn't like people....but I liked dawgs. I could go up to the mountains and camp out for weeks and never give a thought to what's go'n on in town. I were by myself....'cept'n for my dawg. I weren't lonely an' never bored. I rekon I was an introvert. Is one better than the other? Hell, I don't know.

Relat'n to the two items above, I am back at odds as to "winter destination". Everything has been weighed and "da slabs" seems the better choice of the two possibilities. Although I do love south Texas, being from there. Yeah I'm a freak'n Texan liv'n in New Mexico and go'n to California for the winter. Well, last night I were think'n bout all them fishes in south Texas say'n..."Billy Bob, cast over here". Then I got to remember'n bout all them cold northers what cut through me like a knife an' them cold ass blow'n winds....rain an' stuff what happen every year. "Damn Billy Bob, make up yer mind".

Ok....who the hell is butterbean and Sue? Have ya ever read a comment and it sticks with ya? Make ya think...."who the hell is this"? I been try'n to put 2+2 together try'n to figger out who "butterbean" may be an' comes up with a 3. It seem he know me or he wouldn't have challenged me to a game of pool in Rockport. I thought about rvsue here in New Mexico, but give up that notion. Thought bout my nephew Joseph, but he don't know how to spell butterbean. Who the hell is butterbean an' Sue??? This is fun ya know.

I got this piece of wood. It all dirty an' gray color....just a old root I pick up somewheres.

I done this before, strip off the outer skin and reveal the beauty of that piece of wood what lays below. Been gonna work on this for two year now but ain't never got to it.....'cause it were lost. Fount it up under a seat with a bunch of other crap.....what was lost too. Not say'n how long it gonna take to get started skinn'n this prize, but stay tuned. Ya may have to remind me.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Play'n pool

I were play'n pool one night. Probably ahead a couple or five hunnert dollar. I were "hot" that night. But I were also drunk'er an a skunk. Stumble up to the table, look at them balls through one fuzzy eye an' let 'er rip.

Ya see, it were like this....We was play'n our yearly pool championship tournament in La Marque, Texas.  This was a yearly event brought on by some hi roller pool players out of Houston. They brung their best. Side bets averaged bout five hunnert to a thousand a game on two tables. The place was packed. Money chang'n hands. I was assigned to table #2 at the beginning of competition and held that position till I could barely stagger to the table four hours later.

Play'n the same player over and over and over became boring, so we start show'n off....trick shots and stuff, two bank 8 ball shots an such....with a grand bet on the side. By midnight I were tired....never wanna see another pool ball long as I live. After the last game was finish we tally up our winnings....me and that guy from Houston. I were $5 ahead, cain't stand up and bout to puke up all that rot gut beer they was pour'n down me. Jump in my old pick'em up and drive home do'n 20 mile a hour. The following night drinks were on the house for the Billy Bob.

I don't play pool no more 'cause I freak'n can't see the balls. Last time I play was back in 2003 at a local bar in Port Aransas. I were drink'n fresh brewed Colombian hi octane coffee. It were a weekly "buy in" tournament for wanna-be pool sharks. Tak'n my choice of crooked house sticks off'n the wall, I proceeded to knock some balls around the table. Some go in, some don't. I were rusty like a nail. By nights end, I come in second place....weren't no way I could beat that guy.....he good.
Yes, I love pool and Colombian hi octane coffee.

And then there were the time.....bro in law get all dress up, big ol' cowboy hat, boots, western cut trench coat or what ever, foo foo juice an' all that girlie stuff. Had his own stick an' alligator leather carry case.....little knocker thingy in his pocket for the tip.We was go'n to town for a night at the pool hall in Corpus Christi.  Don't get me wrong now....he were purty damn good for a wanna be cowboy. But old Billy Bob stomp a mud hole in him right off the bat....all night long. By nights end I were ahead by 3 to 1. That's excellent odds if'n ya play'n for money...what we weren't.

Now let me tell ya bout the time I weren't so good. We was play'n a pool game call "golf" on a snooker table at the local billard hall in Huntington, West by God Virginia. Were six of us play'n. The game of golf is one of the hardest games to play on a pool table. Especially on a 5x10 foots play'n surface. The pockets and the balls are smaller than regulation pool so ya gotta poke 'em just right. I lines up my shots with position for the next shot in mind. BAM....I swaks that ball an' here it go down the table a hunnert mile a hour, hit the cushion an' jump slap on the floor. Didn't matter how hard I think, I miss shots, hit wrong balls, make someone elses ball....I suck. Then we switch over to 9 ball on a regulation table. Damn....I lose a hunnert dollar just like that. Never see that nine ball one time. All in all of play'n for 20 years, I would guess I broke close to even.
Wanna shoot a game fer a dollar???

Cold front blowed in this morn'n. Howl'n winds all night long keep me awake. Temp didn't drop much but it's cold out there....54 degs., windy and no sunshine to brighten my day. This is the beginning of winter in Deming. With that being said, it's almost time for old Billy Bob to hit the road to warmer climes. I been toss'n it around for the last couple month bout where I gonna go this winter. Toss up between south Texas and southern Calif. Well, southern Calif. has won out. Billy Bob is go'n to "da slabs" for the 4th year in a row. Catch me up some rainbow trout at "da pond" in Yuma.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Better late than never....

Well shoot, I were think'n this morning that I need to post something. But there was nuttin to write about. Didn't do a damn thing yesterday and today was no different. So what do ya write about??

Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne had a bout with his oxygen level last night. Was down to 74. Just 2 days ago it was 94 to 96. Off to the doctor he went and they gonna put him back on oxygen again. Sure am glad his shoes don't fit me.

Called the upholstery guy this morn'n chack'n to see if'n he split the country with the deposit money I gave him. Nope, he still around, but gave me some off the wall sob story bout why the material ain't arrived yet.  Something bout his grandmama died, his cousin Raymundo Gonzales was sick and his truck was in the shop. Ok....that sounds logical....I think.

Received a much anticipated email from Amazon that my 500 watt sound system has been shipped. Boy howdy can hardly wait. Shake some winders an' piss off the neighbors.......yeah!!! In case ya ain't seen what I got com'n by UPS, here is a pic....again.
The last system I had of this caliber was a 400 watt system what I blow slap up.....big ol' smoke cloud come out that thing, scare hell out me. Don't get me wrong now. It ain't like I'm skeered of smoke or nuttin like that, but this thing was on fire, mak'n all kind "crackle" sounds and stuff. Turn off a circuit breaker all by it self.

There's a story I would like to tell ya, but don't know if it's appropriate or not. Oh hell....why not? There was this lady....dare I say lady, what moved in the park. Feeled sorry for her husband. They got throwed out the last park they was in for attempt'n to take over and set park rules for the residents. She were one them anti smoke kind of people....any kind of smoke. Her first ploy was to inform all residents that smoking of any kind would no longer be allowed. HUH??? Not even the park owner dare tell us that.

She caused an old 86 year old man, what could hardly walk, to be kicked out of the park for burning weeds and such in a burn barrel. That what they for ya know. Said the smoke make her sick an' stay awake at night. She kept after that old man till he almost had a seizure....or something like that. Turn a water hose on him one time he light up his pipe. He finally moved after a couple months of her harassment. Sad to say, but I think he's dead now.

Then she start up on old Billy Bob, wrong move, complain'n that his bbq'n had to cease because of the smoke from my blackened an' charred chicken caused her headaches an' kept her awake at night. Now she start in on the wrong feller when she start in on old Billy Bob. That smoke were no way near her site. It were all on my porch in a big ol' smoke cloud.....flames an' stuff. Take a water hose put it out. Well, after a couple weeks of her complaints, old Billy Bob done had enough of these nonsense daily complaints. Gonna smoke her ass slap out the park.....that what I gonna do. I cuts up some old 2x4's an' every night I throw some in the blaz'n hot grill. When the wind come out the north, that 2x4 smoke go right to her house. If'n there weren't no north wind, I used a big fan. Good thing I weren't cook'n nuttin with them sticks or it would have been burn slap up.  Didn't take long with her complaints to the office staff, what ignored her daily complaints, before they was hook'n it up. Thank God for invent'n 2x4's.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Now what????

Now that the solar panel project is complete, I don't know what I'm gonna do next. That "to do" list is get'n shorter so maybe I can take a day off. What ya think?

Cole Front come by for a visit late last night so we gonna sit in "da house" today, sip a cup and jaw a bit.

This work'n stuff sure do tell ya how "tuff" ya are. Well old Billy Bob ain't as tuff as he thought he was. I mean I got hurts on top hurts. I need to take a few days off and "do nuttin". If'n ya ain't been pay'n attention, I ain't let up for 2 weeks fix'n stuff an' upgrading what already there. Remodeling. Fix'n broke stuff. Toss'n stuff to the dumpster. Tote'n big old heavy stuff up an' down ladders. Blow'n up expensive meters. Billy Bob is tired....wored slap out.

And then I got to think'n bout why I do all this stuff. Time is run'n out. I ain't gonna be able to do this stuff much longer. Travel'n is get'n to be too much work an' not enough adventure. ("Life without adventure is just an experience") Just yesterday I was a year older than I was a year ago. Slow'n down an' hurt'n more. But....would I be happier to sit down and never get up again? Never start the engine again??? Well hell no....don't think I would.

For Andrea:
Ain't gonna take time to rewrite history this morn'n. Here is a link to 500 MPH Winds. Hope you enjoy. For those what commented on hurricanes, old Billy Bob been through quite a few.....liv'n on an island (Galveston, Texas and Port Aransas, Texas) and all. Some was intentional....hurricane party ya know. None were life threatening as I may have made it sound like. Most time the hurricanes were far enough away that only strong winds, rain and tide surges were an issue. (Winds bout a hunnert mile a hour, rain by the bucket full and tide surge anywheres from 4 to 8 foots). It's easier to sink a boat than it is to drown the Captain.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yesterday is dead an' gone. When all is complete, I should have enough power to run my table saw, watch TV an' listen to my brand spank'n new 500 watt sound system at the same time. By the way, that new sound system will be here next week.....rattl'n neighbors winders an' stuff. Can hardly wait.

It was some time right bout September. Winds was kick'n up, seas were ris'n. It is hurricane season. Me an' fitst mate "Weird Wanda" was sit'n in the cockpit sip'n a "Coyote cooler" when she says to me..."there smoke com'n out the dock". Well yeah, there should be when the water is up to the top them boards and all the dock electrical is run under the dock.....get'n wet. She wants to go tell the harbor master that the dock is on fire. I says...."oh hell no, they'll turn off the power". So we just sit there wait'n for all hell to break loose when it blow up. What it did. Sound like big ol' firecrackers go'n off under there....steam and sparks fly'n every direction. And then, the big boom. Scare hell out me. Lights out.

Living on a boat without electricity is the pits. Especially when a hurricane is less than a hunnert mile away. It were a year of hurricanes all over the Gulf of Mexico....they was sprouted up like weeds do in Deming. I think this was the year they went through the alphabet an' start over.  Now if'n ya never live through a hurricane on a boat, let me tell ya...things get tight....if ya know what I mean. Preparation for such a storm take hours of painstaking measures to guarantee your safety. All dock lines are doubled up and adjusted to withstand the "surge". That when the water get over the docks by bout 4 feets or more. Anything lay'n on deck is stowed below so's it don't blow over on your neighbors boat an' break stuff.

Then it hits.....full bore. Hunnert mile a hour wind howl'n throught the strain'n masts. Rain pelts the decks, finding any conceivable entrance into the dry quarters below. Ya get wet, soaked to the bone. Coyote is bounc'n round in the water like a fish'n cork. Ya don't sleep. Ya just sit there and wait it out, fingers crossed....with a "Coyote cooler" in hand of course. Hours pass, what seem like days, and the storm finally passes leaving a wake of destruction behind. Fortunately, Coyote survives the storm with minimal damage...a blowed out cheap Walmart plastic tarp.

Get'n close to time for another hunnert trips up there on the roof to finish the solar panel installation. Some of ya might think that this project what I partook on my own is an easy job. But ya got to remember, old Billy Bob is 70 year old, an' that ain't no spring chicken by no account. I should be sit'n on my ass tell'n some young feller how to do it....whiles I sip a cup in the shade of "da porch".

Ok, I done talk myself into some porch time....go out there, sip me a cup an' do some think'n.

Project is complete. Well not exactly complete, I still got 6 little holes in the roof what need sealed an' disconnect that wire from the old panel. When I get it hooked up to the two new ones, I'll have 400 watts on an optimum sunny day. But that ain't gonna happen today.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Git'n tired

Holy craps.....old Billy Bob is get'n wore slap out. Don't know what got into me, but damn!!!
Don't this look a whole lot better than a few days ago? That why old Billy Bob is wore slap out. Still ain't decide what to do with that printer.

Yesterday was spent load'n trash bags with stuff and haul'n them off to the dumpster. Good stuff. Stuff I done bought and pay for with hard earned dollars. No longer will "Sally da house" be haul'n all over the country a couple three hunnert pounds of "stuff". But I ain't done yet. Next is the hallway humongous drawers where I keep stuff what ain't got nowheres else to live. Important stuff....like tape, glue, fuses, light bubs, empty shotgun shells, pieces of used wood, old dirty socks, a few tools (table saw, engine hoist, extension ladder....stuff like that) ......you know what I'm talk'n bout....junk. Toss it in a drawer and forget bout it.

Mr. UPS guy come by yesterday afternoon with the new solar panels. Boy howdy is old Billy Bob all excitis. I were so excitis I almost climbed up on the roof last night to remove the old panels. But here come old "pesky neighbor" Wayne and his "mama hen" sit'n on "da porch". Before ya get the idea that Wayne has some crazy woman liv'n with him, this lady live up the street with her husband Mark.

Did ya all see Barney's brand spank'n new boat? You can see it right here....OFM. One fine look'n craft.
Don't that look like he sit'n on a big ol' banana??? Is that a match'n life vest he wear'n.....hmmmmm?

Ok....it get'n late. Gotta take Wayne some stuff, jaw a bit and then climb up there on the roof. Will attempt a photo account of todays project.