Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fount WIFI

Wednesday Nov. 29, 2011

Well yesterday was a nice day for put'n miles on "Sally da house", but I didn't have very far to go. Arrived at Pedro Springs campground right on the dot, 12:30pm. Well that ain't really the name of the place, but it's something like that. Pay up $10 for the next 5 days of camp'n. Park same site I had last trip....only 'cause of the tree.

Got camp all set up, a pot of coffee brew'n an' sit'n out under a tree. Here come a neighbor feller hobbl'n down the road twords my camp. "Howdy, my name's Mike from Michigan". We sit out there under the tree jaw'n bout fish'n an' camp'n, kids an' grankids for the next 30 or 45 minutes. He says "let's go fish'n". Ya see he gots a fish'n boat an' his wife don't like fish'n. Well old Billy Bob ain't go'n out in no boat today. I got things to do. Side that, I got to do some think'n bout this situation. Mike is 100% disabled retired Air Force, so that mean Billy Bob got to do all the back break'n work of get'n that boat in the water. I'm think'n, I'm think'n.

Come bout 3pm I says to myself..."let's go fish'n". Me and Sadie Mae load up "that jeep" an' head off to the fish'n grounds for some bank fish'n....and her pee'n on rocks an' bushes. First place we go, I ain't catch a fish yet. Damn ducks all over the place. Weeds in the water. Nuttin. So's we head up the road a piece where I was catch'n great big ol' fish the last trip. Nope, not a damn fish in there neither. Water is crystal clear...see all the ways to the bottom. Ok, where at is my fish? "Ya need a boat Billy Bob".

See a couple kayak fellers out there paddle round, but never see them catch no fish neither.

Well, it were off to Walmart for some camp'n supplies. Picks me up a few fish'n stuff thingys an's some groceries what I was out of. Gonna be mak'n a pot of chili today since it's chilly out. Was 37 degs outside an a nippy 54 inside this morn'n. Now that's get'n downright cold in my book.

Mike come by just bout time coffee was done. He say..."don't want no stink'n coffee, want to go fish'n". He went out yesterday afternoon while I was rock climb'n an' shopp'n. Caught him up another 5 pound'er right close to camp. Damn!!! Now tomorrow he talk'n him an' me go out an' do some fish'n in his big ol' bass boat. I cain't hardly pass up a deal like that can I? You knows how long it been since the old Billy Bob catch a bass that big?

Don't EVER leave a pot of chili simmer'n while ya take a nap. Runed it, but I gonna eat it anyhows.....black stuff an' all.


  1. How many pots of beans did i burn before i learned?
    Sure was glad to see ur post! Got ur camera ready? U know, for all those fishes?
    You thinking about how good they taste cooked whole?,,on the bone? with tails? lololol...

  2. So you made cajun style chili - blackened. That will be fine.
    Looking forward to fish pictures.

  3. Welcome to Del Rio Billy Bob. Glad you found yourself some free WIFI.

    I would certainly take Mike up on his going fishing offer. If he has a boat it's because he can put it in the water...I doubt the wife does it for him.

  4. Well BB, of all people you should know"If you snooz ya lose" what the heck chili is chili...burnt chili is better than no chili.

  5. Any boat not on a drive on/off trailer is not for me anymore. No reason to work hard loading/unloading a boat nowadays.

  6. You ought to take that guy up on his offer. If he knows where the big ones are, go for it. I hope you catch a 12 pounder. Have fun, wich I were there.

  7. I'm the expert in nappin'n cookin'. Plenty of practice. Even night creatures often turn their nose up and mosey away. I bet it's that melted pot taste they didn't like.