Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My couch.....is back

Well it's almost back. pholstery guy just call and it's on the way.....Yeee Ha!!! Damn, wisht I could remember what material I ordered. Probly gonna look like a sore thumb, but what the hell, I need my "nap couch" back.
Well, here it are. Could'a swore I ordered orange.

Member what is used to look like....

What does a retired RV'n feller eat on Thanksgiving? It ain't like I can eat a whole damn turkey or nuttin like that ya know. Well, let me tell ya what this old retired RV'n guy think bout holiday eats. He don't. It's just another day....you know balony samitch, a boiled egg an' some Doritos....or something like that. Also, when ya hit that 70 year old mark, food ain't inportant no more. Everything taste the same, so it don't matter if it's a scrumptious perfectly prepared 10 course dinner or just an old chunk of lunch meat and a couple slabs of bread.  Anything to fill an empty hole.....an' make a poopie pie.

Ok, got that couch all back together....had to put the hardware on the front bottom piece so's I can put all my can goods under there. The real test will come soon as I eat me up a samitch....nap time.


  1. LOLOL speak for urself,,on food all tasting the same...(at our age). That ddl meat, ddl cheese burger i had last nite was GOOOOD. Ate 1/2 then, just finished it today.
    Love that couch! Bet it gives you a good nap. OK,,ready to go, now,,right?

  2. BTW,,couldn't find ur email on ur profile.

  3. Work is fascinating to me, I could set and watch it all day.

  4. Do you ever go to the Amrican Legion in D? really nice group of people there.Bet u could get a turkey sandwich .lol

  5. TNT it is right there on the left under CONTACT

  6. See what I mean Trouble.....what the hell is a ddl???.....sheesh!!!
    Sometimes I have to look at the shipping package to know what I'm eat'n. All tastes like chicken.

    My kind a man Bob. Ain't nuttin more excit'n than watch'n somebody work.

    Anony....last time I frequented an American Legion, that kick me slap out for say'n it look like a beer joint. Wouldn't take that chance again....even for a turkey samich.

    Thanks Barney.....would'a took me a hour try to splain to her where to find it.

  7. I agree that when you are by yourself the easiest thing to fix is the best. When I spent the winter in Savannah I was alone for Thanksgiving AND Christmas, and ate whatever I felt like throwing together. Didn't miss the big dinner or the clean-up.

    I like the new couch. A good place to nap is a requirement.

  8. That couch looks great and it looks like it is pumkin colored to me. Very nice.

  9. Your recovered couch looks great. I'm not cooking anything special for turkey day this year, either. No big deal.

  10. What a difference on the upholstery job like night and day. I love it!!

    I have been laughing out loud for ten minutes now. I had completely forgotten about the American Legion "incident" but the way you worded your reply, just cracked me up :D

  11. Your new couch looks fantastic!!

    Sure beats the old flowery frumpy thing...

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard