Sunday, January 31, 2016

Is winter over?

Oh hell, why not, let's do this. Ha ha, easy to say, but do'n ain't as easy as say'n. What to write about?

Well let's start with how I been feel'n. Pretty dad gum good if'n I do say so myself. I been eat'n. I been sleep'n. I been watch'n crap on the TV. I been keep'n nice an' cozy. Yesterday....dishes is all warshed up. Floors are sweeped. Trash is out. Ran Sally da house engine. Ran the Onan generator. Emptied the black water tank....pump that shit bout 80 feet. Man, what a good day. Shoot, I feel pretty dad gun good. But....I cain't wait to see my nerve kill'n doctor. I don't rekon my back will ever be pain free.

The old Billy Bob took up knit'n, crochet'n, basket weav'n, an' the upholstery trade. Mostly upholstery. Do ya recall when I was tell'n ya bout the old recliner cover what catched on fire? It was big, the cover thingy, an' hanged down too far on the back. The Mr Heater says...."hey, lookie here, combustibles"....an' set it ablaze. The Mr Heater move is complete....even ordered an' installed a 6 volt thingy to run the fan. Anyhow, I says to myself, if'n I only had me a sew maching, I could make that cover fit. "Yo mama" just so happen to have a extra sew machine. I set to work. My God, this will never work.....this needs some dumpster time. I hear a knock on my door. Nobody knocks on my door....what the hell. It was "yo mama" with a basket of material....one be'n upholstery material an' it looked good. I'm think'n I can do this. Measurements, drawings, cut here, cut there...fire up the sew machine. The back half was done the other day an' the finish'n half was done yesterday. My God, it looks like store bought....almost. To prove my point, here is a pic of a brand spank'n new recliner cover thingy I put together.

 See what I'm talk'n bout...I'm a upholstery guy.

After the snow, we only had a couple three more days of cold ass temps. It got so warm follow'n that that I open up the front winder shade thingys so's I can see outside. Ha ha, but shit, come Tuesday night, I gonna have to close them again to keep the cold outside an' the heat inside. But look'n outside for 4 or 5 days is worth a million dollar. An' sunshine, Yaaa Hooo!!!

When I say I'm eat'n, I had to throw half a pot of chicken noodle veg soup in the dumpster. Ya see, ever time I make a pot of something to last a few days, I get a ton of free food from up at the house an' from Robert. The soup got sour in the frige that long...bout 5 or 6 days. Ha, last night I eat me up bout 5 pounds of tacos what Mandi made for me. I was stuffed. An' then....here come Robert with a big bowl od apple pie an' ice cream. "Put it in the freezer Robert". Bout 30 minure later I couldn't take it no longer....I eat that stuff slap up. Now I was really stuffed......Yeeee Haaa!!!
I sooo want my couch back. That would mean I got to put the desktop back over there where the recliner sits. An' that means the recliner would have to go. Or, I could put the recliner over there where the tug boat sits on a cabinet....what would mean that a shelf would have to be constructed over the desktop for the tug boat an' the Mississippi riverboat....an' toss the cabinet in the dumpster....what would mean I got to find new storage space for the stuff in the cabinet. Dang, that sounds like I got myself in a situation.

"billy jeep" registration has arrived from Texas. Good for another year....with no safety inspection. Ya see, when I ordered the registration online, the inspection was still in effect. It ain't now. They probably gonna put a bench warrant on me an' lock me up the first day I get back to the Texas border. Although I do have 24 hours to get inspected. Ha, I cain't drive from Shreveport La. (the border) to south Texas in 24 hours. This new shit sucks.

My stocks did wonderful last week. I need to spend some money. "How bout a new couch Billy Bob"?

Ok, that's bout it for now. Things are look'n up. For how long, I don't know.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

HEY....it's Billy Bob

Just 'cause I'm "stuck in Georgia" don't mean I have kick the bucket an' don't read blogs an' think bout ya an' wished I was back in Texas an' was catch'n me some big 14 pound bass fish. It's very very hard to make a blog post while you're watch'n some crap on the TV an' sleep'n your life away. My God, I cain't believe how much time I spend in a deep slumber....long daily naps.

Holy crap....it's white outside.I was sit'n here watch'n some crap on the TV last night an' Sadie Mae says...."I gotta go pee". I open the door an' lo an' behold, it was snow'n. Weather guy was right for a change. Temp had dropped down to bout 20 degs as the latest storm passed through. It's right at noon as I type this, an' the temp is still bout 27 degrees...an' the snow is still on the ground.
 Them are Sadie Mae tracks. Poor ol' Leonard took one look outside an' says...."I ain't hav'n none that stuff". But he did go outside this morn'n for no more than 3 minutes.

There has been absolutely nuttin excit'n to write about. But you already knew that. Medical issues can sure mess up a persons life, if'n ya know what I mean. I'm only gonna take a minute of your time as we talk bout what ails me. I been feel'n pretty damn good for the last week or so. Other than this damn back an' hip. I ain't took none my stomach meds in almost 2 weeks. I feel no stomach issues, although I know they are still there. Just not as bad as before. The meds work....but...the side effects suck as bad as a flat tire on a John Deere lawn tractor.

The ol' lower back an' hip is still bout the same. A good dose of aspirin eases it up for a pretty good period of time. The aspirin also eats away at my stomach. So what do you do?

We, me an' Robert, are changing the location of my Mr Heater. Ya see, it sit so close to my recliner that it set the recliner cover thingy slap on fire while I was sleep'n. It weren't no big fire or nuttin like that, but it could have been. The new location will be much much more safer...away from any combustibles that could set "Sally da house" on fire. That's all I need at this time in my life.

It's been very cozy in "da house" with the low temps outside. I keep it right bout 74 degs at sit down level, but damn, my feet sure do get kind of on the cold side. Socks help a little bit.

I still hav'n me water heater problems. I done check an' adjust stuff an' the damn thing still red light on me. The spark igniter don't make as good a spark I think it should, so I'm gonna clean the black stuff off'n the electrodes. But...I reset the water heater 2 days ago an' the damn thing ain't red lighted one time. Go figger. I didn't fix nuttin but the damn thing is work'n....so far. Been 2 maybe 3 days.

I keep ask myself "what ya gonna do now" an' I don't come up with a good answer. Here's the deal. I would love to be in Texas.....but....in Texas I have no one to look after me if needed. I would be alone if'n ya catch my drift. Here in Georgia I have family close an' my needs are took care of right now. Shit like that will put you in a state of depression....although men don't do depression (macho thing).
I fount a piece of property. 2.8 acres with a 112 year old house sit'n on it. In need of remodeling. Not by me, but by Robert. Hmmmm....think of my RV shelter dream. I could always sell "Sally da house" an' move into the house with Robert an' Mandi. Just a thought.

Ok, I'm gonna leave it at that for a while. Will try to post more often.  


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bout the same in Georgia.....cold

I still ain't got nuttin e(cks)cit'n (exciting) to write bout.....But, I'm think'n I can still fix stuff. Maybe. (hey, did you see that? Spell checker just fixed fic).
Anyhows, I been hav'n a time with my water heater. It's been "red light'n" on me an' I ain't got no hot water. I conned Robert into install'n the new thermostat I buyed a couple months ago an' thought my problems was over. Ha...RED LIGHT the next morn'n. Yesterday I adjust the air thingy to get a better flame. RED LIGHT this morn'n. Ok, let's go do something else. How bout check'n the orifice. What I did. Hmmmm, what the hell is that stuff in the orifice? Clean it out an' reinstall. Fire that sucker up an' readjust the air thingy. Hmmmm, sound just like a RV water heater.....ROOOOOAAARR. Or something like that. Will know tomorrow morn'n if it's fixed.

It's been cold at "Yo Mama's RV Resort". Nighttime temps in the low 20's a couple nights with upper 40's day time. Mostly 29 to 31 last couple nights. I dribble the water faucet a little at night so's water lines don't freeze up an' I have to use dog water for my morn'n coffee. Been have to fire up the Mr Heater a couple three times. 10,000 btu's just ain't quite enough from the 2 electric heaters. Adding another 4,500 from the Mr H sure do help bring the inside temp up to 75 or 78 degs. That's set on low. Medium is 9000 an' hi is 18000. Maybe I shoulda never remove the ducted furnace. Had our first sunshine in 2 weeks yesterday an' today. Got to love sunshine.

Health issues still bout the same. Hip hurt like hell most all day long an' stomach issues ain't a whole bunch better. Got off'n aspirin until I feel better. I had to get off the stomach med again. Make me sick for bout a hour or so an' then it plug me slap up. Wait'n for word from the doctor.

Work on a boat??? Well hell no. I still got to get the desktop clean off an' put up some the no longer needed stuff. But I DID warsh up some dishes again. That's bout the jist of my do'n stuff.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My God, I'm alive an' kick'n

Ok, somebody want's to know what's go'n on at Billy Bob's house. Well let me tell ya what's go'n on.....nuttin. An' you can spell that with a capitol N.
But wait, there is something go'n on.....I'm freez'n my ass slap off. For the last 3 days it's been what I call cold. Low's in the mid an' upper 20's. Highs in the upper 40's. An' it ain't even cold yet.

Poor poor boat is just sit'n over there draw'n dust. Before I can do any more work on the boat, I first have to clean off the desktop. An' before I can clean off the desktop, I first have to clean out the hobby closet where I store all the junk stuff.  "My God Billy Bob, git off'n yer ass". I been gonna do that for the last two weeks an' it all still looks the same.

Did I tell ya that my wonderful son Robert hook me up to a couple three hunnert TV channels? I finded me bout 4 that I actually watch. The amount Robert had to pay for these 4 channels is not worth a plug nickle. In fack,, a nickle is over priced. Now I DO have a whole slew of movie channels. Went through 'em all an' only fount one I would actually watch. Ain't watch a movie on it yet.

Note to readers: I have to type Tejas 'cause the dad gum * (ecks) don't work on this computer.
A couple days ago, I registered the "billy jeep" online. It was quite simple......"send me money". What I did. Then I received a email that the registration was approved an' should receive it in 7 to 10 days. Well that ain't gonna happen 'cause the Tejas state inspection ain't been done. An' it ain't gonna be done until I get back to Teckas. What's gonna happen, they gonna let me know I need a inspection before they can send the registration. Then I will have to PROVE I an' out of state. Now how the hell I gonna do that?

I don't know what to do bout these damn stomach pills I'm supposed to take for another 6 weeks. Ever time I take 'em, I get all stopped up an' got to take some stuff to unlock me. Then in 2 days, I'm all stop up again.

Shoot, I been feel'n pretty dad gum good for the last week. If only I could git me a full breath. An' this damn hip didn't hurt so freak'n bad. Today not so bad. Cain't wait for Feb 6th to get here an' kill that nerve. The shot helped quite a bit, but I'm think'n it's bout wore off by now. We'll see after the ablation procedure.

I looked at (by internet) a little piece of property in south Georgia. With the old age health issues I have, I'm think'n I need to be close to family. It ain't like I can camp out in "yo mama's" yard for the rest my life. I do wish I was in south Tejas so's I don't freeze slap to death in the winter months. Decisions decisions. Sides that....I love Tejas. 

I've bout had it with computers. This one, the * (ecks) don't work an' the newest one, the Dell, it freezes up after upgrad'n to Win 10 an' downgrad'n back to Win 8.1. I don't like the Dell anyhows.

Ha, 'member when the battery was slap dead on the "billy jeep"? Well I charge that sucker all the ways up. A few days later I goes out to start it up. Nuttin. All it do is go wrrrrr, wrrrrr, wrrrr.....never hit a lick. Finally it start up...then die. Start up, then die. Finally it stay run'n. Hmmmmm, sound to me like I have a bad connection somewheres. Note:....hood was open when charging battery....it rained. Hold on a sec....I'm gonna run out an' see if'n it will run. BRB.
Ha, that sucker start up just like a brand spank'n new Jeep. Yeeeee Haaaa!!!

I got housework what needs took care of. I hate housework, so don't espect to read bout a bunch of work. Dishes is done.....Yeeeee Haaaa!!!

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. "I'll be bach".