Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ain't got a thing

I'm think'n I'll just pass on writ'n a blog this morn'n. I been sit'n here wrack'n my brain for ideas for a interesting post, but all I come up with is "nuttin" this morn'n.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Busy as a bee...

I was just sit'n there on the couch....look'n round at all the mess that Mississippi riverboat has caused. I've got to git up right now an' start clean'n house.

Well, it didn't actually work out that way. Ya see, I got me a new "to do" list and I'm all full of piss an' vinegar to get started on this list. On top of the list was to drill some big ol' holes through the cabinets and install a HDML cable from the laptop to the TV. In the process, I have a pile of "toss in the dumpster" stuff in the middle of the floor. Cable installed out of sight an' mind....works like a charm. Now I can watch laptop on TV. "Why Billy Bob....what the hell for"????

The new cable for the printer was too short....so's I moved the printer. Problem solved.

I don't think I ever did wash dishes that fast in a hunnert years. I swear, it didn't take over 20 minutes. Even with two breaks. Did you know that wash'n dishes is very hard on your lower back? Well it is for the old Billy Bob anyhows. Ya see, when the sink cabinets was designed for a RV, they  failed to allow a "toe kick" area at the bottom of the cabinets (a place to put your toes while ya bend over the sink wash'n dishes). That extra 2 inches makes a big difference. 

The damn pit bull got holt on that damn goat. I was sit'n there on the couch an' I hears Bubba yell'n at the dog. I says, "what the hell". Bout that time, here come that damn goat run'n a hunnert mile a hour....right up the steps into "Sally da house"....knock'n stuff all over the place. We ain't talk'n no little goat here, this sucker weigh right bout 200 pounds. Barely fit through the door. I got to get this goat out my house before he decides he gonna piss on the floor. But he ain't mov'n a inch. Just stand'n there shak'n like a leaf. Then he piss on the floor. Damn goat!!!

Other than for the wind, yesterday was a pretty nice day. Ain't much else I can say bout it. This is the kind of weather I can live with. Less the wind of course.

For someone what hates wind, I had me a couple sailboats....what took good gusts of wind to make them go. In fact I was gonna sail the 41' Formosa to the Caribbean islands after I retired. Laid back on the beach drink'n rum an' danc'n with the hoochi coochi island girls. You got to remember I was younger back then....don't do that kind of stuff no more. Ain't say'n I don't like hoochi coochi island girls or nuttin like that, but I just ain't got time for that kind of silly nonsense. Although, the position for a cute little first mate is still open.    

Ok....got things to do. Laters.

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's on fire Billy Bob....YIKES!!!!

Yes I am in Texas. To prove it, the weather has changed.
This morn'n I waked up, late as usual, to beautiful sun shine and clear skys. Of course the wind is blow'n like it always do. So much that I'm gonna have to pass on swak'n golf balls today. Maybe!

"Turn it off Billy Bob, the damn thing is on fire". Ya see, it's like this.....I hook up my battery to that smoke generator. A new gasket was installed and vegetable oil was added to the heater element wick. This is a test. Two minutes into the test, there was a "pooof". It catched on fire. Thoughts of a Mississippi river boat on fire crossed my mind. It's back to the drawing board.

A quick search on the internet proved that vegetable oil is a good choice to make lots of pretty white smoke. But it stinks terrible when it reaches the point of turn'n into flames. Not reach'n the point of flames, but still produc'n smoke, was yesterday ultimate goal. A new heater element was designed by Billy Bob Heater Element Engineering Specialities.....Inc. At 7.94 volts, there was a slight glow to the new element.

With all the professional engineers we have on the blogs, I'm totally amazed I haven't had any input to design. I could use some help here ya know.

Anyhows, a second test run was performed. Using transmission fluid as a smoke fuel, there was less smoke than vegetable oil. A trip to Walmart, I will pick up some baby oil. At least baby oil should smell like a babies behind.
The battery was hooked up....outside of course.....in the wind.

 That ain't look'n too bad is it?

A 20 minute test run was performed....with no fire. "Yee Haw Billy Bob, you da man".

Then I sits down on the couch. I got me a fresh cup of coffee by my side and I gits to think'n.... When this project is completed, what will I have to show for my efforts? Look'n at the boat, you will never know I spent a week, or more, build'n an' install'n a smoke generator. I will only see my accomplishment if'n I put the boat in water. Maybe I should have a boat launching ceremony an' invite all my blogger friends to attend. BYOB of course.

A "toad" is a vehicle you tow behind a motorhome. My "that jeep" is a toad. It's also too heavy and a POS. That's why I need to replace it (mostly 'cause it's a POS). Ya cain't just tow any old vehicle behind a motorhome. I must have a means of disconnect'n the transmission from the drive wheels. Placing a automatic transmission in neutral is not that means. A 4x4 Jeep has that means.....a RWD Jeep does not. Ya just place the 4 wheel drive selector in neutral and hit the road. My replacement toad must not only be big enough to haul all my stuff, it must have the above capabilities. Many thanks go out to RV Dan for his time and efforts to find Billy Bob a replacement toad. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The saga continues

Well, here I sit look'n out the winder at another dreary sunless day. If'n I was a bit more poetic, I would explain what a dreary day looks like.

Well shoot, everthing I touched yesterday either broke or didn't work. Oh wait a minute.....nephew Joseph took me to Corpus Christi yesterday morn'n for breakfast at IHop. Didn't break a damn thing.

We drove through a dozen car dealerships look'n for that one special Jeep I been look'n for (Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4. And there that sucker was, all shiny, new tires, detailed inside an' out, just sit'n there in the used car lot. Then it broke. The dealership parts man had just bought my Jeep Cherokee Sport the day before. The old Billy Bob is SOL on that one.

Then we stop off at a computer parts sell'n place. I was need'n some cables to hook up my printer and a cable to reach from the TV to the laptop. Ain't gonna 'splain why I need them, but I do. It's a Billy Bob thing ya know.

Back at "da house", I were gonna lay back an' take it easy......"do nuttin" ya know. That only last bout 10 minutes fore I drag out my tools an' stuff and start work'n on "the project". "How long does it take to build an' install a smoke generator in a Mississippi riverboat Billy Bob"? Well, there's a lot of unforeseen obstacles that have to be overcome along the way. Like "Oh eff, I broke something". Or "How comes that don't fit"? "Freak'n super glue".

I'll take this moment to say....I'm sorry smoke generators and Mississippi river boats don't interest my readers, but this project stuff is "meat an' taters", "apple pie", "cream in coffee", to the old Billy Bob. I git sooo damn excitis I could pee my pants.

The afternoon was spent wiring all the electronics an' a hand full of electric wires installed for the drive motor an' smoke generator. Battery has been installed, hidden from view, inside the cabins on the second deck. A test dry run was made.....no water. Rudders work just fine. Sternwheel turns forwards an' backards. Smoke generator makes smoke. Boy howdy, when I say smoke, I mean smoke. Not only does smoke come out of the stacks, it comes out everwheres. I'm think'n there's probly a gasket leak'n problem. Looks like the whole damn boat is done catched on fire. What ain't exactly the look I was think'n bout when I started this project. Redesign of gaskets is the order of the day.....silicone did not work worth a crap. Although, I did do a piss poor job with the silicone tube. Gobs of silicone everwheres.

So what am I gonna do today. Since it's plumb ass ugly outside, I gonna be inside today. An' since I gonna be inside, I'm gonna work on my project. Bet ya didn't figger on that did ya?

I been wait'n all week long for Friday to make a appearance. You know, go golf ball swak'n an' eat seafood at the Butter Churn. Well, the weather thingy says tomorrow may bring rain, thunderstorms an' wind over 20 mile a hour. Do I dare venture out in them kind of weather forecasts? Only time will tell, but I'm think'n I probly will. What's life without a little spice?     

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chang'n oil????

When I was a teenager, we didn't change oil in our cars. We added oil as needed. We didn't use antifreeze neither. In the late 50's, rambunctious teenagers didn't drive "pick'em up trucks". Trucks were built for work. Cars were built to be 'customized' and changed into "hotrods". That's what we drove.

Today may possibly be oil and filter change day at Billy Bob's house. Nephew Joseph has the day off from the oil fields and has promised me he would crawl up under "Sally da house" an' "that jeep" to change oil and filters.....as soon as he gets back from Corpus Christi. I am no longer able to be crawl'n under vehicles so I have to depend on others. Well.....I could it, but I would pay dearly for such a decision. The last two years have taken quite a toll on the old Billy Bob. Cain't do shit....an' that pisses me off. Grrrrrrrrrr......!

I suppose everbody seen all the smoke I created yesterday (photo was posted yesterday).
Here it is again in case ya missed it.

Well let me tell ya bout that smoke. Being the fool that I am, I cranked up that smoke generator in "da house". I had no idea there would be "that" much stink'n smoke. Have ya ever smelled burned vegetable oil???? That stuff stinks terrible and the smell lingers for hours. Won't be do'n that no more.  

The installation of the smoke generator in the Mississippis sternwheeler has been almost completed. Paint has been applied.

This project has been almost as exciting as when I first built this Mississippi Sternwheeler, the Chaperon.
This is a working remote controlled model of a sternwheeler river boat. It's 3 feets long. Took a full year to construct and install remote control. LOL....one day to sink it.

Steam powered "anything" fascinates" the old Billy Bob. From steam powered boats to steam powered farm tractors. Hermit Jim's blog this morning was right along those lines. If'n you Google 'steamboat Yellowstone', you will find some interesting Texas history ya probly didn't know bout. Like being used to transport Santa Anna back to Mexico after his capture in Texas......or something like that. If'n you're a Texas history buff, you need to read this stuff.

When I was a rambunctious little rascal on the farm, there was this steam powered car what would come by once a month......go'n to town I suppose. He would stop at the creek and fill up with water to continue his journey.  Dang I wish I had that old car. Tow behind "Sally da house"....on a trailer.

I dream some weird stuff. I waked up a couple times last night wonder'n what I was do'n lay'n in bed when I was dream'n of being somewheres else. An' do'n weird stuff. Weird stuff will not be discussed in this morn'ns post. I had leg cramps.....what were related to the weird dreams. Then at 4am, I began to have breath'n problems. "Sheesh Billy Bob, you weird". I gave up on sleep'n at 5:15. Brewed up a fresh pot and started a new excit'n day. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo added...Fingers stuck.....super glue

"My God Billy Bob, you're a idiot. You super glued your fingers together". You think I'm joke'n don't ya?

I don't know bout everbody else, but yesterday was a special day at Billy Bob's house. Ya see, when I get involved in a project, I put my heart an' soul in it. Yesterday I did nuttin but work on projects. Cajun tunes was cranked up, fresh coffee was brewed as needed, sounds of enjoyment was heard through out "da house". Money matters were forgotten, no thoughts of depression,.....I was in a world of bliss.

As with all engineers, you gonna screw up, no matter how good ya think you are. Make a wrong calculation, draw a line where there ain't supposed to be one....your measurements don't add up. So what do you do? Well shoot, that's simple....ya modify. And that exactly what the old engineer Billy Bob had to do.

Ya see, it's like this....remember that drawing I posted the other day of the "planned" smoke generator? Had I built it to drawing specs, it would have never fit into the proposed space. So I had to modify.

As you can plainly see, the top cover is different from the draw'n and it's made of heavy plastic. "Won't plastic catch fire Billy Bob"?  We'll leave that question unanswered until after an extended test has been performed.

Can anybody says...."SMOKE"??? I got the right idea, but "DAMN.....in da house"??? 
"Billy Bob, you are 71 years old. Don't ya think this is a bit too much for a old guy in your condition"???

Oh wait, I forgot to tell ya bout super glue'n my fingers. When I glue stuff, I smooth it out with my fingers so's ya cain't see it. Then I got wet super glue all over on my "smooth'n finger....what ended up stuck real good to my thumb. What didn't come apart. Work'n with a razor knife and numerous household solutions, my fingers are now unglued. Access glue removed and sanded to fresh skin. You did know that a file and sandpaper will remove super glue....right? Ha ha, can just see myself at the emergency room with two fingers glued together. LOL.....had a girlfriend one time I would liked to super glue her lips shut. Jibber jabber all day long bout nuttin.

So what the hell did you do yesterday?

Boy howdy......I waked up early this morn'n freez'n half to death. It were all the ways down to 36 degs. outside. The electric heater was set on bout 50 degs therebouts, so yes, I were cold when I got up. Don't think it woulda made no difference what it was set on since a electric heater only puts out 5,000 BTU's. Takes right bout 14,000 BTU's to keep "da house" comfortable (70 to 75 degs.) in freez'n weather.

Today I will be painting. Oh hell no, not art work. I give that up years ago. When I was younger an' had more free time on my hands, I used to draw, paint pictures.....stuff like that. I were a "arteest"....or something like that. Oil and acrylics. Charcoal. Pencils. Now that I've retired, I ain't got no extra time to do stuff like that.

Speak'n of Blogger. What the hell??? Have ya clicked on a photo on somebodys blog? Something has changed again. At least it has on my blog. Photos open in a new window.
I also got to think'n. What if Blogger stopped "free" blog posting? I've got over 3 years of blog posts what I would hate to lose. On the old HP laptop what don't work no more, I saved a couple years of posts. But I saved them in a little folder to the desktop. They were not on the hard drive when I formatted it. Gone....poooof, just like that.

Ok, start of another excit'n day for Billy Bob an' crew. Laters. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

More smoke...please no flames

Just in case anybody has doubts as to Billy Bob's ability to play havoc with a perfectly clean living space, photo evidence has been included this morn'n.

A windy ride to Home Depot and Radio Shack, located in Calallen, Texas, proved to be a successful trip. Well, kind of. Ya see, in order to assure a safe containment of fire and flames, a metal container is necessary for the steam generator. Just a safety concern ya know. We talk'n bout a red hot heater element an' combustible oil inside a "wood" boat. Finding no metal container that would suffice at Home Depot, I decided to give Radio Shack a shot. Nope, they don't got one neither. But they did have the required axial fan (like used on a computer for cooling) needed to push the smoke out the smoke stacks. Copper tubing and fittings was purchased for the "new" smoke stacks. Hmmmmmm.....I got one them fans in the old HP laptop.

Back at "da house", I got to think'n......"you can make a metal box Billy Bob". Out of a piece of 1 1/2 inches angle aluminum an' some JB Weld, I fabricated a little box just the correct size to resemble a boiler and hold all the necessary components for a "smoke generator".

See, I ain't so dumb after all. But that brings up a little problem thats gonna take some careful consideration an' engineer'n skills. Remember I had used the "old" fake boiler as a battery holder??? Now, where am I gonna put the battery when I install the smoke generator??? If ya got any doubts, stay tuned for the correct answer.

Boy howdy, I made the right decision to NOT go to the golf ball swak'n place this morn'n. It were freak'n cold. The wind is blow'n an' I'm sit'n inside with the heater run'n. I was born at night, but not last night. Although, I do recall many winter mornings in Deming, NM. me an' old "pesky neighbor" Wayne swak'n golf balls in 30 an' 40 degs. temps. Couple three times with snow still on the ground. Dedication....that what it were.

Sadia Mae is got a boyfriend. Ya see, nephew Joseph has got this little dog what comes to visit. Since he been visit'n, Sadie Mae has a new outlook on life. She actually wags her tail and plays.

This pose is called...."watch'n Billy Bob cuss, rant an' rave while work'n with small parts".

Well, that's bout the "jist" of it this morn'n. Proof of a work'n smoke generator will be documented as soon as I get work'n. Look'n for video proof??? You betcha!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boats an' speakers

"My God Billy Bob, what have you done to "da house"? There's tools lay'n round all over the place. Tape, wire, electric drills, hammers, screwdrivers, nuts an' bolts....Jesus, what a mess.

Well ya see, it's like this......I were sit'n there on the couch an' crank up the surround sound system to listen to some tunes. Then I got to look'n at the speaker positions. That ain't right, so I'm gonna move 'em. Think'n this would be a easy task, I jump in with both feets. In the process, I decided I would change out the old speakers with the new ones what came with the 500 watt system. Shoot, they different and don't fit. "Modify Billy Bob, ya can always modify". Two hours later, two speakers have been relocated and replaced. Two to go.

Remember that "smoke generator" I was tell'n ya bout? Yup, I done tore a fully operational heat gun slap to pieces. Ain't used it since I live on the boat, so what the hell? A short section of the heat'n element wire was formed into workable miniature "smoke generator" heat'n element. I hook it up to the battery what operates the remote control electronics and motor for the Mississippi river boat.....an' WALLA.... that sucker turn a glow'n red color. Burn my fingers yeah it did. That only took a couple hour or so of my time.
 A few more added items an' I gonna have me a "smoke generator" from hell. Hmmmmm, wonder if'n the boat gonna catch a fire when I turn it on? Burn slap up an' sink.

 I like to draw too.
Won't be long until I gonna have me a authentic look'n Mississippi sternwheeler ready to launch.

Holy crap, it were windy last night. And the temps is fall'n down again. I was look'n at the weather forecast thingy for the next couple days.....ain't look'n too good. Lows back into the mid 40's. How can that be right? Gonna be too cold and windy tomorrow (Monday) at the golf swak'n place for the old Billy Bob to be swing'n bats. Maybe!!!!

Ok....got some stuff I gotta do.....off to Home Depot for parts......laters.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Golf an' grease

News Flash: Billy Bob plays golf. I arrive at the Sinton Municipal golf ball swak'n place early afternoon. It were a comfortable 74 degs or so, cloudy overcast skys and a slight breeze out of the south. Perfect conditions for a great round of golf.

Two witnesses to attest to my golf ball swak'n abilities were acquired at the first tee box. These two witnesses were strong young fellers with the ability to swak a golf ball all the ways into the next county. I was figger'n on pick'n up a few pointers for the next time me an' OFM Barney play a round. Watch'n these two boys run'n round out in amungst all them trees look'n for their balls was a treat for the old Billy Bob. Us three golf ball swak'n fellers had a great round of golf....hee haw'n an' laughter.

One of my favorite trees at Sinton Municipal....That's a old feller I betcha a dollar.

I hit the "greasy churn" right at 4pm or so for a nice after golf meal. I must have hit it on the right day 'cause they had all the good stuff what I like to eat. After a great homemade salad just the way I like it, I load me up a couple plates with......fried fish, a sausage hot link, steak (medium rare) with mushrooms all over the top, a handfull of butterfly shrimps cooked just right, a stuffed crab, a couple hush puppies, a pile of mac an' cheese and some green beans. Damn, I ain't never gonna eat all this stuff. I bet ya a dollar I'll be back on Fridays more often. 

Last night I paid dearly for such a wonderful day. A few doses of Alka Seltzer to sooth the stomach and a few 500mg aspirin to ease the back pains. No leg cramps though.

It were 3:45am before I went to bed. Not 'cause I were hurt'n or nuttin like that, but I were busy with "research". Ya see, I got this hair to put a smoke generator on the Mississippi river boat. So's I was watch'n You Tube videos and read'n DIY (do it yourself) articles on build'n a miniature smoke generator. You know what I'm talk'n bout....make smoke come out the smoke stacks just like the real thing. Sounds like a pretty good project to me.

I still ain't in that "travel mode" yet. Did ya see all them winter storms up north? There ain't no ways in hell that the old Billy Bob is gonna head into that kind of weather. I have enough trouble with beautiful weather to be jump'n into a pair of long johns an' go'n north. I'm think'n I'll just sit here in Sinton an' "do nuttin". Do some projects, a little golf ball swak'n an' just lay back sip'n up a cup relax'n. Well, I still got some oil an' filter changes to do. An' them dishes is pile'n up again. I guess I could round up a few redneck friends an' blow that old HP laptop to hell an' gone.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Man Toys

Well shoot, yesterday was a bust....in a way.

After I did some think'n, me an' Sadie Mae loaded up in "that jeep" an' headed for Walmart. Only bout a 30 minute trip if'n ya drive bout a hunnert mile a hour (60). Holy Crap, that one big ass Walmart store I mean to tell ya.

I headed off to the pharmacy an' drop off my prescription bottles for a refill. The nice lady says to come back in 2 hours. What the hell am I gonna do for two hours? So's I start walk'n the asiles....just look'n ya know. I loads up a bunch of stuff in the cart. Then I get to think'n...."what I need that for"? So's I takes the stuff back out of the cart. Two hours is up. I heads back to the pharmacy an' pick up my drugs, pay for a couple items I couldn't do without an' go back to "that jeep" where Sadie Mae is patiently waiting. She's such a good dog.

I stops at Dairy Queen on the way home. Holy Crap, that's a big ass Dairy Queen. Ya see, they are remodeling....mak'n it bigger....much bigger. I ain't never see a Dairy Queen that big before. Ate me up some them steak fingers an' fries. Had enough left over to treat the dog Sadie Mae. Then I sit in "that jeep" an' watch this feller up on a scaffold do'n masonry work on the front of the store. "Where the hell is the camera Billy Bob"?
I sure do like to sit back an' watch somebody what know what he's do'n. I betcha a dollar I could do that too.

Back at "da house", I pull that Mississippi river boat off'n the shelf. Finished install'n that "battery in a boiler" what I were work'n on the other day. "Good job Billy Bob, nobody gonna ever know". Then I reconstructed the railings what I removed for access to the "battery in a boiler". Yes....I made them easily removable. Drive motor an' drive belt has been reinstalled. This sucker is almost ready for a test run.

Don't ya just love "man toys"???

Remember that airplane I carry around with me everwheres I go? Well, that may be my next project. I ain't never fly that airplane 'cause I don't like to mess with "fuel" no more. It stinks, it's loud, an' ya gotta clean it all off'n your plane every time you fly it. In other words, Billy Bob don't do windows no more. "Convert  it to electric Billy Bob". Well shoot, I can do that. Stay tuned.

Boy howdy....I'm think'n I could go play me a round of golf. The weather is perfect an' there ain't much wind.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Farm Life

I were just sit'n here think'n bout what I gonna write about today. Ain't been nuttin excit'n go'n on in the old Billy Bob's life lately other than be'n sick (puk'n an stuff like that), pains in the ass (dislocated discs in the back), Arthur-ritis, sleepless nights, freak'n leg cramps, cain't breath....."my God Billy Bob, you fall'n slap apart". Well anyhows, I went back in my old blogs read'n stuff. I feel better already, just like a dose of Alka Seltzer.

I lived on a farm when I was a little tyke ya know. It weren't my decision to live on a farm, but it sure were a time to remember. Farms are cool, educational and excit'n. Farm Life.

Sometimes I have to go back and "take a look see" at my past life. Memories are the spice of life no matter how ya look at it ya know. I knowed a lot of people as adults what didn't have any childhood memories they was will'n to talk bout. When they did talk, some were sad and some were on the edge of unbelievable. While others were just plain boring. I got me some them kind of memories myself.

I never kilt no bear with my own two hands like Davy Crockett did, but I were mean enough as a child to scare the hell out a grizzly bear. When "critters" come around "billy", they was keep'n a watchful eye on his every move. Remember that cow puppy I rode? Or that mean old cat what always bite me? The ugly dog what was sleep'n under my tree? That damned red rooster what used to beat hell out me in the chicken house? The 5 older boys what "moms" used to whoop ever time I screamed "MOMS"? The day I burn down the outhouse smok'n cornsilk? Have ya ever see a 6 year old boy start up a big ol' Farmall tractor? And then run it through a barnyard fence....scream'n "MOMS". Ahhh, the sweet memories of childhood.

I still grin every time I think bout the nice lady what gave me all that hell bout "abus'n" that mean old cat. Fact is, I never won the first round in a tumble with that cat. The only abuse was from that cat, not me. Me an' that cat was pretty much a equal match up when it come to meanness, but he always came out on top. Ya don't mess with a "mean old cat". After all these years, I still carry the scars from his super sharp claws and his teeth in my arms legs and hands. Along with the fond memories of a good fight.

Back to the present......"what the hell ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? Well ya see, I were plan'n on giv'n that Mississippi river boat a bath today. It's all covered with dirt an' dust from all the dirty places I been in the last 2 years. Then I could take me an' Sadie Mae for a ride up to Walmart. Bout out of drugs again. Or I could go outside an' clean out "that jeep". My fish poles are under the "bubba boat" an' there's a possibility I may need them to go fish'n. Another possibility is to "do nuttin". With all these possibilities, I may have to take some time to sit back, sip up a cup an' do some think'n.

Speak'n of fish'n. Fish'n ain't all it's cut out to be. Some people think fish'n is a cure all for what ails ya. But that ain't even close to true. Fish'n is work. Hard work. Before ya can go fish'n, ya gotta get all your fish'n gear in work'n order. New line, the latest in fish'n lures ( a trip to Walmart), wash all the mud an' stuff off'n the reels an' poles, straighten an' sharpen all the old rusty hooks, load everthing back in your fish'n vehicle an' then drive a hunnert miles to find a suitable fish'n spot. That's work no matter how ya look at it.

Ok, today is half gone an' all I done is spent the entire morn'n on a freak'n computer. I got my mind on summer vacation spots. Since I get a discount on Federal campsites, I'm think'n COE (Corps of Engineers). Well shoot, where the hell do ya find the campsite fees? I be need'n some help Barney.

Speak'n of Barney.....that's the "OFM" ya know. I hear he done went an' buyed him some new golf ball swak'n sticks. I would almost challenge him to a round of golf  tomorrow morn'n if'n he didn't have to drive so far.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wer' ya Ben????

"Well howdy Billy Bob, wer' ya ben"???
I so many words, I been just hang'n round do'n mostly nuttin.

There comes a time in  man's life when he has to take a good look at "the rest of his life". You know, sit down, sip up a cup an' do some think'n. I gonna tell ya right now, it ain't look'n too good on this end. One day is the same as yesterday an' the other day.

It all didn't start yesterday or even last week. I'm think'n it all started right after heart surgery....early 2008. I told my doctor on my 2 week check up, "you people killed me". And to this day, I believe that to be true. I've made it 5 years since that dreadful day back in '08, but it's been a hard row to plow. In a 5 hour operation, my life was turned into a liv'n hell an' there ain't a damn thing I can do bout it. I rekon you could say I'm just wait'n.

I worked up enough energy yesterday to pull that "Mississippi" river boat off'n the wall an' do some work on it. As you may recall, it took a year to complete building this Mississippi river boat.
 You may also recall I converted it to remote control. This task took many hours of modifications an' frustration. But it only took one day to sink it....drown'n all the electronic controls deader 'an a door nail.

After a couple years, the controls have finally dried out and are again in work'n order. So back to square one....reinstall'n all them electronic controls an' install'n the battery in a lower center of gravity (so's the boat don't turn over no more an' sink). The most logical location for the battery is inside the "fake" boiler....what a few design modifications are required.

A couple hours of remov'n railings, access to the "fake" boiler was accomplished. A removable top was constructed, battery installed and slid back in place. No one will ever know there is a battery inside that "fake boiler".

That golf swak'n game with the OFM Barney took it's toll on the old Billy Bob. But I ain't about to give up swak'n balls all over a golf course. I heared somewheres that a little pain never hurt nobody. That's BS as far as I'm concerned. I hurt everwheres. Have ya ever been shot in the ass with a air nailer? Well, that what I feel like. An' them leg cramps.....Holy Crap....them suckers hurt. Hope old Barney has fared better.

Barney asked me the other day...."what's your plans for this summer"??? I says...."ain't got none". Well shoot, it's almost summer. Time to sit down, sip up a cup an' do some think'n. More on this subject as I repair from all the excitement I been hav'n. I'm think'n "lakes". "Bubba boat", Mississippi river boat, an' fish'n. What ya think??? But before ya make a bunch of suggestions, remember my condition...."wore slap out".

Ok....that's all I got for today. I need to go sit down, sip up a cup an' do some think'n.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Barely here

Ok, I got to say something....anything. It ain't like I been do'n all kinds of excit'n stuff an' have a book to write.......but

Ya see, the old Billy Bob ain't been feel'n too good. An' when I ain't feel'n good, I don't want to talk to nobody, much less sit down an' write a blog post bout how excit'n my daily life is. It just ain't gonna happen.

Now I ain't say'n that I just sat around for the last 3 days feel'n sorry for myself an' didn't do nuttin. I did a lot of interesting things. Like, wash up all the dishes, take the trash out to the burn barrel, toss out a bunch of stuff I'll never use again.....stuff like that. The "to do" list gets smaller every day.

What the hell??? The battery was dead on "that jeep". How comes? Granted "that jeep" is a POS an' stuff is always break'n, but another dead battery? I just got that battery back in Del Rio not 6 months ago. Sure do wish I could find me a Jeep Cherokee Sport with 4x4 drive. No I ain't talk'n bout one them little new Jeep Sport models. I need room for all my stuff I carry round with me.....the "bubba boat" an' my fish'n gear. Just the "bubba boat" would fill up one them little Jeeps. So nuttin but a Jeep Cheorkee Sport will do.....1997 to 2003. Of course, Obama's "Cash for Cars" took most of 'em off the market. Bastard!!!!

Me an' Sadie Mae was sit'n on the couch watch'n TV. I looks at her an' says...."Sadie Mae, you need a haircut". I heads off to get some scissors.....Sadie Mae heads out the door. She know something gonna happen....to her. An hour later, I got me a scissors haircutted dawg. My back hurts an' I got hair balls all over the couch.

I took Sadie Mae to the hair cutt'n place one time. It costed $40 plus a tip. And then all her hair growed right back out in less than 6 months. Now in my book, that was a waste of money when a pair of scissors an' bout a hour of whack'n will do the same thing. So what if'n it has a few little niks here an' there.....it don't make no matter....it gonna grow right back out in nuttin flat anyhows. Sides that, dogs don't care what they look like long as ya feed 'em an' give 'em a place to sleep. 

Boy howdy, did the wind blow yesterday or what. Ya see, I had to put the awning out to block the sunshine what was com'm in "da house". It were 90 degs an' I don't need no extra heat in here ya know. I tied down both ends of the awning just in case the wind come up an' try to blow my awning all to hell an' gone. Well, the wind come up....blow right bout 25 to 30 mile a hour. Awning flap'n in the breeze. Once the wind is blow'n that hard an' you all by yourself, you can forget put'n the awning back in. It gonna get away from you. It's much safer to tie that sucker down an' watch it flap than to have it fly plumb over the roof in pieces. Seen that happen a couple times. Tore shit up all over the roof.

Speak'n of the wind blow'n an' stuff like that, accorn'n to the weather thingy, tomorrows golf game with the OFM Barney should be perfect. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring break'n in Port Aransas

Boy howdy, that were some trip.

I left Sinton to go pick up my mail......in Port Aransas. Before leaving, a check of the online "ferry" cam indicated minimal traffic. Right!!! By the time I got close to the Island, traffic was backed up for bout a mile down to the first causeway bridge.
Oh look, we in a ferry line.
And there's more behind us.
Traffic was mov'n right along and 30 minutes later me an' Sadie Mae was in the middle of the ship channel on a 20 car ferry boat.

Picked up 2 months worth of mail an' headed to the beach. I was expect'n 5 mile a hour "spring break" beach traffic, but there weren't none. Where the hell all the kids???

Port Aransas has always been a destination for spring breakers 'cause they can get away with most "anything". Ya should have seen it back in the early '90s when Joan Jett was to appear in concert on the beach. It was estimated up to 100,000, or more, were in attendance.
Yeah, the old Billy Bob was there. Shoot, I were a young feller back then. Get me in a crowd like that now an' I gonna be look'n for the first exit. 

After I left the island, I made a quick stop on Hwy 361 to visit an nice lady I met at the "slabs" a few year ago. She is camped there with her crew Charlie and a damn black cat for the winter months till it gets too hot an' humid to endure any longer. We had a nice visit, but I think Sadie Mae was gonna bite her. Crazy dog don't remember Susan.

Then I hit the local Walmart with my grocery list in hand. Holy crap, I done buy me up a whole basket full of stuff.

Then it was off to the local Churches chicken sell'n place for a box of chicken an' jalapenos. Be eat'n chicken for the next three days I betcha.

Back at "el Rancho Abraham" right bout 6pm, I decided to move "Sally da house" to her new camp site.
"Damn Billy Bob, ya put the 50 amp plug in backards".

Since the OFM Barney has made it back to the gulf coast, I rekon I better clean the rust off'n my golf ball swak'n clubs. I know he gonna want to win me another game an' I'm will'n to accommodate him.
Welcome back Barney.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not feel too good.....again

Yesterday I had a plan. A grand plan. But like so many my plans, a old monkey wrench got throwed right in the middle the whole mess. So yesterdays plans were put on hold for another day. What ain't really a bad thing. I mean, like what the hell is the hurry???

My most important plan for yesterday was to move "Sally da house" to the new camp site. That's where all the new electric an' water was run to. But did the old Billy Bob move "da house? Well hell no....I were sick. Ya see, some times I eat some weird stuff an' it don't agree too good with my overly sensitive stomach....and related parts. My freak'n back was giv'n me the fits. So, I didn't "do nuttin".

Well yes I did do something. Remember that old HP computer I was tell'n ya bout? I'm gonna fix it. That was the general idea anyhows. That sucker had a hunnert screws in it....an' I broke stuff. Ain't no fix'n that sucker now. But there's still one more thing I have in mind for that computer....."The Big Bang". Stay tuned as I write the plot in my little black book.

With spring break in full force over there on the Island, I will not be mak'n a trip to Port Aransas just yet. If'n ya ever waited 2 hour in a ferry line, ya know what I'm talk'n bout. Port Aransas is a destination for thousands of wild an' wooly teens from all over Texas to break every law imaginable. Port Aransas is not  the place to go during spring break just to pick up your mail. Well, for old folks anyhows.
Oh wait, I just look at the ferry cams online. There ain't no traffic go'n to the Island. Do I or don't I???  

I were check'n the fish'n report for Falcon Lake. They catch'n fish, but they ain't catch'n many big 'uns. Mostly 5 an' 9 pounders. What would be Ok for the old Billy Bob 'cause he like to catch fish no matter what size. I also check the weather forecast down there. Holy crap, it's get'n up in the 90's....and that's on the rather warm side if'n ya ask me.

Waked up this morn'n wonder'n why it were cold in "da house". Well shoot, the freak'n door was wide open all night long. Sadie Mae didn't close it when she came inside. It were 47 degs outside an' probly bout 55 inside. I know one thing for sure.....I were cold.

Ok, I got a decision to make. And a few things I got to do......laters.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back to "do'n nuttin"

Ok....see I tole you. Remember all that water line I was tell'n ya bout? Well, I won't be tell'n ya bout it no more. It's done. Finished. Took bout a hour to get all that dad burned glue off'n my fingers though.

Holy crap, is it cold or what? I waked up this morn'n an' I was cold.....38 damn degs that what it was. Too cold to sleep any longer. And it was dark outside at 7am. I don't know why they keep this "day light savings" thing go'n on year after year when everbody complains bout it. It has no purpose in 2013 other than to piss people off.

Boy howdy, I learnt me a couple things bout this new computer. First off, it's super fast. Or I suppose it is. Ya click a button an'....poooof....there it is...... just like that. Take less than a minute to boot up....or I suppose it does. Ain't no wait'n like my old HP laptop what took anywheres from 4 minutes to 10 minutes before ya could do anything. Now if'n I could only get a good internet connection. Oh hell, who cares anyhows?

I am so ready to get on the road again. I got that "road fever" or something like that. Now the downside of all that think'n is...."where the hell ya gonna go Billy Bob an' what ya gonna do when ya get there"? I get so blamed piss off that I can't do nuttin no more like I used to. Cain't even ride a horse no more and all ya got to do is just sit there in the saddle an' tell the horse what to do. But I ain't rode a horse in a hunnert years, so that don't make no matter anyhows. Got a freak'n bicycle what I can't ride without a motor. Can't walk over 50 yards without a breather break. Can't gold prospect no more 'cause ya gotta dig dirt. My golf game has done went all to hell. This shit sucks. Is sit'n in a lawn chair sip'n up a cup an' do'n nuttin a sport? Well anyhows, I'm ready to head back to Falcon Lake....weather permitt'n. If'n I don't do nuttin but "sit in a lawn chair sip'n up a cup do'n nuttin"....that''s OK too.

Dang, I wonder where all my followers have gone. Ever since I landed in Sinton, Texas, it seems everbody has left me. Granted, I haven't had any thing of much interest to talk bout, but DANG!!!

Now that reminds me of when I lived on the boat. When I was outside sand'n and varnishing the "brightwork" (teak wood), I had all kinds of people come by to visit. We would sit around sip'n up a cup and tell sea stories.....stuff like that. When all the brightwork was all shiny an' bright, nobody came to visit no more.

Ok.....I got to figger something to keep me from go'n berserk.

Monday, March 11, 2013

File transfer.....did that

Well now, what kind of nonsense are we gonna talk bout this morn'n? It's get'n to the point that even nonsense is a hard subject. Does this mean the it's "end times" for the old Billy Bob? I'm serious a s a rocket scientist....or something like that.

Well, I do have some good news this morn'n. No trip to Corpus Christi necessary. Remember that old HP laptop what bit the dust a while back? Yeah the one that has all my pictures on it. No I didn't lose all my pictures. Ya see, I got to think'n.....remove the hard drive from the old computer and convert it to a external hard drive what hooks up to the USB thingy. That would require a hard drive enclosure....right? Well shoot, I got a external hard drive. Wonder if that sucker can be took apart an' hook up to the hard drives out the old computer. Yep it surely can......and the hard drives (got two of 'em) out of the old computer hook up to it with very little modification. All my pictures are now on my brand spank'n new computer.....for free.

Now that I got all that hard drive stuff figger out, I have two more external hard drives for "stuff". Somewheres bout 700 gigabytes of storage. Now it's time to blow up the old computer. I suppose this should be a "project" since I'm gonna video the total destruction of a $1500 computer. My redneck is begin'n to show ain't it?
"Hey Bubba, watch this".

Holy crap, it got a bit chilly last night. It were 45 degs this morn'n. Had to fire up the Mr. Heater. Don't know what a Mr. Heater is??? Well, it's a little portable propane heater what I hook up every winter to stay warm. I no longer use the coach furnace 'cause of the low efficiency....somewheres bout 60 to 70%. Sides that, I covered up all the floor vents when I installed the beautiful dark walnut wood floors. I'm think'n it ain't gonna be long till the A/C's will be run'n all day long. Hot damn, can hardly wait.

I were sit'n there on the couch last night an' got to think'n......fish!!! I need to go fish'n. Just down the road a piece, bout 45 minutes, is one my secret holes. To get to where the fish live, I will require the assistance of the "bubba boat". The "bubba boat" ain't never been in salt water, but I bet ya a dollar, it don't the difference between salt water and fresh water. Boats ain't very smart ya know.

OK, so I wanna go catch me up a fish. And I need the "bubba boat" in order to do so. Unless I just want to stand on the shore an' chunk lures where there ain't no fish. "Don't ya think it's a bit windy for fish'n Billy Bob"??? Damn, when is this wind gonna ever calm down? I ain't seen a day yet that the wind wasn't blow'n a hunnert (20 to 30) mile a hour. Blow "bubba boat" all the ways to Cuba or somewheres like that.

Ok....I got things to do. Water line???? Maybe. Port Aransas??? Maybe.  


Sunday, March 10, 2013

One down....one to go

If your reasons for read'n my blog is for all the adventure, spectacular photography and travels, well I got some news for ya. Every day of my life is not all those things. I have days just like everbody else, sometimes "do'n nuttin" and others just plain boring. So hang in there, one day soon I will surprise ya and do something so excit'n you'll pee your pants. 

Yee Haa!!!! That nephew Joseph and "bubba" got the shipping container raised right bout 8 inches. Had it not been for the supervision of Billy Bob & Company, that container would still be sit'n on the ground. Don't the younger generation think any more or have any common sense these days?

The 50 amp power project has been completed....and if'n I do say so myself, it looks good. Cain't wait to move "Sally da house" over there and hook up.

In the mean time, the water line project has been started. As I type, 60 feet of 3/4 inch pvc water lines has been completed and dropped into the shallow trenches. Three hose bibs are stick'n up ready for water to be turned on. Oh wait, there is still another 100 feets of water line to be run an' hooked up the the main water supply.

It seems, accord'n to the weather thingy, that there is another front headed into Texas in the next few days. I don't know bout anybody else, but the old Billy Bob is plumb ready for some "nice" weather. I'm think'n this is gonna be a winter to remember for years to come. I suppose we'll hear some scientists say'n all these cold fronts is caused by global warming. Al Gore sucks!!!

Did I mention that I don't like Windows 8??? It ain't only Windows 8 that I don't like, I also don't like the new screen color. Reminds me of LED lights, what I don't like neither. Bright white color. Has a blue tint to it. Now, all that other stuff.....I don't like that neither. Apps an' stuff like that. How the hell do ya turn them off??? What they for? All I wanted was a regular old computer without all this new fangled stuff.

Tomorrow I have got to make a dreaded trip to Port Aransas. It's been almost 3 months since I've seen hide or hair of my mail. I NEVER go this long without ordering my mail delivered to me. Yup, I use a mail delivery system. I call 'em, they send me my mail.

Speak'n of mak'n a trip to Port Aransas, I also need to go to Corpus Christi to pick up a adapter or what ever to connect to the old hard drive in the dead computer. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Electricity for Sally

Well shoot!!! Here I were think'n all that manual labor yesterday done fixed my back. Wrong!!! I waked up this morn'n think'n I was gonna die. Hurted everwheres. This is get'n to be too much for the old Billy Bob.

Yesterday was a good day.
This end has been finished.....breaker installed, wires hook up and covers put back in place. Now the other end is today's project. With 90 feet of conduit run, all that is left to do is to install the other breaker box, connect the conduit an' we got 230 volts of electricity for "Sally da house". But nephew Joseph has decided to raise the container bout a foot. I should be out there directing him 'cause he has already screwed up. Grrrrrrrrrrr, why does he not listen to the old Billy Bob?

Ok.....I cain't sit here an' watch him do something wrong. "Where me shoes Sadie Mae"????

Friday, March 8, 2013

Modified...The Billy Bob is broke.....down

Yesterday started out as just another day in south Texas. Temp was up to bout 75 degs, no wind and a slight chance of sunshine. And then it turned into hell. Ya see, me an' nephew Joseph began pull'n 200 feet of "00" service wire out of underground conduit for the new "Sally da house" camp site. Somewheres underground, that conduit is either crushed, broken or pulled apart. The wire, all 4 of 'em, was stuck. Think'n I was "wild man Billy Bob", I reach down, grab holt of them wires and give a hard pull. Oh Oh, something is wrong......I cain't straighten back up. I hobble over there to the closest sit down place an I sit down, swaller 1000mg aspirin and try to relax for a few.

After a "few", me an' Joseph, with the help of a end loader tractor, has got a great big pile of "00" service entrance wires all tangle up lay'n in the front yard. Then we head off to Home Depot to buy up materials. Since Billy Bob was in the service business for many years, he knowed what to buy an' a pretty good idea how much it all gonna cost. Hmmmm, bout the same it would cost for a months rent at a cheap Rv park ($260). Now we got a pile of 1 1/2 inch conduit and 160 feet of 3/4 inch water line lay'n in the yard. Along with a big box of fittins an' stuff.

Project is on hold for today 'cause the old Billy Bob is broke slap down. May be down for a couple three days. And somebody has got to dig some ditches for the conduit and water lines. Ah ha!...."Bubba" gonna be out of school all of next week. "Bubba, grab holt that shovel and dig some dirt".

So who is Bubba? Bubba is nephew Joseph's step son. He's 14 year old and build like a suma wrastler. Lift 200 pound weights, football player, shot put thrower....he a BIG boy. When Bubba speaks, other kids listen.

Ok, I got things to do.....if my back will allow.

12:30pm...."Well shoot Billy Bob, don't ya know nuttin"? The wire we pulled out of the ground yesterday was not "oo" like I was say'n. It's #4 stranded.

Ok, I thought maybe do'n a little manual labor would be good for my back. You betcha a dollar it were. I done run 80 feet of 1 1/2 inch conduit with all them wires inside. Made a bend up to the main breaker box. So that end is finished. Well I could hook up the breaker and close up the breaker box.....but why?

Ok....back to work.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

A free campsite

For MsB.....
This is grand nephew....another Abraham.....or something like that. He has yet been able to come home (almost two weeks) because he don't eat enough. I ain't a nurse, so's I don't know what they talk'n bout. He is in good health and says he cain't wait ride that "damn goat" and help "Uncle Bill" modify stuff.

Was a bit chilly again last night.....40 degs. Look'n for somewheres in the 70's by this afternoon. I can live with that. Although there ain't no sunshine. Freak'n clouds!!!! Oh wait, yes there is.....now there ain't.

Some times it's hard to understand old folks. We make decisions based on how we feel at any given moment. Then the next day when we feel differently, we change our minds and make a different decision. Boy howdy, this can be confus'n after bout a week or so.

So what am I talk'n bout??? A campsite.....home base. When I arrive in the Corpus Christi area, I usually set up camp in Port Aransas or at nephew Joseph's "El Rancho Abraham" in Sinton, Texas. Sinton is only 30 minutes to the closest Walmart and less than a hour drive time to downtown Corpus Christi and the gulf coast. Most importantly, it's free an' Sadie Mae gets to roll in burro poop. So, out of the kindest of my heart, I will be install'n electric and water to hook up to "Sally da house". Not only is it an improvement to the property, it's a convenience to me. More on this subject as the project progresses.

LOL to dishes. It has become common knowledge that the old Billy Bob don't like to wash dishes. I could let them stack up for a week or more till I'm out of forks an' it never "bither me a bot". Same is true with the laundry. Let it stack up till I'm out of underdrawers. Did I mention I don't like do'n housework? 

Oh yeah, before I forget. Remember that Mississippi river boat I built a couple years ago? And converted it to remote control? And then sunk it? All this time I were think'n that the remote control electronic gadgets was "dead in the water" 'cause I sinked the boat. Well, yesterday I hook them up an' yeee haws!, them suckers work just like brand spank'n new. Now I have a new project.

Ok, I got wire to pull out of the ground an' conduit to run. Laters.....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dishes again????

Oh boy, here we go again. One day I feel like a hunnert dollar bill an' the next day I feel like a quarter.

I got all ambitious yesterday an' modified a cabinet. What I did was cut one end off'n it so the front passanger seat could be turned towards the liv'n room for extra seating.Who wants to look at the back of a seat what don't turn around?

This cabinet is a Walmart special, more than likely made in China. Constructed out of recycled shoe laces, chicken feathers and wood chips, better known in the US as "particle board". Particle board is a miracle building material. You can purchase particle board in various thicknesses, that will in time double in size with the slightest application of humidity or a spilled preferred beverage. At what time it becomes totally useless as a piece of furniture and should be deposited in the nearest dumpster without haste.

Of course, I washed up all them dishes what was sit'n in the left hand sink for bout a week. Actually it took me all day long to complete this project as I was involved in other more important household chores. "Sally da house" is gradually begin'n to look like a home again instead of a teenagers bedroom.

Speak'n of dishes.....I receive many comments regarding my use of eating implements. Such as choice of plates, utensils and drink'n vessels. I use nothing but the best Walmart special paper plates. I eat with regular every day Dollar General silverware. My cooking instruments consist of one each 12 inch an' 8 inch skillets. Two pots, less lids, of generous size to brew up a 3 day supply of hearty one pot meals. Two smaller quart size pots for heating of prepared foods, what also serve as a adequate bowl. Yes, I have some regular bowls of various sizes, but using a bowl amounts to extra dishes to wash (the pot used to heat the food and the bowl). Why don't I wash dishes as I use them? Simple....water conservation and WHY.

My god it was cold last night. I waked up at 4am (0400 for my active military followers), an' it were 34 degs outside. Whoa mama!!!....that's get'n downright cold. Ain't no use me whinn'n bout the weather is there??? So....when is it gonna be warm/hot???

My Canadian friend Louie asked me to post a pic of my future campsite at El Rancho Abraham. 
Notice that electric pole in the back. That where I'm gonna run the electric circuit from to the front of that big 40 foots container (bout a hunnert feet). Then I'm gonna park "da house" part ways back (maybe 10 feet) between that front pole and the container. That "damn goat" will have to relocate to a new housing project. Imminent domain ya know.

OK, I got a few things to do......laters. 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bald heads an' electricity

And you thought I was joking when I said the wind was blow'n. When I rolled out of bed this morn'n to a beautiful sunshiny sky, I looked off to the north and "what the hell is that"??? A big assed black storm is headed this way. Winds picked up to bout 25 mile a hour in nuttin flat. An' the sunshine is gone.....pooof, just like that.  The next time the old Billy Bob says the wind is blow'n, you can write it down as "honest to God" truth.  I don't like wind.

Many years ago I lived at Lake Isabella out there in Calif. I sported a long head of hair.....combed back in  DA ya know. Couldn't wear a hat 'cause the wind would blow it slap off'n mt head. Then my long beautiful suntanned hair got in my eyes. Couldn't see nuttin. Looked like a "woolie bugger" hair flap'n all over the place. So's I shaved it all off. Bald headed, that what I were. Before long the high school boys started shav'n their heads too. Not 'cause the wind was blow'n, but 'cause Billy Bob had done start a craze.....or something like that. There was bald headed kids run'n all over the place. And all 'cause the wind blowed Billy Bob's hair out of place. Please note....Billy Bob did not start the "skin heads".

Nephew Joseph has got it in his mind that I'm gonna run a electric circuit for him. Ya see, where I'm parked, the only electric I have available is a little undersized 100 foot electric cord. That's not good if'n ya know anything bout electricity. So we been think'n.....run a 50 amp circuit from one of the power poles to the end of one of the storage containers.....bout a 100 feet or so. Well, the wire what we gonna use for this installation is still under ground in 2 1/2 inches conduit. What we got to pull out and reuse (the wire, not the conduit). It should be noted at this time that nephew Joseph has give the old Billy Bob a lifetime camp'n site at "El Rancho Abraham". Ya cain't beat that with a stik.

Until this weather straightens out, I'll be mak'n no plans to move "Sally da house" from our present location. I don't need to take no vacation ya know. I been on one for 11 years.....and still count'n. Liv'n full time in a RV is soooo much different than tak'n a short ride in the RV onest or twicest a year. This is it. This is home.....no matter where you park the damn thing. A RV lifestyle is what ya make of it. 

I sure am enjoy'n my new vinyl floor. Ain't had to sweep it yet. But I know there is a pile of dust, dirt an' sand all over it. Just cain't see it no more. Life is good when ya know how to make it easier. Now if'n I could just figger out a way to make wash'n dishes easier. Yeah, it's that time again.

OK....got things to do.....laters.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nuttin to say....

I am not ready for this this morn'n. I am not awake. My mind is a blank. I feel like a zombie sit'n here in front a keyboard try'n to think up something to write about.

Everywhere I look, the wind is blow'n. That's not good. It's kick'n up bout 20 to 25 outside right now. If you have any confidence at all in weather forecast'n, the wind is gonna be blow'n a hunnert mile a hour anywheres. And very dad blamed place I been think'n bout travel'n to. But then again, it's still too early to be think'n bout travel anywheres north of south Texas.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just mumbl'n bout nuttin

It's always good to sit back an' say...."you did a good job Billy Bob". The photo I posted yesterday was before I installed the double sided tape on the vinyl flooring project. An attempt will be made today to photograph the completed project after I pick up all the tools and put everything back in place.

Now let me tell ya, taping down a floor covering is not a job for wimps. The instructions I read made it sound so simple that even a 6 year old could do it. Wrong!!! I were so glad to see that last piece of tape stick to the floor. Right in front of the refrigerator, is a little "boo boo". A 1/8th inch crack. What the hell, where that crack come from? Oak silicone caulking, or just say..."to hell with it"? Bubba says...."cain't see it from my house".

Sorry that all I got to blog about is fix'n stuff. If it weren't for broke stuff, I'ld have nuttin to write about. My life just ain't excit'n no more. Just get'n my ass out of bed in the morn'ns is a adventure in it's self. Takes me a good two hours, after the coffee is brewed, just to get that other eye open an' see'n straight. Have ya ever had a eye like that that just stares off in the distance an' don't see a damn thing? But I remember the time.....whizz bam, I were out the door do'n stuff every morn'n.

Ok, so what's on the agenda for today? "Clean 'da house' Billy Bob.....look at this mess". I'm think'n "dumpster run". I got stuff what ain't been used, much less seen, in the last few years what needs to be retired to the old folks home (dumpster). Every time I do this, I just go off to Walmart and replace all the stuff what I throwed out. So what's the use???

If'n I'm think'n right, I ain't got much more to do before I can get back on the road again. But where the hell am I gonna go? Haven't thought at all bout what I'm gonna go this summer. You know, when it's too damn hot to go outside....stuff like that. Return'n to Falcon Lake is still on my travel agenda.....14 pound bass fish ya know. But after that, hell, I don't know where I gonna go. Somebody give me some suggestions where I can do a little fish'n, swak some golf balls and Walmart is just down the road a piece.

Ok, I got things to do.....laters.

Yum Yum eat'em up.....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Backards leg cramps

When ya get old, you know it. It don't make no matter how young you think ya are, you gonna get old. Or maybe we can say, "ya gonna wear slap out".

Ya see, yesterday I went off to town an' bought up some vinyl floor'n for the living room an' kitchen area in "Sally da house". Then I had to move everything outside out of the way to install it. Some was heavy an' I didn't have no competent help to assist me. Anyhows, I drag that vinyl into "da house" an' start cut'n. First try, it was a perfect fit. Or close enough anyhows. Maybe a little trim here an' there where it's obvious I screwed up somewheres.  

Although it did take me three long and brutal hours of back break'n work, I got 'er done. Well, not exactly done, I still got to tape it to the floor. Now before I started this project, I knowed I was gonna be on the floor for a while, measur'n an' cut'n stuff. Have ya ever seen the old Billy Bob get up off'n a floor? Takes a while ya know. It ain't like I can just "pop" up lickity split like a jack rabbit or nuttin like that. I got to roll over, grab holt to something an' rise slowly one leg at a time.

Today I am in high hopes of complet'n this project an' get all the furniture back in place. This vinyl flooring will not be glued down to the floor like you would expect. This is "special" loose lay flooring. Ya tape it to the floor with double sided fiberglass tape. That's what I bought anyhows, so that what I'm gonna use.

And then.....at 2:30am, I were wide awake. I had me one them backwords leg cramps what kept me up for over two hours. By 4:45 I was drag'n my way back to bed, know'n I weren't gonna get up till somewheres bout 9 or 10am. That's what I'm talk'n bout when I say I'm get'n old and "wore slap out".

Ok.....got things to do......finish the floor.

Friday, March 1, 2013

*Update* Chores to do

Some old hippy dude ask me the other day what I'm gonna do this summer. Boy howdy, that's a hard question. I ain't give it much thought, but I ain't say'n that I don't have a few ideas. What ever an' where ever will have to be "what my body will allow". An' it's com'n down to the wire where I cain't do much of anything no more.

I can still swak a golf ball, although not as far or as straight as I used to. Proved that just a couple days ago when me an' the OFM Barney met up at the golf ball swak'n place. As with any high energy sport, golf takes it's toll on the old body. Aches an' pains happen at the most inopportune times,,,,,like at 3 or 4am in the morn'n.

And then there's fish'n, my favorite high energy sport. But just like golf, I cain't cast as far or straight as I used to. Bystanders beware of fly'n sharp objects. 

Holy crap, did it get cold last night or what? At 5am this morn'n, it was 35 degs outside. This is not typical weather for south Texas ya know.

Took off to town yesterday to buy up some motor oil, what I did at my favorite oil sell'n place....Walmart. Then I went off look'n at vinyl floor'n for "da house". Home Depot in Calallen....not far from Sinton, had a small collection of stuff what might work in a pinch. Not much of a selection.
 *Took some pics, but none came out worth a crap*
So's me an' Sadie Mae heads off to Corpus Christi. Home Depot there had the same selection....not much. Ok.....where the hell is Lowes?
Then we stop off at another floor'n specialty place. Holy cows, way too much $$$$ for the old Billy Bob....$35 a sq. yd. Back at the "da house", I'm think'n, do I really want to put vinyl flooring in the living room an' kitchen? Then I look down at the dark walnut wood floor, all cover up with dust an' dirt, an' I says...."yup, I do". Ok.....internet search is in order.

Will I or won't I? Change motor oil that is...."Sally da house", Onan generator an' "that jeep". More on that after I get both eyes open an' functioning. "Where the hell did Joseph go"????

So far so good with the new computer....and Windows 8. While I was gone off to town yesterday, Windows 8 downloaded a HUGE update. 560 megabytes. Why? This is a brand spank'n new computer....why it need a update?

"Well shoot Sadie Mae, let's go for a ride". We jumps in the "that jeep" an' head for Aransas Pass to the Lowe's lumber sell'n place. I tell the nice guy I want to look at some vinyl sheet flooring. Ha....he says, "look at them little samples". Then I tell him to get me someone that wants to make a sale and "show" me every roll of vinyl on the rack. Help these days piss me off......Grrrrrrr. Anyhows, after bout 30 minutes of deliberation, I chose a pretty nice chunk of vinyl flooring (there will be no photos until I unroll it). In the mean time...wait like everbody else. It were cheap too.

And then.....on the ways home, this nice lady is go'n down the road do'n 65 mile a hour. I were do'n 68 mile a hour, so I change lanes an' slowly pass her. Bout that time she stomps the gas an' go by me a hunnert mile a hour.....then slow back down to 65 again. What the hell was with that????

Ok, Billy Bob beef stew soup is heat'n on the stove. I'm like hungry. Laters.