Friday, March 1, 2013

*Update* Chores to do

Some old hippy dude ask me the other day what I'm gonna do this summer. Boy howdy, that's a hard question. I ain't give it much thought, but I ain't say'n that I don't have a few ideas. What ever an' where ever will have to be "what my body will allow". An' it's com'n down to the wire where I cain't do much of anything no more.

I can still swak a golf ball, although not as far or as straight as I used to. Proved that just a couple days ago when me an' the OFM Barney met up at the golf ball swak'n place. As with any high energy sport, golf takes it's toll on the old body. Aches an' pains happen at the most inopportune times,,,,,like at 3 or 4am in the morn'n.

And then there's fish'n, my favorite high energy sport. But just like golf, I cain't cast as far or straight as I used to. Bystanders beware of fly'n sharp objects. 

Holy crap, did it get cold last night or what? At 5am this morn'n, it was 35 degs outside. This is not typical weather for south Texas ya know.

Took off to town yesterday to buy up some motor oil, what I did at my favorite oil sell'n place....Walmart. Then I went off look'n at vinyl floor'n for "da house". Home Depot in Calallen....not far from Sinton, had a small collection of stuff what might work in a pinch. Not much of a selection.
 *Took some pics, but none came out worth a crap*
So's me an' Sadie Mae heads off to Corpus Christi. Home Depot there had the same selection....not much. Ok.....where the hell is Lowes?
Then we stop off at another floor'n specialty place. Holy cows, way too much $$$$ for the old Billy Bob....$35 a sq. yd. Back at the "da house", I'm think'n, do I really want to put vinyl flooring in the living room an' kitchen? Then I look down at the dark walnut wood floor, all cover up with dust an' dirt, an' I says...."yup, I do". Ok.....internet search is in order.

Will I or won't I? Change motor oil that is...."Sally da house", Onan generator an' "that jeep". More on that after I get both eyes open an' functioning. "Where the hell did Joseph go"????

So far so good with the new computer....and Windows 8. While I was gone off to town yesterday, Windows 8 downloaded a HUGE update. 560 megabytes. Why? This is a brand spank'n new computer....why it need a update?

"Well shoot Sadie Mae, let's go for a ride". We jumps in the "that jeep" an' head for Aransas Pass to the Lowe's lumber sell'n place. I tell the nice guy I want to look at some vinyl sheet flooring. Ha....he says, "look at them little samples". Then I tell him to get me someone that wants to make a sale and "show" me every roll of vinyl on the rack. Help these days piss me off......Grrrrrrr. Anyhows, after bout 30 minutes of deliberation, I chose a pretty nice chunk of vinyl flooring (there will be no photos until I unroll it). In the mean time...wait like everbody else. It were cheap too.

And then.....on the ways home, this nice lady is go'n down the road do'n 65 mile a hour. I were do'n 68 mile a hour, so I change lanes an' slowly pass her. Bout that time she stomps the gas an' go by me a hunnert mile a hour.....then slow back down to 65 again. What the hell was with that????

Ok, Billy Bob beef stew soup is heat'n on the stove. I'm like hungry. Laters. 


  1. Then some evening when you want to turn the computer off you will get a warning to not power down because Windows is dowloading 288 updates. Then the next morning you will have to wait while Windows installs the 288 updates. That's why a lot of folks switch to the Mac.

    I have a light golden brown flooring which looks great but when the sun shines in on it I can see all the dust & stuff. It's there whether you can see it or not, no matter what kind of flooring you have.

  2. Just let the dirt and dog and goat hair build up and after awhile it will look like you have an expensive shag rug. That is the easiest and cheapest way to do it.

    1. I worry bout you Dizzy with a comment like that. Sheesh!!!!

    2. Hey BB I was going to say the same thing but spray a coat of clear epoxy over it....Just saying

  3. Good luck with the Windows updates they seem to keep on coming in.
    I gave up a few years ago and switched to a Mac, just works so slick.
    Flooring, now we been tossing that around for years now. Still have our carpet and doesn't look to bad for 14 years old.

    1. What ever you do.....don't install dark flooring.....like I did. Now I have to cover up part of that beautiful "dark" walnut wood floor so's I can't see all the dirt dust an' crud ya pick up on the roads. Think light colors like bamboo. Did I mention dog hair, Billy Bob hair, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, beer can tabs an' a ton of sand from the deserts?

  4. I sure hope your kids do not read your blog or at least not Robert !!!

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