Saturday, March 23, 2013

Golf an' grease

News Flash: Billy Bob plays golf. I arrive at the Sinton Municipal golf ball swak'n place early afternoon. It were a comfortable 74 degs or so, cloudy overcast skys and a slight breeze out of the south. Perfect conditions for a great round of golf.

Two witnesses to attest to my golf ball swak'n abilities were acquired at the first tee box. These two witnesses were strong young fellers with the ability to swak a golf ball all the ways into the next county. I was figger'n on pick'n up a few pointers for the next time me an' OFM Barney play a round. Watch'n these two boys run'n round out in amungst all them trees look'n for their balls was a treat for the old Billy Bob. Us three golf ball swak'n fellers had a great round of golf....hee haw'n an' laughter.

One of my favorite trees at Sinton Municipal....That's a old feller I betcha a dollar.

I hit the "greasy churn" right at 4pm or so for a nice after golf meal. I must have hit it on the right day 'cause they had all the good stuff what I like to eat. After a great homemade salad just the way I like it, I load me up a couple plates with......fried fish, a sausage hot link, steak (medium rare) with mushrooms all over the top, a handfull of butterfly shrimps cooked just right, a stuffed crab, a couple hush puppies, a pile of mac an' cheese and some green beans. Damn, I ain't never gonna eat all this stuff. I bet ya a dollar I'll be back on Fridays more often. 

Last night I paid dearly for such a wonderful day. A few doses of Alka Seltzer to sooth the stomach and a few 500mg aspirin to ease the back pains. No leg cramps though.

It were 3:45am before I went to bed. Not 'cause I were hurt'n or nuttin like that, but I were busy with "research". Ya see, I got this hair to put a smoke generator on the Mississippi river boat. So's I was watch'n You Tube videos and read'n DIY (do it yourself) articles on build'n a miniature smoke generator. You know what I'm talk'n bout....make smoke come out the smoke stacks just like the real thing. Sounds like a pretty good project to me.

I still ain't in that "travel mode" yet. Did ya see all them winter storms up north? There ain't no ways in hell that the old Billy Bob is gonna head into that kind of weather. I have enough trouble with beautiful weather to be jump'n into a pair of long johns an' go'n north. I'm think'n I'll just sit here in Sinton an' "do nuttin". Do some projects, a little golf ball swak'n an' just lay back sip'n up a cup relax'n. Well, I still got some oil an' filter changes to do. An' them dishes is pile'n up again. I guess I could round up a few redneck friends an' blow that old HP laptop to hell an' gone.


  1. Billy Bob, before you have fun blowing that old HP laptop into the next county, did you try replacing the hard drive in it? I've found that the majority of my computer problems, if they aren't caused by screwed up software or a virus usually turn out to be a defective hard drive. Replace it, reinstall the OS, and things are good again! You might be able to salvage the old HP as a future spare for emergency blogging if you determine that your only problem is a bad hard drive. I know that would mean missing the fun of blowing the old laptop to smithereens, but I think you would feel better if you knew for sure that it was really bad.


  2. Just returned from trying out my new to me clubs. The OFM Golf Team is ready for old BB to STOMP us again. Give me a call when you are ready to play again.

  3. Wow, another shoot out at the golf course. . . May the best clubs win.

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