Thursday, March 7, 2013

A free campsite

For MsB.....
This is grand nephew....another Abraham.....or something like that. He has yet been able to come home (almost two weeks) because he don't eat enough. I ain't a nurse, so's I don't know what they talk'n bout. He is in good health and says he cain't wait ride that "damn goat" and help "Uncle Bill" modify stuff.

Was a bit chilly again last night.....40 degs. Look'n for somewheres in the 70's by this afternoon. I can live with that. Although there ain't no sunshine. Freak'n clouds!!!! Oh wait, yes there is.....now there ain't.

Some times it's hard to understand old folks. We make decisions based on how we feel at any given moment. Then the next day when we feel differently, we change our minds and make a different decision. Boy howdy, this can be confus'n after bout a week or so.

So what am I talk'n bout??? A campsite.....home base. When I arrive in the Corpus Christi area, I usually set up camp in Port Aransas or at nephew Joseph's "El Rancho Abraham" in Sinton, Texas. Sinton is only 30 minutes to the closest Walmart and less than a hour drive time to downtown Corpus Christi and the gulf coast. Most importantly, it's free an' Sadie Mae gets to roll in burro poop. So, out of the kindest of my heart, I will be install'n electric and water to hook up to "Sally da house". Not only is it an improvement to the property, it's a convenience to me. More on this subject as the project progresses.

LOL to dishes. It has become common knowledge that the old Billy Bob don't like to wash dishes. I could let them stack up for a week or more till I'm out of forks an' it never "bither me a bot". Same is true with the laundry. Let it stack up till I'm out of underdrawers. Did I mention I don't like do'n housework? 

Oh yeah, before I forget. Remember that Mississippi river boat I built a couple years ago? And converted it to remote control? And then sunk it? All this time I were think'n that the remote control electronic gadgets was "dead in the water" 'cause I sinked the boat. Well, yesterday I hook them up an' yeee haws!, them suckers work just like brand spank'n new. Now I have a new project.

Ok, I got wire to pull out of the ground an' conduit to run. Laters.....


  1. Gotta love them free campsites, have fun getting set up.

  2. Thank you Billy Bob for that picture...he looks like a little angel :) Hope he gets to come home real soon.

  3. AWwwww sweet sweet babe.... soon to be Uncle Bill's partner in crime?

  4. I got 50, 30, and 20 amp plugs on my outside pole for what ever RV there is that comes for a visit. Actually I put in the 20 and 30 amp for my travel trailer. My class-C motor home only used 30 amps. When I got the coach, I put in the 50 amp. I do have a dump place but of course it is not near the electric and since my rig weighs around 30,000 pounds, I don't know if it would drive over the yard to get to it lile the travel trailer and the class-C did.

  5. "Free" is a very good price, if ya ask me!

    That little one sure is good looking!