Monday, December 19, 2016

I am not dead

Ok, just a very short post to let everyone know I am still kicking. I am not dead!!!!

I've put much thought into what to do with my blog. It was built as an adventure blog.....I no longer have adventure. I am [this] close to deleting the blog but haven't yet had the nerve to do it. Too many of my nonsense posts would be lost forever. I do enjoy going back and reading them. Laughter is a great medicine.

Have ya ever had a case of migraine depression? It's a depression that will just not go away. That's where I'm at. Nothing matters to me, not even my health. Although I really don't want to kick the bucket just yet.

Much to do with my depression has to do with "it's cold in Georgia" and not being able to do the things I want to do. I know, sorry excuse, but that's all I got. I can no longer go outside to sit on the deck sip'n up a cup....and it ain't even winter yet. 

Health wise, I'm do'n pretty good. Got a pain in my lower back what ain't supposed to  be there, but I can live with it. Lung issues are bout the same, or maybe a little worster. I faithfully take my puffer meds every day. The stomach issues seem to be all repaired. 

I did go out to the shop a month or so ago an' do me a little project. Ya see, I was all worried bout what them birds gonna eat during the winter....so's I builded a neat little bird feeder. 

 An' then I got to think'n, how them birds gonna keep warm? So's I builder a fireplace for 'em.

I are a stone mason.....yeee ha
The birds are happy. But, blue jays bump their heads on the porch roof. Since this pic was taken, the bird feeder has been lowered to the top of the chain link fence. They like it better there and now I can see it from inside "da house". So I like it better too. 

I ain't gonna make ya no promises on when I'll make another blog post, but I rekon I'll still do another sometime. "When Billy Bob, we need to know"? 

About your phone call Louie. I listened to you talk to me and I tryed to answer, but my phone does not transmit what I say.....no sound or what ever ya wanna to call it. Then it went black, all the pretty lights turn slap off. I ain't yet took it in for repair. A repair was made to the power cord (charger) where it was chewed up. Two days ago my phone ring. I says what the hell....an' I says "hello". The freak'n thing works.  Ha Ha, end of story.

Ok, "yo mama" come down for a visit. Cut'n this short. See ya another time.