Monday, December 28, 2015

The holidays are almost over....Yeeee Haaa

This is my 14th attempt to write something. This one may end up in the dumpster too.
Ya know, it ain't easy to write a letter to your best friends when ya ain't got nuttin to write about. So here goes nuttin again.

Did I tell ya bout Windows 10? Well, let me tell ya. On the new Dell touchscreen computer, I spended bout 5 hours install'n that thing.....slow internet connection. Then....."what the hell"??? I don't like this shit. It's close to Win 8.1, but it does stuff you may not want done. I spended a good 2 days chang'n things to get it to do what I wanted it to do....but it still did what "it" wanted to do.
On top all that, my computer started lock'n up. Had to do a cold shutdown an' reboot. Some the things I had changed went back to default during the reboot. It was at that time that I went back to Win 8.1. An' guess what, the computer still locks up....an' there are no longer any restore points.

On the Toshiba laptop, I had installed Win 10 on it a while back. It works if'n you like not hav'n stuff like the way YOU want it. There is no options for upgrades an' stuff like that. It's all done automatically.....eated up my monthly allowance on my Verizon air card...an' guess who has to pay for that.

Christmas day was was a day of sit'n in "da house". I feeled so bad I couldn't even lay down. Had me plenty company though. Kids an' grandkids.....a couple dogs. Christmas ain't one my favorite holidays. Ain't like it used to be when it wasn't a political correctness day. Ha, I 'member a time when we stringed popcorn an' put on a real tree. Spend 14 hours try'n to figger out what light bub wasn't work'n. You know what I'm talk'n bout....when decorat'n a tree was family fun. An' all the Christmas dinner eat'em ups.....yum yum boy howdy. Anyhows, this year sucked.

Boy howdy, you should see the shine I got on the boat. It's a done deal....other than a coat of wacks. Ha ha, that took care of that * what don't work.....acks. Added me some chrome trim to the sides. Damn, look'n just like a 1949 Chris Craft rac'n boat. I cain't post pics from this computer 'cause the card reader don't work. POS computer.

I went to the frick'n doctor. He says he gonna send me for some tests on my lung functions. Appointment for Dec. 31st. Then I look at the appointment.....it's NOT for a lung test, it's for blood work. I don't need no stink'n blood work. Will cancel that appointment.

The weather has been pretty dad gum good for the last couple weeks.....well, maybe bout 8 or 10 days. We been in the mid to upper 60's at night an' mid 70's daytime. Close to that anyhows. BUT, there's storms headed this way. Temps are gonna drop a little bit. I'm gonna git cold I betcha a dollar.

Had a problem with the "billy jeep". Ya see, the battery went slap dead as a doornail an' had to recharge it. The hood was open for a couple days while I was test'n to see why the battery went dead.
Then after a couple more days, I go outside to start up the "billy jeep". All it do is go wrrrrrrr, wrrrrrr, wrrrrr.....don't start. I piddle round under the hood with connections....damn, it's damp in here. Finally I get it crank up....an' it die. A few times. "Fire up the a/c Billy Bob". Ha, the a/c don't work no more. Low pressure switch ain't got no continuity (contacks are open). This means there ain't no freeze stuff in the a/c system. Well it's winter, what the hell would I turn the a/c on for? It will wait for fairer weather before I jump in there an' fi* (repair) it.

Gonna brew me up a big pot of  Billy Bob beef vegetable stew soup here in a bit. After I do up these damn dishes. I hate warsh'n dishes. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just a short note.....Merry Christmas.....in 9 days

I ain't gonna be mak'n no e*cuses as I write this. With conditions such as they are, I find it easy to just sit back an' take a look see what other people are do'n....not write nuttin.

Went out the other day an' buyed some 2500 grit wet or dry an' a small bottle of polishing compound for the boat. I sanded the top deck to a baby butt smoothness....with no diaper rash bumps. It so smooth you would think it was a sheet of glass. That's smooth. A careful inspection was made an' any found freckles was sanded out. It's perfect.

Some the polishing coumpond was applied an' hand polished with a chunk of old tee shirt material....cotton. Not bad for "hand" polishing. The buff'n wheel was applied. Holy shit, hi gloss glass. Ha, then the battery run slap out of juice.....recharge. Break time. Put boat back on shelf.

Hip pains have come back with a vengeance. Feel like a 16 penny nail again. I'm think'n the injection is wear'n slap off an' the nerve is say'n....Hey, I'm alive again....do ya feel this"?  Well yeah I feel that....don't make me send a couple aspirin down there.

I got that cat Leonard trained to let me pet him anywheres I want. Most cats ya cain't do that. Note: When ya pet/rub a cats belly, he gonna bite an' scratch hell out ya. Leonard don't do that no more. He loves a good belly rub. Spends most his time outside from 7am until way the hell past sundown. I would rekon he is a outside cat. I break out the hair brush an' he in cat heaven.

Sadie Mae do'n bout as good as you would e*pect a old dog to be. Sleep all day long an' come night time, she sleep some more. I'm gonna rekon she is right at 12 or maybe 13 year old. She's had a wonderful life liv'n with the old Billy Bob for 10 3/4 years.....March 2005.

Well git ready for it....freez'n weather headed this way. But it's only for a couple days...Sat an' Sunday.....night time. Gavinland, north Alabama, will probly be a few degs colder. Wear a coat Barney.

"Yo Mama's" knee replacement is do'n just fine. She come down the ramp....like a hunnert mile a hour just to visit the old Billy Bob.......an' git out the house. She likes my coffee....an' when I ain't grouchy, I'm pretty good company too.      

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cold news....damn it's cold in Georgia

Only 'cause I care. I'm think'n', like everthing else, the blog is bout on it' last leg an' is gonna die a excruciating painful death. Same as did my golf ball swak'n days, "bubba" boat'n an' 14 inch bass fish'n. As I see it, my travel'n days is also dead. Damn, depression sucks to no end.

This is for you Rose, Texas Rose.

The two side, top deck an' the stern have been polyurethaned their last coat. The finish coat. Oh my God, there's dust all over the place. In hopes they will sand out an' buff to a super gloss finish.
BUT!!!!! I have done absolutely nuttin to the boat in close to a week. It just sits over there on that little table whin'n an' cry'n "Billy Bob, pet me".
With that said, I need to go buy me some "pet'n" compound....polishing compound to buff the finish. Wouldn't hurt none also to buy me up a buff'n doo-flotchy for my random orbital sander. Make quick work of a looooong job.

I been kind of on the sick side again for the last few days. Ain't got me no energy or "git go" to speak of. I know part is 'cause I don't eat near enough an' some the nasty stuff I call food, it don't help none neither. But then again, it could be 'cause I ain't been tak'n my stomach meds for a couple weeks. Ya see, they block me up an' then to undo the blockage I got this other med that causes severe stomach an' adoman (ha, spell checker wants to change that to "madwoman") pains.....abdominal pains. Anyhows, I am back on the stomach meds but only half as much......experimentation of drugs.

Don't know what to do bout the back an' hip issues. They still do'n fair, but the numbers are slowly grow'n. Up to bout 6 an' 7 lately. With an' occasional 14/16.

Now let me tell ya bout this "DAMN" Windows 10. It sucks to hog heaven. I click on something, an' some freak'n app what I ain't never see in my entire life opens it up an' I cain't do nuttin with it. It ain't narry a bit faster than Win 8.1. It takes forever to boot up. Then, the last couple days, it locks the computer slap up. Nuttin does anything. Have to do a pushbutton shutdown, what is highly frowned on by Bill Gates. Then a good 8 minutes to reboot. I'm think'n I'll be go'n back to the "DAMN" Windows 8.1. Either that or buy me a MAC. Frick, I don't like Mac neither. As much as I disliked Windows Vista, I would go back to it in a heartbeat second over this shit. Technology sucks.

Sadie Mae an' the "damn cat" Leonard are do'n just fine. Leonard in an' out the house a hunnert times a day. Eat up bout enough cat food for 14 cats a day. Sleeps in a cardboard box. Noses me while I'm at the computer. I'm talk'n....walks across the keyboard an' sticks his nose in my eyes, ears an' nose. I have to pet him or he will never leave me be. Then ZOOOOM, out the door he go.

Temps suck here in Georgia. I should be further south where it ain't so cold. Been in the low 40's to mid 30's at night....mid 50's to low 60's daytime. Been us'n Mr Heater a bit an' I done run slap out of propane from that little tank. I got 2 of 'em, so I'm good for another week. Tractor Supply, just down the street a bit, has the tank I want. Will hold right at 16 gallons I'm think'n. I need this tank.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Still kick'n....grouchy as hell

In an attempt to upgrade to Windows 10....for bout the 14th time. I'm on the old laptop as I type.
Then on thee old laptop, I cain't access my mail. Something bout the password not be'n right. Damn!!!

Holy cows, it's been a while since I talk to you folks. But I ain't really had nuttin to talk bout that ain't already been said.

We had a couple 27 degs nights last week, but that didn't last too long. The two electric heaters kept me pretty cozy. Fired up the Mr Heater on low a couple times just to make sure I didn't freeze slap to death. Good move. The front curtain thingys work just fine to keep the heat inside.

I think I done tole you bout me cancell'n my last doctor appointment. I was pretty sick that day an' sides that, I don't like that doctor. But, I'm think'n I need to make another appointment. He may have the results on my visit to another doctor I went to see. Remember the endoscopy an' the colonoscopy? I know what the nice lady doc tell me but that's all I know. Somebody need to tell me something.

My last post bout work'n on the boat.....'member that....I was gonna paint the boat bright hot pink? Well today an' the last 3 days I been apply'n the final coat of polyurethane. The old Billy Bob is right on the edge of give slap up. The spray thingy Robert buy me was no good. Leaved some bubbles an' it spurted little globs....all of which had to be quickly removed. I upgraded to Helmsman spray spar urethane. No matter how careful I am, I still get me some dust particles. Ya cain't see 'em with the human eye float'n round in the room, but as soon as you apply some spray poly, them dust particles come out the woodwork an' land on the boat. Yes I have another sanding job in my future. But I'm git'n close to a perfect finish. 

The decals have been installed an' in my book, they look pretty dad gum good. I'm happy with that. But....when I spray over the decals with poly......up jumps the devil....dust.
I'm not able to upload any pics from the laptop. Won't recognize the card thingy. When I back on the other computer, I'll see what I can do. it's still updating to Windows 10. 

Hope to have better news in a few days. Damn dust!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

the "dirt road"....named by Billy Bob

Let me tell ya bout that dirt road. I named that roar ya know...."dirt road". An' that's the only dirt road in the US that has the name "dirt road". Back in January 2002, me an' first mate Vickie Lynn took off for California in my Tiffin Open Road motorhome. Vickie Lynn named her "Alice".
We was headed west out of San Antone Texas on hwy 90 an' we comes to a junction in the road. Big Bend....so many miles to the south. We too that road an' spended bout 6 days just look'n round, build'n camp fires, sit'n round drink'n up coffee an' shoot'n the breeze. Walked a hunnert mile or so. That's what ya do when you're newly retired.
On our last day in Big Bend we visited Santa Elena Canyon.

The Rio Grande river runs through that canyon.

We had two choices to head west, a paved road an' a washboard dirt road. I was a adventurer, so's we took the dirt road....for the next 3 hours with one stop along the way. Luna's Jacal.

Traveling 14.5 miles on a washboard road is a adventure all in it's self. 35 mile a hour was tops an' even that was too fast. The only other travelers we seen was this nice little spider.

Swored I would never take that "dirt road" again as long I live. But I did it again the next year with first mate Dee Dee. She just HAD to see, an' ride on it, the road I had named.
The other end of this dirt road ends up in Study Butte, Texas....just up the road a very short piece from Terlingua, Texas.

Decals arrived yesterday. Well shoot, they too big. By too big I mean they gonna take up most of the stern. Now I have to make the decision, do I install them or do I spend another $15 to have another set made up just a bit smaller. Here's what I'm talk'n bout......
Whatcha think???? I'm think'n left but DAMN....another $15???

Now let me tell ya, polyurethane sucks. I sanded the stern with 1200 grit wet or dry sandpaper to get rid of a few bubbles an' a dad gum scratch an' a fingerprint. Added a thinned down coat of poly. Holy crap....that's perfect. Yeah, until 20 minutes later it's full of little bitty bubbles. Removed that application an' spray some can Urethane on it. Looks pretty dad gum good. That is until I open the door to let in some fresh 51 deg air. Wind was blow'n in "da house". Dust was float'n round in "da house". The wet urethane says..."hey dust, come check this out". Grrrrrrrr.....!!!! I'm bout to give slap up an' paint the boat bright pink.

For the last two days I been sicker an' a dad gum old dog. Stomach issues. Remember that "heavy" chicken an' swiss cheese sammich I ate the other day? That's when it all started. I missed the early Thanksgiv'n dinner 'cause I was too sick to eat. Today is a bit better....I eated me up a big fat taquito full of fried taters, chopped up ham an' a couple scrambled eggs.....with a bunch of salsa. Yum yum boy howdy.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Just hang'n in there....not much go'n on

Ok, I know this ain't gonna be much, but I'm gonna post something.
"So where ya gonna start Billy Bob....since ya ain't been do'n nuttin"?

Health issues are bout the same. Been eat'n just fine as long as it ain't no heavy stuff like a double meat Whopper an' fries. Then I'm in trouble. Like today. Yesterday I says to hell with it, I'm gonna eat me up a big ol' chicken an' swiss cheese sammich. Mistake. I still tasted that thing early this morn'n even after puk'n last night. Ha ha, I love say'n puke. Brings out the redneck in everbody.

Still ain't got it figgered out why when I sleep in my bed, I wake up with back aches in the morn'ns. Sleep in the recliner an' I don't hurt so bad. Something bout numbers confuse me (Number bed). Took me a couple 500mg aspirins an' took care of that.

Dad gum doctor office call the other morn'n....I got a appointment. Far as I know, it was a follow up. Hell, I don't know 'cause I cancelled it. I was sick an' had a case of the squirts....LOLOLOLOL....that's funny.

Robert is off all next week, so we gonna go to the DMV an' transfer the "billy jeep" into his name. That will relieve me of a bunch of stress. An' no more freak'n Texas safety inspections on it. Now if'n there was only a way to transfer "Sally da house" to the state of Georgia, that would also relieve a bunch of stress. Anyhows......!!!!

Boy howdy is this boat ever piss the old Billy Bob off. Ya see, ever time I put a coat of polyurethane on it, it either bubbles or gets some dust on in. I'm using hi grade foam brushes an' I'm figger that may be the problem.....dust embedded in the brush. That's just a thought. Well guess what. My wonderful son bought me a spray thingy from Home Depot. Operates on a charge of CO2 good for 16 oz. in the little bottle thingy. This will be tryed on the two final coats. Gonna shine like a sun-a-gun.....or else.
Well, it do shine that way now, it's just them little bubble or dust thingys stick out like sore thumbs....Grrrrrr. Up close you can see 'em plain as day.
Sure do wished you could see the same shine that I see.

See them bubble thingys at the front seat? That's what I'm talk'n bout. After this pic was took, the deck was resanded an' another coat of poly applied. With 137 less bubbles. Hope that spray works good.
You may have notice I installed the stainless trim an' hinges on the engine compartment hatch doors.  Well, it ain't really stainless, but buffed out with Braso, it look just like stainless. Man boy howdy, you talk bout a tedious job. Drill all them tiny holes with a big needle an' a hammer.

Decals should arrive tomorrow (Saturday), but don't know when I'll stick 'em on. The boat is ready, but am I???? The last time I sticked a decal on, I screwed it up. Dad gum wrinkles an' bubbles. "Read the instructions Billy Bob". Ha ha, men don't read directions unless it don't work. Reminds me the time girlfriend tell me to stop an' ask directions. We was now on a dirt road.....lost.
 Don't need no stink'n directions...just head west.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Yup, I'm feel'n better...a little

Wow, time flys. Here I was think'n today was Wednesday an' it's freak'n Saturday already. This has been one faaaassst week at Billy Bob's house.

Report back from the stomach clip'n samples autopsy or what ever the hell it's called. Lookie here, I don't have no cancer in them samples.

Now, 'member them pills I was tak'n? The ones that put a coat'n on my innards so's acid don't get to eat up more of my stomach. I ain't took none in almost a week now 'cause I hate constipation an' horseness of breath. LOL....spell'n police gonna find that. You ain't gonna believe how good I feel. I still ain't got no energy though. I'm gonna rekon that the time I was on them pills, there was some heal'n to the old belly. I ain't got the urge to puke or loud ass burps ever time I eat. Ha ha ha, gross gross....my poop is back to normal.
Yes I'm gonna get back on  them....just not today.

We talk'n gross stuff here....I'm gonna git them damn hemorrhoids took care of. Ha I said that 10 years ago too. But 10 years ago I didn't know bout rubber bands. That's what they gonna do.

Did my appointment with the back doctor a few days ago. Just a follow up. Due to insurance rules, the radiofrequency ablation can not be done until February. I been do'n pretty good with the stuff they injected in SI, so's I rekon I can live with a couple more months of these low rate pains. Bout a 4 to 6. Ha, much better that 7 or 8 to 16.
In the meantime, I done a little work on the boat project. One side was sanded an' a coat of poly applied. The bottom was sanded an' 3 coats of metallic vintage copper paint was applied. Then the masking tape an' paper was removed. Holy crap, now I got a raised paint edge to repair. Wrong kind of masking tape....grrrrrrr!

 I'm think'n it looks pretty dad gum good. Sadie Mae do too.

I emailed Callie Graphics in Magdalena, New Mexico. Sended her pics of the rose an' the image of the name....along with a image of the stuff on the stern of the boat. She says..."no problem". Sometime next week I should receive the decal, along with a couple Chris Craft decals. How bout this....$15 delivered.  
Boy howdy, it were some kind of cold last night....right bout 35 degs. More of the same tonight....Brrrrrrr. Then the temps will be back in the 40's at night.....along with some more rain in a few days. This sucks. But, last night I was snug as a bug in a rug. Even sleeped a full 8 hours with only 1 pee. To wake up with a very sore an' painful back. Damn that Number bed.

Since my last posting, that damn cat Leonard has been on a diet at least 14 times. He eat too much an' his big belly shows it. He ain't quite the same size of Sadie Mae, but if'n he keeps eat'n like he does, it won't be long. Ha, Sadie Mae still tell him...."Leonard, I'm gonna beat yer ass if'n you don't git away from me". Poor Leonard wants sooo bad to play cat games.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How long does a hunnert dollar bill last? Long time I hope

Ha, I don't usually make a post after the midnight hour, but that's just what I'm gonna do tonight.
Ya see, I got me bout 8 hours sleep for the last 2 nights an' I ain't a bit sleepy tonight.

Good news first...along with a bit of not so good news. Let's start with the not so good first.
Saturday night I was blocked up an' it hurted like hell. I panicked...was skeered as hell... an' called son Robert to come sit with me while the laxative thingy did it's thing. A hour later I tells him he can go back to bed. What a relief.

The next day I decided to NOT take them pills what cause constipation, harsh voice an' queezy belly. Then today I didn't take them again. I feeled like a hunnert dollar bill today. So....I brews up a big pot of beef stew soup...taters, onion, mixed veggies, wide noodles an' 2 1/2 pound beautiful beef. Hot damn, it come [this] close to perfect. Although I did add just a tad too much of my secret ingredient.
None of my soups contain water as a brew'n agent.   

Yo mama come down from the house for a nice visit. We talk bout all kinds of stuff..."why don't you do dishes Billy"? So's she did 'em. No way did I try to talk her out of that chore. I hate warsh'n dishes. She even tossed that watermelon what's been in the fridge for a couple months. I wondered what the odor was.

Ok, I spended a hunnert hours search'n for a picture of the perfect Texas yeller rose. I fount one.

Then I opened up my trusty photo editor, Paint...everbody gots it on their computers. I went to work resiz'n that yeller rose. An' then I worked on some words in the little window thingy.
This is what I come up with....us'n the most god awful photo editor ever made.

Then I play with it some more an' I copy an' pasted it to the photo of the stern I posted the other day. Do ya think the rose is a bit to big??? Jist ask'n.

I'm think'n that looks pretty damn good for a "old as a rock" rookie photo editor feller. There will be no white in the decal. just in case you're wonder'n.
Now all I got to do is send my stuff to the decal lady in Arizona an' see what she say....see if'n she can make the decal in one piece from the files I'm gonna send/email her.

Other good news at Billy Bob's house is that Wednesday will be in the low 70's. The last couple days it's been in the low 50's all day long. Brrrrrr...that's cold.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

How ya do'n Billy Bob?

This is gonna be hard, but I need to let everbody know I'm still kick'n....just barely.

What ya never want to do, is ask a old fart how he's do'n. He's gonna tell ya.....for bout a hour or so.
Somebody asked me that question just a bit ago, so here we go.

Ya already know I survived my endoscopy an' colonoscopy with fly'n colors. By fly'n colors I'm talk'n bout, there weren't nuttin to it....the procedure. What they found while prob'n round inside me with that hose pipe an' little camera thingy is a different story. So don't be think'n I'm all fixed up an' ready to hit the road.....'cause I ain't. In fackt, I'm been in worser shape for the last week. I cain't eat solid food an' my stomach feel like a balloon no matter what I put in there. Be it a pot of homebrew chicken noodle soup or Campbells chicken noodle soup. Thank God for invent'n alka seltzer.

I'm on a medication that I take 4 time a day. It coats the problem areas in my belly system so's stomach acids don't make no contact with all them erosions an' stuff. Not ulcers. Some kind of heal'n medicine. But....it causes constipation. To combat the constipation, the nice doctor prescribed another pill. Ha, it causes severe stomach pains, gas, bloating an' the squirts. A laxative of some sort. Between the two, I ain't myself. Think'n I done lost me a few more pounds. That sucks.   

The ol' back an' hip is still do'n pretty good. I'm think'n bout half the pains I had a couple months ago. Ain't took no more 'an 10 or 15 aspirins in the last month. Appointment on the 11th....a follow up.

I ain't done squat on the boat project in so long I done forgot what I was build'n. Well it seems that way anyhows. Last night I was sit'n here an' got to think'n...."let's put a last coat of poly on the stern" (back end of the boat hull). Did a smidge of sand'n an' breaked out a brand spank'n new foam brush. An' I swab me some poly. Holy jump'n cows, that's the finish I'm look'n for. Think'n I could brush my hair in that mirror.

 An' that all I done to the boat. Next!!!

Oh....speak'n of boat, I still ain't 100% decided on a name yet...."damn Billy Bob, think". I did come up with another I like..."Wild Rose"/"Texas Rose", take yer pick. Cain't use "Yeller Rose" 'cause there ain't nuttin yeller on the boat. But...what if'n I put a yeller rose on the back under the name? Naming of the boat is a hold up on further construction. The decals need to be installed an' covered with 2 coats of poly before the buffing process. I'm go'n all the way since Robert buyed me a couple buff'n wheel thingys. Ha, all I need now is a finishing compound to buff.

Think'n I'm bout set up for a freez'n cold winter, although I would much better like be'n in south Texas for the winter. Water lines have been insulated. Got me plenty blankets to keep me snug as a bug. Both electric heaters work like a charm. Mr Heater is all hook up an' ready to make heat. Got me nice warm clothes to wear. What else could I want? Oh wait, I need a bigger portable propane tank. The tank in "da house" is slap empty an' I ain't break'n camp to go get it filled. If only a propane sell'n place would come to "yo mama's" to fill  it.

This is all I can think to write about. My life is at a stand still. An' that sucks.

Friday, October 30, 2015

That weren't all that bad....but the prep was

I'm sure everbody is anxious....ha ha... to hear bout the outcome of yesterdays "hose pipe" episode.
Well yesterday weren't all that bad. Nuttin to it when your sound asleep. But by God, the day before sucked. Liquid diet day. My liquid diet consisted of mostly coffee. Drinked 2 pots before the dreaded 64 oz. Gatorade mixture start'n at 5pm. I hate Gatorade. I was fine for the first 4 cups of that stuff and then it hit me.....I wanna puke. I was sick for the rest of the day an' all night long. Belch'n up little Florida oranges. That what it taste like anyhows. Damn, I ain't never gonna do this again.

With my system completely cleaned out, I feel a lot better today. I eated me a egg at 2am...a slab of bread an' a few sips of coffe....'cause I was starv'n slap to death. Gonna brew me up a pot of chicken tater noodle soup here in a little bit. That should go down pretty good.

Anyhows.....nice doctor come in the room where I'm freez'n half to death an' she says..."Hi Mr. P, do you remember me"? Well yeah I remember you....you're that hot doctor from across the street. "Are you ready"? Yep, I'm ready...ya got a warm blanket? (it was cold outside an' they had the a/c run'n inside) No respect for us older folks!!

I'm wheeled into the water hose department. Nice lady injects some stuff in my already installed big ass needle an' says...."this is gonna be cold". Tells me to roll over on my side an' they stick this plastic thingy in my mouth. The nice lady says...."good night". That's the last thing I know. I was sound asleep.

All done an' back in the wake up room. Doc come in an' give me a report of what was found inside my poor old belly an' poop shoot. Damn!!! Good news, no ulcer. But....damn!!! I got stomach infection or something like that. Possible bacteria....won't know until lab results. A hiatus hernia....in my stomach, gastritis what ever the hell that is. Esophagitis...what ever the hell that is. A few other things I know nuttin bout. I'm gonna live.

All my recent attempts to work on the boat project ain't go'n so well. When I wanted to do some polyurethane work....it was rain'n. High humidity an' poly don't mix. So the boat is just sit'n over there on the trailer do'n nuttin.

I suppose I need to say something bout this cat. He's just a overgrowed kitten an' he has friends come to visit. That's the "in an' out the house ever 5 minutes" I was talk'n bout. Cat's play ya know. His litter box is in "da house" an' he refuses to use the outhouse outside. It's hard work for a cat to dig holes in red Georgia clay. Ha, he's sound asleep on my hobby table right now.

Nuttin wrong with Leonard other than he's a normal "cat attitude" "damn cat". He owns me....lock stock an' barrow. Damn cat!!!

Sure do wished I was in south Texas. It's get'n cold in Georgia. But that ain't gonna happen for a while. One my Walmart special electric heaters is bout to give up the ghost. Damn thermostat ain't work'n right. Somes time it don't shut off an' it get hot as hell in "da house" Other times it don't even come on an' it get cold in "da house". Time for a new heater. Also gonna have to get me a big propane tank before too long. With Mr Heater run'n, these small tanks ain't gonna last very long. Something like a gallon a day when it gets super cold. I don't look forward to that. $$$$$$$$$$ an' time to have refilled.  

Ok, got to give it up for the day. Soup is started. 


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Preparation day....this sucks

I know this ain't what ya wanna hear, but this shit sucks. For the last 3 days, the old Billy Bob has had him some really bad stomach issues. I don't care what it is or how good it looks an' smells, anything I eat, I get sick. My last doctor visit, I had lost another 2#'s.

That big cut on my back where they removed that growth is com'n along just fine. With the fear of get'n a infection, I been bath'n that sucker in alcohol an' put'n medicine on it. No itch so's it must be fine.  Feels like all them stitches is bout gone now. Out of all the health issues I been work'n on, this is the only one that is been completed....an' it weren't even a health issue. 

Ha, started my endoscopy preparation this morn'n. Liquid diet all day....coffee an' more coffee. Anybody like green jello? Damn I'm hungry for bout 6 slices of bacon, a pile of fried taters an' 3 eggs over easy. I'll just pretend each sip of coffee is a bite of one of those.

The boat project is still on hold while I decide on a name, order the decals an' put 'em on the stern. I thank everbody for your suggestions.
Why is it that everwhere I look, I cain't find metallic copper paint? That's for the bottom paint ya know. Bottom be ready for paint after I do me some sand'n an' stuff. Ha, when I get that done, the boat project is gonna be maybe bout half done.

It's get'n close to registration time on the "billy jeep" (February). This is stress'n me out even though it's still 3 months off. At a time like this....winter cold an' doctor appointments, I don't need no more stress. The "billy jeep" will be put in Robert's name here in Georgia. Then on top of that, I need to be in Texas when "Sally da house" needs inspection an' registration in Sept. Plus driver license in Sept. Hopefully by that time, my health issues will be taken care of an' I'll be back in Texas somewheres.

Man boy howdy, this damn cat is piss me off. I close the door....an' the cat wants out. Five minute later he wants back in. This goes on all day long. Then late at night he goes out an' don't come back for a hour or so. But I become attach to this damn cat. I worry he gonna run off an' never come back home. Maybe get eat up by a dad gum coyote, lion or something like that. He done eat bout 4 cups of cat food in the last two days. Back on yer diet Leonard. I swear, Leonard is get'n fat.     

I give Sadie Mae a haircut the other day. My God, that dog was covered with hair. She seems a little bit more happy now. Probly weigh a few pound less too. "Git off me dawg".

Nuttin else to write bout today. "Damn I'm hungry".

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Not much go'n on....

This is a bad time to be writ'n stuff on a blog. Ya see, we have rain headed this way an' as everbody know, the old Billy Bob ain't in no close friendship deal with rain storms. I ain't got no garden, so I don't need none that wet stuff. I'm a sunshine kind of guy.

An' speak'n of sunshine, man boy howdy we had us some here in Georgia. The dad gum air cond has been run'n every afternoon. Musta been a hunnert degs....or there bouts. Had to open them redneck winder blankets so's some the heat would go back outside. Hotter inside than outside.

Have ya ever have a endoscopy? Stick a water hose down yer throat an' take a hunnert digital pictures. Well that ain't so bad, 'cause they inject some stuff in ya an' you go to sleep. But let me tell ya bout the day before. Holy cows....drink a gallon Gatorade an' water. I hate Gaterade an' I don't like water one iota. Ya don't get nuttin to eat for a whole freak'n day. Ya cain't have ya no chew bakkee or Skoal under yer lip neither. Any obstructions to the bathroom must be cleared beforehand.
This is what I got to look forward to for the next three days.

Have ya ever builded a "cutwater"? Ok, so ya don't know what a cutwater is. Well, I'm bout to tell ya. Ya see, back when boats was builded out of wood, the hull planking was nailed at a point at the front the boat....like this /\. Go'n through the water a hunnert mile a hour, that was a weak spot an' all them pound'n waves on that weak spot, your wooden boat is gonna fall slap apart....an' sink. So some thoughtful dude invented a cutwater. Builded out of stainless steel so's them nails hold'n the boat together won't come out...an' sink yer boat. A cutwater looks like this.... /\ .....or this.

The cutwater from the kit is made out of stick on tin foil stuff what ya cut with a pair of sizzers (scissors). For a model, this looks kind of sorta ok. But, for the old Billy Bob, this won't do....."let's build one". A special drill bit was used to drill all them holes. Trick of the trade here....a big ass needle an' a hammer. (them holes are bout 1/64th inches) Just big enough to fit a straight pin through. Straight pins will be "fake" screws without the slot. Look pretty good from my house.

Ok crap, Leonard has turn into a killer cat. He done go outside this morn'n an' murdered a mocking bird. Bringed it in "da house" to show off his hunt'n skills. Cats do that ya know. Me an' Leonard had us a talk. Hope he don't find his way into the chicken house. I killed a chicken one time. But we ate it.

Speak'n of chicken, did I ever tell ya....I raised a chicken puppy an' a cat puppy. Them two play with each other from when they wake up until they get tired an' take a afternoon nap. Chase each other all over the house. I comes home from school one day an' my daddy had bringed a jail buddy home with him. My poor chicken was in a pot on the stove. That bastard stealed my radio too. An' hocked it for a bottle of beer an' a pack of smokes at the little grocery store. Costed me 2 hours of sweep'n an' scrub'n floors just to get my radio back.   

Oh shoot, I almost forget. The boat needs a name. A unique name. I spended bout 14 hour look'n at boat names on the internet. My God, you ain't gonna believe what people name boats. I got me a list of possibilities. Yes, "Billy Boat" is on the list. I could use some help in choos'n a name....what ya got? Here is what I'm think'n....."LONE STAR". That's Texas in case ya didn't know.

In place of Steakhouse an' Saloon....TEXAS. Just a thought.

But, I still like "Billy Boat". "Wooden Eagle" or Falcon or Nickle? "Barco de Billy"?

I have nuttin else to write about...I'm out of here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Damn it's been cold outside....beautiful today

"Hey Billy Bob, don'tcha think it's bout time ya say something"?
Well, I rekon it is. What's it been, bout 4, 5 days? I'm think'n, if'n I had me some stuff to write bout, I would write more offen. But damn, I ain't been "do'n nuttin".

Health issues are still bout the same. Some of 'em anyhows. The old back an' hip ain't bother me too much....but I sure as hell know they there. Maybe Nov. 9th the good doctor will schedule me a radio frequency ablation on the SI he just shooted that stuff in.

Me an' "yo mama" head off to the surgery doctor an' git that cyst thingy cut off'n my shoulder (upper back). I weren't worry bout nuttin 'cause I had one removed way back in 1980....or 81. Weren't narry a thing to it. Anyhows, the doc start shoot pain killer stuff all round that thing. Don't even wait, he start slic'n my back wide open....bout a inch long. I says...."whoa....that hurts". He shoot me some more an' go to town. Dig a big ol' hole for the next 15-20 minutes. Puts that cist in a little gar an' say...."lookie here". Holy cows, that sucker is big. Bout the size of a thumb up to the first joint (1/2 x 3/4 inches). Then he do some more dig'n an' clip'n remov'n more stuff. I'm think'n..."damn, I'm gonna hurt like a sum-a-gun. Wrong!!! I feel very little discomfort, a dull pain, but nuttin like I was expect'n. No pain killers. No aspirin. No Advil. Infection is the biggest concern. Follow up in 2 weeks.

While I'm talk'n, I may as well mention how my stomach is do'n. It ain't do'n worth a shit. Now, in the Atlanta area, there is a stomach virus go'n round. You don't think do ya? Boy, wouldn't that be a kick if'n that's all I have an' all I need is some pills? 

Remember that red wagon I bought for "yo mama"? Well, I was ride'n round the yard in that thing an' I fall slap off. Smokes are back up to 10 an' 12 a day. I'll find me a good excuse before I finish this post.

Boat build'n project is com'n along just fine. Although I did apply a coat of poly to one side an' had to sand it back off. Damn cat. There's cat hair float round in "da house" an' some land slap in that fresh coat of polyurethane. It ain't got no hair in it now. Looks wonderful. 

Speak'n of damn cat. Leonard is up to very close to 11 pounds now. Back on a diet he goes.

I modified the seats in the boat. From the thousand photos of full size Chris Craft boats, all the seat backs are thin....real life, bout 2 1/2 inches. Seat backs from the kit are wide/thick, 4 inches. I fix that on the table saw. Then....the front seat cushions was too high for a normal person to sit on. I fix (modify) that too. Much better look'n. A fresh coat of paint applied.
Remember when I was ask'n how to dull the shine on hi gloss paint? Ha, the old Billy Bob done figger that out too. Hint....hold spray can bout 18 inch from the seats. Damn, look just like brand spank'n new leather seats.

Well shoot, since we work'n on the boat, let's install the steer wheel an' the dashboard. May as well add a coat of poly to the mahogany in the cockpits an' set the seats in place. Yup, that was a good decision.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout install'n some blankets cross the front winders to keep the heat in an' the cold out? For a 'redneck' job, I'm think'n they look just fine. An' them suckers work goood. When it got down to 41 degs the other night, I (me, Sadie Mae an' Leonard)was nice an' warm in "da house". Two electric heaters an' a little help from Mr Heater for bout a hour or so....on low (4500 btu).

Still don't know what to do bout a trip to Texas. Until I get a few more medical issues took care of....I'm "stuck in Georgia". I need a inspection on the "billy jeep", but that can wait a few months after January. "Sally da house will require a inspection in September an' my driver license will expire in Sept. Not sure if'n they will renew the driver license through the mail. Ya see, the last time I got my license, they put a restriction on me. Gotta wear glasses for driv'n. Damn cataracts.

Ok, this is bout all I can write bout this time.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Boat build'n hints.....damn....my back hurts again

It's late Friday even'n, I got a big ass cat, Leonard, sit'n in my lap an' a loving dog, Sadie Mae, lay'n at my feet.
What could be a better end'n of a beautiful day?
"I know Billy Bob, I know. Temps in the 40's, that would be better, right"?

I would have to show ya, but I ain't. I'll just say that "moving blankets" are be'n installed to cover the windshields of "da house". Keep the heat in "da house" ya know. In "Alice", my first motorhome, Tiffin had installed insulated curtains across the front. It was absolutely wonderful to keep the cold out an' the heat in. Now "Sally da house" weren't built by Tiffin, so's I have to do the installation myself. Two moving blankets (72x80) aughter do the trick....Robert picked up at Harbor Freight. Half a inch PVC pipe was bended in my Weber grill an' strung up next to the roof an' behind the TV. Temporary of course. We gonna be "up town" this winter. Pics will be provided after I hang the "curtains".

Speak'n of up town, me an' "yo mama" was gonna go to Walmart today. I need groceries an' she wanted to ride along. Ha, little does she know, the old Billy Bob spends a good 2 hours in Walmart.
Anyhows....my back hurted too bad to go to Walmart. The 5 days of a great feel'n back an' hip, them days is history. Yesterday night, not last night, I had me one them god awful backards leg cramps. Spended a hour get'n that sucker to go way. Slept in the office chair till 10am. Back an' hip hurted like hell all day. Same thing today. Ha, back to Googl'n V-8 powered wheelchairs.

For my boat build'n friends.....
 So....you gonna build a boat. Before ya do anything, break out the instructions an' read them suckers no less than 2 times. Ya see, if'n ya only read 'em onest an' start glue'n stuff together, you're gonna find out further into the instructions that you had to do something before ya glued that stuff together. An' tak'n glued stuff apart ain't no fun. I'm liv'n testimony.

What ya gonna need before ya even start....take my word for it.
You definitely will have super glue on no less than 4 fingers...an' both thumbs...at any given moment in time. It can be scraped off with a sharp knife, sanded off with coarse sandpaper or you can pick up a can of Goof Off super glue remover at any Home Depot. Ha ha, some scrap'n an' sanding still necessary.

Paper towels....at least 2 rolls.

2oz of super glue (CA) ain't enough to finish build'n a boat....order 4oz. Don't get your super glue from Walmart or Home Depot. Buy it online in 2 oz containers @ bout $10 each. Along with 4 oz's of accelerator....a must have.
Sand paper an' sand'n blocks. 80 grit, 100 grit, 150 grit an' 220 grit. Bout 4 full sheets of each. This will put a smooth evenly fared finish on your planking. The sanding blocks guarantee you will have a perfect surface with no hi an' low spots. This is called "fared". A must for the mirror finish. I found 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches wide an' 4 inchs an' 8 inches length was perfect. Oh, while I'm at it, do NOT sand cross grain. Would you like me to show you the scratches what never come out? Ha, only I shall know where they are.

You gonna be cut'n wood. At the hobby places...Hobby Lobby has 'em, they sell miniature saws....itty bitty teeth....bout $4 or so. A must have tool no matter what it cost. For carv'n you gonna need a hobby knife with some spare blades. A utility knife will be needed. I fount a deal at Home Depot....plastic utility knifes with break off blades....smaller than a construction utility knife. Get some spare blades. Hint, with the blade fully extended, this is a wonderful tool for tak'n apart stuff what you glued too soon...see above...or you glued crookit.   

Ok, that's all ya get today. When ya get the sub plank'n glued on, let me know an' I'll tell ya how to install the mahogany planking. You DO know it comes in 2 different widths, right? 1/2 inch for the hull sides an' the 3/8 inch for the deck. Do NOT make the mistake of us'n the deck plank'n on the hull.

As of this writ'n, it's 49 degs outside...an' go'n down to bout 42 by morn'n. That's freak'n winter time temps....YIKES!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A boring 5 days.....an' very frustrat'n

Just check'n in. There ain't nuttin work right for the last 5 days.

Well shoot, wait a minute......I shouldn't say "nuttin" ain't work right. If'n I ain't never tole you, I have a hip problem. You know... hurt'n all the time. The other day after my back doc stick that big ass needle in my back, inject some stuff in there, my lower back pains an' that hip pain is much less. I would love to say them pains are all gone, painless, but that ain't the case. I'll go with bout 60 to 80% better. I ain't ate a aspirin in a week. Had me a couple Advil one night after I climbed out a tree.
"Ha ha Billy Bob, you ain't been in a tree in a hunnert year".
It's been a few years since my back an' hip feel this good.

My preparations for a cold ass winter....I ain't done a damn thing. Well, yes I did. I breaked out my other electric heater last night. It got to 50 degs ya know. Beautiful day outside today. Sunshine, a slight breeze an' bout 70 degs. But look out, a cold snap is gonna hit in a couple days....mid 40's night time an' lower 60's day time. Shoot, where I normally camp for the winters, those are the normal temps. It's gonna git much colder in another month.

I don't get much help no more with Robert work'n all the time. He got a job work'n on a shut down at a power plant. Work 60 hours a week.....6 10's. I don't know what they do with a shut down, but this one is supposed to last a few more months.

Damn boy howdy....... sure am glad Louie reminded me of my next doctor appointment on the 19th. I had done forget all bout it. Not that it's a important issue or nuttin like that, but they gonna remove a growth on my upper back....ingrowed hair or something like that. Gonna be good to get rid of it.

Ok, back to nuttin work right. All that shiny finish on the boat, I blew it. Ya see, it weren't a final finish or nuttin like that. I just wanted to get 2 coats of polyurethane on the boat. That was one. I preped the boat for a second coat. Went outside in the sunshine an' swabs me some poly on the surfaces. Oh my God....something wrong. Very rough an' all that shine is gone.

That even'n, I resanded. Sit'n in "da house" with a heater run'n, I applied another coat on the upper deck. Holy shit, almost perfect. Now I ain't never really liked polyurethane....I'm a varnish kind of guy, but I'm learn'n through many mistakes how to use the shit. "da brush Billy Bob, you us'n the wrong brushes". 1" foam brush....but the wrong 1" foam brush. They come in different grades ya know, an' I got the cheapest grade they make. Ha, live an' learn.

I glue the seat together. As called for in the kit instructions. Look pretty damn good if'n I do say so myself. But.....Chris Craft didn't install these kind of seats in real boats. The tops of the backs supposed to be rounded...an' mine ain't. Now how the hell do ya take super glued seats back apart?

Here's a few pics of what's been go'n on with the boat.

How do ya spell mirrer? An' that's not even close to finish.

Nope, see what I'm talk'n bout? The shine is gone.

This one don't look too bad...one more coat.

Look pretty good....from a distance. Up close...it needs a little help. 
See, these are kit seats. That top edge should be rounded with no bead. But shit, who's gonna know? 
You would never believe how many times I sanded off coats of poly on the dash. Finally got me a final finish. Installed the homemade guages an' walla, we got a finished dashboard.

That's it. Nuttin excit'n to write bout. Unless warsh'n dishes is excit'n. Damn I hate warsh'n dishes.  


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blue blazes boat build'n....an' doctor appointments

Ok, it's late Thursday even'n an' guess what....I'm gonna write something. An' just you wait till I get to the hobby section.....my god, it looks like a boat an' trailer.

Just the other day, me an' "yo mama" jumps in her truck an' we go see a stomach doctor. Nice lady...an' she is "hot". Anyhows, the doc come in an' start ask'n me questions. Then this other nice lady come in an' say..."you got the wrong patient". Got all that straighten out an' I'm scheduled for a endoscopy an' a colonoscopy on the 29th. For the next 3 weeks I got to live with my stomach issues.
Oh, did ya ever have a case of internal hemorrhoids? There is a new, to me, method of get'n rid of 'em. Instead of surgical removal (with weeks of extreme pain), they place rubber bands on 'em an' they just fall off. Man boy howdy, I sure would like to get rid them things.
Ha, am I go'n too far talk'n bout "butt" things?

Today, me an' "yo mama" head off to see my back doctor. My God, that woman skeer shit out me with her driv'n. "Mary, slow down, roll the winder down an' git some fresh air....wake up".
It was a long wait in the wait'n room afore they call my name....got 3 ahead of me. The procedure went well ( steroid injection in SI). Oh wait, that cute little nurse girl done hurt the old BIlly Bob with a needle. I tole her before she stick me...."you hurt me an' we gonna have a discussion". I let her slide since she was so dad gum cute. I like cute ya know. Nov. 5th is the follow up.

The last two day has been perfect weather. Mid 60's night time, upper to lower 80's day time....with tons of wonderful sunshine. Yesterday I sit'ed outside for a good 6 hours soak'n up the great weather work'n on the boat. But guess what......weather changes. I'm  think'n tomorrow, we got some "this sucks" weather headed this way. More rain an' way lower temps.

I been spend'n lots of time think'n bout "what ya gonna do with the rest your life Billy Bob"? I know I sure am miss'n Texas an' "go'n down the road a piece". I wish it was just a matter of jump'n behind the wheel an' tak'n off....west. I don't think I would make it past the first day....two hunnert miles. I'm all set up for the winter here at "yo mamas". Welcomed to stay as long as I want. Robert is here in the downstairs apartment. Don't have to look very far for assistance if an' when needed. An' I get free food too. In fact, HIL Harry just bringed me a big ol' country fried balony, cheese, mater an' egg sammich.

Did I mention...." I MISS TEXAS"?

All the folks that insisted I post my boat building project on the blog....where the hell did you all go? I know there ain't a whole lot of people interested in hobbies such as mine, but damn, you could drop by "da house' an' say "Hi Billy Bob".

Ok, here we go with some more boat building stuff. The trailer has been completed. The boat has been sanded again an' a coat of polyurethane applied. Holy shit, you ain't gonna believe it.
Final coat of ivory paint applied.

 "Walk boards...step boards", or what ever the hell ya call 'em, fitted before 4 coats of polyurethane applied.

 See there, I tole ya, I builded a boat winch.

 Completed Chris Craft boat trailer......Yeee haa!!!

This is what I have to sand off the entire boat...make it smooth as a baby's butt.

 Before polyurethane.....all sanded an' just sit'n there.

 Oh yeah, we look'n good now.
But before we go any further, did you know polyurethane tends to run. Yup, I got me some runs to sand out.

 I got me a helper...."whats for dinner daddy"?

What can I say???

Holy cows, this post edited 8 times just to correct any misspelled words......dang!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

" Oh where have you been Billy Boy....Billy Boy...Oh where have you been charming Billy"

Well shoot....let's write something. It's been a while ya know.

I been hav'n me some good days an' I been hav'n me some bad days. The weather sucks with no sunshine an' rain ever day. Ain't complain'n too much bout the temps thought....lower 60's night time an' upper 60's to lower 70's day time. Shoot, I could live with this for a spell.

Still cain't work on the boat project due to the high humidity an' cool temps. It's not that I ain't capable in these conditions, but it's the material, epoxy resin, what ain't do'n what it supposed to do. But I DID install the drive shaft an' prop.....hook it up to the motor. Damn, the prop looks too small.....1 inch diameter.

Work has continued daily on the building of the beautiful Chris Craft custom boat trailer. One coat of ivory paint has been applied. Damn, it's look'n super good. Tires an' wheels have been completed except for the installation of the makeshift VW hubcaps. Hubcaps will be temporarily installed just in case I find what I'm look'n for. Wheels have been "monkey" glued to the gloss black axles.....taped to the frame while look'n for itty bitty screws. Now where the hell is my itty bitty screw stash located? Fenders have been adjusted an' installed. Have ya ever builded a miniature boat winch? I'm gonna give it a try, but no guarantees. Mahogany planks have been glued together, shaped an' fitted to the trailer.

 Health issues....Ha, don't even wanna talk bout 'em. My stomach issues have got to change. This shit sucks. That new back pain ain't get'n no better. This is why I don't like go'n to no dad gum chiroquackers. Maybe my visit to the back doctor will give me some relief. Git'n a shot ya know. Ha, no coffee that morn'n.

Ok, I got sand'n to do, polyurethan'n to do, hubcaps to install, construction of a miniature boat winch....shoot, I got boat trailer build'n to do. By the way, them hubcaps look sharp as shit on the wheels.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh my God, it's a boat trailer

Ok, here it is way over half a day already gone....I'm gonna write something.

Speak'n of 3:30pm, I just now finish puff'n up on my second smoke for the day. Seven to seven an' a quarter has been my average for bout over a week now. Still have received no rewards.....you know, like a little gold star or something like that.  What the hell, I promised myself a huge Chinese dinner after I hit 8 for a day. Be'n I'm up an' about 18 hours a day, I'm think'n 7 smokes dur'n that 18 hour period is super great for a 60 year smoker. If'n I know anything bout calculators, that's a 77% decrease in the inhalation of nicotine an' a gazillion other death defy'n substances. I git a "WooHoo Billy Bob".

I had to grin at some the suggestions for "baby moon" hubcaps. I'm not build'n a 24th scale boat an' trailer. This sucker is 1/8th scale. 28 1/2 inches long boat x 9 inches wide. The correct diameter for the hubcaps comes out to exactly 1 inch in diameter. Have ya ever see a 1 inch diameter thumb tack (Louie).

After close inspection of the hubcaps in the photo, "what the hell"....them ain't baby moons. The look a whole bunch like the hubcaps on my 1984 VW camper bus.
 See what I'm talk'n bout....VW???

As some ya may recall, I builded a model of my first motorhome Alice. In order to have the correct scale tires for it, I had to purchase a Peterbuilt truck model. In the kit, there were two chrome round gas tanks. Exactly 1 inch in diameter. The ends of the tanks look just like VW hubcaps. With my Dremil tool, I carefully cut the ends off them chrome tanks. Oh oh, they got a glue seam right down the middle. That won't do. I sands them super smooth an' stick some shiny aluminum tape on 'em. This is where the screw ups come into play.  Two look good enough for government work, but not good enough for the old Billy Bob. More on this laters.
See what I'm talk'n bout.....major screw ups.

Ok, I got way head myself with the hubcaps. The trailer is com'n along just fine.
The side doo-hickies what will have mahogany on top 'em have been constructed, sanded an' primed...ready to be installed on the trailer.
These are installed as in the photo above....front an' behind the fenders.

Then I questioned how to build fenders with rounded edges. Ya cain't bend wood around corners....but ya can bend #8 electrical wire around corners. Perfect size. On a flat surface, the fronts an' backs were super glued to the bended wire. The the tops of the fenders were glued on. My God, that's *this* close to perfect. Opps, no it weren't. But ONLY I will know. Fenders were filled an' sanded, filled an' sanded, one more time, primed a couple times an' two thin coats of gloss ivory paint applied. Still not sure of final color.
Man boy howdy, you talk bout some serious cuss'n.

Oh, did I mention the sand'n of the wheels, prim'n an' apply'n 2 coats of paint?
"Ha Billy Bob, just wait till you attempt to paint the white walls an' the black tread section". I can do it....so's just shut the hell up.

That's what I been do'n in this miserable weather. Sit'n in "da house" build'n a Chris Craft boat trailer.

Now let me tell ya bout how screwed up a doctor office can be. My GP doctor renewed all the meds I take for the next year. When I went to Walmart to pick up meds, one was missing. My last doc visit I reminded the doc of this. They were called in again....along with some new shit he wants me to take. Only received one, an' that one was not the one I need. Calls to the office.....they called in ALL my meds. I now have 3 months supply of some just sit'n there...an' a couple meds I no longer take. Surprisingly, my insurance paid for 'em. This is what happens when you are just a number in a computer system an' they have no clue to who you are. It'll all work out in the long run....just don't buy no duplicated meds for a couple three months.