Monday, August 31, 2009

Weed'n da garden

"Grand Canyon 2003"

I got to think'n this morning, what I do quite well. "Billy Bob, time's a run'n out an you sitt'n here on da porch "do'n nuttin"". Well, that's not actually true. Old Billy Bob has been busy do'n the important things...like get'n extra weight out "da house", order'n stuff, wash'n dishes, install'n an air compressor, go'n to the store, kill'n flies, swak'n golf balls, tak'n a nap and most importantly, mak'n sure old Billy Bob is happy.

Have ya ever pulled grass out da cactus garden? That what I been do'n for the last two hours. But there's a trick to it, what me think's will only work in the desert. What ya do, is take that there water hose and soak the ground with a gazillion gallons of water. In five minutes, water all gone and the grass comes up way too easy....roots and all.

Oh...watch out for that freak'n "Datil Yucca" right over there. It will eat your lunch.

Any thing else I would normally have to say would just bore your pants off, so....I'm out of here!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"da ball....did anyone see da ball"
"redneck golf" in Douglasville, Ga. 2005

Now what? Done did all I wanted to do today and still have 4 hours daylight left.

Let me tell ya bout a great golf game....not you Ben...you don't like golf. I were swak'n that golf ball like Tiger Woods were a "rookie". Old pesky neighbor scared me though. Only one stroke behind me and on the back nine he started, mak'n pars....three in a row. Billy Bob had to buckle down and make up for a double bogie....what he did and won the game by one stroke. Wonderful golf'n day.

Lit up the solar oven out in the yard and pointed it right at the sunshine. Gonna be cook'n up some grub for my dinner.

How a big ol' half a chicken, baked tater and maybe some steamed broccoli? Yeah...that what I gonna do.

Rounded up all my tools from my projects for the last two weeks. Did anyone see where I left my hammer??? Boy howdy, didn't know I had so many tools just lay'n round "do'n nuttin".

Did a dumpster run get'n rid of some this junk I carry all over the country. I know I has to be way overweight and burn'n extra gas tote'n that stuff. Anyone need a table saw and some concrete blocks??? Just kid'n.....gonna keep the table saw.

Dishes all done up for a change and kitchen clean as a whistle. Hmmmmm....is a whistle really clean with all that spit??? Got lots of stuff from the kitchen for the birds and rabbits. Hmmmm....do rabbits like beer bread???

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Work'n hard at the ranch

"Everyone has their toys"
Built and crashed in 2002 by Billy Bob and Company

Ok....here's the deal. Today I have "planned activities". And we're not talk'n bout no stink'n golf game. I got work to do. Hard work. If you think doing dishes ain't hard work, I'm here to tell ya different.

Climbed up on "da roof" to do a couple chores...remove the old torn up awning material what was hang'n down the side of "da house" Take a look at them beautiful solar panels and maybe gonna turn one around. Well, forget that. Them suckers look just fine like they is. Now that I finished those chores in record time, "now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"???

Speak'n of "da house", I had an inquiry about names for my stuff. Mainly why I named my motorhome "Sally". Well, it's like this. When I bought "Sally" she didn't have a name like "Alice" (my first motorhome) did. I listen to oldies music, on occasion, and Little Richard was sing'n Long Tall Sally. I were get'n "down" and "Sally struck me as a good name for "da house". So...there you have it. Other names just happen. I have one golf club called "Gracie". One golf ball I call "GD ball".

Lug Nut got his name rather strangely. One my sons was call'n him "nut sack" 'cause he didn't have a name yet. When my granddaughter asked one day, "where's nut sack", I decided that name was inappropriate. Well....my son Jesse James left a lug nut off of "Ralph" (my little red Bronco) when he changed brake shoes for me.....so "Lug Nut" was renamed.
Back again, but ain't got nuttin to say. Was practic'n being "king of do'n nuttin" all afternoon.

Got the awning fabric on order. Don't know where it's com'n from, but it's ordered. Ended up getting ShadeMaker. It's cheap and the only fabric I found that has a 5 year guarantee. All them others are only guaranteed for 1 year. You would think that the #1 awning makers would have more than one year guarantee.

My other neighbor "cowboy" sent me a bucket of black walnuts. (The reason I call him cowboy ain't 'cause he has cows...but he wears a cowboy hat.) Sit'n out there on "da porch" I started bust'n them walnut open and pick'n out the good stuff. Well....I think I done picked too much. Been burp'n an' "park'n" for an hour....Alka Seltzer????

Friday, August 28, 2009

Parts on order

"dig'n for gold"

There comes a time in every mans life that "ya gotta do something different". I say that 'cause "this" ain't work'n. Not the way I had envisioned it anyhows. (I think envisioned means a bad dream). Or something like that.

So...today old Billy Bob gonna do something different. Think I'll go play a round of golf.

Lord have some mercy on this old fart. Here it is Friday again. I done feel like I been work'n in a tortilla factory all week.

Up again this beautiful Friday morning to a nice cool breeze and still dark as hell. By the time the sun come up, I were all dressed in my Sunday "go to golfing" best. Old raggidy jeans, pull over shirt and sandels. Struck me up a decent 86. Was putt'n like a fool.

Finally fount me a web site that had all the parts I needed to finish my solar installation. Set me back a little over $300, but what the hell, it's only money. Hope to have it up and run'n by next week end. Oh, did I mention that the solar panels are backwards....more hard back break'n work for old Billy Bob.

Look'n like a nap is com'n on......after I go sit on "da porch" for a spell.

Well Howdy doo....so much for a nap. Too many things roll'n round in my head. Like, "are ya gonna be ready to pull out of Deming by the end of Sept"? Sure am want'n to take me another Texas trip before I go to "da slabs" in southern Ca. for the winter. May have to give up some of my golf games to get something finished that was started a while back. "what are you think'n Billy Bob...give up golf"? Well...so much for that idea.

Still search'n for a good deal on my awning. Narrowed the search down to about 6 different sites. Came this close >< to mak'n an order till I found out they was A-hose. Fount that out by "research".

Ok, I'm done, cooked, out of here.......

Thursday, August 27, 2009

jalepeno beer bread

"Camp'n at Stephen F. Austin State Park
with daughter, SOL, grandkids and "Oscar" da weinner dog"

Weren't no problem get'n up this morning....had a leg cramp ya wouldn't believe and had to pee so bad I thought I would wet my drawers fore I got that leg cramp out. Can I say that here???

For some reason, me and old pesky Wayne headed off to the golf course before 7am. It were a bit chilly out (63 deg) so's I wore my windbreaker. Had a wonderful time till Wayne added up the score on the front nine. He cheats....I tell ya...he cheats. Had an excellent game of 87 (according to Wayne). For those that "no nuttin bout golf", that's 15 over par....what is great for us old farts.

Speak'n of old farts.....old farts are over 65 act'n like they was 50 again. Under 65 is wanna be old farts act'n like they was 70. 50 and under are just young whippersnappers with an old farts attitude. Hey, I know. I been all them at one time or nuther.

By 10am the solar oven was up to 200 degs and wait'n for something to cook. I throwed me some flour and stuff in a bowl, added some seasoning and a big hand full of chopped up jalepenos. Mixed it all up, poured in a can of cheap beer, mixed it up again and put it in a bread pan.

Walla....we bak'n "jalepeno beer bread".
Bout an hour to go.....

Update.....the solar oven pilot light blew out and lost temp. Had to put the bread in the "other" over for 30 minutes. Came out very nice....no pics, 'cause me and old pesky Wayne done ate it up. Well.......there's still one little hunk left for tomorrow. Sure was good with a plate of pintos with jalepenos and sliced onion. Look out tomorrow morning!!!!

Update.....for those still wondering.....I have my search narrowed down to two sites for my charge controller and related parts. As far as the awning, I'm doing the same as I am with the solar charge controller......look'n for cheap.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"da Lug Nut"

There ain't no sense trying to sleep later than 6am with these dag nab dogs.
Seems Lug Nut is ready to play right bout the time I am in my deepest slumber. Then when I finally get up, he's back in bed. Go figure.

Last time I was in San A, was back in April....just pass'n through on the way to Port A. from Fredericksburg. Then again in about June....just pass'n through on my way to Terlingua from Houston. Wanted to stop both times to play a round at one of my fav. golf courses, Riverside....on the south side where everyone locks everything up or....poof....it's gone....just like that.

Speak'n of south side. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I owned a house on the southside of San Antonio what was loaded with junk my dad had collected over the years. Parked my other motorhome "Alice" in the drive. Since pop had died a year earlier, the house was empty most times. Me and "second mate" Dee Dee took a trip to Kansas City for a couple weeks and when we come back, My God....they done broke in an took stuff. So....the next trip we went to Port Aransas for a week (12 days), left some lights on in the house, accidentally left the garage door open and when we got back, nothing was missing, no broke windows, no fires, someone mowed the lawn, dishes was washed and trash was took out.....hmmmmm, did someone move in? Next trip, I was "cleaned out" again...even the brand new wash machine and kitchen sink was gone. Sold that sucker fast as I could.

Would you believe it's winter in Deming? Well maybe not winter, but it was downright cold outside this morning...56 degs at "da house". Gonna wear me some shoes this trip to the golf course. Got my little windbreaker on and rar'n to go. But it's still too early for old pesky neighbor Wayne.
Speak'n on Wayne, he sure has been nice for the last few days. Keep'n his distance since I caught him cheat'n on the score cards. Old folks are weird.

Boy howdy, what did I do now?? Here I was surf'n for a new awning for "da house" and up popped one them little boxes what says, you got a virus....click here. Yeah right, like I'm gonna click here. Turned the power off real quick like and then back on. Done it before a few times. Then it took 15 minutes for the computer to finish booting up. Dag nab punk kids!!!

Spent most of the afternoon check'n out the batteries on the golf cart. Another one had to be replaced...shorted cell. The other new battery we put in a few days ago may be "dead on arrival". Sucker won't take a charge. Don't tell anyone, but old pesky Wayne hooked it up wrong in the first place. Not backwards, just wrong. He ain't no professional golf cart fixer kinda guy.

That's about all the excitement I can muster up for now. Dinner is a cook'n.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

still da king

So...What I gonna do today???

Got up this morning with a new outlook on life. Yesterday was just too much for an old retired fart to handle....in one day anyhows. "What was you think'n....Billy Bob"????

After yesterdays bout with 'maniac' depression, old Billy Bob stood tall all of today do'n nuttin. Once ya get tagged as "king of do'n nuttin", ya don't want to lose that position of superiority by over exertion and losing your mind do'n something. Makes perfectly good sense to me.

Rained most all night long, so no golf this morning, even though I was ready by 6:30 to swak them golf balls. Only ducks play golf in the rain.

Boy howdy did I ever have a great time this morning. I got bout a gazillion travel pics on my computer and I started way back in 2002 look'n at and reliving those days. Didn't realize I had been so many places in such a short time. Aren't memories great???

Ok, I gotta rest for a bit.

Rest???.....lololol....hahahaha!!! Old Billy Bob ain't got no time for rest'n.

Put me together a homemade, from scratch, big ol' pan of peach cobbler, courtesy of Paula Dean of the Food Network. That were easy.....and it tastes so good, I gonna have me another glob that stuff.

All in all, today has been perfect. Temp never got over 82 degs, felt good all day, wore a jacket on "da porch" this morning (62), had a nice nooner......yep, perfect day practicing being the king.

Monday, August 24, 2009

mess'n wit stuff

"Hi daddy, I'm driving"

hehehe....as you can see, I like mess'n with stuff. I'm gonna mess with this blog thingy till it's either a total disaster or the way I want it.....I ain't done yet!!!

Anyhows, I got up at 7am this morning....MsB would be soooo proud of me sleep'n that late. After I drunk up my first jug of coffee, I got me some renewed energy and started do'n stuff. Put a hurt'n on the dishes. They all clean and put up. Throwed a bottle of vinegar in the coffee maker...let it sit...and turned it on. Maybe I'll have some "good" coffee when I get all the vinegar out. Will test in a few minutes. Swept the kitchen floor...get'n ready to wash it and wax. Trash all bagged up for the dumpster. Oh, did I mention I found the kitchen table under all the junk. Found a couple wrenches I been look'n for over a month now. Washed the laptop and it looks like brand new.

Ok, all this writ'n bout work is making me tired. Better take a break and eat something. Chicken and mater sandwich with creole seasoning.

Weather today is absolutely wonderful. Here it is 2pm and it's only 78 degs. A slight breeze out of the south...Mexico I suppose. Big ol' white clouds everywhere. Makes ya wanna do something.

Couldn't resist mess'n with my blog layout. What ya think???? Now if I could only figger out a way to put some "redneck" stuff on it.

Had a great dinner out on "da porch". Still only 82 degs, what is great for eat'n. Finished cut'n Sadie's hair earlier and she happy as a pig in a slop trough.

Ok, I done entirely too much for one day. Will see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

end or beginning

Well, here it is the end of another day...Sunday. Is that the end of a week or the start of a week? I think Sunday should be the "last" day of the week 'cause tomorrow is Monday. Think about it!!! It makes sense. A week should only be 5 days long. Then take a couple days off and start another week. Yep!!! Makes sense to me.

Now....what did old Billy Bob do today?
Got up at 5:30am, just like clock work....alarm was set to wake me from a sound sleep. Ok, you guessed it, another golf day....and a good'en too. Struck me up a birdie and 7 pars for a 86. Oh yeah, the golf cart bout died on the back nine. Poor baby needs another brand spank'n new battery.

Me and old pesky Wayne had a long talk today bout his cheat'n on da score care.

Made me up a couple fat taquitos this morning and went out on the cool porch to eat 'em up. Little Sadie Mae was sit'n there look'n for a handout when that light bulb went off. Sadie needs a haircut, what she don't like one bit.

Now Sadie has a problem come haircut time. She lays on her back and that's where she needs cut. Broke out the clippers and gently laid Sadie down...plop, she was on her back. Ok, cut the bottom and the sides. That's where I quit. Only temporarily ya know. Eat'm up time and a nap. But the nap was not to happen today.

After golf (on tv) was over, put me another pot od coffee on and went to the porch to punish myself and poor little Sadie. Finally got the top cut by putting her in my lap. Hair everywhere....mostly on me.
But I'm not done yet. Neck and head is scheduled for 10am tomorrow morning by appointment only.

Watched one them rain clouds way down there in Mexico com'n this way. Only took it 2 hours to get here and get here it did. Rained like nobody's business...and it still go'n on. Boy howdy, is my weeds gonna grow or what?

Ya never gonna guess what I foun't up there in the cabinet. You guys are good.!!! Yep, it were a loaf of old moldy bread I cooked in that solar oven bout a week or so ago.

Well crap, I'm out of here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

See, I told ya

Ha ha, When old Billy Bob says it's Saturday, it's Saturday...just like I said.

After last nights storm, what weren't nothing but a bunch of high winds, the temp dropped like a $100 dollar bill at Walmart. Thought I was gonna sleep real good with a nice cool breeze blow'n in the window....wrong!!! Winds quit and had to turn the a/c back on.

This morning reminds me of "coming winter". It's freak'n chilly out there, 63 degs. Sky all covered with some kind of weird look'n clouds. Snow clouds??? Nah....not in August. Desert weather astounds my mind.

Old pesky Wayne come over "whin'n" bout the golf cart wouldn't run...what he put some new charging wires on yesterday. Broke out my scientific new technology test'n gizmos and started check'n. Well shoot, Wayne, ya wired it wrong.

Boy Howdy, was that ever a great nap. I hit the couch and just like that, both eyes slam'ed shut and I was snor'n up a storm. Oh!!!! Speak'n of storm, it just rained on "da roof" and take a guess what's lay'n on "da roof". Yep, you got it right, my brand new 1997 DeWalt 9.6 volt protable drill.
At least it will be good and clean. Work??? Don't know.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday...again??? Crashed awning

Holy cows, where did this week go? Jist yesterday it was Saturday. The way I read my retirement contract, every day is Saturday and ya don't have to work to earn a living.
Now what I gonna do???

Up way to early again today, but had a reason to do so....play golf. What I should have stayed in bed till 8am. First off, "that other eye" was still half closed, I forgot my coffee in the rush to get to the golf course before 7am. Then after hit'n a perfect drive on the first hole, I dug a divit (deep hole) behind the ball on my second shot what sent it off into the deep grass still 50 yards from the green. It were all down hill from there. Many more rounds like that, I gonna find me a new hobby.

Holy cows, old pesky Wayne is driv'n me nuts. We spent the last 3 hours play'n golf together and here he comes ask'n dumb questions. I know, I'll just ignore him and maybe he'll go away.
Hehehehe, it worked.

Got to make another trip to town. Need a couple more lag bolts and some "coffin spikes".

Ya know what I gonna do for the rest of the day??? I'm gonna be "king of do'n nuttin". Too hot to get on "da roof" and too hot to sit out on "da porch". Although....there is a nice breeze out there...nope...what are ya think'n Billy Bob. But...I will have to help old pesky Wayne work on the golf cart.... he no's nothing bout fix'n no stink'n golf cart. (batteries not fully charging and I ain't gonna walk)

In the mean time...sandwich and a nice comfortable nap in "ax'n dixion"...72 degs...boy howdy.

Well....that nap didn't last long. All the Gods got together and said..."let's mess with that old Billy Bob". There knew dern well that I had my awning out for a good reason, so's they created this big ol' blow storm. The "procrastinating god" told them others that two years ago I was gonna replace that awning, so's they aimed that storm right at that awning. Poof!!! Awning gone bye bye....riped right down the middle and broke a couple mounts. Now what I gonna do???

Got skeered my solar panels would encounter some kind of disaster in the wind, so's I climbed up there to secure them by installing the other two mounts and put'n a bolt through them. Ha!!!
There was stuff blow'n off "da roof", drilled the wrong size holes, marker pen gone....no where to be found and I couldn't see for the blow'n sand. But....old Billy Bob done the job...come rain or shine.

I gots one more thing to say before I put this old worn out body to bed.
Welcome to all the new followers!!!
"that's all I have to say bout that"...GUMP

Thursday, August 20, 2009

solar day

Old Billy Bob treated his self to an extra hour on da pillow this morning. Didn't roll out of bed till 6:35.25am. Then, to play a trick on old pesky neighbor Wayne, I didn't turn the lights on. Then I covered that little window he looks in to see my head bob'n round at the computer station. It worked. He didn't come over till 7:30. Thank God for light switches and mini blinds.

Went out on the porch with a full jug of coffee and looked at them solar panels. How I gonna get them on the roof. Then a bolt of lightn'n hit me...a brilliant idea. Put the awning out, what comes all the way to the porch, put a rope on the panels, lay the panel flat on the awning, climb that ladder on the back and pull that panel slap up on the roof. So freak'n simple even I can do it.
Pics later, but first I gotta go to town and buy some lag bolts I forgot yesterday and pick up my meds from Walmart.

Back at "da house" with all my nuts and bolts in tact. Even picked up my meds what I been out of for three days. Maybe that's why I get so grumpy over them coffee filters.

Right about the time it hit 95 degs, I put the awning out, strung out my rope, set the first solar panel on the awning, loaded it up with a few tools and hoisted it to the roof.

Then did the same with #2......

both on "da roof" look'n for sunshine.

Now I gotta take a break from climb'n the ladder.

LOL....old pesky Wayne is something else. He come over for the fifth time this afternoon when it were 99.6 degs outside and says...."ya gonna sit in the house all day"??? So's I brewed up a pot of coffee and we went out and sat on the porch.

While sit'n on "da porch", here come a nice east breeze and clouds covering the sunshine. I jumps up and headed for the roof to mount one side of the solar panels. Got the hinge mounts mounted on the panels, but by now, the sun was shin'n and no more breeze. Didn't take me long to climb down that ladder and drink me up a big slug of ice cold water. Boy howdy....it's hot out there.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Solar mount construction

Gonna have to see if I can remember what I did today.

*Billy Bob and Vickie Lynn* Jan. 2002 at Grand Canyon

a. Got up
b. Drank coffee
c. Played golf
d. Ate breakfast
e. Laid down
f. Went to sleep
g. Computer research
h. Went to town
i. Came back to "da house"
j. built solar panel mounts
k. Ate supper

That don't sound exciting at all. Left a lot out between the lines.
First off, I was up before the alarm went off at 5:30. Had another round with those damn coffee filters what wouldn't come apart. There's got to be a better way. Anyhows, coffee was super "bad" this morning. Found me a new way to get "that other eye" open. Strong coffee.

Off to the golf course by 7am..... of which I should have stayed home. No one can hit a golf ball that bad. Back at "da house" by 10am hungrier than a flea bit dog what ain't got no home.
Made me up a great big bowl of Frosted Mine Wheats what filled that empty void in my belly. Brewed up another pot of coffee and sit on the porch for spell. Then I got sleepy eye, so's off to the couch for a quick snooze.....1 hour.

Off to the bowels of the internet look'n for my charge controller. I know what I'm gonna get, just have to get the prices straight. Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000e. This is top of the line new technology (MPPT). It will have enough capacity to add one more 130 watt panel and not blow up, catch'n "da house" on fire and scar'n Lug Nut, Sadie Mae and old Billy Bob out of their wits.

After the temp cooled down to 96 degs., I started cut'n aluminum angle what I picked up in town. Cut me 8 pieces 4" long for the solar panel mounts. Then I started drill'n holes in the wrong place....but no one gonna see the extra holes from the ground. Put me 4 hinges in the "new" holes and ...walla...we got half the mounts built. Yeah, they gonna be adjustable...that what the hinges are for. Now all I gotta do is get them heavy solar panels on da roof, drill me some holes in my leak free roof and put it all together. Boy howdy, can hardly wait.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First thing I did at 5:30 this morning was to put on a "bad" pot of coffee. I gonna be need'n it after a night of toss'n and turn'n, fight'n with a grumpy dog and dream'n of swak'n golf balls. The "bad" coffee worked wonders....both eyes popped right open.

Shot off to the golf course before 7, but we was back home before 8:30. Old pesky Wayne don't know nuttin bout maintain'n a golf cart. Run slap out of "go juice" on the 9th hole....and I ain't gonna walk. New battery in order.

Ate me up a big ol' triple berry pancake look'n thing I cooked in the solar oven, turned on both a/c's and layed down for a spell. Don't know what I was dream'n, but when there come a knock'n at the door, I jumped straight up. It were Mr. UPS deliver'n a 70 pound package. MY SOLAR PANELS HAVE ARRIVED......yee ha. Now all I gotta do is figger out how to get 'em on the roof. Where have we heard this before??? Well, The Field Lab of course.

Holy cows is it ever hot outside. The dogs won't even go out the door. Since I can't go out to the porch, I guess I better sit here and do some "think'n" bout them solar panels. Pic on da way....when it's cooler.
See....told ya so!!!!

Throwed me a chicken in the solar oven bout 1pm think'n I would be hungry come supper time. Well, the chicken is just fine, but I ain't hungry. Gonna have solar cooked bbq chicken, buttered broccoli, and bout half a mater. Then to top that off, a big ol' hunk that banana bread. Yum boy howdy, it gonna be good.

Well let me tell ya right now, that old Billy Bob sure can cook up some good eat'n. It were delicious!!!
Now I gots to go sit on the porch and let this good eat'n settle.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh Oh, computer problems

Oh Oh, when I went to log on to blogger, I got a rude awakening. I was banned for sending some kind of stuff to Google. ME??? Malware or some crap. If I knew how to do that, I would be smart enough to fix my blog format the way I want it.

Anyhows, I started vestigat'n (investigating) what could be the problem. Ah Ha, would ya lookie here, Windows done went and upgraded without my permission. Hmmmm....ya don't think??? And...one of the upgrades was a "malware" upgrade. Well....that's what it were. Restored my system back to before the installation and ...walla...it fixed.

Ok....now that that crap is out of the way.....I got up this morning, yep, you guessed it, before 6am. Sit here drink'n coffee, read'n all the comments and tak'n a look at all the blogs I follow. Went out on the porch just as the sun was com'n up and said..."this gonna be a good day". Let the dogs out for their morning run just bout the time old pesky neighbor Wayne show'ed up. No, I don't have that pic of him yet, but it's on the way.

Just for the hell of it, I done up what few dishes what was lay'n in the sink. Sorted out all my dirty clothes for wash day...oh yeah, I found them two new pair of jeans I was look'n for. If you're wondering why I was look'n for those new jeans.....

......here's why.
Last pair in the jeans drawer.

Made me up a grocery list and headed off to town. $4.75 later and my laundry was done and folded. Then off to Walmart.....what the hell are they do'n to my store??? They done moved everything, put up a house, with no roof, for the pharmacy...temporary I hope. But the pharmacy was my first stop and as usual, my prescriptions are a mess. Note: When ya travel all round the country, they transfer your data to where ever you pick up your drugs. Anyhows, they got some work to do so's I can get my much needed meds and stay alive.

Got all my groceries and headed for "da house", that's "Sally" ya know. Speak'n of Sally, why did I name a perfectly good motor home Sally? Since I been call'n it "da house" for a while now, I think I'll just rename it "da house". What ya think?

Boy howdy is it ever hot out there. They says 97 degs, but I'm think'n more like 98 or 99. To hot to sit on the porch, got both a/c's run'n full bore and I'm still hot. Old pesky neighbor Wayne says I'm go'n through menopause and hav'n hot flashes. I don't believe that crap....I'm just get'n older.

Ok, y'all asked for it and here it is, Old Pesky Wayne in all his glory.
Returning from a trip around the walk'n path with my two trusty dogs, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I did something!!!

I swore last night that I would NOT get out of bed till after 7am this morning.

Coffee filters hiss me off!!! Have ya ever had a coffee filter that just ain't gonna stick to your finger and come out that stack? Then ya gotta take the whole stack, squeeze it, blow on it, slam it on the counter only to have it fall into the wet sink where's ya just poured out yesterdays old coffee. Sheesh!!!

Beautiful, beautiful morning on the porch. A hot cup'o coffee, not a fly in sight, sunshine in my eyes, a nice cool breeze and here come old pesky neighbor Wayne (before 7am). I swear, he just loves to pester me before I get "that other eye" open.

Weren't no clouds this morning, so's I turned the solar oven into the sun.....just to see if it still works. Went inside and whipped up a batch of banana bread dough. Another first. It looked good and tasted good so's I put it in a bread pan just like the recipe says to do. But today, we gonna try something different....cover that sucker up with a dark pie pan. An hour and a half later, just to go take a peek, I removed the pie pan.
WHOA!!! Lookie here, that banana bread was fully cooked and brown all over.
Had to chop me off a chunk and try it out. Tasted just like Granny used to make.....and Granny knew some stuff bout cook'n.

Hung me up and old cow head on the porch right next to the gate. Maybe that will keep the coyotes at bay.
Heard a bunch if them sing'n this morning right close to "da house".

Saturday, August 15, 2009

technology in action

Ok, what's so hard bout git'n up at 6:15 or 6:30am? It's only a cup 'o from 7am.
Somehows I got up all grumpy this morning. Old pesky neighbor Wayne has been keep'n his distance since his first 7:15 visit and the dogs are hid'n under the porch. This is gonna be one them days, I can see it now.

I been try'n my best to write something exciting, but it sure is hard to do when "ya don't do nuttin". You would think a retired person what lives out in the desert with mountains all round ya, there would be something to do. I know the yard needs mowed, but I ain't got no mower. The cactus garden needs trimmed, but nature should take care of that. Trash needs to go out, but it ain't full yet. Dishes need washed, but I still got a couple more clean forks. Floors need vacuumed, but the vacuum cleaner bag is full. So....the way I see it....I ain't got nuttin to do.

Been work'n hard all morning. Amazing how tired ya can get surf'n through all them web pages, push'n that little clicky click button. Today is shopping day at the web. Holy cow, would ya look at all the choices ya got. And lookie at all them different prices.

Spent two hours searching for a charge controller for my new solar panels....what are still sit'n in Jacksonville Fl. Not know'n much about charge controllers, I had to do a bunch of button punch'n just to figure out the best kind for my application. MPPT is what I be need'n, but MY GOD, them kind are expensive. If'n anyone reads this, maybe you can suggest a brand in the 25 amp range.

Gonna go out to the porch and do some "think'n".

Boy howdy, what's wrong with old pesky neighbor Wayne. He done cooked up a dinner for us, what he only does on special occasions. We gonna have corned beef and cabbage, some kind of taters and sliced maters.
6:15pm: Hmmmm....not here yet. Ya don't rekon he ate it all???

Ok, MsB....the dishes are done....all of them. Ain't gonna put them up wheres they belong though. No sense in causing undue stress on the cabinet hinges and drawer slides every time I need something. Oh yeah.....took the freak'n trash out too....although it's a waste to empty a trash bag before it's plumb full. Total waste!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

long day....short post

I ain't gonna git up at no stink'n 5:15am no more. All it does is mess up a good night sleep and there is nothing you can do that early. So, tomorrow this old fart is gonna sleep in.

Rained again last night and the first thing my old pesky neighbor asked this morning was..."ya think it's gonna rain"??? I looked up in the morning sky, what had no clouds to speak of and said, "probably". So we went and played a round of golf on a super wet course. Then they turned the sprinklers on....like it needed watering.

Got back to "da house" at 10, hungry as a bear and cooked me up a great big fat taquito. A hand full of Jimmy Dean Skillets and a couple eggs scrambled in with it. Put it in a big tortilla and doused it with some red salsa. Sit out on the porch for a while swak'n flies and drink'n coffee. Then I got "old sleepy eye" and took me a nap. Then bout 1pm I ate me up three pieces that apple pie and got sick. Then I laid down and suffered myself into another long nap.

Bout 6pm, I decided I better eat again....after I took me some alka seltzers. Holy Cow, seems like all I have time for is eat'n.

That's it!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

where does time go

Boy Howdy, here it is the end of another day and I have nothing to show for it.
"So, Billy Bob, what did you do today"?

Well, first off, I got up this morning just in time to see nothing but pitch black outside. I think we had this discussion just a few days ago, so I won't dwell on "get'n up way to early".

Next, I went to the freak'n Country Club to swak some golf balls. Did I ever swak'em. There is absolutely nothing I want to discuss about todays round of golf. It rained the night before, my socks and feet were sop'n wet, I spilled my coffee on hole #1, hit every sand trap on the course and my automatic putter had a dead battery.
"that's all I have to say bout that"....GUMP

Back at "da house", I took that bread dough I brewed up yesterday out the fridge for to put in the solar oven. But there weren't no solar today, so's I fired up the oven inside. I look'ed at that dough lay'n there in that pan and got to think'n. "It gonna turn into a basketball", so I punched it down like my old baker neighbor told me to do. Well now, my old baker neighbor owes me another loaf of bread 'cause that sucker never come back up. I got me a loaf of "sucker punched" bread.

Then I ate me up a burned baloney and 2 egg sandwich for breakfast what gave me a sleepy eye.
When I gets a sleepy eye, it's time to take a nap....what I did. LOOONG nap. When I waked up, it was too late. Didn't wanna do nuttin. And that's exactly what I did for the rest of the day...nuttin.

Kilt a bunch of pesky flies on the porch and watched the hummers eat up a quart of sugar water. Them little suckers are costing me some big bucks. There's at least 30 of them now, all in harmony, except for that mean little red head. Thought about swak'n it with the flyswapper but that would be mean, so's I didn't. That bird has got to find somewhere else to eat.....
Billy Bobs Greasy Spoon is closed.

So there you have it. Another exciting day in the life of Billy Bob and friends.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do something Billy Bob

Sometimes I get up think'n, "what ya do'n here"? Here??? Do ya mean here as "alive"? Or do ya mean here as "where ya at"? Got so much crap on my mind I don't know if I com'n or if I go'n. That makes me think I need to take some time off and do some "think'n". Routine is got to change.

With that said, Boy Howdy, is it gonna be a beautiful day or what? I waked up this morning and it was sunshiny outside. WOW....old Billy Bob slept in. The way I figger it, if ya ain't got no job, ya take the day off and do what 'you' wanna do. Now, what am I gonna do today?

Since I have so little time to get ready for another trip, I guess I should be put'n some thought into "fix'n stuff" whats broke instead of mess'n with that solar oven and sit'n on "da porch".

First thing I gonna do is "take a look" at "that jeep" what stalls at red lights. Ok...let me see what we got here..."Oh, lookie here"...we got one them performance chips....hmmmm, how that sucker come out? Oh, that was easy, just yank it off, plug the wire thingy back into the computer and crank 'er up. Yep, it started right up. Now for a road test....after I rest from all this hard strenuous, back break'n work.

Well, if'n ya guessed next would be sit'n on "da porch", you were so right. Ya git'n to know old Billy Bob like a book. But it weren't wasted time....I were "think'n"!!!
Now it's almost lunch time and I have no idea what that may be. Salsa burger sounds good, but ya gotta crank up the stove for that. Big ole ham and mater sandwich should tide me over till supper time.

Seen a big ole jack rabbit cut'n cross the road a while ago and I got myself one them "wild hares".
** *What if ya took off from Deming bout October, head on down to Terlingua for a week or so....then on down to Port Aransas for a week or so....up to Houston to visit daughter and grandkids...then head back west...all the way to southern Ca. and Yuma Az.*** Wow, that's a lot of miles. No....that would never work. So much for "wild hares". "What ya gonna do now Billy Bob"??? hehehe....eat a sandwich and take a nap.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sleep'n chickens

After last nights toss'n an turn'n, old Billy Bob woked up at 5:30am just in time to see "dark". Maybe I gets up too early. If'n I had me some chickens, they would still be a sleep'n. But none the less, here come that old sunshine for the start of another beautiful day.

Not a bad sunrise considering "that other eye" was still closed.

Off to the golf course at 6:45 to swak some golf balls. Really screwed up on the front nine, but swak'ed 'em good on the back nine. That automatic putter is the best putt swak'n club I ever bought. Struke an 87...hehehehe.

Got back to "da house" and grabbed up my grocery list for a trip to town. Remember that Coffee Mate I was gonna buy a few days ago....well I done it...along with one them Marie Callenders Apple Pies for to put in the solar oven.

Pies in da oven. Put'er in there at 1:30, froze stiff as a board. Pointed into the sun and let'er rip. Well, it weren't long and da sun was gone...pooof!!!...just like that.
Clouds everywhere.

Ya never guess what I done. Yep, you're right. Put that sucker in the 400 deg oven in "da house" for a spell.

Hot dern, that be one good look'n lip smak'n pie.
Tell me!!!
That old Billy Bob is a pie cooker from way back.

Scam Package

Well, shoot. I done missed mak'n my post yesterday, but I had me a good excuse. At least I consider it a good excuse. It seems old Billy Bob is get'n scammed, spammed or just plain "stolen identity". Got a couple emails that I won a bid on ebay and another from PayPal for $510 what I didn't do nuttin to receive these emails.
First thing I did was to "attempt" to fire off an email to PayPay.....lol...right. Second thing I did was to remove my credit card from my PayPal account. That should stop any attempt for them to pay for something I didn't order. Then I went to my Ebay account to cancel....lol....right. I guess it would be like canceling Obamacare....can't be done.
Yeah, I were all upset, hollered at the dogs to "git off me", told old pesky neighbor Wayne to go home, and missed my supper. Then went to bed and tossed and turned all night long. Old folks don't take too well with this kind of stuff.

OK...almost golf time.
Will be back with a new post after while or later tonight.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Boy Howdy, it's almost Thanksgiving!!!

Oh, you think I'm crazy??? Well, actually, I'm not. You see, it's like this. I'm not gonna spend the winter in Deming 'cause it gets too freak'n cold and old Billy Bob don't do cold. So I have to go somewhere else where I can sit outside and enjoy the warming rays of sunshine. And eat outside without some itty bitty snow flakes get'n in my hot food.

Last year I went to the "the slabs (link)" in southern Ca. A deserted military base out in the middle of nowhere, but only 25 miles from Walmart in Brawley, Ca. It's a boondocking area with no water, electricity or sewer system. Only a few miles (10) from the renowned Salton Sea (link).

This year is still yet undecided,

BUT, with all the food come Thanksgiving and Christmas, how could one resist.

Desert anyone???

Sheesh, this blogger thing is way to hard to get everything look'n like it were done by someone that knows what he's do'n. All I can manage is "poke and hope".
See what I told ya....looks nothing like what I intended.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Got up way late this morning. Brewed me up a mean pot of coffee and sat myself down for a relaxing good time. Well, first off, I was still asleep and fell slap over that mixer thing sitting in the middle of the floor....no sustained damage, but I did mutter a few choice words. Then I poured me up a cup of that mean coffee only to find out I was slap out of my CoffeeMate. Tried some milk, but all that did was take the meanness out my mean coffee. Then here come old pesky neighbor Wayne say'n "ya gonna stay inside all day"? My God, it's not even 7am yet.

Sit'n on "da porch", I got to think'n, what I often do, that old dirty greasy BBQ pit sure could use a good cleaning. So's I commenced to tak'n it apart and scrap'n 2 years of accumulated grease and grime.
When I got all that done, I figgered I might as well paint it too.
What I did. Now how the hell did I get black paint on my almost brand new jeans?

Ok, Cops is about over. Gonna go to "da porch" for a bit and maybe I'll be back to say something exciting.

Friday, August 7, 2009

doing nuttin is better than "work"

I don't know what it is, but every single morning I seem to forget the important things...like tak'n a pic of a beautiful sunrise. Not that anyone else would be interested, but the sunrises and sunsets in Deming are spectacular....on occasion.

Anyhows, old Billy Bob had a rough night with at least 150 leg cramps. 150??? Oh no, I meant to say 5 or 6. I've tried everything from eating a half dozen bananas a day to swaller'n a hand full of every kind of pill designed for leg cramps. It's a messed up back what is causing it and there ain't nuttin I can do.... but suffer, if I work too hard. Another reason to do "nuttin" .8<)

Had a wonderful day on the porch with my new hobby. Swaked a total of 638 "confirmed kill" pesky flies. Unconfirmed didn't count since I don't know if I swak'd them or not.

UPS guy showed up right on time this afternoon with my new mirror finish diamond plate reflectors for the solar oven. Took less than an hour to mount them and we was back in the yard pointed at the sun. Tomorrow sounds like a soup pot to me.

Tonights dinner is a fried boloney (bologna for the city slickers) samitch (sandwich) with fresh Mexico mater slices and white onion. Along with a fresh boiled ear of corn trucked in from somewhere in Colorado.
Boy howdy can that Billy Bob cook a slab of boloney.

Some one sent me this pic of a sunset at the north pole. It's amazing!!!

Now that the evening sun has gone down, I have nothing to do but wait for bed time. It's funny that I would do that every night with never an after thought.
My days have been so good to me, it makes me wanna pee. I have nothing to b**** and complain about. I'm kind of sorta happy. I have nothing better to do with my life than to get up tomorrow and see what the day has in store for an old retired, adventurous, fun loving feller like me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

another one last night

Boy Howdy, what am I gonna do??? Almost got blowed plumb away night before last and then the same thing happen last night. Blowed one of my hummer feeders down and broke it, but old Billy Bob know how to fix stuff like that. Deming is notorious for high winds, so it's nothing unusual to have 30 and 40 mph winds, but 500....that's ridiculous.

This morning was spectacular. Big red sunrise with clouds all over the sky. But I knowed it would turn into a hot one with all the humidity. Yep, that's exactly what it did. Temp is only 92, sun blar'n down, only a few little clouds and barely a puff of wind......it's freak'n hot.

Spent a couple hours doing my "think'n" jobs from yesterday. They done changed the Walmart around where's I can't find anything. It was perfect. Now look at it. Blankets, pillows, rugs, wash rags, towels....all in the garden dept. Where the hell is my garden dept.??? Go figure!!!
Anyhows, I got my "stuff". Went by and checked tire prices.....holy cow! Maybe just run these till the air runs out.
Yeah, I pretty much decided to keep the "that jeep". Gonna leave the "for sale" signs in it and if a buyer comes along, sell it. Will keep the little red Bronco II just in case.

Old Billy Bob gonna do something he never did in his lifetime. Gonna bake a apple pie from scratch with "real" apples and home brew crust. Got to wait for the weekend though 'cause my reflectors will be here tomorrow. Dang, I'm excited.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A think'n day

Today was a day for think'n. I was think'n I would go to Walmart to pick up some "stuff" and then to the tire store for a price on some new shoes for the "that jeep" and then to the Country Club to pay my dues and then to Ed Jones to deposit some funds into my fundless account. That's what it was....a day for think'n.

Boy Howdy....let me tell ya bout the storm what we had last night. My motor home was "rock an roll'n" like Chubby Checker and shak'n like Dolly Parton and I says..."what the hell"??? Wind done blowed my satellite dish slap over and internet was gone....poof...just like that. Went outside to check on damages and walked right into a sand storm what felt like I done been shot with buckshot. Weather news said we had 60 mph winds, but I swear it were more like 500. I swear!!!

Let Lug Nut and Sadie Mae out today to run some rabbits, but Lug Nut was more interested in the neighbors horses. Don't know what he would have done if'n he caught one. The dog ain't right!!!

Seems my solar company I was gonna order panels from has taken their web site down. That's a bummer. I know they ain't out of business cause they have two GIGANTIC warehouses, one in Florida and the other in Pheonix Az. Will give the old telephone call a try tomorrow.

That's all folks....got a big ole piece of lemon cake to eat and take my drugs for the day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

day late, dollar short

Well shoot, I got so busy yesterday I was too tired to make my post last night.
About yesterday.....yep, it was a Monday. Piddled with an old "brand new" China made inverter generator what bit the dust on a boondocking trip last winter. Never, I repeat, never order China!!!
I made'er "smoke" right out that little black box thingy. Then I went online look'n for parts....hahahaha, right.

Then I looked at my bicycle what I never ride....if'n I had a motor on there, I would probably ride it. Ya rekon I could use the motor off'n this China made generator?

Oh crap, it's 6:45 and old pesky neighbor Wayne is load'n up the old 3 wheel golf cart......we'll be see's ya laters.

Well that was an easy game. Never lost a ball and struck a pretty dern good score of 87. That's good for any armchair golfer.

Now for Uncle Ben.............

This is "Sally"
'03 35' Condor 8.1 Chevy Vortec V-8
9.2 MPG

And this is old "Alice"
'89 Open Road 454 Chevy V-8
6.8 MPG

Loved Alice to death, but she just wouldn't hold all my "stuff"

Speaking of Uncle Ben...his blog here...he mentioned he found another one my web sites I brewed up a while back. After read'n a few lines, I figgered it needs to be worked on some more.
Here it is if'n ya wanna see who Billy Bob is. Needless to say, it's called Billy Bobs Place. Enjoy!!!

Still waiting on price confirmation on a set of 130 watt solar panels for "Sally". Found some Sun 130 watt panels for $257.40 each...that's $1.98 a watt....of course plus shipping. I would think by now I would have received a confirmation since mak'n $$$ is what a business does. I guess I could just click "my cart" on the business web site and see what happens. Yep...that's what I gonna do.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne brung me over a mixer thingy this morning to make bread dough and stuff with. He didn't say if he was giv'n it to me, so I guess I'll just keep it.
He also didn't tell me how to operate it, so's I guess it will be "spearmint" time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I thought it was Monday

Holy Cow, no wonder my tv was messed up this morning. It ain't Monday.
Woke up early this morning and put on my work clothes....LOLOLOLOL...HAHAHAHA, like I'm gonna go to work. Actually, I was hav'n a bad dream when I woke up. "I'm gonna be late for work and one more time, I get fired". What kind of dream was that???

Ya ain't gonna believe it, but I went off to the golf course and played a round this morning. Ha ha, told ya you wouldn't believe it. Struck a pretty good game considering where my drives ended up. Tall grass, tall grass, in da weeds, in da dirt...no water though.

Just the other day, Old Uncle Ben asked me about Blue Bell ice cream. I told him "ya can't get Texas Blue Bell ice cream in New mexico". Boy Howdy, let me tell ya what happened. Just for fun, I went into the ice cream section at Walmart and there it was, staring me in the face, Blue Bell ice cream. I went back to the meat department and dropped off all them meats I was gonna put in the freezer and went back and picked out a half gallon that Texas Blue Bell ice cream. Now all I gots to do is get it home before it melts.

Today I baked up a couple small loafs of bread. The only mistake I made was by listening to my "baker" neighbor. He said to smush it down before ya bake it. Right.....now I have smushed down bread what didn't rise back up.
Then I figered I might as well cook my supper....at 1pm. Throwed me a can of maters, half an onion, two potatoes and some seasoning in my glass cook'n pot. Toped it off with a pork tenderloin roast and stuck it in the solar oven. Come 5pm and old Billy Bob was eat'n like a king.

Now about that cherry/apple pie I baked yesterday. Cut me off a big hunk along with a couple globs that Blue Bell ice cream and I was in heaven sit'n right out there on my porch.

Here's a couple pics from my job site where I labored all of yesterday in the sweltering heat.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Here it is come and gone another day, but a pretty good day it was.
First off, I had the best sleep last night I had in a while. Only had to get up one time for you know what. Then at 7am, I got one of the worstest leg cramps I ever seen. My left foot was done turned almost round to go'n the other way. Never had that happen before.

Sit on the porch for a couple hours this morning drink'n coffe, shoot'n poop with "pesky neighbor" Wayne and watch'n the hummers fight over the two feeders. Got us nine of them so far this year.

Went berserk with the porch mov'n stuff around and hos'n that sucker off. Got me another pile to go to the dumpster. It's amazing what a little elbow grease and initiative will produce. Whiles I was doing porch clean'n,
I decided that solar oven was wast'n energy just sit'n there......so's I made me a pie crust (first time). Finally got it in the pan and added a can of cherry pie filling. Then I read the directions......TWO cans....what I didn't have, but I DID have a can of apple....so's I baked and apple cherry pie. Wind and clouds made me fire up the oven inside to brown the crust. Gonna be test'n this sucker right after supper time.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....back in '65 me and first wife made our first homemade biscuits. We had flour all over the place, and made a complete mess of the kitchen before we throwed them in the oven. By the time we got the bacon and eggs fried up, them biscuits was ready to eat. LOLOLOLOL....hahahhaha.....them biscuits was hard as a rock and bounced like one them "super" balls. We had lots of fun toss'n them against the wall and watch'n them bounce cross the room. Then they went in the trash. If you're reading this Mary, I hope you get a laugh.