Thursday, August 13, 2009

where does time go

Boy Howdy, here it is the end of another day and I have nothing to show for it.
"So, Billy Bob, what did you do today"?

Well, first off, I got up this morning just in time to see nothing but pitch black outside. I think we had this discussion just a few days ago, so I won't dwell on "get'n up way to early".

Next, I went to the freak'n Country Club to swak some golf balls. Did I ever swak'em. There is absolutely nothing I want to discuss about todays round of golf. It rained the night before, my socks and feet were sop'n wet, I spilled my coffee on hole #1, hit every sand trap on the course and my automatic putter had a dead battery.
"that's all I have to say bout that"....GUMP

Back at "da house", I took that bread dough I brewed up yesterday out the fridge for to put in the solar oven. But there weren't no solar today, so's I fired up the oven inside. I look'ed at that dough lay'n there in that pan and got to think'n. "It gonna turn into a basketball", so I punched it down like my old baker neighbor told me to do. Well now, my old baker neighbor owes me another loaf of bread 'cause that sucker never come back up. I got me a loaf of "sucker punched" bread.

Then I ate me up a burned baloney and 2 egg sandwich for breakfast what gave me a sleepy eye.
When I gets a sleepy eye, it's time to take a nap....what I did. LOOONG nap. When I waked up, it was too late. Didn't wanna do nuttin. And that's exactly what I did for the rest of the day...nuttin.

Kilt a bunch of pesky flies on the porch and watched the hummers eat up a quart of sugar water. Them little suckers are costing me some big bucks. There's at least 30 of them now, all in harmony, except for that mean little red head. Thought about swak'n it with the flyswapper but that would be mean, so's I didn't. That bird has got to find somewhere else to eat.....
Billy Bobs Greasy Spoon is closed.

So there you have it. Another exciting day in the life of Billy Bob and friends.


  1. Lol, Billy Bob I think today was not your day. But don't fret and like Scarlett O'hara would say, "tomorrow is another day"...

  2. Darn Billy Bob today (yesterday since it is 3:28 am) was definitively NOT your day...just read on the Field Lab that you got cloned!!!

    How did that happen? I thought Blogger would not let you use a nick that was already in use...scary...

  3. LOL MsB, maybe this clone feller was look'n for a mentor. There 'are' some people out there that consider old Billy Bob a pretty "cool dude".....although, 'I' think he needs to do something other then swak golf balls and play with that solar oven.
    Who the hell is Scarlett O'haha???

  4. Shoot , except for the whacking at Golf's Balls, sounds like a pretty typical Summer time day for an old retired fart.

    About your bully Hummingbird. I had one like that for years, named him Bruno and he would run everyone off but his mate. I finally hung a second feeder some distance off. That fixed that !!

  5. Darn Billi Bob I thought everyone knew who Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler were!!!

    They are the main characters IMHO of the best movie ever made...Gone With The Wind...