Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First thing I did at 5:30 this morning was to put on a "bad" pot of coffee. I gonna be need'n it after a night of toss'n and turn'n, fight'n with a grumpy dog and dream'n of swak'n golf balls. The "bad" coffee worked wonders....both eyes popped right open.

Shot off to the golf course before 7, but we was back home before 8:30. Old pesky Wayne don't know nuttin bout maintain'n a golf cart. Run slap out of "go juice" on the 9th hole....and I ain't gonna walk. New battery in order.

Ate me up a big ol' triple berry pancake look'n thing I cooked in the solar oven, turned on both a/c's and layed down for a spell. Don't know what I was dream'n, but when there come a knock'n at the door, I jumped straight up. It were Mr. UPS deliver'n a 70 pound package. MY SOLAR PANELS HAVE ARRIVED......yee ha. Now all I gotta do is figger out how to get 'em on the roof. Where have we heard this before??? Well, The Field Lab of course.

Holy cows is it ever hot outside. The dogs won't even go out the door. Since I can't go out to the porch, I guess I better sit here and do some "think'n" bout them solar panels. Pic on da way....when it's cooler.
See....told ya so!!!!

Throwed me a chicken in the solar oven bout 1pm think'n I would be hungry come supper time. Well, the chicken is just fine, but I ain't hungry. Gonna have solar cooked bbq chicken, buttered broccoli, and bout half a mater. Then to top that off, a big ol' hunk that banana bread. Yum boy howdy, it gonna be good.

Well let me tell ya right now, that old Billy Bob sure can cook up some good eat'n. It were delicious!!!
Now I gots to go sit on the porch and let this good eat'n settle.


  1. You are NOT going to try an tell us that Jaguar in the picture is your golf Cart are you? :-)

    Two rules bout installing roof solar panel, 1) DO NOT fall off the roof,
    2) See Rule no. 1

  2. I see you are using the same fine china that I use. here chicky chicky here chicky chicky, I tried but that bird on the plate wont come.

  3. BB are you sure you want to put them panels on the roof. You do realize that every time Sally moves you are gonna have to climb up and at least lower them down flat to the roof or take them completely off and store them somewheres. Why not just mount them on a pole in the yard, lots easier to get to and you can also go out and turn them during the day to keep up with the sun. You don't necessarily have to dig any holes, just build a tripod and anchor it good.

  4. naw,, of course don't listen to old Bob From Athens. :-) we both know that a lot of RVs have solar panels on them huh?

  5. Bob, if I was gonna stay in one place for like, 10 years, then the solar panels would be mounted on a pole.
    But, since I travel 6 months out of the year, I got to have the solar panels mounted on the roof. They will be mounted flat, not adjustable.

  6. 70 pound panels? Good God they are heavy!!

    Looks like you and JW could have a competition on who cooks the best meals on their solar oven.