Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Boy Howdy, it's almost Thanksgiving!!!

Oh, you think I'm crazy??? Well, actually, I'm not. You see, it's like this. I'm not gonna spend the winter in Deming 'cause it gets too freak'n cold and old Billy Bob don't do cold. So I have to go somewhere else where I can sit outside and enjoy the warming rays of sunshine. And eat outside without some itty bitty snow flakes get'n in my hot food.

Last year I went to the "the slabs (link)" in southern Ca. A deserted military base out in the middle of nowhere, but only 25 miles from Walmart in Brawley, Ca. It's a boondocking area with no water, electricity or sewer system. Only a few miles (10) from the renowned Salton Sea (link).

This year is still yet undecided,

BUT, with all the food come Thanksgiving and Christmas, how could one resist.

Desert anyone???

Sheesh, this blogger thing is way to hard to get everything look'n like it were done by someone that knows what he's do'n. All I can manage is "poke and hope".
See what I told ya....looks nothing like what I intended.


  1. Thanks for that link BB, never heard of it, Of course you could drive down to The Texas Coast, South Padre Island up to about Corpus Christi, but of course you know that. If the doors on my barn were larger you could just pull into it and spend all the time you want. I know what you mean about getting the blog pictures and links to come out right, I bet I edit each one 4 or 5 times, then finally just post the dammed thing.

  2. I have heard so much about The Slabs, it is a very popular destination for my vandwellers group.

    A lot of them are heading out to Burning Man and then will go to the slabs. Hopefully one day I too can attend both events.

  3. whee hee I see Goofy Mary dishing up the goodies in your pic! And on the arial view, I see all three of my good buddies rigs parked there in the corner just below yours.

    ps. Like you, my hubby will be retiring from the maintenance dept at UW Green Bay, 3 more years..been there since he was 19.