Sunday, August 16, 2009

I did something!!!

I swore last night that I would NOT get out of bed till after 7am this morning.

Coffee filters hiss me off!!! Have ya ever had a coffee filter that just ain't gonna stick to your finger and come out that stack? Then ya gotta take the whole stack, squeeze it, blow on it, slam it on the counter only to have it fall into the wet sink where's ya just poured out yesterdays old coffee. Sheesh!!!

Beautiful, beautiful morning on the porch. A hot cup'o coffee, not a fly in sight, sunshine in my eyes, a nice cool breeze and here come old pesky neighbor Wayne (before 7am). I swear, he just loves to pester me before I get "that other eye" open.

Weren't no clouds this morning, so's I turned the solar oven into the sun.....just to see if it still works. Went inside and whipped up a batch of banana bread dough. Another first. It looked good and tasted good so's I put it in a bread pan just like the recipe says to do. But today, we gonna try something different....cover that sucker up with a dark pie pan. An hour and a half later, just to go take a peek, I removed the pie pan.
WHOA!!! Lookie here, that banana bread was fully cooked and brown all over.
Had to chop me off a chunk and try it out. Tasted just like Granny used to make.....and Granny knew some stuff bout cook'n.

Hung me up and old cow head on the porch right next to the gate. Maybe that will keep the coyotes at bay.
Heard a bunch if them sing'n this morning right close to "da house".


  1. Your banana bread turned out really good.

    How would a cow head keep coyotes away? or did you make that up? hahahaha

  2. Weeeelll MsB, since that old cow head been lay'n on the ground, I ain't had no snakes. So's I figgered if'n I hung it by the gate, them coyotes would see it and get "skeered".

    Yes, the banana bread is superb. Tastes pretty good too.

    Yeah, I makes up stuff when I can't think of a good reason for doing something.

  3. Naw,,, BB makes up Stuff? I don't believe it ( :-) Watch the heat out there, and you didn't mention your golf today,, get my note about the online one I played? Guess you saw ole smarty A** tiger got his butt whipped today. NO I am NOT a Tiger fan.

  4. Have been following your entertaining blog for a little while. I guess it's time to upload some pics, or video, of that pesky neighbor. Show him to the world so we can see how pesky he is.

    By the way, does he keep spare coffee filters on hand?